Chapter 3: Library

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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The librarian with thick glasses and an angry look on her face shushed her. I was sitting at the same table pretending to be studying. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I’ve seen her in the library before. She wasn’t a Marilyn Monroe but she had a sparkle in her eyes that made you feel optimistic when the world was crumbling around you. At that time in my life I wasn’t in a very optimistic mood. I came to London to escape my pessimism. I was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea going there after all. I had arrived to the foggy city a few days earlier. I was not able to sleep at nights because of the time difference between California and the U.K. So I’ve been going to the library every night for lack of anything better to do. 


“Don’t listen to her,” she whispered to the guy sitting next to her. “That old hag doesn’t like me.” She pointed towards the librarian who returned to her desk across the hall. “That is why I keep coming here. I want to rub it in her face.” Her male friend chuckled at her words. However he didn’t want to become the librarian’s next victim so he excused himself and left.


“You’re new around here aren’t you?” She asked me from across the table. She was really aching to be kicked out of that study area. I could see that old hag pelting us with her poisonous stares when she heard her talking again. At one in the morning I didn’t know why the librarian was so adamant on utter silence when we were the only two people left in the empty hall. Maybe it was in their librarian blood.


“Yes,” I simply replied. Getting kicked out of the library in my first week of college wasn’t going to look good on my resume. I didn’t want to engage in conversation with this girl. If I don’t give her much attention she would probably give up or shut up. At least that’s what I initially thought. I was wrong.


“What’s your major?” She asked again.


“Engineering Management,” I replied with two more words, trying to keep the conversation to a minimum.


“Ooo… an engineer and a wannabe business manager,” she pretended to be excited. “You should make up your mind Mr.” She added. “Do you want to become an engineer? Or you want to go into business. Those are two different things all together.” I had no idea why she insisted on talking to me when I was trying my best not to. It was rude of me to brush her away or excuse myself like that other guy did. So I let her continue. “I’ve always wanted to study business but I’m bad in math. My grandma told me to choose the major that contributes to the world not the one that takes away from it.” She explained.


“Smart woman,” I tried to give her grandmother a compliment. “What about you? What is it you’re studying here?” I had to ask. By then my curiosity was starting to kick in a little.


“Astrophysics. This is my second year.”


I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing at her joke. Only it wasn’t a joke. “Seriously?!” I was surprised. “But you said you were bad in math?” 


“I’m terrible in math,” she sighed. “I shouldn’t have listened to grandma. But I got a scholarship because of my A’s in physics. I guess I’m stuck with astrophysics for now.”


“Shhshshshs….” That old vampire surprised us once again. I had no idea how she managed to crawl out of the woodwork like a bookworm. We must have been too distracted to notice. 


“DANIELLE!” The librarian shouted. “I’m going to ask you to leave,” she ordered. “And take your friend with you.”


I’ve never been kicked out of anyplace in my life. My heart was pounding like I had committed a crime. I’ve always been a shy person. I also prided myself on following the rules. I don’t like to talk much, and I hate those who blabber like idiots. So at two in the morning on my first week in college I was kicked out of the library. More so I found myself standing in the London drizzling rain next to a person who embellishes everything I came to hate in this world. I wanted to kill that girl.


“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” she tried to apologize. I just nodded hoping she would leave me alone. “You know that that witch is not going to let you in her library for the next week! Your name is now on her most ‘unwanted’ list next to mine.” I wanted to strangle that girl.


“I was hoping to make it up to you by letting you take me for a drink,” she said. “Unfortunately everything is closed at this time of night.” Was she fucking kidding me!? After getting me expelled from the library she was expecting me to take her out!? The nerve of that girl!


“Would you like to come up to my place for coffee instead?” She said. “It’s just a few blocks from here. My roommate is probably fucking her boyfriend somewhere at the dorms so the apartment is all mine.” I gulped. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rape you the first time. Unless you want me to that is.” She added and I gulped once again. I should have ran from that girl when I heard what she had in mind.


“By the way we haven’t been properly introduced,” she extended her hand to shake my sweaty  palm, “I’m Danielle. What’s yours?”


“Saaammm…” I squealed. 


“Come on Saaammm, let’s run before we’re soaked to death,” she sprang in the direction of her apartment and I hopped behind her like a mesmerized deer. I had no idea why I did what I did. Of course every red blooded male would have done what I did without a blink. It’s not like you get invited to a girl’s apartment every day. However at that moment of my life I wasn’t really looking forward to getting invited by anyone nor was looking for another relationship. As a matter of fact I had just broken up with one before I came to this city. Heck, I came to this city because I had just broken up with one. I should have said goodbye to Danielle and went the other way. But I didn’t. I know. I know. I was an idiot and my whole life had changed from that moment on.


“There are a couple of soda cans in the fridge,” Danielle said. “Help yourself to one if you want. I need to get out of my wet clothes before I get phenomena. I’ll bring you a towel.”


A minute later she came back from her room wearing a loose jumper that fell off her shoulders almost exposing her bare chest. She handed me a towel to dry up my soaked hair. She was 5’9” almost my height, with long sculpted legs which she paraded like a model athlete. I wondered if she wore anything underneath that jumper. Most probably not. Not that it mattered. I tried not to look. Who was I kidding. I was a boy. I was curious. I most definitely looked.


“Take off your shirt and hang it on the radiator to dry out.” She ordered. I didn’t. 


“But you said you were not going to rape me?” I tried to make a joke. 


“I also said, unless you want me too,” she smirked. “Don’t worry I don’t rape people on the second date.”


“Damn…” I smirked as well. “I was looking forward to that.” I sighed my reply.


She chuckled, blushing a little. Maybe it was the effect of the rain on her unblemished face. She had beautiful white skin, chestnut hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. I kept comparing her with all the girls I used to know before I came to London. Non measured up. They always tell you never do that. Never compare. But we always do. Every man woman girl and boy. We do it even when we know we shouldn’t. 


“I am really really sorry about what happened at the library,” she tried to apologize once again as she sat on the sofa resting her legs on the table in front of me. “I swear I’m not to going to get you in trouble ever again.”


“Why do I have a feeling you’re lying?”


“Why do I have a feeling we’re going to become really good friends.” She giggled. “You seem to know me quite well and we haven’t had our third date yet.”


“When did we have our first?” I laughed. 


“The library,” she replied. “I’m going to make coffee. Would you like some?”


“Are you going to make me pay for it?” I asked. “I didn’t bring my wallet with me.”


“Oh yes. Most definitely.” She replied from her little kitchenette. “We will figure something out.” 


“In that case, yes please. I can use some coffee right about now.”


“So where are you from Sam?” She asked. Those questions are usually reserved for the first date. “I couldn’t quite get your accent, it’s not American nor is it from anywhere around here.”


“I’m half Canadian, half British, half Lebanese and half god knows where.”


“I know I said I’m bad in math but four halves don’t add up.”


“Yeh, I know,” I said, “I’ll tell you all about that on our fourth date.”


“When did we have our third?”


“Right after you brought that coffee.” I replied.


“Damn…” she smirked once again. “I was looking forward to raping you on the second.”


We both laughed wondering at what point during those last few minutes did our friendship evolve to joke about such matters. “So how long have you been in London Sam?” She asked. A question usually reserved for the second date. 


“Just a week.” I replied.


“Wow…a week !” She was surprised. “You do work fast for an engineer.”


“For an astrophysicist, Einstein would have been jealous,” I countered. “Besides you’re the one who started it.”


“Yes I know,” she replied. “And I going to finish it by the time you sip that last drop of coffee.”


She lied again. That coffee was still in my hand when she walked over, took that cup from me and put it on the table. She pushed me back on the couch and sat on my waist, resting both her legs on either side of my body. I was right. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt her wet trickle seeping onto my pants all the way inside to my hard cock.


“I have a confession to make,” she blushed. “I’ve been watching you for days ever since you first walked into that library.”


“You got me banned from the library just to get me here?” I was surprised. “Now I’m scared. You could have asked me out. Or maybe waited for me to do that.”


“I didn’t want to go through the hassle,” she explained. “I wanted to rape you first then decide if you’re worth dating. Besides, from the looks of it I would have become an old lady by the time you had the courage to ask me out.”


“Wow… you’re very perceptive,” I said. “Why do I suddenly have a feeling that I’m being used?”


“Ohhhhh…. You’re going to be used all right.”


This time she didn’t lie. She bent over and planted a long passionate kiss on my mouth. Her tongue plunged into mine with a vengeance, twisting around as if it was looking for something. Then she stepped back and licked her lips to taste that saliva that mingled forming a dribble from my mouth all the way to hers. She sucked it like a spaghetti swallowing it into her mouth before she smiled. 


“How was it?” I asked.


“Not bad.” She replied. “Now on to the second date.”


She took off her jumper to expose two of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Not that I had seem many. The last I held in my hands were a full D size ones. Danielle’s weren’t that big. But they were round, firm, with small nipples that adorned each like a ruby on a beautiful necklace. She cupped both in her hands and squeezed to show me how firm and succulent they were. I wanted to touch but…


“Don’t…” she forbid it. “Not before they become hard in your mouth first.”


She bent forward to let the first nipple go between my teeth. It was already hard. I didn’t think it could get any harder. I was wrong. By the time I finished sucking the second nipple was already as hard as her sister. When she was satisfied I did a good job she grabbed both my hands and put them on her breasts so I could squeeze to my satisfaction. 


As I was doing that she was busy unbuttoning my shirt and unbuckling my belt. Then she slid down to remove my pants and sat between my legs admiring my already throbbing cock in her hands.


“How is it?” I asked again.


“Not bad.” She replied again. “Now on to the third date.”


The third date was all about oral. It started with her sucking mine and ended with me sucking hers. Oral has always been something special to me and to Danielle as well. You either like oral or you don’t. I can always tell when a lady was enjoying giving or receiving. Maybe it was a gift of mine. Or something I was taught to do. In either case I loved it and I could spend all night on either end what ever the case may be. 


Danielle started with her giving me a head job. I could feel she was enjoying herself. Her eyes betrayed her. With each stroke of her tongue she would look up making sure I was enjoying it as well. When she sucked on my cock, her moans sent a buzz to my brain telling me I was under her spell. Telling me she was in control of my manhood. Telling me she could either make it painful or pleasurable. In either case I was going to enjoy it or else. When she felt I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped. Bitch.


She crawled on top of me, did a one eighty degree turn, opening her legs wide so my face was lodged between her thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet. She was inviting me to lick it dry. As I did, Danielle returned to licking my cock once again. I’ve always loved the 69 posture. It is one of the most unselfish positions sex had to offer. It is also a commitment from both sides. If either partner falters then the whole thing just crumbles. Both have to be ready to give and take. Not many people can master such kind of multitasking. Danielle was one of the few whom I met that could make me give the best I could. She could prolong it when she feels I wasn’t ready or she could cum in less than a second flooding my mouth at the same time as I was flooding hers. I was also surprised when she swallowed as well. Not many like to do that. 


She snuggled on the sofa next to me for next ten minutes or so after we finished our third date. We didn’t speak a word. I knew the forth was going to be the one which makes or brakes our friendship. I was afraid to go there. It wasn’t the sex. It was what was going to happen after sex. I stood up and started to dress up. I looked at her but I couldn’t read her mind. I didn’t want to. I was still not ready.


“When will I see you again?” She asked.


“When they let me back into that library again.” I replied.










Submitted: June 18, 2022

© Copyright 2022 samnash. All rights reserved.


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Very well written, Sam.
I knew you had some middle eastern blood in you. I could taste it. Stop talking bad about vampires. How did you know we live in libraries? I've never been in a library that stays open to the public after midnight except maybe during exams.

Danielle is certainly a pistol, isn't she? That's a very nice sex scene for the third date. You guys need to stop counting. It's making me dizzy like astrophysics. Love the dialogue. Keep it up..

Sat, June 18th, 2022 10:33pm


Well, now you know. Thank you for keeping up with me

Sun, June 19th, 2022 2:12pm


This was delicious, Mr. Nash, love each "date" and I can learn from your fine use of dialogue how to make a story more readable. Nicely done as they say.

Mon, June 20th, 2022 10:54pm

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