Chapter 11: Pager

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Do you know what Pagers are?? For those who don’t, Pagers, or sometimes called Beepers, are the ancestors of texting or the SMS messaging system. In the eighties and early nineties when the internet was just a baby, when cellphones were still in their infancy, the only other method of communication, other than the normal fixed landline, were Pagers. They were small inexpensive handheld devices which beeped whenever you received a message. The earliest Pagers simply displayed numeric numbers on a screen (alphanumeric pagers were introduced later). People would give out their Pager numbers to their parents or friends, and a sender would call that number and type in a numeric code on their phone, or give a message to an operator, which would then be transmitted to the Pager. A whole system of codes and numbers came into existence to communicate basic messages. For example: (14) stood for (Hi), (19) for (Yes), (17) for (No)…etc. 



Eventually every geek wanted a Pager and so did Danielle. At the beginning I tried to resist the temptation of buying one, not that I did not want one. Pagers were very cool then. However I hated those ridiculous codes which I had to memorize or decipher whenever I received a beep or I wanted to send a legible message to someone. I sucked at it. It also added another bill to my already sky high living expenses in a city such as London. Besides, I did not want to reduced my consumption of Lasagna to cover a Pager bill, so I decided I did not need one. Unfortunately she decided I did. She said she wanted to keep track of me, among other things. So, on my birthday I was stuck with a Pager and a monthly bill to go with it.


The beeping started early that day. It was a couple of weeks after I picked up my parents and Claire from Gatwick. They had decided to extend their stay in London for a few more weeks. My father wanted to invest in the lucrative London real estate business and I was helping him look around for some good opportunities in and around the city. I was busy most of the days, I did not have time to see Danielle since I borrowed her car and we both picked up my parents from the airport. Unfortunately she kept paging me to make sure I still knew how to use her birthday gift.


The first thing Danielle used her Pager for was for SEXTING and that was even before texting was even invented. I’m sure she was one of the first to ever use a Pager for this noble endeavor. She most certainly wrote the sexting handbook for lovers and horny people. When that device beeped, my heart sank. It usually involved sex or her need for it. Of course sex was not the problem. Every hot blooded young man wanted sex. I wasn’t the exception. Unfortunately her need for it outweighed my capacity to deliver. She wanted it when I least expected and in the least expected places. I tried to oblige, most of the times, however most of the other times I was afraid my heart would not stand the sudden surprises, and that Pager was one of the methods she used to deliver those surprises.


That morning she started sending those Pager codes which I remember very clearly, and they translated to something like this:


Danielle: (9810) I’m bored

Me: (9908) Can’t talk Now

Danielle: (345987) I’m horny

Me: (390) Good luck

Danielle: (3704556) Asshole


By late afternoon of that day I got another beep:


Danielle: (533) Where are you?

Me: (323) Relatives


Later that evening I received a surprising request which blew my head off:


Danielle: (741) I need a favor

Me:  (49)Is everything ok?

Danielle: (1692#741233# 501773) I want to three some

Me: (335) You’re crazy

Danielle: (4*177*177) FMM

Me: (17) No

Danielle: (151) Want to joint me?

Me: (843) Bye


“I didn’t know you used a pager,” Linda, my stepmom, sighed each time that beeper chimed. She must have felt that last one was different. Probably from the sweet on my brow. She was a curious creature, my stepmother. And I was an open book which dripped from guilt.


I kept looking at my device anticipating more surprises at any minute. My parents had finally settled in their furnished apartment for the night. It was a long day and my father was beat so he went to bed early. Claire decided to extend her stay in London as well. She was staying with my parents at their apartment. She was trying to decide if applying to a college in London was a good idea. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life after she finished high school. Claire was like a sister to me. It was nice to have a close friend whom I could confide in in this strange and overwhelming place. So I encouraged her to apply.


“It was a gift from a friend,” I explained to Linda about the Pager. She kept looking at me with the corner of her eyes each time that beeper beeped. She must have figured out who gave me that gift. 


“I’m tired. I think I’m going to bed,” Claire excused herself as well. She retired to her bedroom for the evening leaving Linda and myself alone in the living room. I had known Claire since we were two years old. Her family and mine were very close friends. I could tell when she was tired or when something was bothering her. It was definitely the later.


“I don’t like your friend,” Linda surprised me with that candid remark after Claire went to bed. My stepmom was always a very straightforward woman especially with me. We were close yet we kept our distance. I respected her opinions and she tried not to shove her nose in my business too much. Well, not that night.


“Who?” At first I did not realize who she was talking about.


“That one from the airport,” Linda’s nose was definitely exploring. “I hope you’re not planning on seeing her much?!” Linda had seen Danielle at the airport. It was the only time they had met since then.


I was tired, cranky and young. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me what to do in my life, so I exploded. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! You can’t tell me who I can or can not see.” I was furious. I’m never ever furious. That wasn’t me. I usually never yell at anyone, especially someone as close to me as my stepmom. Suddenly I realized my mistake so I tried to lower the temperature down and apologize. “Sorry. I didn’t mean that. Anyways, Danielle is just a friend. There’s nothing going on between us.” I lied.


“That’s good,” Linda replied brushing aside my apology. “She is not your type anyways.” She added. And the temperature went up again. 


I have always been grateful when my stepmother entered our lives after that terrible incident with my late mother. Linda has always been a very stable influence in my family’s dynamics especially that of my father’s and my younger brother. I will always be grateful for her for that. However, that day I wanted to strangle that woman. Linda was and will always be a manipulative, opinionated, and a self absorbed woman, but I still like her. “What do you mean she is not my TYPE?” I yelled out at her once again. “Who do you think my type is anyways?!”


Linda smiled her very know it all smile and said, “Claire for example. I think Claire is very much your type.”


“CLAIRE?! EWUU.” I exclaimed with a gasp of disgust.


“Oh yes. Claire is definitely your type.”


“Are you joking?” I almost chuckled. “Claire is like a sister to me. She’s definitely not any kind of type.”


“Claire is not your sister, and you know it, Sam. She is very close to you, I get it. But, she is definitely not your sister. Anyways, she thinks you might be her type, or the potential to become one.” Linda’s nose was way way deep into my business by now.


“NO WAY…NOT CLAIRE?! …” more blurting again. “Wait a minute… SHE WHAT?”


“Sam, for a smart guy, I think you’re very ignorant when it comes to women,” Linda just reprimanded me. She just called me stupid, and she was right. I could be sometimes. “Why do you think she wants to come to London you idiot?!” Yep, I remember she also called me that. “Claire wants to be with you.” She struck me with yet another revelations that I could not swallow.


“Wait… WHAT?…she told you THAT?” I was shocked to hear Linda talking about Claire in that manner. “I don’t believe you.” I could not believe that Claire could have feelings for me. I was like her brother, for heavens sake!!!


“Well, she doesn’t have to tell me,” Linda explained. “I know it from the way she looks at you.”


Suddenly the pager beeped again.


Danielle: (8255) Get your butt here

Me: (2010) Later


I wasn’t in the mood to handle two women at the same time. My mind was in a jumble. Suddenly my feelings for Claire started to morph into something else. I did not know how to handle that. I did not want to handle that.


“You have to make a decision about Claire, Sam,” Linda was not giving me a choice. “I think she is waiting for you to make a move.” 


The pager finally beeped its last message for the night.


Danielle: (455) Don’t make me come get you


I looked up at my stepmom and repeated what I said before, “I don’t believe you. Claire is my sister. She is not my type. She can never be.”


“You should tell her that then,” Linda added. “It’s not fair to her. She needs to know so she can move on with her life.”


“Okay okay. I will.” Still not believing what I just heard.


I picked the phone up and sent my last pager code for the evening. 


ME: (209) On my way 


I had to leave my parent’s furnished apartment as quickly as I could. I needed to get out of there before Linda tells me more revelations which I could not handle. The only place I thought of going was to Danielles. I wanted to tell her what just happened. I wanted to tell her about Claire.


“You beeped?” I asked after I finally reached her place barging into the door like a drunk.


“Where the fuck have you been?” She yelled at me before I had the chance to sit down. “I’ve been waiting for you all night,” she added. “He’s almost here.”


“Who’s almost here?”


“Will of course,” she replied.


“Who the fuck is Will?”


“You know who Will is,” Danielle replied. “He’s the guy you think is a moron.”


“Oh.. thaaat Will.” I knew Will. I didn’t like Will. “Why is Will coming this late at night?” It was almost past midnight. 


Danielle looked at me in surprise. “You know why,” she replied. “I’ve been beeping you all day about tonight.”


“What about tonight?” I asked. Then I remembered that infamous beep and I almost fainted. “OMG… Are you fucking serious?! Will is coming for THAAAT!?”


When Danielle gets mad her eyes usually bulge like the Wicked Witch of the South.“DON’T FUCK WITH ME SAM.” She was definitely mad. “I’ve been trying to set this up for a long time, and Will has finally agreed to it,” she explained. “You also agreed to do this with me. You’re the only one with experience in this sort of thing. Don’t you fucking bail on me now.” 


“WHAT?! I never agreed to THIS!!!.” Suddenly I remembered something about agreeing, only I was under some sort of stress when I agreed. I recalled my cock being under that stress as she popped that question. I could not have said NO to anything she had asked at that time. “Besides, I have no experience in this sort of thing.” I was trying to get out of this agreement somehow.


“WHAT THE FUCK, SAM,” Danielle yelled at me again. “So all that talk about Mila with those girls were all lies?”


“Oh no. Nooo.” I replied. “Everything I said was the truth,” I added. “However, I’ve never partnered with another man before. It was only with the ladies and Mila was always in charge. So my experience does not count when it comes to that sort of thing.” Being a close friend with a sex worker such as Mila did have its advantage. 


“Well, at least you have more experience than Will or myself,” Danielle said. “So you both are going to fuck me tonight…. Or by all the stars .. I’M GOING TO….” I’m not going to tell you what Danielle had said, suffice it to say, I never heard her curse like that before.


“Okay, okay… take a deep breath….I’ll do it …jeez,” I tried to calm her down. “But why Will? He is a fucking moron.” William Silsky, or whatever his name was, was an astrophysics student in the same class as Danielle’s. His only reason for living was to prove Einstein wrong. He was either going to succeed and become one of the greatest scientist of our generation or he was going to become a depressed science teacher. I vote for the teacher.


“Of course he is a moron,” she agreed. “But, he is packing…”


“He is WHAT?!”


I didn’t have time to get more info on Will’s package nor what Danielle was expecting out of her first threesome before the door bell rang. She jumped to welcome Will into her apartment. 






For two guys who were going to fuck a woman we both acted like morons. We greeted one another like we were Mohamad Ali and Joe Frazier. We sat on opposite ends of the sofa, eying one another before the fight began. Danielle slumped in the middle of the coach and waited for the punching to begin. When nothing happened, she just opened her legs apart, put each of hers on ours to indicate she was ready for the match, and rang the Trip Gong.


Danielle wasn’t wearing much for this occasion. She usually doesn’t wear much anyways. She told me she liked to be prepared for any occasion which might arise unexpectedly. She had on a loose shirt with nothing underneath. Her hard nipples were clearly visible under that light fabric. We both began by putting our hands on her thighs and waited for her reaction. We wanted to see which one of us she would turn to first? Unfortunately it wasn’t me. She turned her head towards Will inviting him to kiss her leaving me to make the next move. I had to grope one of her breasts in order to get her attention which it did. When she turned her head around she planted one of the most passionate kiss on my lips that left me dazed and out of breath. I thought that leveled the playing field.


Unfortunately the field got unleavened again when Will took off his clothes. I never did understand what Danielle saw in that guy. When I saw him naked I understood why. Danielle was right. He was definitely packing, and it was fucking huge. How the fuck could I compete with that?! I’ve always thought of myself as an acceptably average specimen who can scrape by in most instances, however Will just blew out the competition. The only way I could win this match was by bringing out my secret weapon and mine was usually hidden between my lips. First I had to take my clothes off as my opponent had done, then I dove between her thighs which she kept open for me knowing I would not disappoint. As I proceeded to explore every crack and cranky hidden between those red folds of flesh, I knew my opponent was not going to stand by and wait for defeat. He stood up on the couch and waved his long cock in Danielle’s face. The sound of her moans as she took his dick in her mouth encouraged me to dig deeper into her dripping cunt. I tried to get my tongue as far as it could go into her vagina. I knew Will’s cock was going even deeper. He must have pushed his into Danielle mouth as was humanly possible. Because I heard her gurgling chokes mingle with her ecstatic moans each time her body felt our assault. When she began to tremble from her first orgasm of the night, I almost died under the pressure of her thighs as they locked on to my neck in a surrendering embrace. I did not ask who had won the first round. It was probably a draw.


For the next round we moved into the bedroom. Once again we laid on opposite sides of her bed, however this time we were already naked and ready for part two. When we didn’t make any move for the second time in a row, she had to take the initiative one more time. Danielle flipped on top of Will and put his long and hard cock into her pussy. Once again I could not stand by as those two rode out into a passionate frenzy while I watched. I knew mine wasn’t as penetrating as Will had been, however I wanted her to have a taste of my precum which was starting to leak out of my hard average dick. So I stood and guided my cock inside her mouth as she smiled, opening her mouth letting me do it. Even though she did not choke this time, however I felt she enjoyed mine more as she played with it in her mouth, using her tongue to glide and lick my pole going up to the head then down towards my sack of balls. Those twinkles in her eyes said it all, a secret thank you she never said out loud. 


“I want you inside me, Sam,” that.. she said out loud.


“Inside where?” 


“INSIDE MY ARSE YOU IDIOT,” she ordered. “And use lots of lubs. HURRY.”


To tell the truth that was my first anal experience. I had never had one before. Not even with Mila. As a sex professional, Mila declined to offer anal and I had been too young to ask, so I did not, nor did I get any. When Danielle asked I almost chocked. Not only was I ordered to put mine in a place it had never been before, I was going to do it while another was already next door gliding his cock into her natural entrance. I didn’t know if I should or I could… maybe I shouldn’t… can I ?…


“NOW…” she yelled out again. I had no choice.


I quickly squeezed a load of lubricant on my cock and added some in and around her anal passage hoping my pole would glide into her tight hole without too much pain for either of us. I stood behind her and slowly proceeded to push my dick into her back passage as she moaned out her welcoming reluctance to endure the pleasurable pain of her first double penetration. 


“Ohhh…. Fuuuckkkk…” I heard her whimper silently. Was I doing it right? I wondered. “Ohhh… yyessss… saaaammmmmm,” she raised her voice a little as she mentioned my name. I almost stopped, not because I was afraid, but because I was being squeezed so tight I did not know if my cock could withstand this kind of pressure. “Faster, Saaaammmmm,” another command I tried to obey… “ohhhh fuukkkk, slower.. slower,” I almost pulled out thinking that maybe I had hurt her, “no, noooo……” she stopped me. “Don’t you fucking dare….” So I didn’t dare. 


As I kept not daring I swore I felt Will’s cock in her other passage digging deeper and deeper as he dared as well. “Holyyyyy fuukkkkk Shiiiiiittttt….I’m cominnnnnng…” she finally screamed and buckled as we sandwiched her between our bodies until she stopped moving. That was my first DP. I want to say I am proud of this one, even though eventually I got to be proud of many others, however this one was my most memorable. 


The third and final round was the reward Daniele gave us for showing her a good time. We had both been concentrating on giving her what she wanted that neither of us managed to come. “It’s your turn boys,” she finally said. She had us stand up as she sat on the edge of the bed holding both cocks in her hands. “Let’s see who comes first,” she chuckled daring us to splash our cum in her face. We were both ready, hard and on stand by. We just needed the right trigger. Unfortunately she had other ideas. She had known us for a long time. She knew how to make us explode and when we were about to reach that limit. To our hearts dismay she decided to edge us slowly towards that goal. She wanted to see who was going to get to that final line quicker. She started by putting Will’s cock in her mouth and played with mine. Then she switched sides, putting mine into her mouth, sucking, scrapping her teeth on my length, not forgetting to work her magic as she stroked, squeezed Will’s length. When we finally could not stand any more of this torment, she pulled us closer and inserted both our cocks into her mouth in order to upload our cum into her mouth simultaneously. Our semen mingled and flowed into her mouth like a flood. It put the Mississippi to shame. Some went down her throat, while most burst out of her mouth, seeping onto her chin, and dripping down to her breasts.


I will always remember that night, not because it was my first FMM, but because of what she said after Will left her apartment. I stayed in Danielle’s bed that night. I also forgot what I came there to do. I never did tell Danielle about the conversation I had with Linda about Claire. All I wanted to do was lay in bed until dawn broke out of the London fog.


“Why did you ask me to be with you tonight?” I asked before I closed my eyes for the night. I knew she could have paged a great many others who would jump at the opportunity to enjoy a a threesome with her. I never did buy the experience shenanigans. She had many friends with a lot more experience than I did who were probably more packed than I was. 


She never looked at me. Her head was resting on my breast as she said, “you’re the only one I can trust Sam.” She confessed. “I couldn’t do this with any other.” That was all I wanted to hear. 


“Next time don’t make me wait when I beep,” she added.


“Why? is there going to be a next time with Will?”


“Oh no…. Not Will,” she replied. “I’m thinking of Margret…”

Submitted: May 17, 2023

© Copyright 2023 samnash. All rights reserved.


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Amy F. Turner

Seriously dating yourself. Pagers? Those dreaded things are more annoying than the reliance on cell phones to do everything but be a phone. They are just as addicitve as this chapter though. What the fine update you have provided for my reading pleasure.

Wed, May 17th, 2023 6:24pm


I believe you know that your kindred pleasures are my purpose in life.. if you don't then we are going have a serious talk you and I

Wed, May 17th, 2023 11:51am


OMG. I'm going to confess to you, Sam, that this chapter made me very excited. I'm going to confess in front of everyone here that you made me take off my panties, lie down on the small bed in the nursery, and play with myself in the open as I read this... again. This is just the kind of competition I like. I only have one question. Which one of you had the biggest load?

Oh, I forgot. I have another question. What's the pager number combination that says, "Come over here and clean up the mess between my legs"?

Thu, May 18th, 2023 4:06am


You need more confessions like this to be absolved of your sins…. Even then it’s useless…
I’m not going to tell who had the biggest load… not fair to Will.
There is no exact pager code combination for what you want to say… the closest I could find are 108#32

Thu, May 18th, 2023 8:06pm


“An open book that dripped with guilt” hmm maybe you and I should have a long chat. Seriously I love that line. Also, Love the fact your stepmother called you an idiot, hahahaha!!! Do they still make beepers? I miss those things.

Fri, May 19th, 2023 12:07am


So you only liked the idiot part??!?… I think you and I should have a serious long chat… I’ll send you my pager number

Thu, May 18th, 2023 8:09pm


And he flowed like the Mississippi. What a clever way to modernize an erotic story by throwing in some "old world" technique. A pager? Was that like one of those dial telephones?

Sun, May 21st, 2023 2:21pm


Ok I’m old but not that old… a pager is … oh god am I that old?!??

Sun, May 21st, 2023 8:46am

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