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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

I am working with a young man to develop certain body attributes against his will, causing him terrible humiliation.

NIPPLESby dale10

(Note: the following story is a fantasy and the author does not condone any of the action exhibited herein. All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

If you like the story, please consider buying one of my novels on Amazon, written under the pen name D.H. Gutzman. They are all quite stimulating, but also historically accurate. thank you for your support.



The doorbell rang once. I took my time because I knew who it was. I wanted to leave him standing there scared and awkward for a little while. I rubbed my swollen dick in my gym shorts which was the only piece of clothing I wore for our sessions. I purposely had not washed the pre-fuck stains out of the white shorts, so now they were stained a bit yellowish where my big cockhead pushed against the material. I might let him suck out the pre-cum stains later, if he was a good boy.


Before I opened the door, I took a peek at him through the spyhole in the door. Fuck, such a cute kid. A mop of curly hair, soft cheeks, still a slight boyish curve to the nose, sparkling blue eyes, and those Godamned fucking, beautiful, full, young cocksucker lips. Holy shit, what a waste to use those lips on some girl’s mouth, when they could be kept busy on my asshole! Well, all of that still lay ahead. First I had to break the boy, and I was doing a pretty good job concentrating for the moment on his nipples.


Why his nipples, you may ask. Shouldn’t I be thinking about his succulent, hefty, teenage jock dick? Or his more than luscious smooth, hairless, athletic boy ass with that nice deep crack and that pretty pink pucker? The answer is YES, but the path to his dick and balls and ass were his boy nipples.


Explain, you demand, your own arousal lurching at the seams, stimulated by your perverse curiosity of my work with the teenage boy. Well, I will.  His body was damn near fucking perfect. He had a slender waist with a tight tummy and two indented cum-gutters going down into his groin. He had had a nice healthy brown teenage prick bush when I met him, but I had long since made him shave all that off. I made him shave his balls and asshole too, so his young body was smooth as a baby’s ass. 


He had a swimmer’s body rather than a football player’s body, and I much preferred a boy who was not too clunky and muscular. The arms were strong, and at first, I had allowed him to keep the hair in his armpits, thinking it quite sexy, but something he had done to piss me off caused me to demand he shave them too. Yes, he was teased and made fun of in the high school locker room by the other boys, but what the fuck did I care. He had more to worry about than a hairless body. HIS NIPPLES. I will get to that in a minute. He had a long, strong neck and a straight jaw and that fucking adorable face I mentioned. I suppose I could have called him “jock Boy” as a nickname instead of “Fuck Face,” Oh well.

His real name was Jon. Cutesy, vomitus, Jon…not John like a normal name. No Jon, named by his Nancy North Shore wine slurping soccer mom.


Oh, she was a piece of work all right. All over her son…and I mean all over her son all the time. Tell me she didn’t crave his big fat teen dick in her mouth and cunt. Lonely frustrated alcoholic bitch whose husband had left her for a tighter. Younger cunt. You know she craved her son’s dick and peeked on him when he lay naked on his bed, talking to some high school girl on the phone and beating his fat dripping boy meat. Well, we would soon put a stop to Jon’s interactions of any-  kind with the opposite sex. Soon, girls everywhere would be too ashamed to date him.  


I won’t bore you here with the tale of how Jon fell into my clutches. But he did, and now he was both indentured to me and scared shitless of me. Poor boy.


And this brings us to Jon’s tits. You see, the very first time I saw a photo of Jon at a state swim meet, I knew I had a real winner here.  Not only was his young body perfect, but capping it all, on his nicely formed teen boy pecs sat two ripe cherry nipples. They were already larger than the nipples on many of his teammates, and I could see that they had great potential. The discs were larger than usual and quite pink, and the nubs were almost like the titty nubs on a nubile cunt. I knew at once that with a few months hard and painful work, (painful for Jon) I could turn those boy tits into a masterpiece of the grotesque. I could make it so that he would never ever want to remove his shirt in public, but I could make his titties so sensitive that he could never even stand to wear a shirt. Think of the horror that would bring into his young life and what it would do to his popularity.


I am not talking about giving him any kind of injections to give him girl tits. No, no. I had already done that with any number of boys to totally destroy any sense of self-esteem in them. I mean, imagine being a good looking, muscular, athletic normal heterosexual young jock of eighteen but having big girl tits. I mean, the boy’s sex lives…no their entire lives were ruined.


But that was not my goal with Jon. I wanted him to retain a normal set of pectoral muscles. I want him to have a nice manly chest…but with huge, deformed, grotesque nipples. Nipples so sensitive, the boy would not be able to stand anyone or anything touching them.


And so, once I had him in my control, with his alky mom out of the way, at least for now, I went to work on him.


I opened the door. He immediately looked down, ashamed and scared. He stared at his athletic shoes, kind of shuffling his one foot in fear.


“Hello, Jon,” I said in a warm, friendly way.


“Hello, Sir,” he replied, his voice sounding very boyish and tense.


“How was school today, Jon?”


He shuffled more. “Okay, I guess.” he mumbled.


“Too bad you have to miss swimming for our session. But I’d guess you’re not too interested In the swim team anymore are you, Jon.”


“Please, Sir, I’d like to quite the swim team.”


“But what about that scholarship you are up for? Wouldn’t it be a shame to throw that away?” I stared down at the healthy dick lump in his jeans. How the girls must want that.


“I can’t swim any more, Sir. I can’t let anyone see…” His voice failed him.


“See your tits? Is that what you were going to say? See your tits?”


Such a cute boy…such a beautiful boy, so fragile, standing there shaking on my front stoop. He nodded his head and began to cry. He cried a lot. Did I tell you that I love to see boys and young men cry out of humiliation and embarrassment? The more studly they are the more fun it is. My own dick gave a lurch in my gym shorts, and his young eyes went to it. Well, when my fucker lurches and leaks, it is hard to ignore. I fully admit that I spend eighty percent of my life or more, figuring out creative ways to humiliate and degrade sexy cute boys. It is my life’s purpose. The further down I can take a boy, the more fulfilled I feel. I like to take a good looking, well adjusted, popular, normal teenage boy and break him to the point that he is no longer able to go out in public at all. And then, of course, I force him to do just that…expose himself in all of his weakness to the world. I want the young man to crawl and beg me to show him mercy, to not make him do the one thing he is most terrified of, the one thing, whatever that might be depending on the game, that most humiliates and degrades him, and then that is exactly what I force him to do.


I remember once working with a young priest just out of seminary school. I forced him to strip off his vestments and cassock in front of the entire congregation, and stand there totally naked before them and masturbate. Of course, he was immediately dismissed and sent for psychiatric evaluation. He had a total breakdown, which cause me hours of pleasure. How did I get him to do that? What leverage did I use? That is my secret, but suffice to say it was not accomplished overnight. Oh, no, I worked with the innocent kid for weeks and weeks, fucking with his self-esteem and sense of guilt.


And now I was working with Jon. Former star athlete of Westbrook High School.


“Tell me Jon, did any of the boys at school today, see your tits?”


He sniffed back the tears, some of which were dripping from his chin. “yes, Sir.”


“How many boys saw your deformed, girly nipples, Jon?” that got him really trembling and shaking.


“Four,” he cried.


“Where did they see your cunt tits, Jon?” 


“in the locker room while I was changing. I try to turn away, so no one will see.”

“Don’t they see your nipples when you shower with the other boys?” 


He hung his head again. “I don’t shower at school anymore.” 


I acted all offended. “Jon… that is not very hygienic. Not hygienic at all. Starting tomorrow you will shower with the other boys.”


He fell to his knees. Right there on my front stoop, he fell to his knees, so his cute face was right on level with my swollen, leaking dick.


“Oh please, Sir, I can’t. Please, I am begging you. They will all see!”


“But I want them to see, Jon. I want them to see that you are a strong, athletic teenage boy with nipples like a pregnant pig!” You should have seen him sob at that. I reached out and lifted his face by the chin until he looked up at me.

“Tell me, Jon, did an of those nice boys in the locker room who saw your beautiful sow udders ask you for a date?”  He totally collapsed onto the cement. Man was my dick close to shooting its load, but we had not yet even begun our session.


“Tell me, Jon, why are you here today?” 


From the ground, he looked up at me, so pathetically cute. “For a nipple training session, Sir…” the words were thick with grief and anxiety.


You see, I had been working on the boy’s nipples for two months now. Working on the already large boy nipples to turn them into freakish sow cunt nipples.  I started with normal nipple work, twist them, yanking them, pulling them while I had him suck my dick and so on. Remember, he had no power to refuse my every wish…perhaps at some point, I will tell you how I got him into that subservient position. He had never sucked dick before and was terrible at it at first. He gagged and threw up, and I had to go through all kinds of discipline shit to get him on the right track.  Like most boys, he kept crying that he was not gay. That he didn’t want to be a cocksucker. I told him that what he wanted had nothing to do with it. It was all about what I wanted. But the sex was a minor part of this game. Even when I shoved my fat healthy dick up his virgin teenage asshole and he screamed like the pig he would soon be, that was not my main goal. Oh his rectum with tiny and pink and tight, well at first anyway, and it did unman him as I wanted. But I did not want him to lose his normal straight sex drive, I just want to make him into a creature who would be too ashamed to ever, ever have any kind of normal sexual interaction. I wanted to humiliate him so much that he would be emotionally castrated. All the worse for him because he did have a beautiful big pink teenage cock and a nice full set of low hanging balls. When I finished with him, he would be too ashamed to ever try to use them.


And I would accomplish this through working on his large boy tits. Along with stretching and twisting the tits, I began to put Jon through long sessions with suction tubes on his nipples… stretching them out painfully. Next, I forced him to tug heavy weights by his nipples. They became permanently stretched and swollen. I gave injections to the nipple nubs to cause them not only to swell up, but to become unbelievably sensitive. So sensitive that young Jon could not stand to wear a shirt. Imagine having to go out in public with grotesque tits, but not being able to cover them with a shirt. At first he used band aids over the nipple nubs so he could wear a tee shirt over them, but eventually, even the band aids were too much against the sensitive titty skin. I could see that he was starting to lose his mind, not able to cope with what he could do. A nervous breakdown was okay with me as long as I could continue to play with him.


His nipples were now so large that when people saw them, they could not help but stare and often laugh. I took him to the beach and to the gym and made him strut around that way…titties showing. He could no longer sleep with a sheet or anything touching his chest.  I started to lightly sandpaper his nipples to make it unbearable.


A note for those of you who might want to take a bit of sandpaper to the nipples of your girl or boy toy. Be careful. You must not sandpaper the nubs too much, or you will actually make them less sensitive. They must not grow scabby. No, just lightly rub the surface of the boy’s or girl’s nipples until they are so fucking sensitive that even a gust of wind causes the poor kid to cry. Keep them right on that edge.


By masturbating Jon continually, but not letting him cum, he began to associate his dick with his tits…titillating his titties aroused his cock. Just blowing on his nipples would give him a painful hardon, so I began to do that in public.


I forced him to send shirtless pictures of himself to all of his classmates. I told him it was for the best, since he would probably have to drop out of school anyway, since he couldn’t attend with no shirt. To some of the tougher, nastier jocks in the school, I made him send photos of him totally naked with a hardon.

Man, you should have seen the awful texts he got, and the nasty phone calls he received. What those boys threatened to do to him. I shot in my pants just reading them.


I didn’t forget that he was heterosexual and loved girls. I made him sent pictures of himself with his bare titties showing to all the girls at his school, asking them, “Would you ever date this?” 


Meanwhile, I brought in buddies of mine to ruthlessly ass fuck the kid, all the while making fun of his ugly, deformed cunt tits. Soon he was a totally broken boy.


But then, I helped him to somewhat recover. Oh, not his nipples, they were swollen, stretched and distended four inches from his chest and he would have to live with that his whole life. In fact, we were working on getting them to stick out six inches.


But I helped him to recover somewhat mentally and emotionally. I told him that I cared about him, I loved him in fact… when he was a good, obedient boy. And even though he could never wear a shirt, and would now forever associate his dick with his tits, he began to behave normally and take an interest once again in life. It was then that I said to him, one afternoon,


“Don’t you think it would be cool, Jon, if we stretched your ball sack until it reached your knees?” 

Submitted: June 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Very nice story. Am eager to read more. Even more EAGER to see Kyle earn his "A." Hope his A is in being a total depraved faggot!

Wed, June 8th, 2022 8:03pm

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