Jack's Lewd Surprise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

An annual afternoon delight turns very humiliating for a young man who is suddenly given far more exposure than he anticipated or desired.

Years ago, way before the days of online hookups, when I was weary of the bar scene, I made do with phone sex lines. Living in Manhattan, I found them usually quite active and met several nice guys on them. I am a guy myself, now 40.

These true incidents happened when I was 23.

I am short-statured, 5'6", around 135 lbs., blonde, fit, smooth body, clean shaven, and I wear glasses.

On the line I met a man named Jack. He had a deep voice and was off the bat very specific about what type of sexual experience he craved.

"I am a voyeur. I like to watch young men masturbate in the nude while I remain fully clothed."

This was something I had never even considered, so I was a bit taken aback by his forthrightness, but admittedly intrigued. I asked, "How does that work?"

"Well," Jack replied, "you would come over to my place. I'll have a mattress on the floor and I'll be sitting at the end of it in a chair, wearing my suit. You will enter, lock the door behind you, and then go to the mattress. No one will say anything the entire time. This is very important. I don't want you to talk, and I won't say a word. You will then strip, and I want you to do it slowly. You will strip naked. By the mattress there will be lubricant. You will lie down on the mattress and touch yourself. By that I mean just caress your entire body. I will watch. Do not begin masturbating until I give you a vigorous nod. You will then masturbate to orgasm while I watch you. Near the end of your show, I will flick on a spotlight so I can see every inch of you in detail. After you ejaculate, you will wipe off. I wlil provide a towel. You will then dress and leave. Again, NO ONE WILL SPEAK DURING THIS ENCOUNTER. I will contact you later to discuss your naked afternoon. I've been doing this for a long time with a regular exhibitionist, but he had to move and I'm looking for a replacement."

Wow, I tthought. Pretty kinky for me, frankly. I didn't consider myself an exhibitionist. I told him, "I have NEVER done anything like that."

Jack chuckled. "All the more reason to try it. I'm harmless, I have a great job, I'm attractive, and I have a great apartment." Jack's deep masculine voice did turn me on.

"Let me think about it, and I'll call you back if you want to give me your number," I told him.

Jack enthusiastically provided not only his phone number but his address. Hmm. A rather pricey part of the city.

I told him I would get back to him.

"Don't wait too long," Jack said. "Two days max."

I pondered long and hard. The next day I looked at my naked body in the mirror more than I ever had before. I went to the gym, not religiously, but enough, and my arms and legs were muscular. I had a basically flat stomach but no real abs (I keep trying). I had blonde pubes which I trimmed off and on. My circumcised penis was average, and I had respectable balls, I thought. My body had received compliments, usually along the lines of "cute". I had been repeatedly informed that my hairless ass was also "cute." I had a slight tan line, but being fair-skinned, I did not sunbathe with regularity. It was a mostly in and out of the pool tan line.

The two day limit came. It was now or never. I was intrigued, as I said, and I liked Jack's voice and his matter-of-factness about what he wanted.

So I agreed to show up. When I called him with my answer, he basically reiterated his entire walk-through as before, stressing that NO ONE WAS TO SPEAK and that I was to get completely naked for him. He added that he did not me to rush and that I should be nude for aat least one full hour. "I will have a digital clock that you can time yourself by," he chuckled. "I am looking forward to seeing you strip and show yourself to me, David."

Yes, I gave him my real name.

This was to go down on a Saturday afternoon. That day, it rained slightly. I was skittery and nervous and worked out that morning, pumping myself up as best I could. It was summer, so I wore cargo shorts and a T-shirt. I had showered vigorously and put on fresh boxer briefs. I wore white socks and sneakers.

On the subway I had second thoughts. "What the fuck am I about to do?" etc etc. I wondered if the other passengers could tell that I was a wanton, vain slut. (I AM NOT VAIN.)

I didn't really understnad voyeurism. I certainly didn't understand exhibitionism.

I strolled to the building. On the way, I could swear (this is years ago) I spotted the brilliant YouTuber David Pakman. He must have been twelve years old then but he had a confident swagger and I lusted, and everytime I watch him nowadays on YouTube I say to myself, "yep, that was him."  Hi, David Pakman, you cutie.

As I walked to Jack's apartment admist glorious NYC brownstones with an umbrella under the light rain, I thought, "should I have told someone where I was going, in case he's a psycho?" I felt frankly stupid for getting into this situation. In the rain. I

But onward! I buzzed Jack's apartment and he instantly let me in the building. Nice building at least. Perfect place to get murdered..

I tried to calm down.

I was not aroused in the least. In fact, quite the opposite. This worried me. Would I be able to "perform"?

Jack lived on the first floor. If I had had to deal with stairs (there was no elevator), I probably would have chickened out.

The door was ajar, as he had promised me on the phone. I pushed open the door and went in.

The apartment faced the street and you could hear passersby outside. I was now in the living room. There was a ritzy kitchen off to the side. All the blinds were pulled. The lighting was prevalent but subdued and I was grateful for that.

Jack sat on a plush armchair. He was good-looking and tall, I'd say 6 feet, and dark. He had a neatly trimmed mustache and he was wearing a tailored suit with a tie. He reminded me of Tom Selleck. (I've been compared to the actor Steve Zahn.) He smiled as I entered. OK, I pass muster, I remember thinking, all I have to do now is strip naked in front of this stranger and jerk off for him. My stomach turned over a bit. No, not a bit, it was doing backflips.

I noted a large lamp next to Jack. It was pointed towards the mattress. At this moment, it was not turrned on. It had no shade, just a very very large bulb. Gulp.

The mattress was on the floor. It was an air mattress and he'd put a fitted sheet on it. There was a big pillow in a clean white pillowcase, on the head of the mattress. A bottle of (pricey) lubricant and a clean, fluffy white towel was off to the side. There was a wooden chair. This was where I was to deposit my clothing.

Oh My God. I'm really doing this!

I sat and took off my shoes and socks, slowly. Then I equally slowly removed my shirt. Jack shifted in his chair. He was clearly interested.

Topless now in this dude's swank abode, I felt silly. He was in a business suit and a tie, obviously focusing on my tits, or something. It could have been my underarms. Whatever it was, it was on my upper body, now bare..

I'm proud of my pecs. They're not superhero pecs, but they suit my frame. It was easy to tell Jack was staring at them but every time I moved my arms a little upward, he made appreciative little sounds.

I glanced down my shirtless, exposed chest. My nipples had hardened and I feelt a stirring in my groin.

Whew. It felt odd to be stripping like this and to be watched with such obvious scrutiny, but Jack had admitted that was his turn-on, so I was in no position to complain.

The shorts had to be next. What else was there? I slowwwwly took them off. I stood there in my underwear and Jack shifted again, smiling. He put a finger to his chin and blinked. He had a beer next to him, which I had not noticed initially. He took a big gulp of it.

It was now or never. I decided to tease the dude and remain covered for as long as I could. I lay down on the mattress and slowwwwwwwly lowered the underwear. My blonde pubes became visible, then my shaft, then all of my cock and balls. My dick was slightly stiff; it lazily lulled to the side of my leg as it expanded. Jack shifted, this time with emphasis. I stretched to the side and  tossed the underwear on the pile of clothes on the chair, feeling air on one of my underarms. My penis flopped a bit. Jack made an odd gasping sound.

I was naked. Completely naked in front of this rich businessman. I felt like a rent boy and I wasn't even getting paid.

I frankly blanked out for a bit. What do I do next? Oh yeah, he wants to see me "caress" myself before I wack off.

Feeling quite clumsy and stupid, not to mention bare-ass naked, I decided to "caress" my biceps with my hands. I did this for a bit, then moved over to my chest. Should I "caress" my tits? I decided, might as well, also that would prrobably stimulate me and I could get out of here eventually. I felt so naked it was a joke. 

Jack stared and stared. He had large dark eyes. He sat back in his chair with a big smirk on his Tom Selleck face.

This embarrassed me as I sensed he was enjoying my humiliation. And I did feel humiliated that I had agreed to expose myself to a total stranger on such a whim.

I played with my pecs and I went for broke, pulling on my perky pink nipples. Jack shifted forward when I did this, so I knew he liked it. This made my penis stiffen further. Jack's eyes widened and his mouth formed a big "O".

My hands left my tits and and I teased my armpits. This got a big response from Jack. He hummed and leaned forward. I then used my hands to  wander down my chest. I brushed over my engorged cock and teased myself, i mean "carressed" myself, and fondled my own basically hairless scrotum, much to Jack's amussement. His "O" broke into a huge grin, exposing blindingly white teeth, even in this subdued lighting.

Whe I say "subdued lighting", don't get me wrong. I was totally exposed. He was not. It was a strange sensation, totally alien to me.

My legs were slightly spread and I suddenly realized he could probably see part of my asshole. I closed my legs and Jack chuckled. He made a hand gesture which clearly meant, "open the legs again." I reluctantly did so. Hey, he was running the show. I'm just the naked entertainment.

So there I was on display. All of me. I had run out of flesh to "caress." I'd kept my glasses on for safety reasons so I could see Jack clearly.

Jack nodded vigorously. I was to begin masturbating for him.

I was nervous doing this. I used the lube and begam to give a perfunctory performance. I was embarrassed. I didn't put anything extra into it, just what I usually do when I pleasure myself. I had used up almost a half hour on the clock, which meant I had to time my ejaculation for thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes is a LONG time to masturbate NAKED in front of a drooling stranger in a suit.

About fifteen minutes into this thirty minute window, Jack flicked on his lamp. YOWZA. It almost blinded me. As my eyes adjusted, I looked down and saw my entire naked body exposed to him obscenely. Jack shifted forward more than ever before, grinning wildly. He even licked his lips. I was extremely embarrassed and totally humiliated. Fuck his clock. I'm gettting outta here.

It helped that I was rock hard and oozing pre-cum. I began to jerk frantically to get away from his prying eyes. I cupped my balls with my other hand (my usual sure-fire approach).

I shot my load--a huge one--with ten minutes on the clock. Sorry, Jack. Jack chuckled and remained frozen in place.

Quickly, I towelled off and got dressed. Jack chuckled the entire time. I glanced at him as I left. He smiled and nodded.

I guess I had done well. I left the apartment, a little wobbly, and went to a bar. I felt cheap and used and humiliated.

But there was more to come. Unfortunately for me, a lot more.

A couple of days passed. Then Jack called:

"That was HOT. It willl be even HOTTER a second time," he told me.

A SECOND time? I said, "You want to do this again?"

"Of course!" he exclaimed. "But let's go over what worked for you, what worked for me, and make it really work for both of us."

"OK, if you're serious," I said. "You first." I was amazed.

Jack said: "I want you, next time, to writhe around on the mattress. I sensed you wanted to but were too embarrassed. I like your embarrassment, by the way. It adds to the scene. Also, next time, I want you to spread your legs much wider. Put your feet on the edges on the matress so that I can see your exposed private butthole. Your ass is truly spectacular. I want you to play with it next time. Don't be shy about playing with your tail. Your tanline makes your naked fanny look even sexier. Caress those big globe muscular male buttocks. I want to see you finger your hole. And I mean really finger it, all the way in. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.. Do you know how many times I've masturbated thinking about your blonde nudie show?"

I swallowed hard. "How many?"

Jack replied, "To the point of rawness." He went on: "I want you to play with your nipples far more than you did the first time. Your nipples aare great. When I flicked on the lamp, I could see just how fucking masculine your nipples really are. I love how tthey turn from brown to red when you stimulate your nude body. When you caress your bared body, do it with passion. Don't hold back. Grab your upper arms and fondle them. Play with your heavenly naked armpits as well. Rub your naked chest with exuberance, pull on those nipples like you mean it. When you pull on your nipples pull on them force becauseI want to see the flesh of your developed pecs move upwards. Pull on those red nipples with such determination like you want to adtually pull them off your smooth naked chest. Knead those hairless pecs like they're bread dough. Grab that tush and really give it an erotic once-over. Tease your own anus. SHOW YOURSELF OFF. YOU'RE NAKED. Explore your entire nude body while I watch. This is not just about pulling on your sweet cock or those adorable balls of yours. It's about touching yourself everywhere no holds barred, TOTALLY NUDE and masculine, in front of me and my suit. In other words, embaarrass yourself. It turns me on. Don't be afraid to look foolish. Oh, I'm hard just talking to you about this, David. Do you understand?"

I knew I was red in the face listening to this. I was alsso aroused. In one afternoon, Jack had manaaged to memorize my naked body. I stammered, "Uh, yeah. I guess that lamp really showed me off, didn't it?" I tried to laugh.

Jack DID laugh. "Are you kidding? I could see your VEINS. I already could make out the veins in your penis--nice penis, David--but with the light, then I could see the VEINS IN YOUR TESTICLES."

I did not know what to say. Jack chuckled.

"What worked for you, David? Be honest with me."

I thought. I said, "It was a unique experience. I'd never done anything quite like it. I was very embarrassed. Otherwise, I guess it went well, if you think so."

Jack laughed. "I MORE than think so. And again, I think your embarrassment is endearing. You did blush, you know. Maybe not everywhere, but certainly your cheeks. Your FACIAL cheeks. You are a very handsome fellow and your body is very appealing. You look very nice without your clothes. Do you have a boyfriend?"

I meekly replied, "No."

Jack chuckled. "That must be by choice. Oh, by the way, when you masturbate next time, please play with your urethra. That's your piss slit in case you don't know. I enjoyed looking at it. It opens up consideraly as you approach orgasm. I also want you to put your hands behind your head so I can gaze at your armpits, which are incredibly enticing. I want a better look at them. Do you trim those hairs as well?"

"Wow," I answered. " No, I don't trim my armpits. I just don't have a bunch of hair there. You really were looking at all of me."

"I was," Jack replied, rather sternly, "and I want to do it again. My schedule is crazy, but let's say, in two more weeks?"

Feeling basically overrwhelmed, standing there with the phone in my hand, wearing clothes, I looked at myself in a mirror nearby. My face was red and I looked shocked. I then heard myself say to Jack: "If that's what you want, OK, I guess."

Jack laughed his boisterous laugh again. "It is DEFINITELY what I want, nature boy. Can you give me your email address?"

I did, but asked why exactly. His reply: "I want to send you a detailed reminder of what you have to do next time explicitly. I will enjoy writing it. Also, do not masturbate for anyone else but me for now. I mean, you can masturbate when you're alone, and I recommend you do so while looking in a large mirror so you can know what I will see. And what I HAVE seen."

"OK, I will  take that under advisement," I replied. What the hell. Did this mean I could not have sex with anyone else? My door wasn't being exactly broken down anyway. But there was that hunky Roger at the bar who'd asked me out. I decided Jack did not need to know about Roger. And Roger would absolutely not know about Jack.

Jack laughed again. "I will see you--ALL OF YOU--in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. You are at your best when you are nude, David. And tug on your testicles a lot more next time. I'd like to see those veins really pop. And by the way, that was QUITE a load of cum, David. Its snow white texture looked delicious."  He actually giggled, and then just hung up.

Was this hilarious? No one had ever commented on my veins, except for nurses taking blood samples No one had ever described my semen's "texture," or color..

I stood there bamboozled. He actually wanted a repeat performance. I took off my clothes, positioned the mirror accordingly, and masturbated, completely naked. Thank God my roommate was abroad, since I was nude in the living room in the afternoon.

I did look pretty good. I experimented. I played with my ass, something I rarely did, and watched as my anus was quite easily exposed if I positioned myself in a certain manner. Oh my God. I'm an exhibitionoist. No I'm not. I did concede my ass was in good shape. I noticed I could use another slight pubic trim. My nipples suddenly looked borderline tawdry. What was happening?

Two weeks passed. On a Friday, I received a message on my answering machine (remember those?). It was from Jack.

"Hello, David. It's Jack. It's time. Check your email before tomorrow afternoon. 2:00pm."

The email read as follows:

You will arrive on time. Lock the door behind you. Do not speak. The layout will be the same. Take off your clothes and put them on the chair. Strip slowly. Once you are completely naked, lie down. Do not wait to remove your underwear this time. Take off the underwear before you lie down. Don't be coy this time. I want to see your penis flop out of the garment while you are standing up. Strip frrontally, but do turn around to give me a full backside view. Reach around and pull UP on your buttocks, and bend over. I want to examine your glorious anus. Then lie down. Once you are nude on the mattress, put your hands behind your head and put your feet on the edges of the mattress. Show me those incredibly deep masculine hairless armpits.  Expose your asshole to me. Stay that way for five minutes. Watch the clock. After five minutes, begin carressing yourself. Play with the armpits. Tickle yourself. I bet you're ticklish. This time, spend ten full minutes on your titties and your big nipples. Tug on them and pull on them. I can tell this arouses you. Might as well do it in front of an appreciate audience (ME! LOL). You can caress your arms again, I liked that. But make sure you play with your NIPPLES for TEN MINUTES. TEN, not FIVE, not SIX, TEN. After your nipple play, rub your chest, play with your cute innie navel. (Did you know last time your semen splashed into your navel? it did. I enjoyed that immensely. It must have been quite embarrasing.) 

The email went on. I couldn't believe its length and detail (and by the way, I had not really realized my "semen" had "splahsed" into my navel--and indeed that was embarrassing to hear, and also I am VERY ticklish and wondered how he could know).

But it was great to know he thought my anus was "glorious." Never heard that one before.

So the email continued: "I want you to play with your balls more. Pull on the skin of the scrotum this time. Caress the testicles within the sac. I know how that feels. It will help your arousal and my enjoyment. You know I want to see those veins in your pretty scrotum. Play with your penis as you see fit, but BE SURE to play with your gaping piss slit, as I am certain it will open upas you turn yourself on, naked, in front of me. This process will be our norm from now on. I want it to become second nature for you, nature boy David. Before you ejaculate all over yourself with your milky white cum, you MUST play with your ass. Push yourself up with your feet, show off those beatufiul porcelain globes, and use your hands to PULL YOUR BUTTOCKS APART. SHOW ME YOUR ASSHOLE IN ITS GRAPHIC SPLENDOR. Pucker it ten times. TEN TIMES. After you've puckered, it, FINGER IT. I am instrructing you to FINGER IT WITH ENTHUSIASM. I want a finger, no, I want TWO FINGERS all the way in. ALL THE WAY IN, David, as I witness your splendid nudity. Also, knead your fleshy buttocks with equal aplomb. Touch yourself in front of me, naked."

This diatribe finally concluded with: "MOAN. Do not forget to MOAN AND WRITHE. I know you want to. Then, you can bring yourself off, cum, and leave. DO NOT SPEAK AT ANY TIME. You will know when to begin your orgasm process just like last time, when I give you a vigorous nod."

I emailed back, after much consideration, trying to be nonchalant: "Got it, I think. See you tomorrow at 2."

And I did. And I "performed" to his expectations. By now, after that salacious phone call and equally raunchy email, I knew exactly what he wanted and I had decided to deliver for him. I was flattered, I have to admit. Did I feel ridiculous? At times, yes. Mostly, I just let myself go. I'd been in his apartment before without harm, so I just concluded that I should fulfill this handsome, amiable fellow's fantasy. This time, when I came on myself, he growled. GROWLED. It was startling. I left without incident, feeling quite strange indeed.

This process continued for several months. I was continually stunned that he wanted to do this over and over, but began to get kind of comfortable with it, and some days, I looked forward to it, especially if I'd had a stressful week.

During warmer months, when my libido was cascading at seeing all the male flesh on display in NYC, I'd occasionally have to request that Jack turn of his AC. Jack liked his apartment cool, so do I, but this often frigid temperature was at war with my inner fire, if you know what i mean. Jack was fully clothed, I was not. Jack always turned off the AC when I asked, and I only asked if it was just too much for me, since I was naked and expected to put on these "shows." Asking any questions out loud violated the no talking rule, so I kept it to a bare minimum, so to speak. On very hot Saturdays, I'd have a shot of bourbon at the corner bar on Jack's street and this would sustain my body heat somewhat once I entered the arctic blast of Jack's abode.

The burly bartender at this straight, very Irish bar took an interest in me and asked if I lived nearby. I had to say, "kind of." He was amused, I think he knew I was basically a trick of some kind. Once I asked him if he knew Jack. Since Jack's last name was on his buzzer, I used it when I asked this. The bartender thought for a second, and then said, "Oh yeah. He's gay I think, although he is very masculine. Looks like Magnum PI. Usually happy hour. Always well dressed. Comes in here with this old queen and a chatty cathy Asian guy. Can't serve the Asian kid anything but soda. Is that him? He's a big tipper, Jack, The other ones are cheapskates. I always like seeing Jack come in. Very quiet. I could do without his loudmouthed buddies though. It's better for us if ol' Jack flies solo here. Never leaves with anyone and never gets drunk. He gets a lot of attention if he's by himself. Does this sound like him?"

I replied, "Most likely," although I had no idea who the old queen or the chatty cathy Asian were. But everything else this friendly, classic old school NY bartender was sharing with me sounded exactly like what I knew of Jack at this point.

I even got kind of used to the nude moaning and writhing which completely made Jack turned on. He writhed himself, albeit sitting in a suit and tie. Some days he would remove the suit jacket. One day, when I was just on fire, he took off his tie, got off his chair,and sprawled out beside me, murmuring quite bawdy language about my body, language I'd only received via email or by phone. It was different hearing it out loud in person from someone right next to me, breathing heavily and coming increasingly close to touching my nude body.

I thought I was going to finally see Jack strip naked. I admit this made my orgasm fairly spectacular, as the cum splayed all the way up to my hair. Jack laughed and laughed. I had a mixed reaction, as I found his laughter harsh, suddenly quite derisive and mocking. He was actually shaking with laughter. "My God, you came in your HAIR!" he roared. I didn't find it especially amusing, losing control of myself naked in such proximity to a fully clothed man. It was a bit demeaning that Jack knew he turned me on in this unique scenario.

Oncd fall arrived, Jack demanded that our sessions become bi-monthly. In October, he wanted them every weekend. And Jack began to leave teasing, terse messages on my machine. "Do you strip for others?" "That was one of your best loads." "Please play with your ass more next time." "Your nipples looked bigger last week. Are you getting injections? "Your penis is cute. Don't get hard so fast next time. I want to see your penis totally soft. Don't worry about its size." "Are your beginning to shave your bottom? I've been wondering." "I think you are shaving your tail. I've seen some little fine blonde hairs when I flick on the lamp and they weren't there yesterday. Don't shave your ass. Leave it as is." "You have very suckable balls. I might suck them down the road." "Your eyes bulged yesterday. I thought theey were going to push your glasses off your face. Can we try it once without you wearing them? Just asking." (BTW, this never happened, I would not remove my glasses in this situation because I have inadequate eyesight and was wary of the concept, especially in this situation. I understand this may sound pretty silly since I seemed to have no  problem removing everything else.)"Your moaning could use some work. Practice your moaning. I want the neighbors to hear. I think you're holding back on the moaning, David." "I loved it when you arched your back and pushed your naked body off the mattress as you shot your huge load. Did you know that makes your rump jiggle and your rectum stick out more? It was hot stuff." "When you writhe in the nude for me, please spread your legs more so I can watch your deep-ass butthole open and close." "I'm so grateful you have no tattoos. Please don't ruin your beautiful naked skin with tattoos. I would be inconsolable." I had to only listen to my machine when my roommate was not in the apartment, because one afternoon he heard one of these messages, and asked me, "WHO THE FUCK is that?" I lied and told him it was a buddy from the bar, making jokes. I don't think my roommate believed me. He replied, "Your buddy sure has a deep voice and a vivid imagination. Invite me over for drinks."

Of course, that never happened, but I had to come up with a few lame excuses to explain it away. 

Jack gradually began to push more boundaries. He began to talk to me in these "sessions," and one afternoon requested I defecate in his bathroom, naked, while he watched. Even though it was startling to hear him speak in the flesh, this outrageous request I flat out refused. He was very visibly disappointed, and dialed it down with a request if I would piss instead, standing up (naked). I am naturally pee-shy when clothed! At first, I said no, but he was so mournful, I decided to give it a go, warning him sternly that nothing might happen. 

I had never peed nude in front of another man. I was miserable, but miraculously, I managed to accomplish it. I did not like it at all. This was the first time Jack touched me. As I peed, he fondled my ass and one of my pecs. He had a gentle touch, but this was uncomfortable and mortifying for me.

After this strange glitch, we continued with our now weekly routine more or less on schedule. He did not request further bathroom stuff, thankfullly. I think he knew I simply did not like bathroom stuff. I did not find it the least bit erotic. We went back to the "no speaking" aspect.

But this was not the end of Jack's apparent fascination with my digestive tract. After I had peed for him under protest, a few days later he announced in an email. "I want you now to eat in my kitchen, Naked, of course. I will provide cold fried chicken and napkins. Make sure you bend over as you consume food, so your big white naked butt hangs over the end of my kitchen stool since you will be eating naked at the island (middle of the kitchen). You will eat naked after you strip and before you begin the process (masturbating)."

I'm not one to turn down free food, especially cold fried chicken, so there I was, doing this, feeling like was back in the dorm at college. Only this time there was a man in a suit watching and my butt sticking out over a kitchen stool. I must say, the chicken was quite tasty. We never did this again, thankfully, because I informed Jack in a phone call that I felt we were kind of going off the rails with this set-up. Jack had chuckled, "All right, David. But you look gorgeous when you eat naked and your butt was just spilling off the stool. Naked male butt flesh with the crack opened up where that chicken would be leaving your body when you were alone. I enjoyed watching the food enter your system, your belly kind of gyrating, and your hot nipples jutting out in profile. It was a very sexy look. I loved watching you eat a chicken breast while your own bare breasts were hanging out in my kitchen. Yum. The only thing I couldn't really see was your soft penis or your scampy scrotum but that was fine because I knew I would be seeing all of that again soon, and hard and full. When you;re soft, those attributes of your naked body just aren'e big enough to hang off the side of a chair. I imagine they quite scrunched up as you ate, hunched over with your big butt sticking out towards my fridge and your titties hanging down with abandon.. I COULD see your blonde pubes and part of your mesmerizing armpits as you ate. I enjoyed looking at your back muscles. I don't get to do that often because you're always flat on your back stark naked with your nuts dangling about. You have a great back, very toned and firm. I liked that you seemed to be concerned at how you came across eating food in the nude. I like your faint blonde hairs on your legs and forearms. It is odd that you have virtually none of this hair under your arms or on your beauteous chest. Anyway, all of tthis was hot. You were bright red. It's a good color for blonde nudists. And that ass of yours had me drooling, hanging out in my kitchen with your manly crevice spread as you had your feet on the rungs of the stool for leverage. It made your rump tighten and open up at the same time. I almost asked you to arch forward more so your wide open asshole would be visible, but I realized that would be awkward as you consumed food. I could have almost fingered you, at least part of your exposed crack, but you were eating and I could tell you were a bit nervous. David, never lose your tan line. Your white ass is your best feature, next to your armpits."

Right..Whoa. You know, my ass had always been relentlessly clean. But after meeting Jack, sometimes I felt like a cake of hotel soap was always in there. It was not an unpleasant sensation but I eventually just soaped it with strawberrry body wash, s I do like different flavors.

And this gushing about my armpits just made me buy deodorant in bulk. I found it hilarious.

While I appreciated Jack's devotion to my ass (and armpits, and basically everything else on certain afternoons), I really loathed playing with my ass and fingering it in front of him and I especially did not enjoy "puckering" my hole. However, or possibly because of my reaction to this, Jack eventually wanted me to get on my knees, head down on the pillow, facing away from him  and spread my legs apart as far as possible, and play with my ass in that position, including the puckering and the fingering. I protested initially (via email), but he insisted, writing "I want to see your balls hanging down while you finger and pucker your gorgeous hole. I know you don't like it, but it really turns me on. Please do this for me. What's the difference anyway? You've been playing with your butt while on your back. I just want a fuller view, that's all. It'll be easier for you to finger your hole in this position anyway. I'm only thinking of your comfort, David. I want the full view of your always clean, always beautiful ass and that private sacred butthole of yours."

So I did this new addition to the routine, hating it all the time. It seemed so unmanly to do this iin the nude in front of another man. And when I began this assplay, Jack always turned on the big lamp, so I knew he was seeing every conceviable part of this secret area of my body, vividly. No one had ever seen me this way, so up close and personal and spread open. Jack usually made little weird sounds when I did this, somewhere between a chuckle and a whisper. Whem I "progressed" from fingering to puckering, these sounds became louder.

When I'd gratefully stop the puckering and return to "simple" fingering, still with my butt in the air and my forhead down on the pillow, where I could see my dangling bits and Jack's ecstatic response, and put TWO fingers inside my hole, the sounds became even louder. Jack had consistenly begged me to put two fingers in my hole during the assplay, and initially I balked, but he wanted it so openly and so badly, I had caved in. Also, acquiescing (sp) to this "request" cut down on the saucy messages on the answering machine a tad. I was beginning to suspect my roommate was investigating my machine when I wasn't there, but I was not able to prove it. He was a good roommate, so I didn't pursue the matter. He was no saint himself, anyway.

After he first time I did this rather raw version of the assplay, I out of the blue decided to call Jack. He answered pleasantly. "Jack, I have been thinking. Why do you want to see me stripping naked and humiliating myself repeatedly? I am genuinely curious."

Jack laughed. "What nonsense. I want to see you strip naked because then you are naked and humiliating yourself for my pleasure."

I meekly replied, "Oh. gotcha." I was regretting making this phone call. I could never tell any aspect of this bizarre situation to my friends. They'd never believe me. I couldn't believe it myself at times.

Jack laughed once more, in his deep voice. "I may want you to shave your pubes, In front of me. Or perhaps I will shave them myself. I could to it in five minutes because you manscape already.'

I did not want to shave off my pubic hair under any circumstances.

I responded: "I would prefer you not to do that, Jack. I don't want you to get bored, but I really don't want to shave off all of my pubic hair, if you don't mind."

Jack laughed again, "I'll never get bored seeing you naked, embarrassed and pleasuring yourself for my amusement. Never. I'll call you in a few days about the next session. Don't be silly. I hope you could tell I really enjoysed the new improved version of the assplay. I'll alllow you to keep your pubes. You ought to have SOMETHING on. I don't want you to catch cold since you're naked all the time." He laughed again and hung up.

Usually during the assplay, Jack removed his jacket and loosened his tie. One time he rolled up his sleeves, exposing impressively muscled forearms.

The assplay unmistakably aroused Jack every time. His breathing always got heavier and each time I went back to lying down flat on my back, it was obvious to me he had a hard-on in his pants and a big, leering smile on his face. I wondered if he discussed these sessions with others and was glad he did not know my full name. I always, always felt humiliated by the assplay, especially when he clicked on that enormous lamp. More than once, he barked, "Yeah. Lamp's on. Get into it." The no speaking rule was fairly hit-and-miss by now, but he kept it to a minimum. I rarely spoke except once I did say during the puckering, "I HATE doing this." He merely laughed and replied, "That's why it is so precious. Let's go for three fingers today, shall we?"

Around Thanksgiving, during one of the sessions, Jack abruptly spoke, always startling since it was so rare. "I am going to eat out your ass." He came over (I was in the degrading doggy-style assplay position. and Jack shoved his face into my asshole, pulling my buttocks open and tonguing me with lust, slurping and grunting. I guess this little surprise had been inevitable. It wasn't terrible although his mustache tickled and I could feel his tie brushing against my balls. Jack, in between ass slurps, moved around and made an attempt to eat my armpits. I flinched and firmly told him to stop because I am very ticklish. Eventually, his went back to my ass and his drool was all over me. Jack made what I felt was a perfunctory tug on my wobbling genitalia, but his clear focus was chowing down on my obscenely jutting asshole. I felt frankly like a peeled apple.

An email followed: "Your ass tastes ultra manly. Your armpits are too. I will taste them someday, ticklish or not." I was semi-pleased. Take THAT, everyone. i always knew my armpits were manly, because they just are, but it was pleasant to hear that my ass tastes manly also. I remember I went out that day and stocked up on soap and went to see a movie at a revival house, "Cabaret."

Then, near the end of the year, the crafty, horny Jack pulled the rug out from under me, big time. I should have seen it coming, so to speak.

It was a few days before Christmas. I got the usual phone call: "It's time. Happy Holidays."

Then an email. The emails had gotten very brief; we were following a script by this time.

This email was different:

"When you come over, do NOT lock the door. I may again speak to you this time. You are NOT to speak. Do not be thrown off. I want to do something a little different."

Hmmmmm. If he is back to the shaving my pubes thing, forget it. I am not going to allow that.

Why would he ask me not to lock the door? I felt uneasy. I emailed back: "Why not lock the door? I don't get it."

His reply: "Don't worry. Trust me. Don't you like the element of danger? Obviously, you do."

I let it slide. It was a crazy time of year and I just did not pursue more details on what had become to me a harmless, if fairly embarrasing, routine. I did not find Jack menacing in the least. Kinky, yes, menacing, no.

I mean, what was he gonna do? Have a pizza delivered? Was I to eat pizza naked?

This was a big mistake on my part, not questioning this further.

So I showed up, a bit more nervous that usual. Since it was winter, I had more layers of clothing. His building was kind of decorated for Christmas, wreaths on doors, etc.

I noticed immediately that Jack had put up a Christmas tree in a corner and he had rearranged his furniture. Instead of sitting in his usual plush armchair, he had moved his couch and was sitting in the middle of it.

Alarm bells. He looked fantastically handsome in a suit I'd never seen before. He always wore great tailored suits. I did wonder what he looked like nude. I would guess, spectacular.

The alarm bells sadly weren't loud enough. I was a little turned on already. I continued the "process" and stripped. He stared at me amidst Christmas lights. Well, this is another first, I remember thinking. I also remember thinking, I am keeping my pubes.

Once I had divulged myself of my winter layers and was naked, I did the usual things. Show him my backside. Lie down. Hands behind head, etc. etc. I admit I was horny that day and was hard pretty quickly, which he definitely liked. "I could see you were wet through your underwear," he reported suddenly. "That is wild." Since he rarely spoke sentences in person, I was a bit surprised.

I began the "caress" sequence, head on pillow, flat on my back, legs spread, the usual position of full naked exposure. Then I heard the front door creak open. Someone was entering Jack's apartment! And I doubted it was Santa.

I gasped, clutched my arms in panic, then covered myself defensively. I closed my legs immediatly. Jack forcefully said. "Open your legs wide, Uncover yourself. Do NOT stop touching yourself as you always have. Proceed as usual, David."

I was naked, already oozing preseminal fluid,  and there was another person in the room. I could tell it was a man by the sounds of his shoes. WTF.

I heard a voice behind me: "Oh fuck, he's really completely naked. He isn't very tall." A man, an older man, kind of effeminate.

I glared at Jack, who smiled at me. "Continue, please." i began to close my legs. Jack wagged a finger and admonished "Remain in position." Reluctantly, I did.

I was dumbfounded. My cock buried itself in my pubes. Humiliating. Embarrasing. Degrading. You name it. It was me.

I began to caress my pumped arms to just remind myself I was alive.

A distinguished, impeccably attired, good-looking man in a business suit appeared and took a seat next to Jack. He was grey-haired and probably in his early sixties. He smiled at me and said in a queeny lilt, "Oh, my, his cock isn't very big. But he is naked as promised." This man laughed. "His balls have no hair. But his circumcised dick is below average."

Jack chuckled, "It usually gets bigger."

The newcomer guffawed. "Hope so. His upper body is OK. You can tell he pumps iron. But his lower extremeties, my, my, my. The cock reminds me of a a vienna sausage."

Jack tittered. "Look. His sausage is emerging."

The other man grinned. "I like his body overall, though. His clients probably like licking that chest all over. Those nipples look suckable. But my, Jack, his scrotum. Two pebbles in a grocery bag. And of all the hot men in the city, you've settled for this? I saw a much cuter man on the street on my way over. Wearing cutoffs. And he had a bulge and a much more TONED butt than this au natural fellow lying on your floor"

I was frozen and dumbstruck. I am not into queens, especially THIS ONE Queen went on: "But I agree he dertainly is naked, and he's got his hole stucking out at us already. Probably can't wait to run over here, strip and show off his, uh, body parts"

"Yes he is naked as usual," Jack chuckled. "He is usually naked. He is the most naked man in New York. And he's always on time."

"No surprise there. Sluts like to strip as soon as they can. How much do you pay this little naked whore?" asked the queen. "It can't be over five dollars, I hope."

"Oh, I don't pay him anything," Jack laughed. "He does it for free."

The queen sneered. "A CHEAP slut with a few muscles and a little dick. So basically we're looking at something that's been seen by most of gay New York. Naked. There's probably pics of him all over the internet. First site I'd check out would be a small penis page."

Jack shared, "Once I gave him chicken. He ate it naked in the kitchen with his ass hanging out and his boobs flopping around. I couldn't see his penis at the time; as you pointed out, it is small.".

"Of course he ate it naked, that's what tricks do," giggled the queen. "He does have man boobs, doesn't he? Tiny penis, big asshole, man boobs. Wandering the city, nude in apartments, showing himself off shamelessly with his plump ass and his rectum visible."

I didn't like the commentary about my penis, especially coming from Jack, a person who made annual phone calls to set up viewings of it. I was OK with the queen's verbal mockey otherwise, as I knew my body was pretty good overall. Still, I do prefer flattery if it comes down to a choice. But I was realizing this was an extreme humiliation scenario, and I was determined to play it out for as long as I could. After all, I was already naked anyway. But I would bolt if this got out of hand. I kept an eye on my clothes, on the chair, with my keys inside

"Can I finger his hole?" the newbie asked as if he requesting a cup of coffee. (I was spread open again per usual and I had never felt so much regret about it.) The queen had protuberant eyes and they were laser-focused on my naked body. Jack was chuckling at my reaction. I was going to have a stern word with Jack when this was over but for now I decided to play along because I did not want them to know they were getting to me. Dignity, always, dignity(?)  Mechanically, I touched mysslf and even pulled on my nipples. The queen notiiced this and leaned closer to me.. I was amused to see he was starting to pant.

"Hmmm. We usually don't allow him to be fingered--by others," Jack drawled. "But go ahead, it's Christmas. Do you want a scotch, Bernard?"

Bernard. So THAT'S this queen's name. I was naked in front of Bernard, and Bernard wanted to finger my asshole.

Bernard sneered, "This is his routine? You've seen this every month?"

Jack was making drinks. "Sure have. You haveb't seen anything yet."

Bernard jokingly sang, "Well, I don't know about that. Ho ho ho. LIttle sausage is peeking out of the blonde pubies, TRIMMED  Trimmed pubies, probably to make the sausage look acceptable." 

As Jack mixed drinks, he casually said, "David, you can go back to touching yourself in a minute as I know you love doing that to your nude body. But now, put your hands behind your head. And please put your feet on the edges of the mattress, not as close to the rest of your naked body."

Hoping I'd get one of those drinks (I eventually didn't), I complied.

Bernard whistled.

Still mixing drinks in the kitchen, Jack went on:

"You can see how his lovely armpits have no hair, and that is natural, I can tell, and when he stretches out like this, his nipples jut up more and his boobs flatten a tad. Not to mention his anus spreads open even more and you can almost see inside it. Also, this embarrasses him even though he loves showing himself. He is weirdly bashful when he is nude, but he likes the attention. Be sure to ook at his red face."

Bernard laughed. "I can tell you've seen this a few times. Eveything you're describing is true, and you're in the kitchen! Ho, ho, ho. David is a ho. Naked ho. Tiny cock, deep anus, feminine nipples. He probably lactates. I've never seen a blonde man masturbate while wearing his glasses. I guess he hopes to see us salivating over his ridiculous nudity."

Oh, shut up, Bernard. My nipples are not feminine. But YOU are, Bernard. Queen!

I did stupidly wonder at the moment, though, to myself: Can guys lactate? I'd have to look that up.

"The ho, ho, HO is still naked, naked, naked," chirped Bernard. "NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKED!!!!!!!! 'David, the red-faced nude boy!'" Bernard had decided to sing. It was pretty dreadful. I willed my body to keep in character. I was David, the red-faced nude boy and I was supposed to be an "exhibitionist." I wished Jack would hurry up with this queen's drink; at least that would shut up him for a few intervals.

Merry Christmas? Bernard did not remind me of Santa Claus except for his waistline, rather an unpleasant, stern, condescending, older, fatter Tucker Carlson with even bigger chipmunk cheeks and silver hair. This blob pulled out a pair of glasses and put them on. "Hmm. Nothing indeed to see here but wanton nakedness." He laughed at me derisively. 

As Bernard awaited his cocktail, he adjusted his clothes, moved off the couch, crouched near me, and tried to demean me by putting his big hand over my shriveled genitalia. "Oh no. My hand can cover his ENTIRE junk." I noticed Bernard fondled my entire junk with lascivious abandon, squeezing, rubbing, pulling. I also noticed that the queen had her rigid but small cock out. Her suit jacket was unbuttoned. Gross. And she's critiquing MY penis? Mary, please. Now THAT was a vieena sausage, and it looked like it had been gnawed on.

I'll never get hard now, I thought. I could not unsee Bernard's "cock."

Jack finally gave Bernard his drink. I got zilch. Bernard didn't sip, she gulped, and after her scotch, decided to finger my asshole. He saw my disgust at his cock being out and he put it back in, thank God. Jack said not a word about Bernard flashing himself. Blech. Bernard did not ask for my consent.for him to violate my privacy, he just went ahead and amused himself. I was in shock so I just kind of laid there.

Bernard announced, "It's warm. And thankfully clean. I wager this is virgin." It's true, I'm a top. 

Jack offered, "David is always hygienic. I noticed that immediately, since he is always nude. I wouldn't call him virgin. He loves fingering his hole just like you're doing."

Bernard chuckled. "He'd have to be hygineic then. His looks are average, he reminds me of some low-rent actor I saw on late night cable who got killed off in the first hour, and they never showed this actor nude, only shirtless. He was more toned that David. Nothing to see really, much like this little beef slab on your floor, I mean you can tell he works out and all, but should he be prancing around naked in apartments? David's body is second-tier. His balls are discolored, to be frank. His scrotum tissue does go on to his perineum fairly healthily, I guess, and then onto the clean asshole that no one has paid to fuck, but, Jack, why would you want to see this repeatedly? You could watch porn. They have much better bodies."

Jack responded, "Because I can watch him, live, in the flesh, and because he will show up. And because when he masturbates to orgasm, it is often spectacular."

I mentally died hearing that for a fww seconds.

Bernard scoffed, "Please. Any slut can masturbate in the nude. He has hardly any real muscle tone, Jack, it's all workouts. But yes, he has plenty of flesh. If he isn't careful, he'll have way too much of it. Look at his waist. It's running to fat, like poor Lorna Luft."

Not true, I mean about me, I don't monitior Lorna Luft's body. I have muscle tone and I am not "running to fat," whatever that is. I began to wonder what Bernard's end-game was. Duh. It was humiliation. Total snarky humiliation. Old queen. If anyone was running to fat, Bernard had won the race years ago. His jowls wobbled as he insulted me. I almost had to laugh, it was so bizarre. But you don't laugh when you have no clothes on and everyone else does.

Jack, defensively, said, "He has enough tone for my needs, Bernard. I'm not into gym rats. I like David's body. You know I lake to the cornfed blondes. And look, David IS naked. Look at his cute butt, splayed open for us, and he isn't fat. Your standards are too high. Most guys won't wander around naked like this, you know. And David has not defiled his naked body with tattoos."

Bernard laughed. "I think the David or whatever his real name is has been seen naked by a LOT of men. Cornfed I get. This one is just, uh. fed. Obviously you're not into very fit men even if they're blonde," he said. "I concede his nipples are lovely, the lack of body hair is turning me on a tad,  the little cock is enchanting unless you like dick, and I do tind his big succulent ass a little enticing. That asshole has been explored before. Don't lecture me about him not being defiled. He's been defiled in that ass, either by penis, sex toy, or multiple fingers or a fist. This trash's hole reminds me of melted vanilla ice cream with fudge in the middle."

I felt very conflicted. I found this a bit much. Trash? Fudge? Enchanting little cock? WTF. C'mon. At this point, I was determined to display my trashy melted naked ass just to frustrate the old queen into oblivion. Her voice was rising octaves by the seconds.

Bernard couldn't control himself. She went on: "I mean Jack, really, why would someone who looks like this want to show himself off in the nude every month? He wouldn't even stand out as a gas station attendant, except to a horny housewife or her gay son and this would have to be Alabama or somewhere."

Jack "defended" me. "Bernard, please tone yourself down. I notice you're staring at him and you're touching his body. I ALSO NOTICED YOU HAD YOUR COCK OUT."

OK. Bernard is really here just to demean. I adjusted my playbook quickly. I couldn't resist saying, "Oh is THAT what that was?"

They were stunned that I had spoken. I went back to being naked and explored and insulted. I decided that I would later have a steak and baked potato for dinner, with salad and iced tea.

Despite his dismissiveness about my "lack" of muscle tone, Bernard found my prostate gland without much ado, and you know what happens when your prostate gland is disovered, if you're a healthy man, muscle tone or no. My enchanting penis sprang to life on my allegedly non-muscular bod alongside my confirmed-to-be-succulent ass.

"Well, well, well," slurred Bernard. Bernard also decided it was admissable to lick my nipples. He didn't even ask. I guess nipples of any kind were OK even if you had no muscle tone but I guess an enchanting penis was a must. Bernard's thick glasses rubbed against my chest. The odor of booze was a little dizzying. Especially combined with the queen's perfume, er, cologne.

I DO HAVE MUSCLES, which is why I can relate this tale freely and even find it amusing in certain ways. This duo of Jack and old queeny Bernard were into humiliating me, and it in retrospect struck me that this was all pre-arranged. If I had known in advance, maybe I could have put on a better "performance." I do have a sense of humor about sex. But at the time I was just chagrined, humiliated, and a little bit mortified. I'm not into old bitchy drunken  overweight queens, especially if they're slurping on me and trying to demean me simultaneously.

"Look at his slit. You're turning him on," chuckled Jack. My urethra was wet, oozing pre-cum. Bernard, with his free hand, dipped a finger into my wetness and licked it. "Yum. I love man juice, even if it's low-rent." He went back to my nipples and this time, he bit them, albeit gently. The old queen's cologne almost made me gag.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh," I think I "said." Jack giggled. "Do him, Bernard. I've never fingered him. Is he really that clean? I imagine he's clean, from what I've seen, and he always smells like soap." I did not want to Bernard anywhere near my asshole. But, there she was. His tie touched my body and I winced. He was not sober. I deduced she'd had a few before she slithered in.

Bernard blurted, "Clean and then some, Jack. It's empty. It is a warm clean male asshole, I'll give him that." Bernard's finger thrust, wriggled and probed and I inadvertenly groaned and squirmed, which they loved. "Yeahhhhhhh," said both of them almost in unison. I felt like I had lost all dignity. I felt naked. Unfortunately, I also felt horny. I hated myself being naked, horny and fondled by a drunk old man with a complex. In front of Jack, who I thought was a pretty good afternoon delight up to this point. I knew I had been set up. Where were my clothes, my keys, my exit? I couldn't believe I was hard. My mind began to churn: get outta here. My mister horny body refused to move an inch, it was enjoying itself despite my distaste. I was being fingerfucked by a queen with bad cologne!

Then, of all things, a cell phone rang. Mister horny left the building swiftly but alas, briefly. In this situation, my penis shrank to a nub for a few seconds, then got hard right back. I did not understand the inner workings of my cock at this moment. Jack was laughing out loud at my frantic confusion.

It was Bernard's phone. He answered it. "James? Yes, right on schedule." He laughed. I glanced at Jack who, between laughs, simply grinned at me with his vampiric teeth. Bernard continued to talk to "James." "Yes, The door is unlocked. Did you bring the present? Ha ha."

"Jimmy is outside," Bernard announced, removing his finger from my virgin hole and, of course, licking it, slurping. "I'll let him in."

"Wait a minute, guys," I blurted, still hard. "I'm not into orgies." My cock disagreed but I ignored it.

"This is not an orgy," Jack admonished. "This is a display of as much masculinity as you can muster, Davey. Your body has never before been this observed. And please try not to speak, David. David, you have a full erection, so just shut up."

"Second rate masculinity, poor thing," Bernard corrected. "David. Or does he prefer Davey, or Dave, when he's naked llike this with a fucking hard-on claiming innocence?"

Jack chuckled, "Just call him David. I mean, he's naked and yes once again he is shamefully erect." To my chagrin, Jack too produced  a pair of spectacles and put them on. They were wire-rimmed, as I recall. He clearly relished my alarm once he put them on. "David is naked yet once again. He just can't keep his clothes on."

Bernard sneered, "That's a pity."

Huh? If they don't like my body why are they looking at it? This old fart "Bernard" had just licked off my second-rate asshole on his finger. I remember I huffed in indignation, laying there nude on an air mattress on the Upper East Side a few days away from Christmas. Jack giggled. My face must have been registering my discomfort.

Bernard leapt up, grunting, and went to the door. Within seconds, I heard yet another person enter the apartment. Giggling sounds. A whispered, "yes, he's naked, he's blonde, he's embarrassed, and he's adequately good-looking if your standards are low" from the drunken queen. Gee thanks, queen. Keep in mind my head was pointed towards the front of the building, so unless I got up and turned to see the door, I had no idea what was going on behind me. Why I did NOT get up and see what was going on is a question I've asked myself many times.

I heard a high-pitched voice exclaim, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, he is completely naked, He's CUTE! He's NAKED! This is fun! He is NAKED! He's REALLY REALLY NAKED I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS NAKED! I'M SO GLAD I LIVE DOWN THE HALL TO SEE THE NAKED AFTERNOON FINALLY!!! HE'S MUCH CUTER THAT ADEQUATE!!!! I LOVE YOU JACK!!!"

Bernard blew out air. He was still fat. He said, "Oh, please. My fifteen year old nephew is in better shape than this man."

Jack ignored Bernard at this point. "i love you too Jimmy. This is what I promised you. Yes indeed. He is naked," confirmed Jack, as if it were necessary. "His name is David."

I was now naked in front of three men who had clothes on. Not to mention I was also hard and oozing pre-cum. Jack laughed at me as I again threw my hands over my wet genitals.

"That's getting old, David. Hands BEHIND your head!" Jack commanded. "Or I will do it for you, DAVID. Why are trying to cover up NOW? It's too late, you're naked and you will STAY naked."

This shrill new addition to the apartment squawked, "HE WILL STAY NAKED OH MY GOODNESS!!!! LET ME SEE HIS FACE!!!"

Jack's tone was more menacing than I'd ever heard. I complied and put my arms by my side, while my heart sank as I was about to be fully exposed naked in front of this new person (who sounded extremely young and excitable). The squealer took a seat on the couch. He turned out to be a young Asian man. He looked twelve years old. He came around. He carried a bag with a package inside. He dressed like a kid. 

He reminded me of a miniature BD Wong. THIS was the chatty cathy Asian. Who was the next visitor, the bartender from the corner?  Maybe my roommate would show up and join tn the fun."Naked, naked, nude, naked, naked, NUDE," chatty chanted, overwrought, hysterical, and repeatedly.

Chatty  sat on the couch and stared at me with literally bulging cartoony eyes. I said, "Hold on, here, young man. How old ard you?" Fuck this no talking thing. This guy looked seriously underage.

"James" said, "I am James and I am 18." I knew he was lying about his age. "You may call me Jimmy if you wish. My, you are very naked," James taunted. "I did not believe you would be naked. I live down the hall and I did not believe a man would come to our building, strip naked, and expose himself month after month. But you are completely naked. This is real, hee hee! Oh my goodness! You are doing the showing off of your body! Your nude compact body! Your tail is quite nice I can see. And you have the erection and I can see your butthole. And you are a natural blonde. hee hee! Your legs are spread and I can see your magic hole. You are so naked. A naked blonde man right in front of me. You have a cute face. You're naked. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to tell my friends! I will be the envy! I am the secretary of Gaysians! Your balls look like dumplings! You are blonde but blondely hairless. Ypu must do the waxing! Except for the small park of your tufty golden pubic bushy masterpiece manly hair over your golden blonde penis! Blonde golden COK on a blonde golden MAN!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I groaned. Everyone laughed.

"MASTURBATE," Jack commanded. "Do it as you usually do. No prudishness. I want my guests to be entertained."

I did not masturbate .I just lay there, nude, in defiance and in shock at the comments of Chatty..

Jack was not pleased. " You have MASTURBATED NAKED for me many times before. Now is not the time to become demure in front of company. If you do not masturbate, DAVID, I will allow James to do it for you."

Bernard laughed. "That would be classic," he muttered. "If Jimmy is even interested in this older man."

I sawllowed hard at the aspect of a teenager masturbating a naked me in front of two leering men in suits. On a winter afternoon. I could hear psssersby on the streets outside, laughing. If they only knew what was going on mere feet away.

"I am very entertained," giggled James. "I will be happy to masturbate him. His body is so exposed and I can see he is humiliated. He is a natural blonde and I think he trims himself down there. Hee hee. How old is he?"

"I don't know," said Jack, shaking James' offered hand as if we were all at a board meeting or something. "I think he is twice your age probably."

James tittered. "I like his body. It is muscular but not too much. If he ate too much he would be fleshy. He has no abs but he almost does. He could have abs if he wanted to. He must be lazy and naked all the time. He does have a treasure trail. It is very blonde. Look how he winces when I discuss his body. Oh my goodness. Such a shy naked man. Why is he shy if he comes here to masturbate all the time? He is so naked. His guns are impressive. His pecs are defined enough. I like his chin. He has dimples. His ears are red. I think he is doing the blushing. Hee hee. His balls are adorable. And look at his nipples. They look protruding."

"They are," shared Bernard, as Jack got up to pour drinks for his "guests."

"Make him play with his boobies more," Bernard rasped. "It makes his dick hard."

Jack said, "Play with your tits, David." James squealed. "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!"

I gamely gave them what they wanted. At this point, being this naked, it was pointless to reclaim any dignity. And yes, I did get firmer.

As Bernard guzzled his drink, he said to James, "Pull out his Christmas present, Jimmy."

James gushed, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, yes indeed," as he stared at my body, giggling. James reached into his bag and produced a buttplug, in a package.

A buttplug.

"You're kidding, right?" I glared at Jack.

"Merry Christmas, David," Jack belly-laughed.

"I'll do it to him, is that all right?" James burbled. "I want to stick it into him. I did pay for it. Don't worry, David, it is brand new and it has never been used. I purchased it at the Pleasure Chest just for you. Merry Christmas, David. Are you always naked at Christmastime? I was naked this morning. In the shower, alone."

I stiffened, in every possible sense of the word. I could not believe I was maintaining an erection.

James ambled over and grabbed the lube. He unwrapped the buttplug (it was black) and lathered it up. Since my legs were already spread, it did not take him long to find his goal.

"Come on guys, I'm not into younger men," I protested. My dick was rock hard.

Jack chuckled, "Are you sure about that?"

James announced, "I will suck his dumpling balls now." And he did. I grimaced. Even though it felt OK, the older men were laughing at me.

James enthusiastically gushed in between his ball-licking, "I can do the massage. I am of legal age. Do not worry. You are naked. So very naked and blonde. I know the happy ending. Let me pleasure, naked David." SLURP. "Oh my goodness. He has such a clean taste. There's no hairs. It is just scrotal sac skin and it is delicious."


Bernard laughed heartily.

"No, no," I groaned, as I felt the black buttplug enter my rectum. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh my goodness, oh my goodness," babbled the insanely young James in his school uniform.

I writhed. I could not help it. It was too much stimulatiion. This was turning into the most humiliating experience of my life. I glanced down at my nude body. My nipples looked like they were in 3-D.

Next thing I knew, James was fondling my penis and balls with one hand while the other handfucked me with the black buttplug.

"Look at his nipples," I heard Jack announce. "He is about to burst."

"Look at that mole underneath hie right breast," jeered Bernard.

Breast? But this did remind me of an old lover, Angelo, who adored this little mole and called it "my little device under the device." I got harder. Angelo was a snazzy dresser and he showered three times a day. Sadly, he moved to Paris because he did not like NYC. I was bereft the day he left town. We still spoke on the phone and continue to do so to this day.

"I will play with his glans," James tittered. "Let's see what happens. Can you see his glans? I can. It is purple. I will tell you that his scrotum tastes heavenly. He is so naked and I am younger than him. I know this is embarrassing for him but I love it. I love it. His skin is so smooth. He is so cute and naked. He is so naked and we are all wearing our clothing. I love humiliating handsome David. He is so blonde and cute and naked and handsome. I am going to play with his naked body and there is nothing he can do about it. I will suck his balls again. There is no hair on his balls, just like me. They are quite tasty."

"Make sure you play with his slit," Jack barked. "That drives him wild when he does it to himself. He is very sensitive there. See how open it gets when he is turned on?"

"It is almost obscene, you can almost can see inside it," gurgled Bernard. "What a pig. He does this every month? And Jimmy, you are over-praising this older guy's balls."


Jack laughed. "Yep. He likes showing himself and masturbating in front of people. You should see him play with his asshole and pucker it back and forth. He loves doing that. I mean, look how naked he is. You can see everything. Listen to his sex sounds. Isn't he shameless?" 

James interjected, "Stop it you two. He is much younger than you. His balls are great," as he slurped on my balls. I remember I inadvertenly stroked James' luxuriant black hair at this point, and he sucked harder on my poor balls. This was hard to resist, and I think I moaned too loud. James was loudly slurping. I was so naked. So naked.

Bernard chimed in with "This David sounds like my ex-wife when I fucked her in the ass.. Not very masculine, if you ask me. He puckers his asshole? How rude."

Bernard had an "ex-wife"? Unbelievable. She had probably committed suicide.

James pontificated. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, he is so cute and naked and his slit, I can see is very very wet. His moaning is very appealing to my ears, hee hee. He doesn't want to moan, but he cannot help himself. He is too sexy. Ha ha ha. He is extremely, extremely sexy. Look how his muscles move when he squirms in his nude sexiness and naked wild abandon. It is flattering. He has no clothes on and we are all clothed and watching his naked sexy show. He is close to the ejaculatory process. So naked. So embarrassed. So humiliated. His haircut is nice too. Professional. I am loving David's bashful nakedness and his sexual grunting. His penis is very throbbing. His pectorals are flexing. His body is on fire. He moaned again! It reminds me of something in heat. Look at his stomach. There are abs trying to appear. He is so naked it is hysterical to me. Hee hee. He is erotic. He is aroused. I love it. Oh my goodness! Look at his blonde pubic hairs. He trims his blonde pubic hairs. He must like looking at himself in the nude. He is surely nude now. Writhing, squealing, nude, nude, nude. He has no hair on his bulbous balls, trust me, I will never forget this dazzling scotal sac. His balls are filling with the semen. Look how naked David is. And we are all wearing our clothing whlie all of his skin is bare. His armpits look bare too. His armpits are sweating. He is so naked. His manboobs are pulsating with lustiness. Look at the naked David gyrating in front of us. Oh, look. His armpits had no hair. They are wet with his horniness. Look at naked David. He is completely naked. I want to take his balls home with me. Oh my goodness!"

Jack chuckled and said, "Fuck it. I've seen him masturbate too many times. I've NEVER seen him BE masturbated by someone half his age. Masturbate him, James. He's usually too slow anyways. This is the most erect I've ever seen him."

James' babbling intensified and he began to comment on my body: "Oh I am so happy to witness this gift. Indeed he has an erection and seeping. Naked. Oh my goodness. Look at his little blonde hairs on his arms and legs. He has no hair on his torso, maybe a fittle on his rigid nipples. Yes, there are a few. But no hair on his chest or his armpits at all. Well maybe a few hee hee in the armpits. He must spend hours grooming himself for exposure for Jack oh my goodness. No hairs in his asshole. There are no hairs in his asshole at all. Oh my goodness. He is so naked. I do not think he enjoys my commentary about his naked body. I do not care. He is naked, I am not. Hee hee. He is naked. No hairs on his face or lovely balls. He is a blonde Adonis. I have always wanted to see a blonde naked man in this situation, naked against his will even though he has done this before. He is so naked and vulnerable. He is naked and trembling. He is like naked pudding. I love his nipples. Look at them. They are sticking straight up. Look at his penis. He is hard. And that scrotum, yum, yum. My friends will be amazed when I tell them. They won't believe me. I would like to take a picture."

I SCREAMED "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" And thankfully, that closed the subject (or so I tthought). James laughed. "Oh my goodness." Then he briefly removed the buttplug and fingered me in the ass. He was like foraging for food in there. I grimaced and told him to stop. He merely giggled and stuck it in more. My prostate gland betrayed me and I oozed copious, glistening pre-cum, which amused everybody to no end. James licked the pre-cum as it oozed, slurping like it was a milkshake.

My mind reeled. This was a nightmare. The most embarrasssing thing ever. James gleefully groped me and pushed me into an insane area of unbridled sensuality. I was so humiliated. Three men were watching me lose control of myself, and I was naked. and the lights were on, and I had no privacy.

Someone began to pull on my nipples. I can't remember who it was, except that it was not Jack. Jack was staring me down with a big, self-satisfied smirk. It was probably Queen Bernard, who had begun to get closer to me after his friend James took the baton, wanting more action than he was getting and no longer content to just watch. They were both giggling and laughing and mocking me and touching me. Everytime I moaned, I hated myself, but it just was irrepressible. You got four exploratory hands on your naked body, and a livewire youngster slurping on you, you're gonna react. 

I felt the buttplug go back into my asshole. James giggled, "Oh My Goodness. Well, there's certtainly enough room. David is a pervert." Then: "look how his toes wiggle and gyrate along with his nude loins. He's so naked. David the naked pervert. David should pose nude for the art classes. I would take the art classes and bring all my friends, even the girls. Hee hee hee." James casually pushed the buttplug in and out, in and out. It made squishy sounds. I was embarrassed beyond measure by those sounds.

I turned my head to gaze longingly at my clothes, piled on a chair. Get up, my mind said. Get up, put them on and get out of here. I didn't and I will never really know why. I laid there like a beached whale frozen in time. James moved the chair farther away from me and laughed maniacally. He played with my feet. I did not like that, because he came close to tickling them, which I cannot stand.

James tinkled, "His toes are wriggling and wriggling along with the rest of him. How amusing. Hee Hee. i am enjoying his lack of intimacy as we see him make a fool of his naked self. Oh my goodness!! The toes keep clenching and his face is contorted!!"

Jack said in a bored voice, "He does that all the time as he gets close to orgasm. Wait around for his orgasm, then  we'll have more drinks."

"Orgasm!!!! Oh my goodnessss!!!!" shrieked James. "Make him lose it," directed Bernard, and I heard him slurp his drink, then he said, sardonically, "he hasn't had intimacy since the minute I walked in here. NAKED AS A JAYBIRD ALL DAY. And frankly, I don't think he's THAT handsome. AND, his butt is hilariously large for such a short man. You could use it as a table. 'l'll concede he is hygienic. Whores have to be. I do enjoy him being naked with eyeglasses on his red face. Most men would simply remove them. I suppose he wants to see us all making effort to ogle him. Pathetic, if you ask me. A 30 year old man, wandering around the city, taking all his clothes off and masturbating in front of total strangers. And I doubt any girl would be interested in seeing him naked unless she is in the mood for a laugh."

Jack giggled, which stung. I was not 30, did not look 30, and realized that Bernard's idea of this scene was a rather vicious one.

Never before had my body been criticized so rudely and salaciously. It was bad for my brain. I found it unfair and cruel. Amazingly, and I am not kidding, I somehow remained aroused. All three of the men watching me were chuckling, or at worse, laughing openly. This is something I will never forget. Being naked and laughed at and at the same time, turned on by all of it.

But I was irritated by now. "Stop making fun of me!" I yelled, angrily and still hard. "I am naked here!"

It was a dumb, futile thing to utter, since I was very obviously still aroused. All I got from this nutcase trio was more laughter and a comment from James, an octave lower than his usualy squeal: "This is what happens when men take off their clothes to show off their physiques, I think. Oh my goodness. Naked David. Naked David." He fondled my balls and giggled. "There is no hair on his balls," he reminded us all. He pulled hard on one testicle and I growled at him. "You better slow down, sonny," I said. James laughed and tugged even harder. I hated this kid, even though I'd enjoyed his mouth on my testicles earlier.

James surmised I did not like him touching me at this point, and said, in a sing-songy voice, "I am very much in ove with handsome David's sublime nakedness. His skin is soft but his penis is responding to my young touch. He is very very wet. Look at him squirm and blush. Goodness, oh my goodness, he is humiliated in front of us, hee hee, He is naked naked naked. His scrotum is candy. His pre-cum tastes like sugar."

My sugary pre-cum continued to make appearances. It was agonizing to have them witness that.

"Make him put his hands behind his damn head," growled Bernard. Jack laughed and looked me in the eye. "Do it, Dave, you might as well," he said. Recultantly I did, spreading me out fully and showing them all of me possible, in the buff and humiliated in front of the deceitful Jack and his lewd, boozing surprise guests.

"Oh my goodness, David's armpits are real beauties!" exclaimed James. He tickled my right armpit, and I flinched and bucked. They loved that, so James did it again to my left armpit. "Stop that!" I yelled. James, satisfied with the rise he'd gotten out of the naked guy, went back to fondling my genitals, and sadly (for me) violating my rectum with the squishy buttplug.

Bernard gruffed, "He has a show tune body.  His armpits are as manly as my granddaughter's and she is in preschool. He spends 30 minutes at the gym and expects us to ogle him. Please." I noticed again that Bernard himself could lose more than a few pounds, but I said nothing. At this point, I realized I was in a scenario. Fine, but I wish I had clothes on.

Jack, to his credit, counter-acted, by saying "David's body has given me pleasure," to which Bernard huffed in a (bad) Bette Davis voice, "your standard could be higher, my friend." Geez.

If possible: It got worse, much worse in terms of sheer raw humiliation. Jack flicked on the big light and I was illuminated in my unadorned nakedness. James gasped and squeezed my genitals and said "I am in love." I heard boisterous laughter. I realized I was squirming like a stuck pig. I could not help it. I had never felt so ashamed. I heard Bernard say, with true lustiness, "He will NEVER live this down. It's priceless. Look at his nudity. He is as naked as it gets. I'd never be able to show my face again. His asshole is sticking out at us over the buttplug. His asslips are huge."

Bernard drank, and went on: "My God. He cannot control himself.. Look at his butthole with a plug in it. He loves it. He has no hair there. He probably shaves it. What a pussy. He could work out more, if you ask me. His waistline is this close away from being dough. He seems to think his nudity will get him through life. I've seen more attractive men in prison photographs. If I weren't looking at his ridiculouskt manicured pubic hair, I'd say he was a bottle blonde. But he probably dyes his pubic hair. I wouldn't put it past him. Look at him flinch. He's not very resilient with commentary. And to be honest, his penis is very inadequate. I'm sorrry,, Jack. That you've had to stare at this puny specimen for this long. You must have been bored out of your mind.  Poor David does have that big ass, though. It willl droop in one year, trust me. Along with his tits. If you look closely, they wobble. I'll give him this: he has no tattoos, that's for sure. Anywhere. I guess you know every inch of him by now, right Jack?"

James exclaimed, "I want to marry him. Are you married, David?" I did not reply.

Jack laughed. "Exactly, Bernard. I have seen David naked many times. He has no tattooos. He has no real body hair except for his little pubes. I know hiw body very very well, probably more than he does."

Bernard immediately interjeccted: "I doubt that. He looks at his naked body all day long."

James just had to say "His hole is so deep. SO DEEP. OH MY GOODNESS."

Jack laconically responded by saying "It sure is. It's all yours, Jimmy."

Bernard scoffed. "Whatever. His hole is obscene. What man shows off his hole like this? Is he a woman? What kind of man shoves his hole at people? I've never seen anything llike this deviant and his big hole. And he sure likes being stroked by James. Pervert. His nipples--look at how stiff they are. He is turrned on by all this. Jack, you can do better than this Port Authority slut."

Port Aurthority! It made me crave Burger King. OK, David, put your clothes on and get a Whoppper.


James flew up a hand and tugged on my nipples. "Careful, he might lactate," sneered Bernard. "Ant that big naked tail of his. It's been touched a lot. Even on his back, you can almost see handprints on it. Whore. Bare-ass naked whore."

Jack spoke up. "Yes, David is naked. Again. He is always naked here. He just can't keep his clothes on, you know."

"HARD HARD NIPPLES!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Then he took this hand and went back to my cock. The butt-fucking never ceased. James was really into the butt-fucking. It was stimulating me to no end which I found startling. As I said, I'm a top. But, there you go. I glanced at Jack, who had the biggest leer I'd ever seen on his handsome Tom Selleck face. His teeth could have glowed in the dark. He sipped a cocktail, chuckling.

"This NAKED loser is having his big rump fucked by a teenager," growled Bernard. "Pathetic. Showing us all his private hole. Letting a kid get him hard and milk his little dick. I suppose men with inadequate naked bodies have to take what they can."

I really, really disliked Bernard. No one had ever described my penis as "little."

The demented Asian kid skillfully (I must admit) stroked me to climax as I squirmed and moaned despite the biting remarks of the increasingly drunk bitch Bernard and my sudden huge desire for a Whopper, and I literally yelled, as I jizzed all over my nude body, grabbing the sides of the mattress with my hands as they all roared with jeering taunting laughter,  "FUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" The cum hit my OPEN MOUTH . This, they really liked. It was a first for me, certainly. I discovered my cum is rather salty and warm, but it was not anywhere near the same thing as a Whopper, or even a Big Mac.

James reported, "Naked David's beauty balls have emptied themselves of his special ivory seed. Oh my goodness!!!!"

Jack chortled, "Oh, Jimmy, you have such a way with words!" Jimmy beamed, pleased.

"Repulsive," slurred Bernard, but he was staring at me intently. Jack slapped him on the back and both of these leches grinned at each other.

"Now he can go back to walking around his apartment naked with the windows open so all the neighbors can see his big ass and try to get a glimpse of his micro wee-wee in that GQ pubic bush," jeered Bernard, not content to just shut up. "Wonder if he jerks off for them? I bet they'd call the police if they could stop laughing long enough."

Jack smiled. "I doubt David jerks off for his neighbors or even exposes himself in the nude for them. He does have to see them every day." Jack mock-sighed. "But of course, you never know, do you?"

I took James' hand with the butttplug and smacked it away, removing the infernal object from my overly exposed anus. "Look at that obscene naked sweaty hole!" Bernard screeched. "Good Lord. Cover up!" Then the old freak tried this line: "At least he has the presence of mind to clean that cavern before he shows it off." Jack said, "Bernard. Tone it down. David's ass is always pristine. Believe me. I have tried to see him more gruff, but he won't go there."

WTF.. I mean, really.

Bernard continued to scoff. "It's just that his buttocks are so large. And his penis is not. What do you see in him?"

Jack, to his credit, responded: "Everything. I like his nudity  And you do too, I can see you are hard."

Bernard snickered, "Well, he IS naked. And he does smell fragrantly prepared, for a male whore."

James exclaimed, "Will you shut up? I know what I am doing. Obviously."

Bernard immediately growled, "Excuse me, miss thing. Keep teasing him then. Touch him all over, touch his cum, since he is completely naked."

Jack retorted, "Of course  he is groomed even after his cums all over my apartment. He knows he is going to be seen nude. He always smells verry nicely. Otherwise, I would not let him in here to show off his wares."

James said in exasperation, "Godddddddd. Shut up. Let me fondle the naked cum-soaked David in peace. He obviously likes it. Look at his penis. It is still hard, kind of."

OMG. Oh My God. Time to leave, time to leave.

James tugged on my balls. It was almost as if he wanted to remove them from my body. I had to say, "Stop, James." He relucantly did, then gave me a business card. "I will retrieve the buttplug and save it for you," he shared, sincerely. "I will enshrine it in my apartment. I will not clean it."

James then simply had to chime in about my hygiene. "Naked David is strawberry shampoo and sea breeze body wash, I think." (He was correct but I did not confirm.)

I did notice Bernard's indignation that James gave me his busines card, immortalized the buttplug,  and acknowledged my CVS purchases. Jack did not seem to care either way. He just smiled and smiled. He'd removed his jacket and loosened his tie and for the first time unbottoned his shirt, exposing an admittedly sexy, hairy chest, and I noticed he was tenting in his pants, so I guess he'd been stimulated. Yippee.

Jack came over laid down on me and raised my arms and sucked on  my armpits, hungrily for a few minutes. I couldn't move. I couldn't ever struggle to get him off me. He held my arms tightly, and licked, and slurped, and grunted.

Then he got up . They all laughed at me. I'm not kidding, they were doing knee-slapping laughs. I was beyond humiliated as I tried to recover from this exploitation of my willingness to be a good sport. Jack, in particular, looked particularly smug. I was crestfallen at his deceit. I knew riight then I would never enter this apartment again. Now, I knew I had to get out of there ASAP.

Dazed, I finally got up and didn't bother to towel off. Jack's clothes had soaked up a lot of my cum anyway. I threw on my clothes, shoving James' business carrd into a pocket, and left, slamming the door behind me, and I heard them guffaw further. "He seems upset," I heard Bernard bellow. More laughter, boisterous. "OH MY GOODNESS I WANT TO SUCK HIS ENTIRE BODY, WHERE DID HE THROW THE BUTTPLUG, I WANT IT!!!" screamed James. I heard this even outside.

I never saw Jack or his "guests" again, although Jack valiantly tried to get me to do a repeat performance.

"They raved about you," Jack reported in an email. "Even Bernard. He was just teasing you. Come on, you know your body is cute and you know you enjoyed the session. A naked guy doesn't cum in his mouth if he wasn't having a good time. James still sings your praises about your brown asshole. He said he wrote an essay about your body for Gaysians. It's entitled 'The Splendid Urethra of David.' Do you want me to send it to you?"


After I did not answer his tasteless email, Jack also tried the phone angle: "It's time--again." I did not respond.

I was just too devastated. I dreaded in particular running into James, the young Asian,  somewhere in town, worrying that he would blurt something about my "brown asshole."  Or my splendid urethra. Or anything, since little Jimmy yapped more than he breathed, especially with booze in his system.

As for Bernard, I thought the evil queen could just go fuck himself or better yet, fall down a flight of stairs.

I was very disappointed by Jack's betrayal. I began to wonder if his previous "exhibitionist" had actually moved, or had been similarly duped.

To this day I have not encountered chatty James or the other, older voyeurs. I did get one weird email down the road: "I love your body. Please contact me." I think it was from James. I did not respond as I did not recognize the address. The sender did not identify himself (I am assuming it was a guy).

There was an attachment with a nude photo of me. How it was achieved I do not and will never know. My face is partially visible, but not totally. The rest of me, fully erect and naked, is completely visible. I yelled when I saw it, in living color on my laptop (in a coffee shop, no less, and never has a laptop been closed so fast). I have not and will not share it with anyone, ever. I am amazed it exists. I didn't deliete it, though, to remind myself of my foolishness and frankly to save it as a memento of how good I did look that day, despite what Bernard kept zinging my way.

Jack had given someone my email, apparently. Not classy. The nude photo was a terrible breach of trust. I fervently hope that it is the only one out there, but again, I have no idea. I haven't received further nude shots of me, and frankly, ignorance is bliss. Although I am ashamed, I must admit that I look pretty good in the picture, but that is a small consolation. I don't like that this is available to just anybody. At least you can't see my full face. You can see my full everything else--including yes, a slightly open asshole (mercifully, sans buttplug). It's an orifice that no one should see unless they're your partner, I have learned too late. Pretty awkward.


A second email arrived, a few days later, from a different address I also did not realize. This one HAD to be from Jimmy, as it had an attachment with a photo of the black buttplug on a shelf with a placard beside the sex toy that read, "David." The placard also had the date of the Christmas humiliation beside my name. The shelf was of an impressive mahogany cabinet in a well-appointed living room or bedroom. Even in the the photo, you could see that the buttplug still was wet with something. There was Gaysians merch on a shelf below the buttplug shelf. Had to be Jimmy.

I did date Roger from the bar. While spectacular in the sack, he turned out to be a needy nightmare. End of story.

I'm currently single and quite content.

Hope everyone enjoyed this re-telling, except for the terrible trio of Jack, "Jimmy," and the monstrous queen of hell, Bernard. If they somehow discover this post, oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness, indeed.


















Submitted: June 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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Yeah, while I might be into exhibitionism myself, consent is important no matter the scenario. The moment a stranger walked in on the scene I would have been out of there.
And that kid was proper demented. I don't even take issue with his age, but the way he talked it was just...crazy.

Sat, June 4th, 2022 11:43pm


Yes bhisnovi, I should have left immediately, it is clear now. But I was just frozen. I trusted Jack. But I should have bolted.

The "kid" was batshit, you got that right. I am still amazed I remained aroused and was able to "finish."

I cannot say this is a fond memory, but in a way, it is something I don't regret all that much. It's certainly a story to share with the unsuspecting, I suppose.

The initial contacts with Jack I do not regret at all, in retrospect. But he wanted to go in a different direction that was not in my wheelhouse.

Sun, June 5th, 2022 12:24am


Not exactly a "nice" story, none of the characters are that, except maybe David. But interesting, and certainly unusual. Thanks for posting. I like the whole 'consent but not really' thing; I've used it myself before now and will again but not in the unique way you have here. Good job, enjoyed it.

Tue, June 7th, 2022 5:57pm


Britguy--This really happened. I am David.

No joke. Of course, I embellished a bit to entertain readers, but for the most part, this is what went down. I did not leave much out, that's for sure. To this day, I wince when I hear anyone utter "oh my goodness".

Thanks for your feedback.

I have enjoyed your stories and am always glad to see a new one. Keep at it, mate.

David aka Davey

Wed, June 8th, 2022 3:31am

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