Co- Iain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Just a one shot of a pairing I write elsewhere.

“God give me strength.” Comfort kisses her teeth walking through the depot looking through some of the Mail that had been left. Iain looks up from the ambulance he’s stocking hearing his boss cursing something. He sticks his head out seeing her walking past. He watches her before jumping out of the ambulance sneaking up behind her. He throws his arms around her kissing her neck. Comfort jumps throwing her hands up nearly punching him. 


“Jesus fucking Christ! Iain!” Iain laughs against her neck looking at her. Comfort looks down to him as he kisses her neck. “First things first don’t scare the shit out of me and secondly… stop doing that.” She bops him on the head with one of the letters gently. He stands up keeping his arms around her as they walk. 


“Why scared someone’s gonna see?” He looks at her. Comfort looks to him. 


“You know full well what I mean? We tell everyone else off and then you do it to me… and well yeah we’re meant to be keeping it quiet.” She looks at him as he takes his arms around her before grabbing her free hand. She looks to him as he takes the Mail from her walking past the ambulance chucking it onto the floor. “Errr where are we going?” Comfort looks at him as she walks along slowly pulling back. “Iain?” She looks to him raising an eyebrow. 


“Oh stop being awkward.” He looks at her before picking her up. 


“Iain put me down you swine!” She hits his shoulder softly as he carries her like a kid. Her legs dangling down. 


Iain laughs a little feeling her wiggling her legs a bit as he keeps his arms around her, his hands resting just underneath her bum. He walks along  glancing around before pushing the store room cupboard open. He walks in, pushing the door closed with his foot before pinning Comfort up against the door with his body. Comfort looks at him, her arms already around his neck. “If I can see my girlfriend outside of work… I’ll see her at work instead.” he looks at her, slowly putting her down onto her feet. Comfort looks at him pouting a little. 


“You know in trying to get someone else to help out with all the shit I have to do… it won’t be for much longer…” she looks at him running her hands from around his neck onto his chest fiddling with his green shirt. “They’re just taking their time above me sorting someone out.” 


Iain nods. “I know.” He looks at her. “However I still wanna see you at work.” He smirks softly leaning down kissing her neck again. Comfort seats his chest softly tilting her head to the side breathing in letting herself relax. Iain kisses her neck slowly slowly biting and sucking on her neck. Comforts breathing grows a little heavier, her fingers begin to tug at his shirt. Comfort moves her head pushing Iain’s head away from her neck, he lifts his head up. Comfort moves her head planting her lips against his as they kiss instantly. She runs her hands up his chest slowly wrapping her arms around his neck again. Iain’s hands run down her sides, pulling his hips towards his before pinning them against the door. The kiss grows intense between them both. Pulling Comfort’s shirt out of her trousers, Iain runs his hands up her body, feeling her bare skin against his fingertips. He’d missed this feeling, the touch of her skin against his. Her just being around. 


Comfort runs her hands onto his cheeks softly pressing her body against his. “God you’re turning me on…” she mumbles against his lips running her hands down to his shirt untucking it before pulling at his belt on his trousers. Iain smirks against her lips he grabs her hands pinning them above her head to the door. Comfort breathes in deeply as she feels his body pressing against hers. 


He smirks against his lips teasing her. “Oh you are getting turned on aren’t you? The boss wanting to shag in the store cupboard? Must be doing something right.” He smirks looking at her. Comfort looks at him giving him a look as if to say will you shut up. He smirks gripping her hands kissing her again before letting go off her hands undoing her belt on her trousers. They fumble with each other’s belts before undoing the buttons and the zips on there trousers. Pushing each other’s trousers down, Comfort wiggles one leg out of her trousers resting her foot up on the shelf beside her. Iain runs his finger down between her legs along her pussy, pushing her underwear to the side. He pushes his boxers down freeing his hardening cock. He shifts a bit holding Comfort’s lace underwear to the side pushing her into her. Comfort lets out a soft groan feeling him entering her. Iain groans feeling the warmth and wetness of Comfort surrounding his cock. It had been a while since either of them has felt one another like this and it was clear they’d missed it. 


Comfort wraps her arms around his neck, the kiss turning into a snog as Iain begins to thrust up into Comfort. He grips her leg that’s resting up on the shelf after pushing his trousers and boxers down a little more. Comforts hands grip at the back of his shirt slowly pulling it up as he thrusts faster into her. They snog to muffle the moans from each other. Comfort lets go his shirt with one hand grabbing the shelf beside her, bouncing herself up and down on him meeting his thrusts. Iain grabs her bum before lifting her up. Comfort wraps her legs around him gripping the shelf still, her other hand gripping his shirt tightly. Iain’s hands grip just underneath her bum, bouncing her up and down on his cock, leaning her back against the door to give them some stability. Comfort lets go off his shirt fumbling for the key in the door, she locks the door as Iain puts her down. She pushes him away from the door as they fall onto the floor. Comfort sits on top of him bouncing on him immediately. Her hands grip at his shirt on his stomach she bounced before adding in a rocking motion. Iain sits up pulling her undone pulling it off revealing her bra. He undoes his own shirt pulling it off, putting Comfort’s hands on his stomach letting her dig her nails in. He pushes her bra cups down exposing her breasts sucking on her breasts and nipples. Comfort rocks on him. She closes her eyes putting her head back moaning out, her breathing low and heavy. Iain’s hands run up and down her back groaning feeling her push tightening around him. 


He falls down as Comfort pushes him back down. He looks up at her watching the sheer pleasure on her face. He massages her breasts in his hands watching her rocking and circling on him faster. Her lips part as moan escapes. She leans over him resting her hands beside his head, sliding up and down on his cock slowly letting it hit her at a different angle. Iain leans up slightly kissing her, she leans down more kissing him back hard their bodies touching. 


“I’m gonna cum…” comfort breathes out as she speaks, breathless. Iain grips her bum holding her down against him, thrusting his hips upwards pushing his cock into her in short shape thrusts. Comfort groans out, her breathing laboured. She grips his shirt beside his head with one hand feeling her body building up. “Yes… there…” she groans out as Iain thrusts faster into her holding her still. She sits bolt up right his cock hitting her g-spot. She gasps as her body begins to shake. “Iain…I’m…” she groans out letting herself release. Her body orgasms, she begins to cum against his cock, feeling it trickle down him. “Oh shit…”. Comfort falls forward shaking she leans down kissing Iain  as she needed to groan quite loudly. Iain smirks kissing her he rolls them over pushing straight into her. “Fu…ck…” Comfort tilts her head back gripping Iain’s shoulders her nails digging into is bare skin. Her toes curl as another orgasm appears sending her over the edge. “Iain!” She calls out her body shaking. Iain groans feeling her against his cock again. 


He thrusts faster feeling his cock inside of her. He leans over her pressing their bodies against one another. He pounds into her giving it to her hard knowing Comfort was loving every second. Her body was in over drive as it shook underneath him. He thrusts in short sharp thrusts building his climax up. He groans beginning to pound her again. “Aww shit… yes…” he closes his eyes pounding into Comfort. “Yesss… Comfort…” he thrusts into her releasing. Letting his cum shoot inside her filling her up he lets out a low grunt burying his face into Comfort’s neck. Comfort moans feeling him throbbing inside her and the cum against her. She runs her hands through his hair moaning softly her body still shaking from another orgasm. Iain remains leaning over her kissing her neck softly up onto her jawline before kissing her lips again. Keeping her hands in his hair, Comfort kisses him back her body shaking still underneath him. She slowly turns to the side as Iain slides down to the side of her they remain kissing as he does so.

Submitted: June 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Sacha Gabanna. All rights reserved.

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Romantically erotic, taking the reader along with them as they become more and more passionate. Nicely done.

Tue, June 14th, 2022 1:33pm


Thank you! I will be uploading some more over the next few days, keep an eye out! :)

Tue, June 14th, 2022 8:19am

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