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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tempted by an opportunity, Debbie succumbs.

Becky returned from her break, logged onto her register and clicked the switch to show that her lane was open and available to shoppers. Since she was the most experienced and fastest on a cash register, the grocery manager assigned her to the express lane. Becky liked that because there were more customers and the shift always went by fast.

Today was no exception, the eve of a holiday and there was a parade of customers buying beer and food for picnics and cookouts. She saw a few of her regulars, like petite Ms. Sanchez, a Hispanic girl who was always friendly, and her smile made everyone in line smile back. Then there was Edna Powell, who always took too much time checking out, and with too many items for the express lane. And unfortunately today Becky saw Larry, whom she called "the Licker" because he always licked his lips while staring directly at her breasts. Today she interrupted his gaze by slapping him with the bag of potato chips he purchased.

Things finally slowed down toward the end of her shift and a young man came up and proudly put a box of extra large condoms on the conveyor belt. Becky knew he must be at least 19 because for some unstated reason, the pharmacy clerks would not give condoms to minors.

The boy had rich dark skin, like heavily tanned. His hair was dark and curly and his dark brown eyes beamed at Becky. She caught him checking out her cleavage but it didn't seem to embarrass him. As he swiped his credit card he grinned at her. "You have a very nice rack" he said, as though she should feel privileged for his compliment.

She leaned down on the counter on her elbows, pressing her large breasts together so they threatened to spill out of her work blouse. His eyes were rivited to her cleavage. "Are those condoms for your father? Because they couldn't be for a snotty little prick like you," she said.

"Oh, no!" he quickly replied. "These are for me; I have a beeg deek, my girlfren' Rosa she tole me so."

"So you have a girlfriend, and she's seen your little dick?" Becky teased. There were no other customers nearby.

The boy looked offended but suddenly displayed a sense of bravado. "I tell you what; you fine a place and I cho you my deek, and hey - maybe you cho me your beeg teets, eh?"

At 39, Becky was beginning to show signs that she no longer took care of her body, but she always wore a support bra to proudly show off her huge breasts. For some strange reason, perhaps because she hadn't been laid in a month, Becky decided to treat this young man and herself.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Julio, and what ees your name?" he asked in return.

"You can call me Miss Becky and if you meet me in the parking lot in fifteen minutes when I'm done, I will take you home and show you more than my rack. What do you say to that?"

Julio smiled and then grabbed his box of condoms. "I weel stand outside and wait and I promise you weel like my deek."

Forty minutes later they were in Becky's bedroom. Julio was standing by the end of her bed, and she knelt down in front of him. He thought she wanted to blow him so he dropped his pants quickly. Becky had to admit that, as soon as she cupped his balls, he produced an impressive erection. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and removed her bra. She took some lube from a nightstand nearby and squeezed some on his shaft and in between her breasts.

She pressed her breasts around his erection and it disappeared into her flesh. "Mi dio," he whispered and began pumping his dick up and down in her fleshy cleavage. He was too eager and soon he was grunting.

"Slow down," she said, "doing it slowly will feel better, trust me."

Julio slipped his dick out of sight and slowly pumped it upward until just the tip showed above her cleavage. He lasted about three minutes before he grunted with his release. Becky was watching his face when the first two shots rocketed up and hit her under her chin, then dribbled down her chest. She let him take a few more strokes to enjoy his orgasm, and then she backed away. Becky undressed and climbed up on her bed.

She put her feet on the bed and spread her legs. "Now it's my turn; come up here," she said.

Julio scrambled up on the bed on hands and knees, ready to climb between her legs. Becky put a foot on each of his shoulders, stopping him in place. She pressed down with her heels, easing him on his elbows down between her thighs. Julio smiled with recognition and positioned himself to please her with his mouth.

She slid her legs over his shoulders, trapping his head between her fleshy thighs. He did not resist, but as she expected, he was too eager, so she stopped him. "Slowly, Julio, just lick the outer lips slowly until I tell you to stop."

Julio complied, cupping her buttocks in his hands. When she was ready, she coaxed him further. "Now you can stick your tongue in; fuck me with it, Julio."

She slipped her hands to the back of his head and gently guided him. His nose bumped her clit as he worked his tongue in and out. She enjoyed this for a few minutes and then her hands pressed his face firmly into her sex. He wiggled his tongue and slurped her wetness like a pro. Becky was getting close; his nose panting against her clit as his tongue swirled around inside her was heaven.

"Suck my clit, Julio, slowly and gently," she whispered. He slid his lips over her hardened clit and sucked as she directed. Becky came, aqueezing his face with her thighs and holding him tightly in place with both hands fisted in his hair. He squeezed her ass and held her against his face and it turned her on even more. She came again as he continued sucking her clit. 

When she finally composed herself and spread her legs on the bed, Julio was on his knees, pumping his shaft, ready for more. Becky smiled, pleased with his need for her and impressed for his patience. He seemed to be waiting for permission. Becky wiped up a bead of his cum with a finger and rubbed it across her lips and Julio moaned.

"Watch me eat your cum, Julio. Stroke your dick, your nice, BIG dick."

Julio stroked his cock frantically, watching Becky scoop up his cum from her chest and eating it. Finally she could wait no longer; she wanted that young dick pounding inside her. "Go get one of those condoms, Julio," she said.

"But they really are for mi papa," he whined. 

Becky sat up on the bed and crossed her legs, sitting in front of him. She removed his hand and replaced it with hers. "Well, then no pussy for your dick today," she said. "But you can come on my tits again or you can cum in my mouth, which would you prefer?"

He answered by grabbing her head and pushing it down on his dick. Becky pushed his hands away and just used her mouth, teasing by moving her mouth up and down his shaft very slowly. He moaned, he groaned and he whined but held back much longer than Becky thought possible. When he did shoot his load, she nearly choked on it, but managed to ingest most of it. She continued to slowly suck him clean and he stayed hard.

Becky wanted to fuck him so badly but dared not without a condom.

"Julio, keep our little game to yourself and maybe some day when you have your own condoms, we can try this again. What do you say?"

Julio grinned and bowed to her. "I say, muchas gracias and lo siento, Mees Becky." 




Submitted: June 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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