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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Nancy Robinson was secretary of the Oswegatchie Hills Club, a social organization catering to the homeowners in the resort neighborhood where I grew up. She had two children. The oldest, Robby, was two years younger than me—eight when I first met him. His younger sister, Dawn, was a beach pail savant, a builder of sandcastles with seaweed tide walls. I saw her do little else. Robby's R's came out as W's. Her husband, Herb, was the figurehead president of the O.H.C. and a successful C.P.A. They hailed from New Haven.

The Robison family arrived two weeks before the regular summer crowd; Herb wanted time to schmooze the year-round residents. Nancy mainly stayed at their house, whooshing out the winter's dust while waiting for the arrival of her posey, the three other wives who—following Nancy's lead—ran O.H.C.'s activities. Herb gave the speeches. Nancy made it click. Golf, horseback riding, clay tennis courts, private beaches, sailing, and all the rest started up in late May and continued into early September. The Robinson's beachfront property was their summer home.

I was a privileged punk. My family, which consisted of my parents and me, lived year-round on the point. My father, Lloyd, was an oncologist. My mother, Marta, was an oncologist. We lived on a hill that overlooked the golf course and the ocean.

My buddies were an insufferable bunch of townies that, much to the annoyance of my hoity toity neighbors, I invited over regularly: the Flanagan brothers, Todd Carlson, his brother, Jim, and the worst of us, Robert Course; a well-built fourteen-year-old who backed his big talk up with his fists. He wore engineer boots the year round and rolled cigarette packs into his t-shirt sleeves. He wore a knife strap on his ankle. He carved his name on trees and backstops. He talked about pussy, often calling it snatch. His dog, Lucky, had mange and was his constant companion.

We fought primarily among ourselves for all the gale we blew; a mix of fists and wrestling matches usually landed us on the ground, with Robert encouraging Lucky to mount at will. Nobody thought to challenge Robert's authority. He'd attack without warning. But Todd stepped up when Robert said he'd finger-fucked Todd's mother the night before, and would Todd like a sniff? Todd slapped Roberts's hand out of his face, and a regular fight broke out. It ended with Todd on the ground, keeping Robert at bay with kicks while Robert tried to lunge in with punches. The kicks won the day. Robert backed up, waving off the fight with a sarcastic laugh. When Todd stood up, he was red-faced and slightly taller in my eyes. I'd fought Todd on many occasions and usually had a slight edge. I reasoned from what I'd just witnessed that I could beat Robert. I planned then and there to take no more orders.

I had my opportunity less than a week later while we stood on the golf course in direct view of the Robinsons' house. Robert demanded a cigarette, and I told him to get his own pack. I ducked his punch, caught him in a headlock, and twisted him to the ground. Thinking back on it, I believe now that he wanted to concede. I quickly had him down, vulnerable to any punches I might mess up his face, but it wasn't in me, so I let him up. He called me his champion from that day forward. He succumbed to H.I.V. years later.


Unknown to me, Nancy Robinson had watched the battle from her house during my fight with Robert. I found out three days later when she touched my shoulder while I read a comic in a local magazine shop. I'd never gotten a close-up look at her, let alone exchanged words. Her voice was soft but quite emphatic. She was taller than me and smelled of tan lotion. She had a confident and winning smile. She bumped a tit into my arm while feigning interest in the comic.

"I'm surprised your parents let you read such stuff," she said, reaching over and turning one of the pages. She was fragrant under her arms.

"It's ok with them,"

"Well, if I caught one of my kids with a comic, I'd warm their bottom."

She wore gold studs in her pierced ears and close-cropped hair in tight curls. She had muscular legs and was overly tan. She wore Terry cloth shorts and sandals.


"Nancy," she quickly corrected. "I was rooting for you the other day against the bully. I love a good fight. You're quite the tough young man. And handsome, too. How many girlfriends do you have?"

"A couple,"

"I'll bet you do. Good little girls or the other kind?"

"They're alright,"

"I see, and what about you?"

I was suddenly frightened by the familiarity of her tone, and I felt my ears turning red. Was it possible she was aware of my off-season activities?


Just last October—after the Robinson's had closed the house and returned to New Haven—I let myself in through a window and looked around their home. There was nothing material I wanted. I chalked the break-in up to simple curiosity. I understood myself better when I found a pair of Nancy's panties in the master bathroom at the bottom of a clothing hamper. Here was the prize! I shined my penlight into the crotch and found a treasure of pubic hair, some loose, others embedded in the panty's lining. I sniffed shamelessly and detected a lingering scent. I plucked out the hair and held them in my palm, seven reddish brown pubic hairs, smooth and light brown as sweet chocolate. I ripped open the foil on the pointless condom I carried in my wallet and replaced its contents with Nancy's pubic hair. I placed the panties back in the hamper and stuffed the rubber into my jacket pocket.


"How are your parents, Jeffery?"

Now I was worried.

"Uh, busy."

"I'd love to have Ilene join our bridge club."

"You know my mom?"

"Oh," she said, showing her perfect pearls. "You'd be surprised what I know. For instance, who do you suppose this is?"

She went to video on her iPhone and showed me my panty sniffing.

"Very sloppy for the son of doctors. Pesky surveillance cameras."

I started to stutter, but she put her hand on my arm.

"Jeffery," she said, "do you know the grape arbor in my backyard? It's very leafy this time of year,"

"Uh, yes, ma'am,"

"Very good, be there tomorrow at noon. I have something to show you. And, Jeffery, don't disappoint me."

She walked out. My imagination raced. One moment she'd show up with the cops. The next moment she had my cock in her mouth. I only knew I'd best not disappoint her.

I showed up at the prescribed time, lingering in the arbor with filtered light breaking through and the syrupy scent of grapes in my nostrils. Fifteen minutes passed, and I heard the spring on the screen door. Nancy's shorts were the same only blue this time. She wore a halter top. She had a drink in one hand and her phone in the other. She was chatting. Probably with the cops. She flopped down on a lounge chair, facing the arbor, and tucked her legs up. I watched through the leaf cover as she continued to chat. The drink spilled over on its side. She pulled the crotch of her shorts aside and continued to chat. She set the phone on speaker. I listened and watched, the droning voice, the languid finger fucking. How often had I jerked off with her pubic hair in my nostrils? And then Nancy was in the arbor, kneeling next to me as I jerked off to the click of her camera shutter.


Submitted: June 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Laird. All rights reserved.

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Sweet. Who doesn't like to be teased like that?

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 2:28pm


It wouldn't hurt my feeling any, lol.

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 8:05am

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