Unexpected Moan

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Unexpected Moan





I was paying to hear that moan. Actually!!! That’s not exactly true. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to hear that moan. Well, not this time.


“Hi, Please come in,” she welcomed me into her apartment with a formal hug and a fake peck. Her two little Chihuahuas ran to smell the stranger who ruined their afternoon. I panicked. I don’t like dogs. I don’t have anything against them. I’m just a little apprehensive when they try to sniff me. I believe my wife had something to do with that. She has always had a phobic reaction to these creatures ever since she was a child. She panics whenever she sees one coming across a street. More than twenty years of that, must have rubbed on me somehow.


“I’m sorry about my little darlings,” she apologized seeing my reaction towards her domestic darlings. She carried them with both hands and whisked them away to another room closing the door so they would not go out.


“Make your self comfortable,” she said. “Would you like something to drink? A soda or water maybe?”


“Water is fine thank you.” I replied.


“Let me just text the agency to let them know you are here,” she said, working on her phone for a few seconds before she turned to me. “They’re saying you’re one of our regulars. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” She was surprised to read that message. I was surprised they even sent her that message. I’ve been a regular with that agency for some time. They’re reliable, their girls are professionals, they know what they’re doing, they are also beautiful, sexy if a little expensive.


“No,” I replied without giving anything away.


“So you know what a tantric massage involves. A body-to-body rub with a happy-ending,” she explained. “Of course no touching unless I say so.” She added. 


As a regular I knew all that. I’ve been a fan of tantric massages for a long time. It is just a massage with a benefit. It is clean, safe, relaxing. It does not include intercourse so it does not amount to cheating. I know, I know… I’m a hypocrite. An old argument I do not want to go over right now, or ever again. 


“Before we start let us get over with the formalities,” she said. The formalities amounted to £200 pounds an hour which I agreed with her agency before I booked the two hour session. I handed her the money, she counted it quickly and put it away .


“I’ll show you where you can take a shower,” she walked to the bedroom and I followed like a darling. She handed me a towel and showed me how to adjust the temperature so I could get comfortable. As she said. I was a regular. I knew the drill. I felt safe, clean and very very comfortable. 


I returned to the bedroom to see she was already in her work attire. A lingerie bra, a thong with a garter belt strapped to an all black pantyhose. I knew all those were going to go off. She was just setting the atmosphere for the session. I was already naked after the shower so mine flickered showing her she was doing a good job so far. She smiled.


“Lay facing down on the bed,” she ordered. 


I’m not going to get into the perplexities of what a massage usually involves. I’m sure most of you have had some kind of experience in this regard. Suffice it to say, they all involve oil, rubbing and some pain. What a ‘tantric’ massage differs from its cousin is the level of intimacy it adds to the mix, with a little bit more oil, a little bit more rubbing and a little bit less pain. After a much needed back rub she stood to one side of the bed where she knew I was able to see her. She proceeded to remove that lingerie outfit. She started with the hose, then the bra then the thong until she was as naked as I was. She smiled again seeing the grin on my face as she squirted more oil on her breasts covering her entire body with that slippery liquid. 


A body-to-body massage is really something very special. Knowing that a beautiful woman is sliding on your back, her nipples touching you in places even your wife doesn’t like to get to, is an exhilarating experience. She proceeded to slide up and down, her skin as close to my mine as it could possibly be. She slithered down to my buttocks then up until her breasts touched my cheeks. If I wasn’t a regular I might have had that happy-ending right there and then.


“You can turn around now,” she suggested. I did as ordered.


Everything she did on my back she replicated as I lay motionless on mine. However from this position I was able to see everything. I could see her breasts as they touched my chest. I could see my cock as it slid between the crevice of her ass. I could see my cock as it throbbed between her breasts. I could also see her pussy when she flashed it around. I could even see her nipples at the corner of my mouth teasing my face. During all that I had to keep reminding myself I was not allowed to touch. Those were the rules of a tantric massage. Maybe that is what makes it such a unique experience. Touched without touching. Okay, maybe it is not everyone’s super. But I do like it myself.


Once that body-to-body massage was over she started to use her hands. Of course those hands started to wreck havoc everywhere they touched. And they did touch. Believe me they touched. They touched my cock, they touched my balls, they even slipped down to that hidden crevice between my sack and my hole, a place neglected by many. She knew where to touch it and how to simulate it to its fullest.


‘Oops…’ unfortunately she simulated it to the FULLEST before I was able to stop her. She was a professional. Of course she didn’t say ‘Oops…’ but I could see it in her eyes. She knew she messed up. However as the professional that she was, she quickly zipped to the bathroom brought out a small towel and proceeded to wipe off my drops of cum. She thoroughly cleaned those up in seconds. Then she used another towel to wipe off some of the access oil on my body. Unfortunately for me the massage was over, however I had paid for two hours and was happy-ended in less than one. I knew she wasn’t going to kick me out of her flat. As I said, she was a professional so she had to do something to correct her ‘Oops…’ 


“Where are you from?” She asked as she snuggled between my arms. She deliberately snuck her body close to mine, her back on my chest wriggling her ass so it touched my deflated cock. I guess she wanted to feel if I was able to reach another FULLEST. If not, which was probably the case for most men my age, she had an hour she had to spend with me. Her only option was to talk me out until time passes by. I knew what she was doing. As a regular I’ve been there before. Beside, I had a full afternoon to spend. I might as well spend it with a beautiful lady rubbing her ass on my cock. I wasn’t sure my fullest could be achieved in that amount of time either.


“I’m from the states,” I replied. “California.”


“Oooo… I’ve never been to America before,” she said. “I would love to go there one day.”


“What about you?” I asked. “Where are you from?” I knew she wasn’t from this island.


“Brazil,” she replied. I don’t know if she was telling the truth or not. I did not have cause to doubt her.


“What brings you to London?” She asked again.


“I came to see you.”


Shocked! She quickly turned around to look me in the eyes with a bewildering grin on her face.“You’re joking?!” She said. She was still lying in my arms, her face inches from mine. I could see those drops of oil decorating her skin from our earlier exercise.


“Oh no,” I replied. “I was passing through London so I decided to call for a massage.”


“Ooo… so you came here just for me?! I don’t believe you!! You must have business in London, No?” She tried to tease.


“No!” I teased back. “I came just to see you.” I could play the game as well as any one.


She knew I did not really come to see her personally. “The agency recommend me?” She was curious. I did not want to tell her she wasn’t my first choice. I had asked for another unfortunately that another was not available so I was left with her.


“Oh Noooo.… I particularly asked for you,” I lied.


“Well, thank you,” she smiled knowing I was lying but she appreciated what I was trying to do. She knew she had to do something to make up for that ‘oops..’ so she laid facing down on the bed and said, “it’s your turn to give me a massage now.”


Okay…Before we continue with this, I would just like to point out for those of you who do not know the complexities of what a tantric massage really involves. It certainly does not involve any kind of role play nor does it involve any sexual activity besides that happy-ending. Most tantric masseuse do not like their clients touching them. Only on very rare occasions. That is why they have decided to pursue this profession in the first place. I have had the experience of massaging a masseuse once or twice before. And in both of these cases I had been with one who considered me a good friend. Most masseuse don’t like it. They’re not comfortable with it, so I never ask for it, and I don’t expect them to offer it. I was surprised she did.


I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert when it comes to giving a massage, but I’ve had some experience so I tried to mimic what I learned as best as I could. She was still covered with oil. That helped. 


One other thing I want to say at this time,… I take off my hat to each and everyone of those amazing ladies. It really takes a lot of effort, stamina, dedication and love for the work that they do to do what they do. Ten minutes of doing what they do I was done. I could not move my hands and shoulders anymore except to slap her on her ass.


“Ouch!” She flinched, “What was that for?” She slightly turned on her side to give me an angry playful stare.


“Turn over,” I ordered. “I have to do your front.”


“Ooo…. You’re good at this” she smirked. 


“Well, thank you my dear,” I knew she was lying but she did what I asked her to do.


I proceeded to massage her arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and of course her breasts and nipples, playing with them to get that oil deep into every pour of her skin. As I was doing that she opened her legs clearly inviting me to touch her between her legs. That was another surprise.


“Can I?” I had to make sure. My fingers hovered at her entrance which was already covered with oil. I could not touch it before I got that clear permission.


“Heehemmmm……” that was a clear permission even though she still kept her eyes closed. 


If I was going to do this properly I had to get into a good position where I could be more comfortable. I turned around and lay down on the bed next to her. I rested my head on her leg and proceeded to work on her entrance. It was a beautiful piece of art. A glittering piece of red, surrounded by olive skin. I started to unravel some of its mysteries by playing with those full sets of lips. I flickered them around, exposing what was hidden between their folds. Gradually I found more jewels. I was looking for a particular one, that gem of a clit. As I was doing that she lowered her hand to her entrance. She was offering to help me make her come. When we started this exercise, I thought she was only letting me play with her pussy to pass the time. Frankly I did not expect that she wanted me to make her come. Not really. She could have faked an orgasm like many do. By adding her own fingers to the exercise, she made it clear she wanted to come so I had my work cut out for me.


As I was doing that her other hand crawled to my cock once again. My dick was half way up. I guess all that play contributed to its confidence. Lots of oil, a welcoming pussy, a beautiful woman… if all that did not get it to its FULLEST there must be something wrong with me.


It took all ours hands and lots of finger play for both of us to get to that moan. 




“Emmmm…” I followed hers with mine. 


As I said earlier, I have not paid for a moan. I wasn’t expecting to hear one. I was glad it took an ‘oops..’ to get both. After a few minutes of bucking and shaking and an occasional breath taking in addition to those unexpected moans, we finally managed to open our eyes. 


“Thank you,” I said.


“You’re welcome.”


“Do you do that with every one of your clients?” I should not have asked that question. How could I have been so stupid?! That was impolite, I don’t know why I did it. “It must be difficult coming so many times a day.” That was even worse.


“Oh no, nooo.” she replied. “I only do it with men I feel comfortable with.”


Even though we still had more than forty minutes of time left, however she had given more than I bargained for. I thought our session was over. I wanted to get up and use the shower again. I was still covered in oil. However, I was surprised when she stopped me and pulled me back to the bed. 


“Stay,” she said. “You come to London often?” She surprised me with yet another question. I slumped back on the bed next to her. 


“I used to live in London a long time ago.” I started to confess. I don’t know why I was telling her that. I usually don’t like to go there. “I finished my studies up in Watford. I still have lots of friends here. I pass through London every couple of months whenever I can.” That was also true.


“You’re really good at this,” her fingers wriggling between her thighs caressing her lower lips to relief some of that built up heat. 


“Thank you,” I appreciated her lie. “I haven’t heard anyone tell me that for a long time.” That was true as well.


“Nooo… how could that be?” She was surprised. “Where did you learn how to do that?”


“I had a good teacher.” I confessed some more. “As a matter of fact I learned to do that here in London. I had a friend in college. She taught me everything I know.”


“Where is she now?” 


“I haven’t seen her for some time.” I was surprised I kept on confessing even more. I guess she wasn’t a bad listener .


“Are you married?” That question surprised me more than you can imagine. It is seldom that a professional like her asks such a personal question. Well, not on the first time anyway. Most men would not want to admit they were even if they were, and if they did they didn’t brag about it.


“No,” I lied.




“Yes,” another lie.


“So you’re a free man.” She confirmed.


“I guess I am.”


“I’m free as well.” At first I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. 


“A beautiful woman like you, I don’t think you’ll be free for long.” I tried to give her a compliment which she deserved. Then I grabbed her hand and kissed it like they do in the movies. I really meant it. She was a beautiful woman. She blushed. I did as well. I felt like George Clooney.


“I am free now,” she said.


“How long have you been free?” I asked.


She smiled as she replied, “a couple of weeks.” She added. “You should take advantage of this, I won’t be free for long.”


“Free for what?” Could I have been more stupid than that!?


“Free for you to take me to dinner tonight,” she blushed even more.


I’ve been a regular with a great many friends in my life. I’ve never had one who offered to go out to dinner with me. They usually decline my invitation. Such a thing does not happen to a guy like myself. I wasn’t prepared for someone to tell me yes. However I remembered that half of what I told her were lies. Should I have told her the truth? I don’t know. I don’t know where to draw the line that separates truth from lies in my life anymore. I also realized I shouldn’t get involved with another. Especially not another in this same old city. I don't think my heart could withstand one of those anymore.


“I’ll pick you up at eight, Giselle,” I said. “You like Italian?"


“I Love Italian!” she giggled. “I look forward to seeing what other things your London friend had taught you.”


Submitted: May 31, 2022

© Copyright 2023 samnash. All rights reserved.

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A treat that was neat!

Wed, June 1st, 2022 5:36pm


Thank you for the neat comment my friend

Wed, June 1st, 2022 1:45pm


This has to be a classic as well, Mr. Nash. This was my first explanation of a tantric massage, and you made it abundantly clear that part of this was an exception to the rule. No doubt because of your charming ways. Nicely done. I feel more educated already.

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 12:10am


You're very welcome Mr Norman. I'm glad I could be of help. Now you know what you have to do when you book a Tantric. Just make sure you stop her before an "Oops.."

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 5:42am

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