Wife Scratched, Face-Slapped, Smacked, Orgasmed and Fucked

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

In between the panting I force out, "You love being abused, don't you? It exhilarates you, doesn't it, and you want more, don't you?"

I am sitting on the sofa – the sofa that has clearly seen better days – watching the news.

She walks past me, totally naked, having put her clothes out for Tuesday morning, turns to me and says, “I want you to really scratch me in a minute, really scratch me hard."

I catch hold of her hand whilst my attention is drawn to her freshly shaved cunt and respond, "I'll be with you in a second."

The prospect of shortly inflicting pain on her begins to arouse me.

She pads out of the lounge.

I switch the television off - what do I care if Greece defaults on its loans, fucking EU - and follow her to the bedroom.

She is lying nude on the covers reading a book. Or, perhaps, rather, going through the motions of reading a book.

I strip off and throw the bundle of my clothes on the floor – there's a time and a place for tidiness. I guess it isn't before depravity.

She takes her reading glasses off then hands them with the book to me so that I can place them on the bedside table.

I lie down on the bed next to her and take her in my arms.

"Really scratch me Matt, make me bleed."

I squeeze her tight and pull her to me such that her back is exposed. I make my hands into claws and rake her flesh hard.

She gasps - I know it must have hurt.

Again, I rake her but this time I travel down to the back of thighs.

She yelps and I begin to feel aroused.

Again and again, I scratch her.

She winces and struggles, but I hold her even tighter – I know she likes the idea of being forced to suffer.

This time I smack each of her bare buttocks hard – the sounds of the impacts resound around the room and wonder if the downstairs neighbour can hear, but what the hell if he can.

I manhandle her onto her front and scratch over her nipples and breasts. She cries out in pain. I repeat the actions. She screams again, before I roll her roughly over onto her front.

I run my untrimmed nails even harder down the skin of her slightly freckly back and watch, with increasing arousal, as the flesh breaks in places and fine threads of crimson appear.

I smack her backside even harder – she needs to be broken.

"You can fuck me now," she gasps.

I throw my legs across hers and penetrate her, penetrate her hard whilst she roughly rubs my nipples.

In between the panting I force out, "You love being abused, don't you? It exhilarates you, doesn't it, and you want more, don't you?"

"Yes, slap me across my face."

I pause my thrusting, rest myself on my left arm and strike her across her left cheek.

Her face jerks with the blow.

I smack her again.

"God, that feels good, hurts, but is good."

I return to fucking her.

"Let's really hurt each other soon, we need it, makes our lives full," she adds.

I begin to climax and as I do I imagine myself naked being kicked in the balls by her.

I spasm, and spent, totally spent, collapse on top of her before rolling to one side.

"That was good, really good, thanks," I say.

"It was. You know that we are completely weird, completely weird," she responds.

"We are, totally. Night, night darling."

I cuddle her, kiss her and then turn out the lights. I know that sleep won't be long in coming.


Submitted: May 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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