Make Me Scream!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

I bring the flat of my hand down, without mercy, with relish, full force upon her buttocks in turn several times...

"Roll over onto your stomach please." Eager to obey, excitedly, in a not-quite-quick-enough fashion, she swiftly complies. "Good," I say.
I run my eyes over her nude body: the backs of her strong thighs (she used to be a runner); the firm twin, almost gleaming, ivory hemispheres of her buttocks; the curiously alluring hollows scooped and sculpted of her lower curved back; her upper back, gently arched and lightly freckled reminding me of the shadows of leaves in the autumnal sun…
She is resting upon her drawn-in elbows, head hung low and waiting, waiting for the taste of pain, feverish somewhat…
I reach out, without warning, and grip her upper left arm then, gritting my teeth in sadistic gratification, I rake the untrimmed nails of my left hand, pressed hard upon her vulnerable flesh, fully the length of her back.
She gasps and fights the urge to pull away.
I rake her again, savouring the infliction of pain. And again. And again.
She cries out now, without inhibition.
I bring the flat of my hand down, without mercy, with relish, full force upon her buttocks in turn several times.
"Ooooo… aaaah"
"You can get on your back now."
Silently she obeys.
I catch hold of her bare left arm and twist it behind her head, her long hair flowing across the pillows then bring the fingers of my right hand to her freshly shaved and moist crutch.  
"Can you still recall the dreadful pain when I caned you hard recently?"
I know she can…
"Yes, I could have taken more. I need to take more."
"Well, next time I am going to make you write a letter detailing why you deserved to be caned and then, with your head bowed in shame, you are going to read it out. And I am going to film it so that everybody knows that you are a dirty filthy slut, and that the only answer is to punish you cruelly and publicly…"
"Yes, I am always thinking about cocks and being fucked. I'm a dirty and sinful whore."
"That's right, but because I care about you and want to save you I must beat you, beat the slut out of you. How many strokes should I give you?"
"Twenty, really hard. Make me scream with the pain, make me bleed. I deserve it, truly I do."
The 'voltage' begins to rise; I continue to frig her.
"I want you to imagine that you are naked, that you are kneeling in front of me, arms by your side. I ask you to bend over, and then you discern the swish of the cane, the line of fire across your buttocks..."
Her body suddenly goes into spasm and she cries out, grips me, then relaxes and slumps back onto the covers.
We laugh. It's my turn now…

Submitted: May 30, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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