I Flog an Ugly and Worthless Bitch Really Hard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

"Daddy," she chokes out, "please stop hurting me…why… why?"

There's a part of me that really wants to kill her and there's a part of her too that really wants me to beat her into oblivion. I know, just know.

Naked across a footstool, knees drawn up to the edge, flabby white arms supporting her fat upper body which appears more slumped than resting on the blue cushion.

Middle-aged. Pale. Overweight. Ugly. Lonely. Depressed.


We'd got chatting in a bar after I'd accidentally trodden on her toe – both drunk but she more drunk than me – and admitted towards the end of the evening she'd had a rough time when she had been younger, hinted at abuse.

Damaged and vulnerable, I'd concluded as I'd given her my mobile number - my kind of female.

I'd met her the next day for a coffee in town and she'd been uglier than I'd recalled: beady little brown eyes too close together set in a pudgy round face with a snub nose and flared nostrils with a prominent chin. Her hair was a mousey brown, badly styled and touched her shoulders. I can't remember what she was wearing because she was so ugly, too ugly to fuck, but maybe, just maybe, ugly enough to hurt.

She'd talked too much about her job in the local library, her love of literature, tried to impress me, but to no avail – it was a charade and she knew that I knew it.

I'd cut to the chase. "You're damaged. Tell me about it."

Anyone else would have walked out on me, a relative stranger, if I'd said that to them but not her. You see, I can kind of smell it on them, it's a ‘hormone’ they give off.

She'd opened up about it, relished recounting the sordid brutality yet the details were irrelevant because she needed to live through it in a variety of ways again and again and again - Freud’s compulsion to repeat.


"I'm going to fucking hurt you, you worthless, fat and ugly bitch.'

She says nothing so I bring the flogger down with full force across her expansive pale back.

She flinches with the pain, but doesn't yell out, and red fingers from the falls appear across her flesh. I feel good, very good – I like hurting females.

I raise the flogger, savouring the momentary hiss before I bring it down a second time hard upon her skin. This time she cries out and shifts slightly on the stool. I start to become aroused and fear that I may not be able to stop.

I deliver ten lashes, all hard, in swift succession.

She screams and cries, twists but remains in position.

Angry welts rise but all it does is make me thirst for more. More pain. Blood.

I whip her now without respite – her screaming and sobbing become merged into a constant wail interrupted only by the faltering catching of her breath.

"Daddy," she chokes out, "please stop hurting me…why… why?"

I lower my face to the left of hers and hiss cruelly, "Because you're worthless, and deserve to die, die in pain."

"Kill me Daddy, beat me to a pulp. I am nothing. I am ugly and no man will have me," she sobs.

"You are so ugly you are an affront to nature!"

I stand up again then thrash her buttocks caring not that the thongs wrap around her midriff. I observe, with perverse gratification, as I bring forth beads of blood that become lines and smears.

Frenzied I beat her harder and without respite. Her cries become a low moan and then stop.

She is still now, her head hangs down, her elbows slack – I wonder if I have indeed killed her, killed myself because I would rather be dead than serve time in prison.

I kneel beside her and pull her head up by her sweat and blood matted hair. Her eyes are half open and gluey but she is still alive.

"I am going to fuck you now you ugly lucky bitch."

I let her head loll back, drop my trousers and then penetrate her from behind. The sight of her bloodied back heightens further my lust and after just five thrusts I climax, feeling the spunk shoot into her slack cunt.

All the time she lies there inert like a slab of meat.

I fasten my trousers, place the flogger on the bed and walk towards the bedroom door.

I know that she is going to live. I know that she would have let me kill her. I know that at one point I desired to kill her, and I know she would have let me. But not today. Maybe next time.

I place my hand on the doorknob and hear her gulp.

I turn around and she is attempting to raise her head, moving her saliva smeared lips.

"Th-thanks," she forces out through her lips.

"My pleasure, bye," I respond.

I walk down the stairs of her house, let myself out of the front door and into the bright daylight.

Funny how I ended up fucking her after all what with her being so ugly - women can be just so manipulative at times,' I reflect and then chuckle out loud.

Submitted: May 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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