Claire Slippered and Caned Cruelly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

I grip the plimsoll in my right hand and bring it down hard onto her left buttock - her naked body shudders...

Claire, my ex. She broke my heart. And now she is going to ‘pay’.

I have made her strip naked and shave her fanny – I like her cunt bare and exposed. Vulnerable.

Facially she is an amalgam of Jodie Foster and Gaby Roslin.

Her golden hair dances upon her lightly freckled shoulders and her flesh is fair. She is slim but not thin and her breasts are modest. Her legs are strong.

I am curiously drawn to her ‘imperfections’: single small moles on her wrist and thigh with a couple of cuties on her right midriff.

“I am going to punish you for the pain you caused me!”

“I deserve it.  I treated you cruelly. Beat me as you see fit,” she says with a 'Scouse' accent.

After all this time I am still captivated by her voice, her body. I love her. But she must still be taught a… lesson.

I move the stool into the centre of the room, and she casts me a glance of apprehension - to no avail.

“Bend over the stool.  I am going to give you three very hard strokes of the slipper, like the teachers used to give us.”

She bends over the stool, and I observe her body tense.

I grip the plimsoll in my right hand and bring it down hard onto her left buttock - her naked body shudders. Already there is a scarlet imprint of the sole.

Again, I swing the slipper onto her buttock with a resounding whack. She moans but takes it well.

I notice the contrast between her reddening left cheek and her pale untouched right cheek - that will soon change I think cruelly.

I hit her as hard as I can and her nude body recoils with the blow. She starts to sniffle but it”s not over - yet.

“Straighten up.”

She obeys with her arms by her sides.

I approach her from behind and hiss into her ear: “The pain you are feeling now is nothing to what I felt when you dumped me for him!”

Do I detect guilt?

“Reflect on what you did to me, dear, for a minute. Then I’m going to cane you!”

“H-how many d-do I have to take?” she stutters out.

“We were together for nine months in total and you’ve had three already so six with the cane - a whack for each month.”

She is resigned to taking it.

“Bend over again and grasp the lower rungs of the stool. This is going to really hurt!”

I watch her comply noticing the tautness in her sexy bare arms.

I weigh the cane in my hand then swing it down across both buttocks. Instantly a ruddy ridge appears. She is strangely silent.


Number two stroke impacts across the flesh of her buttocks. “OOOWWW!” she cries out.

Four more ‘months’ to go.

I take my time to prolong her suffering. Her deserved suffering.

“March. And the month of your birthday. Happy birthday… bitch! ” I deliver it as hard as I can. She screams and for a moment I think she is going to straighten up.

Three crimson stripes now ‘adorn’ her buttocks with her left buttock already ruddy from the ‘kiss’ of the slipper.

“April. But it was me that was the fool!”

The fourth stroke lands along the tracks of the second one and beads of blood form. But I am in no mood for mercy.

“May. And no holiday for you!”

She whimpers and sobs but remains - all credit to her - in the punishment position. The cane ‘whooshes’ and ‘cracks’ as it connects. Her vulnerable body shakes, and her crying intensifies.

“June. The beginning of my pain when you ditched me. But it is the end of yours!”

As the sixth one lands, she yells out, straightens up and throws herself into my arms.

“I’m so, so sorry. I love you and I have passed your test. Please, I beg of you, have me back!”

I relent.

“Fuck me!” she pleads.

I strip, casting my clothes to the floor, and then begin to fuck her hard. I thrust as though I might split her in two. She gasps and pants. Her breasts and chest become flushed. As I climax so does, she. I doubt that we have even been fucking for a minute.

She was also back now with the one man who truly loved her.

Submitted: May 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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