Caned Severely by Cruel Gina

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

... And a split second later a line of fire ignites along my buttocks...

I am sitting on my sofa with my feet up and flicking through the television channels when my message alert sounds. I pick up my mobile, which is on the small wooden table to my left, and read the message:

Hi Matt I think it would be nice to catch up for a chat. Pop round at 8 tonight and don’t be late. Punctuality is important to me. It is a sign of respect. X

I glance down at my watch – the time is 18:28 - and immediately reply.

Hi Gina. Nice to hear from you and very much looking forward to seeing you shortly. X

A few seconds later:

I’m looking forward to seeing you too Matt x P.S. Bring £100 in cash.




The door to Gina’s flat swings open inwards.

“Hello, Gina,” I say a little sheepishly, a little overawed.

She is wearing a sleeveless black top and black trousers. And both are tight fitting. It doesn’t look like she has a bra on either. Her feet are bare and her toenails painted red, as are the nails on her fingers. Her fragrance is kind of cloying, overpowering.

“Leave your shoes at the door, Matt, and then come in.”

I bend down, unfasten the laces of my black, recently polished, shoes before slipping them off and placing them neatly next to the door mat. I then stand up and for a moment I find myself lost for words – such is the effect of her presence upon me.

“Well, it’s good to see you Matt, why don’t you go and sit yourself down in the lounge whilst I make us both a cup of tea. I’ve also got some fruitcake. Do you fancy a slice?”

“Yes to both please, Gina.”

“Do you take sugar, Matt?”

“Two please.”

“Okay, I’ll be back in a minute.”

I push open the door to the lounge and plonk myself down on the expensive looking black leather reclining sofa.

You like the good things in life, Gina, don’t you?

After a couple of minutes of twiddling my thumbs Gina enters the lounge with a tray upon which are two mugs of tea and two plates with the cake on. It all appears quite mundane and cozy.

“Make certain you don’t spill tea or drop crumbs on the carpet Matt or I shall be very cross,” Gina says with mock severity.

“I certainly won’t,” I respond kind of jokily whilst recalling the crushing pain and the humiliation of the ball kick just three days earlier.

I carefully lift the plate to just under my chin and pick up the slice of fruitcake with the other one.

“I don’t really know a lot about you Matt. Quickly tell me about yourself. Or rather the important bits.”

I hurriedly chew upon the cake and swallow quickly – I don’t like making Gina wait any longer than she should for an answer. I place the plate down on the glass coffee table to the left of me.

“Well, where do I start? I’m a bus driver as you know, I have my own house, two bedroomed, in Bell Street. I’m thirty-seven years of age—“

“Hmmm. Just two years younger than me,” Gina had interjected. “But… continue.”

“I’m single, I broke up with my long term partner, Sharon, just over a year ago. Um, my Mum died six years ago and I never knew my father. I normally go swimming about twice a week, occasionally go out for a bike ride. I like reading—“

“Stop. Is your mortgage paid off?”

“Yes. My mother left me a house, it was a bit too big, which I sold and then bought this one outright.”

“Good. We’ll leave it there with your bio for the moment. Now, whilst we’ve been chatting it hasn’t escaped my attention that all you have been doing is looking at me, ogling me, undressing me with your eyes. Is that correct?”

I feel my cheeks flush. But she is right. I had been staring at her exposed, smooth, deeply tanned and unblemished (that is, apart from couple of small black moles on the upper forearm of her right arm and a slightly larger one at the base of her neck) flesh. 

I drop my eyes and feeling decidedly uncomfortably say, “Y-yes, I have been, I’m sorry—“

“No need to be sorry. I am an attractive woman, very attractive some say, even though I’m nearly forty. I’ll also let you in on a secret - I’m quite vain and totally in love with myself. I keep myself in shape and I’m even luckier to have good genes. I reckon I’ll still be able to get the fellas for a good few years yet. Does that shock you, Matt?”

“Y-yes, I m-mean, no…”

“Well, let’s put it this way, if I was a fat, ugly minger you wouldn’t be here, would you?”

“Yes, you’re right,” I say, quickly regaining a small degree of composure.

“Okay, let’s put the boot on the other foot. Finish your tea and cake, whilst I nip to the loo and when I come back I want you to have stripped naked. Don’t argue, Matt, just do it.”

“Y-yes… of course.”

She leaves the room taking out her plate and mug, closing the door behind her.

For a second I am paralyzed. Stunned. It all feels so surreal. But nevertheless I unbutton my check shirt, pull it off then drop my black trousers. Next I take off my underpants and socks. Now naked I then pick up my discarded clothes and place them into a neat pile on the carpet. As I stand there, momentarily alone, a curious mix of humiliation and excitement washes over me so much so that my cock becomes as stiff as a broom handle. I wonder how Gina will react to that when she sees it.

I discerned her footsteps padding along the hall and wonder whether to cup my hands around my genitals. But I opt not to.

Gina enters the room and faces me.

“I’m glad to see you’ve done as I instructed. Okay, what I’m going to do is inspect you, and when I’ve finished that I’ll make a decision as to how much use you’re going to be to me. Understand?”


“Right, let’s start at the top.” She comes up close to me. “Well, firstly, your hair’s too long, looks scruffy, it would look a lot better if it was short and neat. I reckon a grade three every three weeks will keep it smart – I like my men, no demand them, to be smart.”

You have other men?

“Secondly, your little goatee beard is fine, but make certain it is trimmed every other day at the minimum. Thirdly, you should shave your face just before you see me as I like smooth skin on a guy. Incidentally that also applies to your pubic area and armpits – I don’t want to see any hair there at all as it can become smelly.”

She takes a step back and says, “Swivel round, give me a little twirl.”

I move slowly round.

“Okay then. You’re not in bad shape, reasonably good looking but not handsome, and you haven’t got any unsightly blemishes, though you are a bit overweight - maybe a little more swimming will help with that. You’ve got nicely shaped balls and your cock’s probably a little bigger than average – I’ve seen a few larger but a lot smaller – so that’s a plus point.” She then adds, “Despite what women say, size is important and even though it isn’t a guy’s fault he’s got a small one I’d never go out with a fella with a tiny cock. I’m also pleased to see that you’re pleased to see me as I’ll be needing you to perform at a drop of a hat. Or should that be a drop of the knickers.” She smiles at her little witticism. “However, when you’re not seeing me you do not masturbate or have sex with anyone else.”

For a second there is a silence and then she says, “Stay in position for another minute, Matt, as I’m going to take a picture of you. It’s one for the scrapbook.” She then picks up her phone off the coffee table, points it at me and presses the shutter button.

“So, Matt, are you okay with the rules?”

I nod and say, “Yes, Gina.”

“That’s good to know, Matt. However, if you disobey or piss me off in any way then I’ll dump you. I’m a hard and demanding bitch, amongst other things which you will find out. Or maybe you won’t find out. Of course, you can walk away at any time, it’s a free country.”

“I’m fine Gina and I want to make you happy.”

“Well, I’m glad that’s settled, Matt. But I’d better make clear right from the beginning that I’m never going to fall in love with you, that underneath I don’t really care for you, and in actual fact, apart from a few close relatives I don’t actually give a shit for anybody in this world. I know exactly what kind of a person I am and I know exactly how the world works. I intend to take as much as I can in life from life for as long as I can. One day I’ll die and that’ll be that. Nobody will mourn me, nobody will thank me for a being a decent person, unless they’re false and want to be liked by the people they intend to con. Yeah, I see the world the way it is. I see you the way you are and I shall use you, abuse you and make your life hell at times. And do you know what, you’ll love me all the more for it…”

She trails off at this point and I wonder if she is perhaps regretted revealing too much of her inner thoughts.

“Okay, Matt, you’d better go to the loo now and when you come back I’m going to see what kind of a man you are… but probably not in the way you’re thinking. And it’s going to cost you that hundred quid. I ain’t a cheap woman.” She smiles in what I am increasingly begin to see as rather spiteful or even evil.

I walk down the hallway to the toilet. As I pee into the bowl I discern Gina’s soft footsteps as she walks first down the hallway and then into her bedroom where I just make out the sound of a wardrobe door opening. I then hear her walk back along the hallway and into the lounge.

What are you up to Gina?

I finish up, flush the loo, wash my hands and then open the door.

As I enter the lounge the first thing I noticed is that there is a red towel over the head rest of the sofa and another directly below on the carpet. Gina is standing at the far end of the sofa and in her right hand she is grasping a long bamboo cane. It is clear she is intending to use it on me.

“Before I forget, Matt, could you give me the hundred pounds now and put it on the coffee table. It’ll go to a good cause, don’t you worry.”

I kneel down and slip out my wallet from my trousers before pulling out the £20 notes and placing them on the table.

“Good boy. Now tell me Matt, have you ever been caned before?”

“W-well, n-no I haven’t.”

“Even better. It’s going to come as a bit of a shock. You see this is a way of making you… compliant. Instilling obedience in you. Proving your loyalty to me. And also I rather like seeing males suffer… turns me on at times.”

I gulp.

“I want you now to bend over the sofa, at the end, with your hands on the seat and your torso and feet on the towels”

I do as she orders. Pain, no agony, is just seconds away – fear is already coursing through my now trembling naked body.

Gina, behind me now, whispers in my right ear, “I’m going to really hurt you and in some ways it will be worse than the knee in the groin as it’s going to be protracted. By the way, since you were ogling at me all evening, I just thought I’d let you know that the clothes I’m wearing now are what I always put on when I’m going to formally punish a guy – the sleeveless top doesn’t restrict my swing. So, in future if I’m in that top then you’ll know that you are in for some punishment. Right, I think we’ll get on with it.”

There’s a brief ‘whoosh’ followed almost immediately by a ‘crack’. And a split second later a line of fire ignites along my buttocks accompanied by an unpleasant tingling sensation in my cheeks. It takes all my resolve to remain in position.

“I told you it would hurt. Now, Matt, tell me what I expect of you.”

I swallow and reply, “You want me to have a grade three haircut every three weeks. You want me to shave before I see you. I must keep my beard trimmed. I must shave my pubes and under my arms every day—“



“You needn’t bother with giving me a speech. All I need for you to do is… obey

My face is hot and I begin to sweat. I understand the reason for the towels now - she doesn’t want perspiration on her sofa or perhaps blood and other bodily fluids dripping onto her carpet.


A ‘hot wire’ is dragged across my flesh.

“I promise to TOTALLY obey you.”

“That’s more like it. Obedience. Total obedience. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Almost as much as like the sound of the cane impacting on your skin.”


“Oh… oh… my God…”

“Ha-ha,” she laughs, there is no god…”




“It’s over, Matt. You can straighten up and get dressed.”

It was just a blur of pain towards the end and my buttocks tenderized meat. Dazed. Broken. Tame. Obedient. Surrendered.

“You can go home now. I will text you when I want to see you next, but don’t contact me and don’t say hello in the street should you see me either. You can go to the café because I’ve left now – it was a shit job.”

I am too stunned to speak.

How could you do this to me, Gina? I love you.

She comes up to me and kisses me gently on the forehead. “You’ve been very brave, Matt. It’s so touching that you care for me that much,” she says compassionately and then adds, “Oh look you’ve got a little tear rolling down your cheek.” She puts a finger up to it and wipes it off.”

Something breaks inside of me and I drop to the floor crying like a baby…

Submitted: May 30, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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