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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board




Note:  This story is fantasy and the author does not condone the action portrayed.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.



Two hours later, Kyle was up to his chin in a bathtub full of piss. He had never felt so humiliated in his life. So totally inhuman. But wasn’t that the purpose of humiliation? To make the victim feel not only helpless, but inhuman?  He had not only lost his cheerleader skirt and fish net stocking but also his crop top. Now he was totally naked with only tiny bells attached to his nipples and his fat teenage dickhead, and the leash around his neck.  Someone had fixed a metal mouth-spreader in his mouth, stretching his jaw, so the urine from the studly pissers could more easily go into it. It made it much harder to swallow with his mouth forced open, so he often gagged and regurgitated already consumed pee along with other contents of his stomach. The piss and puke coated his lower lip and chin. Just imagine how this formerly healthy normal teenage senior felt.


A middle-aged leather stud stepped up to the bathtub. He scooped the vomit and piss from Kyle’s heaving chest and re-fed it to the struggling boy. Then, the stud hauled out his fat horsedick, not only thick but swollen and veiny, and held the heavy penis over Kyle’s stretched open mouth. A torrent of foul, yellow, stinking urine hit the teenager in the face.  His mouth filled with bubbling piss, and he struggled to swallow. If he did not swallow, his head would go under the almost full bathtub and he might very well drown.


“That’s a good girl,” the stud laughed. “Good pussy girl. Drink all the nice fresh man piss.”  Eventually the flow of piss slowed and stopped. The stud milked the last drop from his dickhead. Kyle began to cry again, tears trailing down his cheeks to join the piss on his face. He felt his life was over. He would, he could never be normal again. The stud standing over him began to milk his thick fucker harder, and the prick grew hard and red. He beat and pumped his prick harder and harder, his breath growing ragged. He pushed his hips out and sent a cascade of sperm down into Kyle’s open mouth. The thick fuck slime joined the piss residue in his mouth, coating his teeth, gums and tongue. Kyle had become a cum-dump. Not even a faggot used for sex, simply nothing but a cum-dump. He made helpless gagging noises as the cum ran down his throat. If only he could remove the wire cage in his mouth. It made him feel less human than ever.


After that, he was mostly left alone in his tub of piss. A few more guys came up and peed on him, but the numbers had decline. The piss grew cold, and Kyle shivered. As he trembled, his bells, now underwater continued to tinkle quietly.

Kyle, even though he was eighteen and quite athletic, looked young for his age, and every now and then someone stepped up to the tub with a phone to take a picture of the boy in the pisstub.  Who knew where it would be posted? Time stood still, and Kyle drifted in and out of consciousness.


At last, Mr. Hinkle stepped up to the bathtub and pissed on his favorite student.  He squeezed his fat uncut pecker so the piss came out slowly, giving the suffering boy little drinks. “That’s my girl. That’s my fucking little pussy cunt.  You’re gonna’ get that A and you’re gonna’ graduate with honors. I’m going to arrange a college scholarship for you. I been in touch with some college coaches who are friends of mine. Okay, Cunt, you’ve rested long enough. Time to put you to work.”  He undid the leash and tugged the exhausted, helpless teen from the tub. “Come with me, Fuckhole.”


Piss ran from the boy’s body and dripped from his dick and balls. With his mouth pried open by the stretcher, he looked grotesque. His legs ached and were stiff and unresponsive. On bare feet, he tried to follow Hinkle.


“No, no, Asswipe. A piece of humiliated shit like you doesn’t walk. Down on your hands and knees. You crawl.” Kyle sank to his hands and knees. The floor was thick with cum and spit and piss, and crap immediately stuck to his hands and knees. The poor boy groaned. He couldn’t take any more, he just couldn’t. 


“You look so cute like that, Kyle,” Mr. Hinkle said, masturbating his own dick. “You look really cute like a puppy dog. I think I’m going to have you be a dog for a while. I’m going to mate you with my dogs. Would you like that? Would you like to suck some nice greasy, slimy dog dick, Kyle? Would that make you happy? Would you like to feel some nice thick boney dog dick up your teen-boy asshole?

Would you like to be turned into a dog’s bitch? Kissing a great dane and swallowing his saliva. You’d love that wouldn’t you. And then feeling that thick doggie fuckmeat ram up your faggot boy asshole. It’s what you need, isn’t it? And my friends have dogs too, so we can round up five or six dogs to fuck you, Kyle. Star high school athlete becomes Kennel Cunt.”  Kyle sobbed and collapsed onto the sticky floor. Crap stuck to his cheek and his chest.  He moaned and the mouth stretcher made him seem like some kind of freak.


Hinkle chuckled and reached down. He grabbed a thick hunk of Kyle’s armpit hair and ripped it out. The boy screamed, attracting a crowd.  Hinkle had forced Kyle to shave his body of all its masculine hair, so as to further embarrass him before the other boys at school, but here and there, remained a clump that had been missed or had quickly grown back., teenage boys being the horny, testosterone creatures they were.  Hinkle spotted some long isolated hairs growing from the bottom of the kid’s ball sack. He reached down, pinched five of the testicle hairs between his fingers and pulled hard. The nut sack stretched, the boy was lifted from the floor by his balls, and the hairs pulled free. Kyle almost passed out from the pain. He lay on the scum sticky floor curled up in a fetal position.  Hinkle leaned down and removed the mouth stretching cage. The boy’s mouth ached.


“Lick the floor!”  Hinkle said, and three men in leather standing around and watching all spit huge gobs onto the already filthy surface.


“Puh…please, Please, I am begging you…” Kyle wailed., any words destroyed by  the numbness he still felt in his mouth and jaw.  


“Lick the floor clean, Shitface!”  Kyle struggled to his hands and knees, lowered his face and began to lick the spit and scum from the floor.  One watching stud squatted and produced a condom filled with cum. He squeezed the slime out onto the floor right in front of Kyle’s face. “Lick” Hinkle repeated. Kyle licked the fuck mess. His tongue could feel the sticky grit beneath the scum of the cum. Then, Hinkle led him like a dog, on hands and knees, through the toilet room.  Whenever he spotted a particularly disgusting puddle or pile of something, he ordered the teenager to lick it up.


“On your back, I think I saw some hairs around your asshole!” Kyle, like an obedient animal flipped over on his back and lifted and spread his muscular teen legs.  Hinkle shook his head. “This is shameful. You need a nice thick dildo at least ten inches long up your pussy at all times when you are not being fingered or fucked. Shame on you.  Look at those curly hairs on the right side of your asshole.

They have got to go!” He grabbed the errant asshole hairs and cruelly ripped them out.  Two burly older men leaned over Kyle’s head and proceeded to blow their noses, sending snot and buggers all over the handsome kid’s face.


“Don’t wipe it off. You look good that way,” Hinkle laughed.


He led a shivering, mewling Kyle on hands and knees to another room. This one was totally black…no lights whatsoever. Here the floor was wet and slippery with fresh cum. Obviously, men came into this dark room to shoot their loads. Kyle could hear sucking and licking and the sounds of men beating their fuckmeat.


“Lick!”Hinkle ordered, and Kyle bent his head in the dark and began to lap at the thick slime on the floor. He was licking up the sperm of countless strangers.

Mr. Hinkle stepped away from the boy, leaving him alone, licking the floor. Suddenly, at some kind of signal, a dozen flashlights went on, shining their bright rays only on Kyle. Kyle looked up in shock. He could see the shadows of what must be more than fifty men in the large black, garage sized room. Kyle was the only one in light. The only one identifiable. The flashlight rays on him felt like giant spotlights at a film premiere. “Lick,” Hinkle ordered.


With the full lights trained only on him, Kyle lowered his head and began to lick what he could now see was a lake of cum from the floor. The thick puddle of fuckslop seemed to extend forever…at least six feel around the boy in all directions. He began to gag.


“If you puke, you will lick that up too!” Hinkle snapped. Sounds of more than thirty men pumping their pricks. They adored seeing this fresh, young, teenage stud humiliated. Instead of an eighteen-year old cunt fucker, he was an eighteen- year old cum lapper!


Suddenly the tone of Mr. Hinkle’s voice became harsher. “Stand up, Swine Cunt!”  Kyle struggled to his feet. And it was a struggle believe me. Cum and slime and grime clung to his lips and dripped from his chin. His body was sticky with dried piss. And he was a teenage boy, totally naked before these perverted men.


“Masturbate!” Mr. Hinkle ordered. He heard grunts from some of the men in the darkness. The flashlights played up and down his young, smooth but no longer strong body. “Spread your legs. Masturbate hard!”


In the glare of the lights, Kyle beat his boymeat. Oddly enough, it became erect almost at once. The bell on the dickhead tinkled. “Turn around as you beat off so everyone can see you!”


“Oh God, please take me away from here!” Kyle moaned out loud and the room erupted in laughter.The boy felt the head of his dick grow wet with pre-cum. Several of the flashlights trained on his wet dick, pumping hand and dancing balls.


“Stop!” Hinkle yelled suddenly. “Hands off your dick!”  Kyle’s teen dick flew up and slapped his belly, leaving a trail of pre-fuck. His balls rolled in their wrinkled sack. “Spread your legs wider, bend over, reach back and spread your ass cheeks, wide!”


“Please, Sir, I am begging you. Show me just a little mercy. I can’t go on like this. I just can’t” Kyle felt he was losing his mind. How could all these men, fifty or more of them want to see him so dehumanized, so degraded?


“Spread your asscheeks!”


The crying teen bent over, reached back and spread his smooth, muscular young ass globes, showing his asshole to everyone. Once again, he was made to turn around, so everyone in the room could get a good look. Kyles chest heaved with sobs and the bells on his tits jingled merrily.


Then he heard a thud on the floor next to him. One of the flashlights swung to capture the object in light. It was a huge black dildo. A fucking gigantic black rubber dildo. A wrist thick ten-inch black rubber dildo!

Submitted: May 26, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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