Rubbing Sticks In The Woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two young men in their late teens go hiking in the woods, discover a new way to pleasure themselves with no one around.

As John and James made their way along the trail, deep in the woods of a national park, their conversation turned towards their girlfriends. 

"Linda has been a pain these last few days. Think we are on the outs." John says as he leads the two down a narrow path, twigs and dirt beneath their hiking boots.

"Carla and I had it out again. She wants to get serious, but I like the way things are " chimed James.

Both are 18 and are seniors in highschool.

Both are on the football team as well as soccer and have some classes together.

John is white with blonde hair and strong build.

James is light skinned African-American. A bit bigger, but more stocky where is John's a bit taller.

Talking about their girls and other subjects, James tells John he needs to take a piss.

"Me too. I've been holding it in for a time." replied John.

Walking a little further, they see a small clearing in the woods off of the trail.

Walking through the undergrowth, the each pick a tree next to each other to relieve themselves.

Unzipping his jeans, John's dick is partially hard as he hauls it out to take a wizz.

James does the same as his dick is also slightly hard.

As they are both taking their piss, each of them takes peeks at each other's dicks.

"What'ca looking at white boy. Never seen a black dick." James says with a chuckle.

"I've seen it many times in the locker room, just not this close."

Both have finished peeing. John grabs his dick and was about to put it back in his jeans.

"Wait." says James, his light black dick still hanging out of his jeans.

"You ever frot with a guy?'

"What's frot?" John asks.

"It's when two or more guys rub their dicks together. Some call it cockfighting or sword fighting."

", never did that." says John as he looks at James hardening dick.

"Have you done it."

"Yeah...a couple of times with guys from the team after a shower after practice or a game."


"I'm not telling. It's several of us who have a club. A frot club you might say. We rub our dicks til we cum. Relieves stress. We all have girlfriends, but sometimes, a guy just needs to be with a guy in a sense. Shit, wouldn't be surprised if some of our girlfriends tribbed with each other.

John thought for a moment, thinking of the girls tribbing, but also looking at James hard dick, feeling his dick getting hard.

"Well, you want to try?"

Looking around to see no one else was coming down the trail, and John's curiosity peaking with the thought of rubbing his white hard dick up against a hard brown dick.

"Yeah, why not."

Both young men dropped their jeans and shorts to the ground.

James, stroking his dick, John doing the same.

Both teenage men, hard dicks in the woods.

James moves closer to John.

The cockheads were now touching. 

John stood there, never doing this before, not sure if he would go through with it.

James started to rub his dick on John's. Up and down, underneath and on top.

John felt an electric tingling in his dick towards his balls.

John began to move his hips. 

Rubbing his white dick on his friends brown dick.

The sun was coming through the trees as a slight breeze blew.

Back and forth, side by side, the two let their dicks rub against each other.

No talking, just slight moans and grunts of young men pleasuring themselves in frottage.

The movement of their dicks increased.

James rubbing his dick underneath John's.

Then John's dick underneath Jame's dick.

Rubbing harder, gyrating, grunting, moaning, these two young men were  giving it their all.

Both dicks had precum on their heads. Made for lubricant as they continued to rub.

Now, James as well as John could feel their balls perculate with warm sperm that wanted to be released.

Dicks rubbing harder, like rubbing sticks to start a fire, brown dick, white dick, grunts moans getting louder. 

Both dicks wanting to explode.

Then it happened.

James, arching his head back, gave out a yell, "AHH...I'm gonna cum...AHH...UHH...!"

John, a millisecond later, "Shit....I'm gonna ...UHH...GGRR...AHH...!"

Both dicks at the same time shoot their loads.

Each dick, spewing it's white warm creamy foam on to the others dick, thighs, stomach.

As the two young men shot their load, they continued to rub their hard dicks together. Each grunting and groaning with each spasm of their dicks as they shoot their cum.

Several shots of man cum each dick had unloaded on each other's hard throbbing dick.

Even after they had finished, the boys kept rubbing their dicks together, mixing in their man juices.

"Shit....that was...was fucking..." John said.

"Yeah, it can be hot and and you can get carried away."

The teens backed away from each other and put on their shorts and jeans.

Their cum still on their dicks and thighs.

As they walked out back into the trail, they were quiet for a few minutes. Both young men going over what had just had happened.

John then spoke up, " So, when is this next "frot club" meeting taking place?"




Submitted: May 25, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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