Their Affair, Chapter Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Room 501

At the motel

He arrived a little before her with more than enough time to undress and slip himself under a sheet.

At the check-in counter, she saw Cathy doing her nails. ”Are you Cathy? “Yep.”

“I'm Ellie. I'm supposed to meet Josh here.”

Rosie sat up quickly and replied, “He's in room 19. Its to your left, on the end. Watch out for him. He's a dirty old man.”

“I think I've seen that about him. When he invited me here today, I was quite willing to accept his invite with no questions asked.”

“He does have that effect on some.”

“Is that statement from personal experience?”

No. We're cousins and we talk a lot. You should be going now. He doesn't like to be kept waiting.”

“Right. Number 19.”

She hurried to the room. By now, something in side her had changed, it was as though a slutty side of her had been awakened and her inhibitions had been put to sleep. She knocked.



“Its open.”

She entered and tossed her purse on the nearest nightstand. Like a snake shedding its skin, little by little, she peeled of her clothes. “Will you unhook my bra, please?”

“Of course.”

She slithered out of it and tossed it away. It landed next to her purse.

Good. I won't have to look for it later.”

“You sure have something there, Girl!”

”You like my tits?”

“I'd give them at least a ten.”

She lowered her tight jeans and they rested on a nearby chair. “I shaved all the way down to my ankles. You can see I serve a clean pussy.”

“I approve. You get tens all around, Sweetie.”

“Thank you. Your words mean a lot to me.” Any reluctance that she had when he first proposed this one on one, was gone and she was now fully ready to let her inner slut out to play. Picking up the sheet covering him, her words were clear and to the point. “What a lovely, hard dick you have. May I put it in my mouth?”

“Of course.”

After a few strokes, she said “It feels so good in my mouth, so hard, so tasty.”

“Are you ready for some fucking?"

"I sure am!”

“Me, too.” He flipped her over and gave it to her hard from behind.

Submitted: May 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 scs2141949. All rights reserved.

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I would call this an unexpected first encounter because most 'new' couples are going to feel each other out a little more slowly and meticulously than this. When you're having an affair, you usually don't introduce yourself to the desk clerk, particularly if she's related to your date. So, that's a new one.

If it's your first sexual experience with somebody, I think it would be most atypical to get undressed before your partner arrives and slip under the covers in waiting. For one thing, undressing each other is like unwrapping packages at Christmas - you don't want to forgo that opportunity on your first encounter. As a writer, you want to take advantage of that moment - that newness - that physical discovery as your characters explore each other for the very first time.

Finally, you want to get into the details of the sex as it occurs. 'Flipping her over and giving it to her hard from behind' is much too broad an assessment. You want to walk through the steps of insertion, the fluctuation of the rhythm and speed, the depth of penetration, where she puts her hands, how he holds her open - every little minutia. Take your time and imagine what happens frame by frame, then describe it vividly.

Thu, June 9th, 2022 2:53am

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