Lustful Play

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two teenagers put their first steps on the path of sexually exploring each other's bodies. For the boy, there is no problem. The girl is more cautious, and she has some conditions before they begin their lustful play...

Lustful Play


It was the Hazelstead Fair. Frank Poireau and his friend Titus Hendrick were standing at the bumper cars looking at the girls. Suddenly Titus said to his comrade Frank:


My cousin Yolanda would like to get to know you.”


Yolanda? Who is that? Why does she want to get to know me?”


Yolanda Balley. She lives on Snake Brook Street and she is fifteen, one year older than us.”


You haven't told me why exactly she wants to get to know me? Fifteen… Why would she want anything to do with someone younger? Normally a 15-year-old girl wants nothing to do with snot boys like us, and is only interested in older guys.”


Titus Hendrick found that question a bit annoying. He shuffled one foot on the ground and looked at his shoes, but not at his buddy Frank or at the girls giggling at the bumper cars. But Frank Poireau was a smart guy. He had a vague idea why that girl Yolanda wanted to meet him.



Did you perhaps tell her why I wasn't allowed to go to the swimming pool with the others when we went to the Brothers of Charity Primary School? And why Brother Headmaster forbid me to go with the others?”


Titus didn't answer that question either. Frank understood that his mate had told his niece what a big dick his comrade already had between his legs at the age of twelve. That small elephant’s trunk came into its own in a wet bathing suit. That was why Frank wasn’t allowed to go to the municipal swimming pool with the others at school during gymnastics class. He pressed Titus and asked:


Tell me straight, did you tell her how I look between my legs? Does she want to see my dick?”


I didn't tell her that, someone else did. It’s a guy who knows you from the football training sessions at Sporting Hazelstead. He's been in the showers with you, so… I think she does want to see your dick,” Titus replied. “Why else would she want to meet you? What should I say to Yolanda?”


"That it's alright," said Frank. “You take care of it. But can she also show me something?”


She certainly can,” Titus laughed. “She's only fifteen, but she's got some titties, man, man, you have to see them. Unbelievable, already so big and beautifully round…”


"So, you've already seen them?" asked Frank.


Titus did not answer that question either.


"I'll let you know how and where if Yolanda hasn't changed her mind in the meantime." was all he said to Frank.


So, it happened on a Wednesday afternoon. Frank Poireau and Yolanda Balley met in the overgrown park of the small abandoned castle on the corner of Snake Brook and Crown Farm Street. The ice was quickly broken between the two. They both knew what they had come for. In the thick undergrowth, they found an old wooden bench. There, they sat down so as not to risk an accidental walker taking them by surprise.


Can I see your tits now?” asked Frank.


You first,” Yolanda said. "Drop your pants and show me your dick."



And why not both at the same time?” asked Frank. “You take off your T-shirt and your bra and show your boobs too.”


No, you first,” Yolanda said. "I won't show you my boobs until I'm sure Titus didn't tell me a fairy tale about a giant cock."


So Frank stood up from the bench and dropped his pants. Yolanda could hardly believe her eyes.


But boy, and you are only fourteen years old? I think there are a lot of grown men out there who don't have in their pants what you've got between your legs. Not even half of your size! Your dick reminds me of that of the donkey that roams around the back of a meadow behind our house.”


Frank found that what Yolanda dared to say was insulting. He asked rather sharply:


Well, what about your tits? Maybe they also look like a cow's udder!"


Come on, Frank,” Yolanda soothed him. “I didn't mean any harm, really. I'm quite impulsive and often blurt something out without thinking. Can I touch your dick?”


If I can do that with your tits in a moment, then you can. Otherwise, you will keep your hands off me.”


No problem, you can do that,” said Yolanda. "But you must listen to what I'm about to tell you, and don't just fly on my breasts like a wild bull."


Frank didn't know what that meant, but he agreed. He opened his legs so Yolanda could touch his dick. She was very curious, but also careful. First she stroked Frank's balls and weighed them in her hand. She then looked closely at his cock, and gently pulled the foreskin back. Then she smelled his cockhead. She just kept feeling and groping and stroking the big dick. The effect of her warm hands on that delicate sex organ was immediate. At once, Frank had a boner sticking out at least eight inches in front of him. That shocked Yolanda. She let go of Frank's cock and took a step back.


God dear Lord,” she said. “What a thing you have! It's something to be afraid of as a woman!"


Your turn now,” Frank insisted. “Bring on those tits!”


Not too fast, Frankie!” said Yolanda. “Listen to me first. I'm going to tell you how it should go.”


"I'm listening," said Frank, "but don't try to screw me over and break your promise."


I don't intend to,” said Yolanda, “but I want to play it safe. You have to get behind me. Then I will expose my breasts. You can touch them, and also play with them a bit if you want, but you can't squeeze them and you have to stay away from my nipples. Don't rub them, and again, don't come to stand in front of me, because then, the playing with my breasts will be over in an instant.”


You do have quite a few conditions!” said Frank. “I don't understand why all this is necessary!”


I'll explain it clearly to you,” Yolanda said. “My sister Yvonne is two years older than me, seventeen. She also let Andrew Malbrouck, who works on the garbage truck, play with her breasts first. It didn't stop there. She let him fuck her, and now she's pregnant. That the same thing happens to me, that by no means! So, do as I told you, or the play will be over at once!”


Do you think I intend to screw you in your pussy?” asked Frank.


You may not, but I know myself. Like I told you, I'm very impulsive. When you're standing in front of me with your stiff cock up, and I feel it pushing against my tummy as you rub my nipples… Maybe I'll get the urge to stick your hard pole myself into my cunt and I'll, without thinking of the consequences, make you bang me. That never! Do you know my father, Julius Balley?”


Is that the politician who is on the municipal council?”


No, that's his cousin. My father is the driver of a city garbage truck. That's how Yvonne got to know that filthy fucker Malbrouck. Anyway, you can guess that my father is furious with Yvonne. He also specifically warned me: if I ever get pregnant before I get married, he'll kick me out of the house, threatening to go after the man responsible and kill him with his shotgun."


Frank Poireau was really impressed with what Yolanda Balley had told him. He pulled his pants back up and went to stand behind Yolanda. She didn’t wait, and immediately, she exposed her breasts. Frank looked at them carefully at first. As Titus Hendrick had already said, they were simply beautiful, big and round. He started playing with them, at first as Yolanda had told him, but he couldn't stick to it. He moved his fingers closer and closer to her areola. Finally, unable to hold back, he gently massaged her teats. They hardened and stuck right up from the areola.

Contrary to what she'd said, Yolanda didn't end what she'd called the "play”. She slumped onto the old bench and let Frank do his thing as she felt her pussy swell and her panties get wet with the desire to get a hard fuck…

© Robur Quercus 2022



Submitted: May 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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This was an interesting piece; teenagers exploring each other's body, a natural thing, actually. Their conversation was typical of teens their age. Nicely written. I also want to comment that I find it amazing that you also write in Dutch. Being bilingual is an asset that many people don't possess. Have you received many responses to your Dutch stories in Dutch?

Tue, May 31st, 2022 1:15pm


Mr. Will,
Thank you again for your positive approach. I am multilingual, and actually, I write
short stories in Dutch, English, and French (as I was born in Flanders and have been living now for over 21 years in French-speaking Wallony, very close to the border with France).
I must admit that readers of my Dutch stories are fewer than those reading the English ones.

Tue, May 31st, 2022 6:56am

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