One Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Have you ever seen THAT guy or girl in a room full of people. There may be no romantic sparks but you want them. There's something about that bravado or giggle, the smug smile, the glint and smile you want to explore and now better.



“Don’t tell me your name. I don’t need to know it. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from. If you’re married or not. Just be mine tonight.”

“I can do that girl. Nothing but you tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if everything goes right. Don’t give me your name. I don’t care where you’ve been or where you’re going. None of that matters. Your age, none of that. I’m looking at your legs, long and thick coming from under that skirt. Skin soft and  plump on the thighs. Those legs got my dick hard and my eyes staring.”

“I know you’re hard. Mmmmmmmmmm let me touch it. Mmmmmmm I’m gonna unzip those pants and pull it out.  Mmmmmm look at that fat cockhead. That lickable tip. Veins down the shaft like construction pipes. You like my fingers on it? Whisper to me how it feels.  Don’t worry about tomorrow. I just want tonight.”

“Shit yeah girl. Kiss it. Put your lips on the head. Put that pretty tongue on the shaft. Blow my balls. Bite them. Make this night last forever since  you’re not looking for any tomorrows.” 

“I like how you pushed my head down on it. Damn that was smooth. I’m going to put this dick in my mouth.  Look me in the eyes.  Don’t I look pretty with your cock between my lips? Tell me how sexy I look licking your peehole. Your precum tastes like Crown Royal .  .You watching out the windows? Making sure no one's coming?”

“I’m watching. . .FUCK SHIT. Those French nails on my balls. FUCK DAAAMN your tongue under the rim of my dick head. I’m looking out the windows. The police got lights in the faces of some boys looking like dealers. Keep your head down while you’re sucking that nutt. FUUCK. Spit on it. Jerk my dick hard. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH like that.”

“You going to do me this good? You better motherfuka. You got me in this alley behind a grocery store, in your car sucking your damn dick.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full. My house is about a mile down. I tried to be patient, but dayum girl! The way you looked sitting there driving, all sexy in that dress. I knew I couldn’t hold out. That’s why I told you to pull in here.”

“You couldn’t wait to have me?”

“Hell No!”

“Whoaaa don’t push my head down like that. You were smooth at first, now you almost made me throw up.”

“OH GAWD I couldn’t help it! The way you’re pulling my sack and bobbing your head on my dick.”

“Don’t cum yet.”


“You got a rubber?”


“You on the pill?”


“Got Damn your hair’s so soft.”

“Don’t pull  it so tight.”

“Can’t help it, your throat’s killing my dick. . .Is that your phone ringing?”

“Don’t worry about that phone. Get out the car real quick. Hurry. Don’t worry about pulling up your pants. Just get out!”

“Cops and dealers are out there.”

“Just get out, leave the door open.”

“I see what you want. I’m gonna pull your legs out of the door. Pull your panties off and squat between your legs. I hear your heels hitting the ground, two claps for your vocal ruckus.”

 “Your mouth on my clit. I can’t breathe. Dayumn.”

“Not too loud.”

“Fuck the police.”

“You wet as an ocean. I’m gonna baptize my tongue in your waters.”

“Uh Uh. Damn I broke a nail in your nappy hair.  Oh Hell! Nobody’s ever licked my ass before!”

“Put those legs up higher girl.  That your phone again?”

“I’mgonnacumgonnacum. Keep rubbing my clit like that. I’mgonnacum. Keep licking through my pussy. Keep that thumb in my ass. FUCK FUCK FUCK.”

“I’m drinking you up girl. Keep that gush coming. We got all night.”

“I can’t breathe. O my gawd. I can’t move.”

“That’s alright. You don’t have to move. I can  get into some necrophilia.”

“You got me laughing. DAYUM,  the way you just stuffed that cock in me!”

“I got you.”


“Got your legs over my shoulders.”


“The police are leaving.”


“You’re cutting me with your nails.”


“The car’s shaking. Ssssh not so loud. People’ll hear.”

“ I can’t help it.”

“This pussy’s murdering my dick. “

“I’m gonna drown it.”

“This as deep you go?”

“FUCK. Keep pushing that wall!”

“Dem boys looking this way.”

“Grind that dick in me.  Like that Like that Like that lIke that.”

“Gotta push. Gonna break through that wall.”

‘Shit do it.”

“Your back all arched up. Your eyes closed. Your teeth clenched. Seeing you coming up to kiss me as the thrusting starts again. Your hands on the dashboard and seat. Bracing yourself from the hard hits. Hold on to me. Dig deep. Anchor yourself around me.”

“Love me.”

“I want you tomorrow.”

“Cum in me.”

“I don’t want to let you go.”

“I got my arms around your neck. FUCK ME HARDER I WONT LET GO.”

“Dem boys heard you. Your phone’s ringing.”


“I can’t hold back. Shit. You protected?”


“I’m cummmmmmming.”

“I’m panting. Breathless. Fuckmefuckmefuckme.”

“I can’t see. I’m dizzy. That was a blg one.”

“Lick it up out of me.”

“Girl I like your style. I was going to do that anyway. “

“Oooooo get that tongue in me. Yes lickme up. Clean me. Be my janitor.”

“Dem boys are looking.”

“Keep lickng my clit.”

“Your phone is ringing.”

“I’m gonna cum again. I’mgonnacum. Keep licking my clit. Keep those fingers in my pussy. Keep squeezing my tit.”

“Dem boys are staring. You’re not the kind of woman that should be in this part of town.”


“I’m gonna drink you up. Keep cumming.”

“Fuck!. I can’t move. I can’t see.”

"Dem boys are clapping and laughing.”

"I don’t care. I gotta get my breath back.”

“Girl, what’s your name?”

“Wait, I gotta get the phone. . .Hello? You called?. . Yeah. . . I’ll be home soon. No, I’m fine. I had to put gas in the car. Just ran back from paying, a little out of breath. . .I know a lot out of breath.  . .Yeah. . .I had fun. We had some drinks. Everyone is doing fine. I’ll be  home later than I thought. . .The club was alright. Yeah. . .Let me get  going. The girls are calling me . .Love you too, kiss. Bye.”

“Who was dat? Nah, I don’t need.”

“Stop laughing.”

“Dem boys are gone. I think they think we’re through.”

“Gawd that was a good fuck.”

“No baby, that was foreplay. Get out of the car. Turn around. Bend over and put your hands on the seat. I got my hands on your hips.”

“Mmmmmm. Let me sway em for ya. “

“There you go. I like how you move that butt. Slow motion like a stripper. Gotta slap it. Kiss it. NOW  we start fucking.”


Submitted: May 21, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Jisilver. All rights reserved.

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