Kevin and Dane

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Kevin's the local bully and Dane his victim, that is until now...

Kevin Karslaw, the school bully was bouncing a basketball in his front yard, rivulets of sweat pouring off his jock body, wetting the front his Lakers singlet as it pressed against his pecs, a matching vee of sweat in the basket of his shorts where his stubby dick nestled between his thick legs.  As he chased the ball as it rolled to the front of the drive he spied Dane Dean fishing something shiny out of the stormwater trap outside his house and hold it up to the light.  It was like an old oilcan, battered and dented but still interesting in its own way.  It would look nice in his garage with the old gas station signs.  He scurried across the road with a grin, dribbling the ball, then reached out to grab the oilcan thing from Dane's frozen hand.  "Give it to me" he bellowed, making Dane shake.

Just then a puff appeared from the mouth of the oilcan and a big muscle-running-to-fat dude appeared in front of them.  "I will give you three wishes", he said to Dane.  The two stood there dumbly, registering with disbelief the genie.  "My wishes", Kevin asserted quickly, then rattled off his wishes quickly - "I want a handsome face, like so good it turns heads, a kick arse body, muscular but lean, y'know, and a long thick dick - like that porn star, Mitch Moose, and always ready to go, y'feel me".  The genie looked him over, then Dane, seeding the dynamic between them and then smiled to himself curiously.  "Very well, your wishes will be granted when you waken".  Kevin fist pumped the air then pointed at Dane "sucker", lobbing his basketball at him and catching it on the rebound from his body.  He ran back to his house easily, self absorbed in his future life.  "And now you" said the genie with a grin, when Kevin was out of earshot.  "...if you'll wait to hear my suggestion..."

The next morning Kevin woke and jumped out of bed.  He ran to the mirror and gaped, his face was his own but somehow better, a bit more angular, just slightly different, but a hell of a lot more head turning than before.  He barely noticed though given his already jock body was now glistening taut muscles, ripped and lean like a pro snowboarder or something.  And his dick, man, that fucker swung like a pendulum, thick and long, it even ached just from the force of having jumped out of bed and then left dangling there.  "I'm gonna have to get some tighter underwear" he thought - Kevin usually wore boxers or freeballed whenever he could to make the most of his former junk, now there was no need to show it off, if anything he needed to tame the monster.  Still, he was hot as fuck  and ripped, and his thick dick was already stiffening at the thought of it, making his head feel dizzy.  A pearl of precum formed on the tip when he heard a yell from downstairs.  "Come down Kevin, now".

He threw on some old trackpants that now clung to his legs and barrelled down the stairs.  Dane was standing there, or a version of Dane, In a sharp suit with mirrored glasses, somehow taller and more aggressive.  "Go on" his dad told him seriously, the voice he used when he brooked no argument.  He stared at his dad but he was looking down at the paper drinking his coffee, like this was a situation he was pretending didn't exist.  Now his dad had pretended Dane didn't exist plenty, even ridiculed him, but he seemed not to remember - "don't keep him waiting". 

"I'm not dressed" Kevin spluttered, embarrassed to be standing half naked in front of the fag, his shit-hot body wasn't for Dane to see. "Anyway, I haven't eaten", he added, suddenly aware of the gnawing need to fill his new body with fuel.  His dad tut tutted and pointed to the door, not looking up from his coffee.  Kevin registered with a shock that he was expected to go.  Dane walked out the house and after a moment Kevin followed, just to pound the twerp for pulling some trick on his dad.

"So I also got three wishes" Dane told him as Kevin stepped into the sunshine.  Kevin stood there dumbly, the morning sun hot on his half-naked body, tingling.  "Why don't you stretch while we're speaking", he added, and without thinking Kevin stretched his arms up and out wide, his whole body on display to the dog walkers.  Stretching did feel good, but he was painfully aware that it made his sweats drop lower on his haunches, his fat cock root pushing out the waistband brazenly.  "And I figured since you spent so much time humiliating me these last few years, that my first wish should be that the same goes for you"

"Whadda you mean?" Kevin said, and quick as a flash Dane reached out and slapped him, hard across the cheek with a crack.  The passing dog walker glanced over, then away.  Coach Timmons was across the street, and he didn't even look up.  What the fuck was going on?  "Now shuck down those trackpants, I want to see how your other wishes turned out".  Dane wound back to punch Dane instead but his arm just recoiled and kind of dropped to his waist, and after a moment of unblinking stare from Dane he felt compelled to thumb the edges of the waistband and lower the pants a little.  Just an inch or so, his trimmed pubes and the top of his cockroot breezing in the air.

"What the fuck have you done to me?" he hissed. 

"Like I said, now it's your turn for the humiliation.  Now strip".  A few people, coach included, slyly watched beyond the fence.  Bemused and a little disgusted, but emotionless, like watching a dog take a shit.  "Hurry up" Dane ordered, Quickly he shucked down the trackpants.  "Whoee what a thumper!" Dane bellowed, and the eyes of half the street were on Kevin's naked flesh.  "Get it hard"  "What?" Kevin spluttered.  "You heard me.  I want to see you beat off til you're dripping, since your such a porn-dick stud now".

Kevin went beet red and wanted to smash Dane, but it was like the coach barking play moves at a game, his body just jumped to attention.  He began pumping and his dick immediately thickened despite the humiliation, sluicing precum.  His knees grew weak as the cock draining blood from his head and he nearly collapsed.  "Yeah the genie said that'd happen, and that's your own fucking fault for wanting a freaky dick. Every time you're hard and leaky your going to feel woozy and sick now, and I think that's gonna be pretty much all the time with me.  Just sink to your knees and keep beating." 

Reluctantly he sunk down.  It was even more embarrassing fisting his dick while on his knees, double fisting it even, since the fucker was so big now, but soon he was iron hard, drooling milky prefuck and his that abs were heaving, like he'd been punched in the gut. "Enough" Dane barked and he let go, his cock tingling, ropes of prefuck webbing between his fingers and stretching back to his bloated dork.  He didn't want it, it was obscene, like someone had strapped a freakish cock to his body and it was fucking with his bloodstream and everything.  He didn't feel like a stud, or at least he felt like a literal stud horse, being milked for insemination. Dane walked in front of him, watching his chest heave with exertion, then hauled him to his feet by grabbing his nipples.  Kevin yelped but Dane ignored him, deftly wrapping a rubber strip around his junk that made then throb harder.  A fucking rubber cockring!  He then handed Kevin the skimpiest flesh-coloured mesh jock he'd ever seen and just as Kevin began to ask "what the fuck were your other w-gnth", he rammed a mouthguard into his mouth.  It was the kind dentists used to use, metal bars that snapped open when the dude let go of the lever, stretching his teeth and lips apart in cocmsucking position.  It choked off the end of the sentence, forcing his tongue down.  He could barely make an intelligible sound now.  Dane ignored his question, gesturing at the mesh jock and reluctantly Kevin hauled it up.  It offered no support, just reinforcing how naked he was by gathering up his fat junk into a jutting fleshy package that stuck inches in front of his body.  His lolling thick cock pushed out the hem by inches.  "No, not like that" Dane yelled, slapping him again, then he stepped over and grabbed Kevin's junk, hauling down the jock and shoving the dick so it pointed painfully at the ground, a spatter of dickdrool hitting the pavement.  He tugged up the jock a little, the waistband now snapping across his dickflesh about half an inch before the hairy root.  His dick was trapped pointing down, pushing out the mesh like a banana over two oranges, aching and obscene.  Dane raised Kevin's arms high above his head, hairy pits out to the world, and began winding something across his forearms until they were laced together above his head.  He felt like a freak - he was a freak - square pecs and serrated lats, a killer dick, just standing there wearing a fucking mesh thong with his mouth wired open and hands tied above his head.  He cried out in anguish and it came out a ape groan, drool of spit spluttering down his pec. 

"Yeah, let it out monkey boy.  As you tan I'll get you darker mesh, so it always looks like a second skin from a distance. Once we clean off all that ugly hair it'll look much better too, you'll be a walking, talking fucking Ken doll" Dane commented.  "In fact let's go get you shaved off now.  And don't think of lowering those arms, I like your guns flexed like that.  Now mush!". "Yhr" Kevin moaned, as the new reality of Danes first wish began seeping into his mind.  A trickle of sweat ran down from his pit as he walked, a trickle of precum from his sorry swinging dick, and a trickle of a tear from his eye.

Dane led them on a long walk into town, past homes of plenty of guys and girls he knew.  Part way there a former girlfriend Amy ran into them jogging, her mouth slack jawed to see Kevin's look.  "Omygod you're a freak!" she blurted staring him down, a mixture of lust and revulsion.  "What's he into?" she asked Dane, as if it was the most natural thing to do, what with Kevin's mouthguard in and all.  "Is he a fucking perv now?" Kevin tried to explain but it came out incoherent moaning and drool, which made them both giggle.  Dane leaned toward Kevin, reaching and giving his arse a squeeze, his fingers invading Kevin's crack.  "Oh yeah, he's into this bad" Dane told her, Kevin shaking and sweating with shame.  "I'm sorry your had to find out this way".  Amy ogled a moment longer before shaking her head.  "Wow, Kev, I never would've guessed" as he tried another anguished plea, but she just shrank from his Wookie howls and went on running , glancing back a few times at his walk of shame.

Luckily for Kevin they didn't see any of his football buds. Turning off near the outskirts of town, Dane led him toward the strip, where a couple of seedy bars and a nightclub offered what passed for adult entertainment.  There was a tattoo parlour nearby on the corner of what some of town called Cocksucker Alley.  The dead end loading area was a reliable place for a quickie, watched over as it was by only the side window of the tattoo parlour, which was hardly the moral police.  The walk was long and sunny, and Kevin's body was a sheen of tanning skin as they got there.  A tall guy in a muscle shirt drinking from a red cup strolled past, eyes raking Kevin, and he said to Dane "Nice catch", before reaching over and cupping Kevin's junk, squeezing tightly.  Kevin moaned helplessly through the dental gag.  "I'd like to fuck him", the guy said matter-of-factly.  "Uh, he's not, he's not um", Dane babbled, finding his feet in this new world.  "Hey, no trouble", the guy said, hands up and friendly.  "I can see he needs some work yet.  I like the new ones though, and I can break him in as gentle or hard as you want.  Here's my number", and he handed Dane a card.  He grinned at Kevin, openly panting over him, and gave his pec a rough squeeze.  "Yeah, he's a fine young horse you got here, mighty fine indeed".

Kevin's eyes were wet with shameful tears as they entered the tattoo parlour - being treated like livestock by that dude had shaken him, even more than being stripped down and trussed up by Dane.  Correction, he'd been scared shitless by Dane but also enraged. The dude casually feeling him up had drive home how hopeless his situation was, and now a sheen of helplessness washed over him, coating him as surely as the runnels of sweat that soaked out of his pores in the blazing sun.  Only if he thought his situation was hopeless before they entered, once they were in his hopes would only plunge further.  In front of them on the main wall was a line of mirrors, like a ballet studio, exposing his whole body to himself and the world.  There was a low chair, bench and stool where the tattoo artist was working on a guy's forearm, but most of the space was open, plenty of room to see him from every angle.  The artist greeted them with a grunt that he'd be finished soon, and Dane strolled Kevin over to the mirrors until they were only a couple of feet away from them, every glistening taut muscle in high definition under the bright studio lights.  With his hands still clasped over his head, sweaty pits out to the wall, Kevin was defenceless. 

"Check this out", Dane said to Kevin with a grin, and reached up and mauled Kevin's pecs like he'd felt up plenty of girls tits before, like Dane had seen him do at school dances and movies plenty of times.  It hurt Kevin, Danes' mauling was as rough and self-centred as his own tit-grabbing had been, in fact Dane was kneading his pecs like dough, squeezing and pulling on them like a milk cow, even pinching his nipples savagely.  He tried to cry out, but it just sent more drools of spit dangling from his mouth with his choked inarticulate holler.  "You liked your control over me, hitting me, taking what you wantedd.  Well so do I, and I like playing with your tits" Dane murmured, squeezing hard, "I'm gonna enjoy playing with all your body like this".  Only when Dane removed his hands, it was much worse than just having been fondled.  His pecs, the slabs of muscle he'd honed through years of sport, just this morning swollen and squared into handsome he-man muscles, were now dented and misshapen, bulging mounds of flesh, the nipples riding high on a wave of pinched flesh. 

"What've I done?" Dane offered.  "Yeah, that's fucked isn't it, Kev, you wasted a whole wish on your perfect bod, and I can just knead and shape it however I want to.  Sucks to be you, eh, all you wanted was your shit hot body, and now, well, I like that too, but when I want, I can also do that too".  Kevin groaned another grunt of despair.  "Oh, don't worry, just like dough, it will smooth and flatten out again after a while, and eventually, maybe in a day or so, the genie promised your body will go back to normal.  He can't reneg on a wish, he said, at least not permanently.  But also like dough, the more I knead, the more your body will swell up", and he reached out and began mauling Kev's pecs - his tits - some more.  Soon, Kev's pecs were bloated fat sacks of titflesh, bursting out and down from his clavicle like gridiron pads.  Dane gave Kev's nipples a savage tug, stretching them nearly an inch off his pecflesh, and when he let go they sprung like a rubber band, settling down as half-inch teats pouting from his body.  Kevin was horrified, a gutteral scream choked in his throat by saliva and snot from his tears of pain. "Oh yeah, bonus, when I maul you, your flesh is gonna be super sensitive afterwards.  Now c'mon" Dane told him, indifferent, his hand threatening to drag him by his tit to follow him. 

Only Dane didn't lead the near-naked jock to the bench, but to a washbasin near the corner.  "Time to strip off that hair and douche you" he grinned, as the assistant - a 6 foot black muscle dude, who blithely tugged down Kevin's mesh jockstrap to the floor, his junk springing out like a fat fleshy jack-in-the-box, then gloved up and picked up some cream.  "Now you watch and learn, Kev, you're gonna have to make yourself smooth as a whistle and flush out your arse every morning from now, this is your only lesson".  And Kevin's eyes widened as the assistant, having snapped on the gloves, began massaging thick greenish paste into his crotch, lathering his balls and crack.  The ministration make his cock harden and thicken, drooling pearls of precum from the pink folds of his cocklips, which was somehow more humiliating, like he was enjoying it.  The assistant ran his hands over Kevin's muscular thighs and calves, over his arse and around his waist, lathering his abs and chest, then slopping handfuls of the green gunk into each of his hairy exposed pits.  Then he finished, to Kev's mute horror, the assistant gleefully grabbed Kev's cheeks and leaned in for a sloppy kiss on Kev's lips, saying "there you go sweety", before tweaking Kev's jaw like an overly affectionate granny.  Much as he winced and groaned, though, he was unable - unwilling - to fight him off, that something Dane had done had ingrained his slave status into him, and he knew better than to resist.  That and the trainer loitering menacingly nearby.  The goop began to sting against his skin, and where it was thickest, in his pits and pubes, the burning sensation make his eyes smart.  The trainer smirked to see him in pain, slathered in a suit of paste that did nothing to hide him, since his nips and cock poked out asking to be mauled.

Then the assistant grinned and held up a 8 inch wrist-thick plug attached to a flexible hose.  "Oh yeah, boy, this might hurt a little", he said with a grin.  The idea of anything going in his arse made Kevin burn with shame - he hated anything faggy - and some distant alarm in his brain told him that Dane knew that, and this would just be the beginning.  To give Kevin the enema they made him bend low and stick his arse out like he was squatting to drop a deuce, and his body glistened and shook with the effort of holding the filthy pose, arms still pumped and held high.  Dane snapped on a glove and took the opportunity to fondle the dangling sack of Kevin's crown jewels, mostly to see Kevin buck and sweat at his 'magic' hands.  Sure enough his burning junk was tingling and drooling from a mere light fondling. 

They pumped his arse full of liquid, then hooked up another bag, despite the pain and pressure making Kev's legs shake like jelly, and drained a quart into him until his ribbed abs poked out of his bloated stomach.  He was cramping and in intense pain, the cream burning on his skin, and thus tortured, they unhooked the enema (leaving the large nozzle still plugging him) and waddled him over to a shower recess.  "Now I'm going to start spraying you down, and once I do you can reach back and pull out that nozzle, okay sweety?" the assistant told him.  "Then you'll do this yourself another time to show us you've got the technique, so you can flush yourself a few times every morning".  Kev shuddered at the thought he, a jock, was expected to shove this thing up his arse and fill himself up like a whore every morning, but his thoughts were cut off by a spray of high pressure water slapping his skin and spraying everywhere.  He coughed and squeezed his eyes and mouth shut in the face of the spray, then lowered his arms (finally) and reached around to let the plug out.  It was even more painful working it out of his arse, ribbed and thick as it was, and when it came free, a gush of shitty liquid humiliatingly sprayed out of him, quickly washed away by the hose.  The dude kept hosing him down a few more seconds then turned it off.  A second or two later, Kev opened his eyes.

What greeted him in the full length mirror opposite made his flesh crawl.  His body was now smooth - uncannily smooth, like a Ken doll, from his neck to his ankles.  Worse, since the guy had squeezed his cheeks and chin, this stubble was missing in patches, like he had a skin disease on his face.  "Whoops" the assistant said with a grin, "I really should remember that", and he apologised to Dane, telling him he'd better wipe off all of Kevin's facial hair now to fix it.  Kevin was horrified, he didn't want a baby face, and something in the assistant's smirk told him this was no accident at all.  "Well we can't leave you like that now, can we" the assistant pouted, slathering on a thick layer of the goop onto his face from ear to ear.  He dabbed a few more spots that the cream had missed, then slathered on more goop over his already smooth crotch, over his enormous looking cock.  "The more cream we use, the longer lasting it acts" he explained to Dane, ignoring Kevin's pain, and then he turned back to Kevin, handing him the nozzle again - no, this one was larger, surely, and a hefty bag of water.  "Here you go, buster, time for you to do the next lot.  And if I was you I'd squat against the wall drive that thing into your arsepussy, it might not go in so easy..."

The pain and humiliation of the second enema, and behind hosed down again, still paled against seeing his now smooth,  denuded body, almost waxy in the halogen light.  The assistant now approached with another dick-shaped tube, only black and ribbed and much heavier looking. "Now we've opened you up it would be a shame to waste it" he said and lined the fat rubber head up with his arselips, painfully pushing hard until something gave inside him and the whole rubber cock plunged roughly into his gut.  He screamed, drooling spit, as the massive thick invader rammed balls-deep into him, the flanged base and black balls making it unmistakable that he was filled with black rubber cock.  "There you go" the assistant softly said, wiping his sweaty brow like he was a patient learning  to shit or something, "just ease into the feeling, that's gonna fill you up for a while yet".

Dane admired Kevin squatting there, the perfect jock glistening from the effort and pain, his unnaturally smooth and pumped body contorted by his wide squat, his hands held high, the thick fucktube stretching his pucker.  "Yeah, just fine for our first day together".

"A smooth canvas" the tattoo artist admired, strolling over.  "It'd be a shame to bring him all this way and not get him something to mark the occasion".  Kevin tensed, screaming on the inside but unable to do much more than moan.  "Plghth" he managed to beg, but that just made Dane smile.  "Okay, sure" he grinned.

They guided him to the chair which only now he noticed had arm and leg straps on it.  He went to sat down, resigned to whatever shoulder tag they were going to ink on him, like a sailor, but the tattoo artist said "not that way", and they made him get up and kneel on the chair instead, arms on the armrests strapped in, head bowed beneath a block and legs spread wide so his junk was dangling.  With his back hunched his whole arse and back were presented to the air, and like his smooth junk swinging below it he was unable to protect it one bit. 

"Maybe just a tramp stamp" Dane mused, "for now".  "A little devil maybe", and Kevin sighed a little in relief, as awful as today had been, as being branded with an unwanted tat, he could explain that away pretty easy.  He nursed a hope that he'd wake up tomorrow and it would all be different again, like yesterday to today - and if all he had to show for it was smooth skin and a little devil, he could deal with it 

Only it was agonising hours, the worst experience in his life, and it was the devil's tail - the thick snaking extension of the tat that wound around his arsecheek like a belt and then under the cheek to his inseam to curl over his ballbag and fatten out to a wedge that took half an hour to colour in. The most pain in his life made him dry retch as the needle gun stabbed at his tender sac, and his ballbag still throbbed like fuck even after.  Dane sidled up, firmly pressing on the thick base of the dong half-worked from his hole by his clenching in pain, ramming the fucktoy back in, then they lifted his chin and showed him the result in the reflection of a double mirror.  A thick nasty devil squatted over his lower back, his hairy muscular arms reaching out to prise his dildo-stuffed cheeks open with his claws, his forked tail whipping around his cheek to attend into his nuts.  And over it all, clear across his lower back, "HELL'VA FUCKHOLE".





Before and after...


Submitted: May 18, 2022

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