Hot Yoga in a Beach Cabin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man has had an affair with a girl eighteen years younger than himself. When their relationship comes to an end, he thinks that the secrecy and the risks they took to have sex all belong to the past. But, unfortunately, he is wrong...

Hot Yoga in a Beach Cabin


Before a young employee entered the LCO (Leader in Congress Organisation) building where he worked, a young woman looking to be in her early thirties approached him and exchanged a few words with him. She handed him an envelope and asked if he could pass it on to Robert Ryes, and make sure that Mr. Ryes received it personally.

The messenger was dumbfounded. How did this woman know that he was working for the same organization as Robert Ryes? It was something that left him puzzled.

He took the envelope and told the lady that he was going to give it to Mr. Ryes.


A quarter of an hour later, Robert Ryes was reading the letter:


"Dear Sir, Mister Robert,


Maybe you remember me. My name is Rachel Forrick, and I am the best friend of Hillary Radkin. You certainly know who she is. You and I both met a few times last year when Hillary, you, and I went out together with some other acquaintances, but maybe you don’t remember.

I appeal to your competence as a writer of advertising copy. I want to have a brochure printed.

Professionally, I’m working as a biologist at Hazelstead University. My job is in the Marine Biodiversity laboratories on Saint Quentin Avenue.

Besides my duties at the university, I organize tours to the beach for those interested in marine biology excursions. These trips aren’t free, obviously.

In order to attract more potential customers, I would kindly request your collaboration on the development of a brochure. My aim is to promote my business and present it as attractively as possible. My friend Hillary assured me that no one can resist your words when you write with determination.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer you financial remuneration. You would have to do the copywriting without expecting payment. All I can offer you is a free trip to the coast. The coach fare and lunch will be on me.

To further refine all details, I'll call you this weekend. Hillary gave me your home phone number at Boarmarsh.

Thanks in advance for your voluntary cooperation.

Friendly yours,


Rachel Forrick, marine biologist and researcher.


P.S. Allow me to repeat that I'm Hillary’s best friend.”


... Robert put the letter in his pocket. He realized that he was facing his past. A year earlier, a woman named Hillary Radkin had replaced Robert’s colleague Leopold Martins at the LCO offices for five weeks. Hillary had been attracted to Robert, although she was only twenty-four years old and he was already forty-two. Something unexpected had happened between them. For about five weeks, Robert and Hillary had been lovers.


On Friday 14th of May, after their short affair had lasted for five weeks, Robert fucked Hillary for the last time. It happened at her parents’ home, in her own bed. She was nervous, as she expected her mother and her sister to come home from shopping anytime. That kind of situation made Robert hornier than he usually was when banging Hillary. Was it the risk of being surprised? A married man in his forties was screwing a girl of twenty-four… Ryes screamed and grunted with extreme pleasure when he came, shooting his load of cum deep into Hillary’s swollen pussy. Unfortunately, she had no orgasm. He asked her if he should finger her clit or lick her between her legs to make her come. Hillary didn’t want that. She was too scared that her mother would arrive while she was shrieking with pleasure on top of her lungs, as she usually did…

Eight days later, on Saturday 22d of May, Hillary got married to her fiancé of nearly three years, music teacher and choir conductor Lucas Clayson. Ryes was not invited to the wedding ceremony. Hillary was a splendid bride, so Robert was told by his colleague Leopold Martins who attended. Even if she was far from still being a virgin, Hillary was wearing a bride’s gown in immaculate white.

Robert’s sexual escapade with Hillary was risky, he was well aware of that. They fucked and fucked again, like animals, wild with lust. It meant that they took a lot of risks to meet each other for sex. If Robert’s wife had known about it, his life would be in ruins. So, although the sexual satisfaction that Hillary gave him was indescribable, in a sense, Ryes was glad that their affair was over and that he could turn the page.

Turn the page… That was what Robert Ryes had hoped for, but it didn’t happen.

Now, suddenly, the letter had made his affair with Hillary rise to the surface again. Hillary clearly hadn’t kept her mouth shut about her brief relationship with Robert. Apparently, to her best friend, Rachel Forrick, she had boasted about Robert’s skills as a copywriter, and perhaps even his sexual exploits.


Rachel called Robert at his home on a Sunday in mid-June, just before the school holidays would begin. She asked if he had finished the text to promote her guided tours to the seaside.

Robert replied that he hadn’t written the document and that it would be better if she sought help from another advert copywriter if she so wished.

Rachel felt that Robert wasn’t really interested in doing her a favor. Therefore, her tone became strong, quite abrupt, and aggressive on the phone. She said that she had already scheduled a trip to Westgate for the next Saturday. Robert had to come and see with his own eyes what her tourist and scientific proposal really meant. Undoubtedly this trip would give him a more concrete idea, and perhaps the inspiration to write an effective promotional text for the brochure.

Robert reacted to Rachel’s proposal with indifference. He said that he had already scheduled something for the next Saturday. In a sharp but clearly threatening voice, Rachel told him to come to the seaside with her, because if he didn’t, he might regret his refusal. Rachel took the opportunity to repeat that she was Hillary Radkin’s best friend. She added: “You know what I mean?”


Robert understood all too well what she meant. He sighed, realizing that inevitably he must accompany Rachel on this trip. If he didn’t, it was almost certain that Rachel would reveal that he and Hillary had had sex for five weeks like animals in a rut. If his wife Veronica learned of his sexual shenanigans with a girl eighteen years his junior, it probably would mean a catastrophic end to their marriage.


So, Robert agreed and accepted the invitation. And why not? In the end, a day at the seaside could be quite relaxing, and if the weather was decent he would certainly enjoy it. And the advertising message? Robert had enough routine to shed something out of his sleeve and come up with something that would satisfy Rachel Forrick.


That Saturday, the passengers in the coach driving from Hazelstead to Westgate composed a quite diversified group. Most participants were happy to take part in the day’s outing. Even if they had quite different backgrounds, they were really good company for each other. There were some pensioners, of which some were very old and could barely walk. At the other end of the age scale, five young students from Hazelstead University, three girls and two boys were sitting at the back of the coach. Most participants however were ladies between thirty-five and fifty years old. Robert recognized this kind of customer for all kinds of events. He had already met them in a series of events organized by LCO. They were single or divorced women, and to a much lesser degree, widows. All had something in common: they were desperate to find a partner to make their loneliness go away, and in the best of cases, to share the rest of their days with them. As such, they weren’t really interested in marine biology. They used this occasion to seek the company of other travelers in the hope of finding a partner. To get this opportunity, they were willing to pay. Travel agencies, and people like Rachel, took advantage of the solitude of those often desperate women.


Tour guide Rachel was sitting in the front of the bus with Robert, right behind the driver. The microphone was on hand in case it was necessary for Rachel to provide expert commentary.

Robert felt that Rachel was constantly pressing her left thigh against his right leg. Just like Hillary, Rachel had rather wide buttocks. Therefore, their legs touching was almost inevitable, because of the narrow coach seats. However, Robert had the impression that Rachel deliberately chose to constantly push her thigh against his upper leg. That didn’t really bother him. He only had to stand it during the coach ride that lasted a little over an hour and a half.


Once they had reached the seashore, Rachel showed to be very competent. She spoke of the sea and all its biological aspects. Her explanation during the walk along the beach was very interesting, and just like Hillary, Rachel managed to articulate her ideas in a crystal clear way. She spoke with insight and enthusiasm about everything that had to do with the sea, the tides, water chemistry, fish, seaweeds, seafood, and other things.


For lunch, the group went to the restaurant “The Conch” on Francis Drake Street, facing the sea. Actually, it wasn’t a real restaurant. It seemed to Robert that it was rather a glorified snack bar because it offered efficient and quick service to its customers, as usually is the case in fast food places. The flounder that Robert ordered was served only lukewarm, and the accompanying French fries were a bit soggy. But, because Rachel paid the bill for him, Robert didn’t complain. He thought of a popular saying that his grandmother had regularly repeated: “Don’t look into a given horse’s mouth”.


After lunch at The Conch, Rachel stood up and announced to the trip participants that they had two free hours. Those who wanted could go to the beach to collect shells or enjoy watching the life of small marine creatures in the tidal pools. Another option was to go for a walk in the beautiful Westgate dunes, or in town for shopping or to have a drink before the coach would return to Hazelstead.


Rachel asked Robert if he would go with her to a beach located opposite the Westgate Marine Park. It was close, only about half a mile away from the restaurant. Rachel said that she wanted to go for a swim and to relax, lying basking in the sun on the beach.

On their way to the Marine Park happened what Robert had already feared. Shamelessly, Rachel said she knew everything that had happened between Hillary and him when her friend had been working for five weeks at the LCO company. Hillary had confessed that with Rober, she had tried practically all Kamasutra sex positions and that he could make a woman enjoy sex in an incredible way.


However, what Robert hadn’t expected at all was the turn that Rachel gave to her story. In the afternoon, she wanted to experiment with Robert some sexual positions that he had practiced with Hillary the year before. Robert wasn’t really interested in having sex with Rachel, and he tried to dodge the issue. She told him that he had to face the situation and that she wouldn’t tolerate him ruining her afternoon.

Robert understood the possible consequences of his refusal once they had returned to Hazelstead. From the sound of Rachel’s voice, Robert could clearly conclude that she wanted him to do what she had demanded.


After his affair with Hillary a year earlier, Robert didn’t want to take the risk of running into the spotlight. If Rachel was emotionally or sentimentally hurt by his refusal to have sex with her, the consequences could mean an end to the comfortable life he was leading with his wife at Boarmarsh.

Still, Robert found it hard to believe that Rachel expected him to have sex without that they first learn to know each other better, and he told her so. Rachel lifted her chin and said threateningly that he had five minutes to make up his mind. They had almost reached the beach where she wanted to go.

Roberto shrugged and said in his best French: “Ce que femme veut, Dieu veut.”


Rachel didn’t give him time to reconsider. When they had arrived at the Marine Park, Rachel waved her hand to an old man who was leaning against a mobile cabin near the beach, painted in dark green and with white stripes. The old man understood. Like a draft horse, he dragged the mobile cabin through the sand towards the sea. From her purse, Rachel took the rent money that the man wanted for the cabin. Immediately after the cabin’s owner had left, she made Robert go into the small wooden house on wheels.

Rachel had no intention of putting on her swimsuit. She completely undressed, except for her glasses, and was standing naked in front of Robert in no time. After a moment's hesitation, he followed Rachel’s example.


That afternoon in the mobile cabin, there was some hot yoga going on. Near the sea on one of the Westgate beaches, Robert Ryes made love to Rachel Forrick. Spontaneously, he compared Rachel's naked body to that of her friend Hillary. Rachel was a little taller than Hillary, about two inches, and like Hillary, Rachel had rather short legs, with massive thighs. For the rest, there were few similarities. Hillary was blonde, and she had a couple of very beautiful round breasts with pale pink nipples that scarcely protruded from her soft pink areolas. Robert recalled that the pink nipples grew larger and stood out from the areolas when he delicately massaged them or blew on them.

Rachel had rather small pear-shaped breasts with darker skin, covered in small blue veins. Both her areolas and her sticking-out nipples were dark brown. Her curly black hair partly hid her tanned face. Hillary had blonde hair falling to her shoulders and her nice friendly round face wasn’t hidden by her hair. On the other hand, between her legs, Hillary had a huge mass of ginger pubic hair, but Rachel was different. The hair around her pussy was jet black and rather thin, and it formed a perfect triangle on her pubic mound. Robert assumed that Rachel shaved away part of that dark hair from around her pussy. He couldn’t otherwise explain the shape of the perfectly symmetrical triangle. Rachel’s far less pubic hair also made it much easier to see her labia and her fanny than it had been the case with Hillary.


In the half-dark, Rachel examined Robert’s cock. After having looked at it from nearby, she pulled the foreskin back and sniffed at his glans. He guessed that she did so to make sure he had washed his penis and that she didn’t run any risk concerning hygiene. Needless to say that Ryes got a hard one at once, especially after she had kind of weighed his balls in the palm of her hand.

While she was busy with his genitals, Robert caressed her neck and her back. He wanted to feel her up and put two fingers into her cunt from behind. Rachel shivered. She withdrew from him and leaned with her back against the cabin wall. Wasn’t she used to feeling fingers inside her slit, or was she ashamed that Robert would feel her wetness? He didn’t know, and in that clammy beach cabin, it didn’t matter.


And so, the hot yoga session began. In the stifling hot atmosphere of that beach cabin, Robert did everything possible to please Rachel. He asked her if she had a preference for a certain sex position. She didn’t answer him, but she just pulled his naked body towards hers and started kissing Robert. He joined in, and while turning his tongue around in Rachel’s mouth, he stroked her back and her buttocks, her breasts, and her slightly protruding belly. For Hillary, the year before, these preliminaries couldn’t last long enough. Not so for Rachel. While Robert continued to kiss and caress her to prepare her for what was going to follow, Rachel became impatient. Apparently, she didn’t deem it necessary to be stimulated more to make love. Maybe she had no patience for long preliminaries because she considered that they couldn’t stay in the cabin too long.

Rachel went to stand with her back against the wooden cabin wall, spread her legs, and grabbed Robert’s dick. With her left hand, she introduced his swollen penis into her vagina. Even without having been properly prepared for love, Rachel was very aroused, because her pussy was dripping wet.

Robert pressed her against the plank wall and Rachel pushed her groin forward to make Robert's penis enter her as deeply as possible.

Their lovemaking lasted no more than five minutes. Robert pushed Rachel hard against the wooden wall and only moved up and down inside her a few times. After a final forward blow with his hips, gasping and groaning, he shot his sperm into her.

When Rachel felt that he was going to cum, she reached for his balls and pressed them slightly upwards, careful enough not to hurt him. Robert had no idea why she did that. As she had a biology degree, he guessed that she had her reasons. Did it enhance her sexual pleasure by pushing at the same time his dick deeper into her snatch? Or was it maybe a gesture to show her dominance over the man who was fucking her? Was it to prevent that too much sperm got into her puss? Maybe, although Ryes didn’t believe that it made a lot of difference when he shot his semen into her wet cunt. He pumped a lot of sperm into her, that’s for sure. After his orgasm, he saw his milky white semen flow back from between her labia along her inner thighs.


Robert had no idea if Rachel had enjoyed sex with him. She was groaning and sighing all the time in those few minutes that their copulation had lasted, but she controlled herself. Maybe it was because she was afraid that swimmers or people walking on the beach heard what was going on in that wooden cabin. Either way, Robert was unable to give Rachel an orgasm. To begin with, the lovemaking hadn’t lasted long enough. Robert had only briefly moved inside her love tunnel.

It was quite presumptuous on his part, but Robert felt that Rachel had enjoyed sex with him at least a little. While he was busy with her body and stroking the walls of her vagina with his cock, she threw her head back, her mouth wide open. Robert could only see the whites of her eyes as she looked up, her eyes riveted on the cabin’s ceiling.


It was a unique experience, but it stayed at that. Robert and Rachel only had sex together once. After their brief moment of intimacy in the beach cabin at Westgate, marine biologist Rachel Forrick never made contact with copywriter Robert Ryes again. He even never had to write a text for Rachel’s brochure.


That Saturday afternoon at Westgate, Rachel probably came to the conclusion that, despite what Hillary had said about her ephemeral lover, Robert’s sexual performances weren’t really what Rachel had hoped for.


© Robur Quercus 2022


Submitted: May 18, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Well at least he got some joy & a release out of it! Too bad it just wasn't enough for her to blow her mind from the ordeal!

Thu, May 19th, 2022 7:08am


It isn't uncommon that one of the participants in that kind of yoga doesn't get his/her fair share of the action.

Thu, May 19th, 2022 12:12am


Well at least he got some joy & a release out of it! Too bad it just wasn't enough for her to blow her mind from the ordeal!

Thu, May 19th, 2022 7:08am

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