The Virtue Auction, Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A wealthy lesbian buys a young, straight virgin woman at an auction to do with as she pleases.

Table of Contents


Rose buys a young straight woman named Sophia at an auction where virginities are sold.
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Rose brings her new plaything back to her high rise penthouse and explains her rules to Sophia.
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Rose eases Sophia into her first sexual experience and shows her just how much fun toys can be, but the climax falls short as Sophia struggles to do as she’s told.
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Rose teaches Sophia how to properly give oral to a woman
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Rose plays a game with Sophia to teach her self control and gives her an orgasm she won’t soon forget.
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Rose and Sophia end their first night together with some fun in the shower.
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Rose and Sophia start their second day together with a playful yet erotic dip in the pool
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Rose takes Sophia to get dolled up for the evening’s event
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The Game

Rose plays a special game with Sophia at the gala
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Rose takes Sophia back to her penthouse and introduces her to the world of bondage
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Rose takes Sophia deeper down the bdsm rabbit hole with some breath play
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Rose has yet another game for Sophia, but this time it’s to teach her self control.
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Rose finally fucks Sophia good and proper
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Rose ups the ante and plays one more game with Sophia
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