Chapter 45: I Humiliate, Beat and Fuck a Middle-Aged Slut – Spanking Fiction

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Wednesday 15th June 2011: I Humiliate, Beat and Fuck a Middle-Aged Slut – Spanking Fiction

“I absolutely despise you; you know that don’t you?”

She lowers her head in shame and replies, just audibly: “Yes.”

“You’ve let yourself go over the years, you used to be pretty, very pretty, and slim. Now look at you.”

Standing before me next to the bed, in the hotel room, is Claudia and she is naked. She wants me to fuck her more than I want to fuck her and because there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world she is going to have to pay with a beating - maybe blood too.

“I’m sorry, I attempted to lose some weight for you, and I really did—”

“You didn’t try very hard did you, hmmm? Okay, I want you to stay absolutely still whilst I examine you.”

I move closely and lower myself a little so that I can scrutinise her from toe to head.

“Your toes are chubby but kind of cute - I approve of your choice of nail varnish, vivid red,” she barely restrains a smile “as befits a slut, which you are and know you are.”

I cup my hands round her calves and run them up to her groin.

“Your calves and thighs are far too fat; you need to do some exercise. In fact, your legs remind me of piano legs, maybe you could donate them to a piano mender when you die, probably be the first truly useful thing you’ve done in your life, which can’t be that long either in your unhealthy state.”

I glance up at her face for a moment which has reddened as a result of my cruel jibes – good.

Carefully balanced on folded knees I now thrust my face about six inches away from her cunt.

“It’s lucky for you that you shaved as I’d be walking out the door if you hadn’t, not a bad job, though I can still make out some bristles you missed—”

“I’m sorry for that.”

“When was the last time you had an orgasm, and it had better not have been with your pig of a husband?”

“A week ago. I was thinking of you.”

“Correct answer - you’re learning.”

Her cunt is soaking, and I can almost see her juices bubbling - it’s an effect I have on all my women, my growing list of women.

“Your tummy is too big, you’re getting a pot, you’d better start doing sit ups.”

I can sense her hanging on intently to my every critical word.

I grab hold roughly of her breasts, taking her by surprise and she gasps. I am not the gentle type.

“Your tits are still a good size even though they’re a bit flabby, and sun bronzed too – nice.”

I cup my mouth around her left nipple and bite it.


“Your pain threshold is a bit low, and I shall be attending to that shortly.”

For the first time in the evening her expression betrays fear – I am evil, truly evil and revelling in that evil.

I place the index finger of my right hand beneath her chin.

“Look up straight.”

I study her features: round face, olive brown eyes, a short turned up nose, full lips. She was indeed pretty when she was young, kind of like a porcelain doll but her chin is fleshy now and her hair once long, curly and raven is shorter, dyed blond and curled, almost like a ‘bubble perm’. She is middle aged, and fucking looks it too.

I glance down at her arms which are flabby from the elbow up: they are tanned deeply - she is half Italian - as is the rest of her flesh.

“I don’t know whether I want to fuck you or not, you’ve really gone to seed, you were beautiful all those years ago, and now you’re shit, just a slab of meat yet, I loved you once…”

“I love you, Matt, I never stopped loving you. Do you still love me?”

I slap her hard across her left cheek with my right hand, the sound resounding around the cheap hotel room.

I curse myself for my admission of weakness.

“No. I stopped loving you years ago. I only agreed to this so that I could use you, abuse you, and you, you contemptible female still pine for me, still entertain hopes that I will take you away from your useless, fat cunt of a husband. I hate you, all I want to do is hurt you then fuck you, and then I’ll forget you.”

A tear rolls down her cheek, the truth hurts, but she is addicted to me, addicted to a fantasy of us together.

“Get on the bed you slut and kneel on all fours.”

She obeys.

“I’m going to beat you very hard now. You will take every stroke and when I am done, I will fuck you.”

I take out the leather studded paddle from my holdall – she is clearly trembling.

I line myself parallel with her so that the swats will impact with maximum force. Her legs are slightly apart and the slit of her cunt clearly visible between the backs of her fat thighs.

I bring my right arm as far back as I can then drive it down upon her left buttock with a loud ‘whack’. She cries out and for a second looks as though she will roll over on her side - but she doesn’t. A red mark about the size of a hand has appeared already.

“Turn round and face the end of the bed.”

She shuffles round keeping her head down.

This time I use my left hand to bring the paddle down onto her right buttock – it’s not as hard but she arches her back with the agony and cries out again.

“Get back in position. Do not piss me off by moving.”

I discern her sniffling and think pathetic bitch.

Again, I swipe her right buttock hard with my left arm - I’m trying to break the skin but to no avail - and she takes it well, for a ‘pathetic bitch’.

“Okay, the last two strokes were soft. Turn back round again facing the wall.”

Predictably she complies with my request - the things a slut will do to get a shag, I think then chuckle out loud.

Back in her original punishment attitude I congratulate myself on my ‘work’ so far - both buttocks are extremely red and appear “grazed”.

For the fourth stroke I take a couple of paces back then launch the blow such that the force from my arm is added to the momentum of my sixteen stone frame – the whack is louder than before.  Curiously, she does not yell out, the shock must be too great, though she continues to sob.

I decide to administer the fifth stroke exactly as the fourth one and this time she screams and falls sideways onto the mattress clutching her backside.

“Get back into position - NOW!”

Whimpering she reluctantly assumes the punishment position and I can see why she reacted so: little beads of blood have manifested themselves on her abrasions - I am fully erect too.

This time I smash her right arse cheek with my right hand – I can’t get the leverage, but it still smarts, really smarts.

I feel now that I have ‘broken’ her. One more for luck, as they say.

She is crying now like a baby - she doesn’t care. I want to tell her that pain, extreme pain is a kind of liberation - it frees you from the charade of everyday life because you can be you, really you, when you are in agony, but the fact of the matter is that she is too thick to understand that.

I bend down and whisper in her ear: “One more bitch, just one more bitch, and then I’ll fuck you hard. You’ll like that won’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I love you.”

She doesn’t see me smile sadistically nor does she see the last swat which I administer so hard that I almost spin round on my feet.

She pitches face forward onto the sheets writhing around clutching her left buttock which is thinly smeared with blood.

“Right, your beating is now over. I want you in the doggie position with your legs apart.”

I drop my trousers before joining her on the bed. I don’t bother with a condom as I am certain neither of us have infections. If she gets pregnant then that is her problem. ‘New Age’ man I am not.

As I shift around on the bed the springs creak ominously.

“Don’t reckon these beds are constructed for porkers like you, Claudia.” I tell her as I guide my cock into her accommodating and damp cunt.

I start to thrust and as I do, she starts to groan and this is the moment she has been waiting for all those years, mind you, moment is the right word because I shan’t be holding back - once I’ve come, I’ll be going.

After about twenty powerful thrusts I climax - she too gasps, and we both fall down onto the bed with me on top of her.

“Matt, that was wonderful. I love you so much.”

“Well, it was good, but I don’t love you, Claudia. Never will.”

I wonder if she did have an orgasm after all - I can’t say I’m bothered one way or the other.

She wraps her saggy arms around me before kissing me on the lips and saying: “I wish it could be like this all the time.”

“Yeah, well it can’t as I’m happily married with a loving, faithful wife who isn’t an embarrassment like you.”

“I’m going to have a shower now, Matt. We can have a cuddle and watch TV for a bit after.”

For fuck’s sake, I think.

I watch her lift herself off the bed and then walk over to the cubicle. Within seconds I hear the water running. I quickly dress and then stuff all her clothes into my holdall. I then walk over to the shower cubicle where she is soaping herself all over - I can’t help but stare at her bruises.

“I’m just going to nip down to reception and order us a couple of bottles of wine. Won’t be long.”

“Thanks darling.”

I inwardly cringe at her use of ‘darling’ because that is the one thing I am not, as she is about to find out.

I survey the room for one last time, doubly checking I have left nothing of mine behind then exit out onto the landing before making my way down to the lobby, past the unmanned reception desk and out through the glass fronted doors into the car park.

The evening is cool, fresh - I feel good. It’s about nine and despite the glow from the town lights I can see the stars – it’s good to be alive.

About fifteen feet away from my car I press the button on my car key to release the locks.

I settle into my seat, take the paddle out of the holdall, the holdall with all of Claudia’s clothes in, and then place it beside my car on the gravel surface of the hotel car park. I pull my seatbelt across me and then start the engine. Reaching into the breast pocket of my suit I bring out my mobile phone. I compose a message: Your clothes are in a blue holdall at the far end of the hotel car park :-D and send it to Claudia’s mobile. I wait for the phone to say ‘message sent’ before turning it off.

I imagine the look on the stupid bitch’s face when she realises that not only have I gone but that she’s got to walk out naked or with just a towel wrapped around her obese little body to get her clothes back. Also, she’s going to have to pick up the tab for spending the night in the hotel alone - probably in tears.

As I pull out onto the main road, I find I have difficulty steering the car where I can’t stop laughing. I admonish myself to be more serious - I don’t want to have an accident.

I look at my watch: ten past nine. Good, I reckon I’ll just about pick up the last ferry back to the Island. It’ll be nice to see the wife…

Submitted: May 14, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.


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