Chapter 1: Catfight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Jen V/S Jackey


By BW Custom Stories


Mike and Jen pulled up to Jeff and Jackey’s house and parked in the driveway, both of them sitting in silence for a moment as the engine shut off. Mike turned and looked at his wife, realizing he was excited for what was about to happen, but also nervous for his wife. Jen was also nervous, but she had agreed to do this and was actually looking forward to it a little bit. “Babe, are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Jen didn’t look at her husband. She looked straight forward out the windshield at the house. “Yeah I’m sure. I know you’ve wanted to see me fight for awhile now, and doing it against this stuck up bitch is perfect.” Mike smiled as he seen his wife was determined to fight now. Jen turned and looked at Mike. “Remember, no matter what, you don’t stop this. If I lose, I’ll submit. If she keeps going after it, then you can stop her.” Mike could already feel himself getting turned on. Watching his wife fight was always a dream for him and it was about to come true. “I understand babe. I won’t step in unless I just have to. I know Jeff is going to be the same way.” Jen nodded, then leaned over and kissed her husband softly. “Let’s go do this.”


They got out of the car and walked to the door, ringing the doorbell and waiting. Jen had her bag over her shoulder with her fight attire inside. A few moments passed and Jeff opened the door. “Hey guys. Great to see you. Come on in.” Jeff let them inside and shared a fist bump with Mike, both of them clearly excited about what was to take place here today. “Jackey is downstairs already waiting to get started. Let’s head down there.” Jeff escorted the duo down the stairs and they walked into their basement. It was carpeted and Jeff had pushed a love seat onto either side of the main floor for seating for him and Mike.


Jackey looked up and seen them walking in and smirked at Jen. “Didn’t think you would have the guts to show up bitch. But I’m glad you did. I’ve been looking forward to this.” Jen’s blood ran cold. She was ready to tear into her right then. “I wouldn’t miss this chance to beat your snobby ass Jackey.” Jeff stepped in. “Ladies, you will get that chance shortly. For now, let’s get you changed into your fight attire shall we? Jen there is a small bedroom over there that you can change in. Jackey will change in the bathroom down here. When you’re both ready, come out and get in the middle of the carpet here and we’ll have a staredown for a couple of minutes and go over the rules.” Both ladies just nodded their heads and went to their rooms to change.


Jeff walked over and grabbed 2 beers from the fridge and handed one to Mike. “Man can you believe this? We’re finally going to get to watch our wives fight.” Mike smiled. “I never would have believed it honestly. We’ve been talking about this so long. Who knew they would jump at the chance to fight each other?” Jeff nodded. “This is going to be great man. But we agree now that we won’t step in and break them up. If one of them gives up, and the other keeps going, we’ll stop it then. I want to make sure it’s a fair fight.” Mike nodded again. “Agreed my friend.” Both men sat down on the love seats opposite each other and prepared themselves for their dream afternoon.


Jackey was the first lady to emerge from her room. Her 5’3, 135 pound body was clad in only a wife beater with no bra, and a pink thong. The nipples on her 34B breasts were already hard as she was anticipating this fight. She strutted out proudly to the fight area and smiled at Jeff, then at Mike. Mike had to admit to himself that Jackey did look like she could hold her own in this fight. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair as she waited on her rival to come out.


She didn’t have to wait long though. About 2 minutes later Jen stepped out of the bedroom and walked towards the fight area. Her 5’1, 125 pound body clad in a wife beater with no bra, and a pair of regular black panties that covered most of her ass. Just like her rival the nipples on her 36C breasts were already hard. Her longer brunette hair swayed left and right as she made her way to the carpet. Jeff and Mike watched as both women glared at each other, and just that sight alone was enough to get their engines running.




Jeff took point as master of ceremonies so to speak and stepped up. “Ladies, if you’ll both move to the center of the carpet here for a staredown we’ll go over the rules of the fight.” Both ladies moved forward and stopped about 2 inches from each other. Their eyes locked in a heated glare that could melt butter. They placed their hands on their hips and listened to the rules.


“Ladies, this will be a catfight as you both know. There will be no eye gouging of any kind and no biting at all. Doing either one of these will automatically make you lose the fight. Everything else is legal. You will fight until one of you verbally submits to the other. You must state you quit and the other woman is better. That’s the only way to stop the fight. Mike and myself will remain on the sides watching and will make sure the fight is stopped when one of you gives. The winner will then pose over the loser however she sees fit and the winner’s husband will take a couple of victory pics. Are you ladies good with that?”


Jackey smirked as she looked at Jen. “Oh I’m good with it. I’ll enjoy having my picture taken over this beaten slut.”


“In your dreams Jackey. I’m going to beat your ass today. Something you’ve needed for a long time.”


“Oh yeah Jen? You really think so? How about we make this a bit more interesting then? If you’re not scared that is.”


“What do you have in mind Jackey?”


“How about the winner facesits the loser without panties on and makes the loser lick her to an orgasm?”


Mike and Jeff’s excitement went up 1000 fold hearing this stipulation. Jen swallowed hard and even though she was sure she was going to win the fight, the thought of having to lick Jackey in front of her husband horrified her. But she wasn’t going to back down at all.


“You’re on Jackey. I always figured you had some lesbian in you. I’ll find out just how good you are at licking pussy after I beat you.”


Jeff stepped up again. “Awesome stipulation! So it’s agreed now! Ladies please step back from each other and prepare to fight. Mike will give the signal to start, and you’ll fight until there’s a winner!”


Both ladies stepped back from each other, but didn’t take their eyes off their rival. Mike and Jeff had their eyes glued on their respective wife. Taking an occasional glance at the other. Both of them were extremely turned on at this point, and it was clearly showing in their pants. Mike cleared his throat. “Ladies…..are you ready?” Both of them nodded that they were. “Then FIGHT!”


Both ladies moved forward, bringing their hands up in front of them and slowly began to circle each other. Their eyes locked on each other in pure hatred as they danced around getting  a feel for each other. Jen darted in quickly, firing a hard slap across Jackey’s face that snapped the blonde’s head to the side before she moved back. “UGGGH! BITCH!” Jackey stepped left then moved quickly to the right, slamming 2 hard slaps across Jen’s face that sent the brunette stumbling back a bit. “OWWWWWW!”


Jeff cheered his wife on. “That’s it baby! Take it to her!” Followed quickly by Mike. “Come on honey!”


The ladies had gotten their first taste of a catfight, and they both loved it. They were hungry for more and were more determined than ever now to beat their rival. As if on queue, they both moved in quickly, both ladies wrapping hands in each others hair tightly. Their tits pressed together as they started yanking each other around by their hair. Both of them moaning in pain as small strands of hair was ripped out, only to have them dive back in for more.


Jackey adjusted her grip on Jen’s hair and grabbed 2 good handfuls in the back, yanking hard and making Jen’s lower back bend the opposite direction. Jen moaned in pain and started to back up a bit now, taking steps backwards towards Mike sitting on the couch. Jackey pulled as hard as she could, forcing Jen down to her knees just a couple of feet from her husband. She released one hand from her hair and started raining slaps down to the gorgeous brunette’s face. Slap after slap was landing and Jen was moaning out in pain as her face started to become red from the constant barrage. She tried to pull Jackey down with her by her hair, but the stout blonde had too good of a base to be pulled over. Mike was forced to watch as his wife was taking a beating early on, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.


“Fight back Jen! Come on!”


“That’s it Jackey! Beat her ass!”


The men were loving the action, Jeff more than Mike obviously at this point. Jen dropped her hands from Jackey’s hair and immediately latched her claws onto Jackey’s tits. She dug her claws in as tight as she could and started to ball her hands up into fists. “OWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT! LET GO OF MY TITS BITCH!” Jackey brought both her hands up to Jen’s wrists, trying to pry her claws off her breasts. Jen held on as tightly as she could, but finally had her hands pulled free by Jackey. Jen quickly dropped back to her ass and brought her feet up in front of her, kicking straight out and landing her heels in Jackey’s lower stomach. “UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!” The blond moaned out in pain and stumbled back a bit from the forceful blow from the brunette.


“Oh yeah Jen! Go get her!”


Jen stood up as fast as she could, her panties creeping up into her round ass just a bit, and moved forward. Jackey was holding her stomach with one hand and glaring at Jen. “You fucking bitch! Let’s go!” Jen snarled right back, “I’m not going anywhere whore!” The 2 rivals started circling again, this time a bit more cautious as they knew this wasn’t just a game now. Jen darted forward, firing several slaps at Jackey. Some of them landing on her face, tits, and sides. Jackey backed up now as she tried to defend herself as best she could. Jackey was stronger, but Jen was quicker. As Jackey back pedaled, her feet got tangled up and she fell back onto her ass right in front of Jeff as her back slammed against the couch. Jen reached forward and grabbed 2 handfuls of Jackey’s blonde hair, pulling as hard as she could forcing Jackey to move off the couch onto her hands and knees. The brunette started ripping into Jackey’s hair as wildly as she could, pulling out strands of Jackey’s hair and going back for more. Jackey was howling in pain and agony as she was forced to crawl on her hands and knees to try and keep the pressure off her neck and head.






The men were lost in lust as they watched their women fighting for them. A life long dream was finally coming true, and the best part was it was their own wives who was doing it for them. Not some women on video or in a movie. Their actual wives were engaged in a heated catfight that was truly pleasing to the eyes.


Jackey reached forward and was able to grab ahold of of Jen’s right heel, catching it just as she was about to step back. Jen lost her balance and fell back onto her ass, pulling Jackey’s hair hard as she fell, actually dragging the blonde up her body. Jackey immediately sunk her nails into Jen’s brunette hair and started pulling roughly. “FUCKING BITCH!” “STUPID WHORE!” The 2 warriors started ripping each others head left and right quickly by their hair. Jackey was snapping Jen’s head left and right across the carpet, and Jen was jerking Jackey’s head the same way in the air. Jackey tried to move her body up on Jen to mount her, but Jen fought off that move with her legs, keeping the ladies pressed together tightly. Their breasts mashed together as hard nipples fought each others under their wife beaters.


Jen yanked Jackey’s head back sharply by pulling her hair directly in the back. Jackey howled out in pain as her back was arched in the opposite direction. Jen held on tightly with one hand and with the other started slapping Jackey’s exposed face now. “OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW! BITCH!” Jen bucked her hips and used the leverage on Jackey’s hair to roll the blonde off her, and kept the momentum going as she rolled on top now. Sweat started to cover their bodies lightly now, making their wife beaters cling to their bodies tightly. Jen started slapping and pulling Jackey’s hair and Jackey did the same to Jen. It was Jen who was getting the better of the exchange though with her position on top.






Jen moved her hips and legs at the same time, working her lower body up onto Jackey in a better position. Her pussy was sitting directly on Jackey’s and both of them could feel the incredible heat between them. Jen raised up as best she could with Jackey still holding onto her hair. She had the blonde pinned down under her and was ready to win the fight. She sent several hard slaps to Jackey’s face, each of them ringing out louder and louder as they connected. Jackey was moaning and finally had to drop her hands from Jen’s hair to try and protect herself somehow. Jen rared back to send another slap across Jackey’s face, but Jackey drove a hard punch directly into her side that hit with a loud thud. “UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Jen clutched her side in pain and Jackey fired another punch into the other side now, hitting with just as much power as the one before. “SHIT!!!!!!!!!!” Jen moaned in pain and rolled off Jackey and rolled a couple of extra times to get some space.


Both ladies took just a moment to catch their breath. They knew that they had wanted this fight, and their minds were racing on the best way to win it. The men watched as their wives slowly raised to their feet once again. Their wife beaters now becoming see through with the sweat on their bodies, showing off their breasts and hard nipples. Jen snarled at Jackey. “Had enough bitch?” Jackey just smirked. “Bitch I haven’t even gotten started yet. Come on!”


This time there was no hesitation between the women. Their hatred for one another was growing by the second. Both of them wanted this. They both wanted to win this fight bad. Not for their husbands. They wanted to beat the other for themselves. For pride. For bragging rights. They moved forward quickly with hands up ready to fight. Both women started sending wild slaps at the other, most of them missing, some of them connecting on each others sides and arms. Finally a hard slap connected across Jen’s pretty face with a loud SMACK. Her head snapped to the side quickly and Jackey immediately latched onto her hair. She pulled the brunette off balance and literally drug her to the floor by hair hair.


Jen landed on her back and Jackey was on top of her in a flash. The bigger blonde mounted the smaller brunette and started to rag doll her head across the carpet again. “FUCK YEAH JACKEY!” Mike watched closely as his wife was getting woman handled now by this strong blonde. Jen was desperately trying to buck her hips to unseat Jackey off of her, but the blonde had a good base with her knees and was riding every buck like a seasoned bull rider. Jen’s hair could be seen flying in the air as Jackey just kept up the pressure, pulling as hard and as fast as she could. The moans of agony from Jen started to get louder and louder and Mike’s heart sunk as he knew this was going to be the end of this fight with his beautiful wife losing.


Jen threw up her hands and got ahold of Jackey’s tits and started to squeeze as best she could, but the violent nature of Jackey’s hair pulling was making her whole upper body jerk left and right. Jackey purred down at Jen, “Got you now bitch!” All Jen could do was moan in pain as this vicious blonde was all over her and not letting up at all. Jen was in trouble, big trouble, and she knew it.


“Finish her off Jackey! You’ve got her now!”


“Come on Jen!!!!!! Don’t give up!”

Jen could feel Jackey sliding further up her body, inch by inch and no matter what she did, she couldn’t stop it. The more she bucked the more it seemed to help Jackey slide up. Finally Jackey’s ass was planted just below Jen’s tits, securing the brunette against the floor tightly. Jackey kept ripping into Jen’s hair and the brunette was wailing in agony now. Small tufts of brunette hair started to litter the carpet now as Jackey just kept on her relentless attack. Jen drug her nails down Jackey’s side harshly, making the blonde moan in pain as she left 4 red trail marks the immediately started to welt up. But as her hand reached Jackey’s hip, she felt Jackey’s thong and reached around, clutching it tightly in the back. Jen balled up her fist, holding onto the fabric and yanked upwards as hard as she could. “OWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! GAWD LET GO LET GO LET GO!!!!!!!!!!” Jen ripped the thin fabric of the thong directly into Jackey’s pussy and ass. Jackey immediately reached back with both hands, grabbing Jen’s hand and desperately trying to ease the aching pain she was feeling. She finally was able to pry Jen’s hand free and quickly rolled off her a few feet away.


Jen laid there for a moment, her face red, body aching, covered in sweat, trying to recover. Jackey did the same with her hands clutching her aching pussy now as she tried to dig the fabric out. The men just sat and watched, their cocks hard as rocks now as they were absolutely in heaven watching this. Both men clearly wanted their wife to win the fight, but they were both ecstatic they were getting to witness such an amazing fight.


Slowly Jen sat up, glaring over at Jackey who was a few feet away from her also sitting up. Jackey hissed, “You fucking bitch. That was a dirty move and you know it.” Jen just smirked. “I don’t remember anything in the rules saying we couldn’t do that. You’re just sore you’re fucking losing bitch.”  The women slowly raised up to their knees, hands on hips as they stared at each other, breasts heaving up and down as they were catching their breath.


“Jen you’re such a bitch. You want to fight dirty? You fucking got it. Game on now whore.”


“Bring it on cunt. I’ll finish you off once and for all!”


Mike and Jeff watched intently as their wives started to inch towards each other on their knees now. Both of them had the upper hand and also been on the losing end so far. It was truly a very even catfight that could go either way. Jeff cheered for his wife, “Finish her babe! You’ve got this!” Mike returned fire, “You can take her Jen!” The men actually shared a glare now as it was clear this could turn into a rivalry between them as well.


The women met in the middle of the carpet on their knees and threw themselves at each other. Both sets of hands went up and grabbed hair and as their bodies collided, their tits slapped together roughly in a sweat soaked wife beaters. Both women started pulling violently on each others hair with one hand and sending hard slaps to any part of each others bodies they could reach. Jen landed a few good slaps to Jackey’s sides, but Jackey returned some of her own and they were hitting harder. Jen started to wince a bit more now as the sheer power difference was starting to take over. Her quickness advantage was starting to fade now and it was showing.


Jen changed tactics quickly, trying to take the upperhand back in the fight. She dropped Jackey’s blonde hair and latched both hands onto her tits, squeezing as hard as she could. Jackey howled in pain as the brunette’s claws tore through the shirt a bit and actually started to bite into actual titflesh. “YEAH JEN! RIP HER TITS UP!” Jackey countered by grabbing ahold of Jen’s tits now and giving them same treatment. She used her strong hands to really punish Jen’s fleshy orbs as Jen started to cry in pain. “THAT’S MY GIRL JACKEY! BEAT HER AT HER OWN GAME!!” The 2 warriors stood their ground on their knees, locked in a heated hands on titfight  that was exciting their husbands to no end.








Tears started to stream down their cheeks with how much punishment each of them were causing to the others tits. Neither lady wanted to give in or back down. Jen’s sharp nails bit into Jackey’s hard right nipple, raking down the front of it making her howl in agony. But Jackey gripped Jen’s tits harder, actually digging her nails in this time tighter and began kneading her hands and rotating them clockwise. “OWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jen screamed out in pain and sunk down a bit. Her ass hit her heels and Jackey kept pressing forward, squeezing her tits the whole time and took Jen down on her back.


Jackey tried to slide up on top of Jen, but the brunette quickly threw her legs up blocking the attempt and bringing the blonde into her guard. Jackey’s body came down on top of Jen now as they both grabbed hair once again and started to pull. Jen bucked her hips and rocked her weight to one side and rolled Jackey over to her side now. Her legs slid down Jackey’s and the 2 women started to roll around wildly. Jen was on top pulling hair, then Jackey. Back and forth they went at each other in classic catfight action. The men sat and watched in awe as their wives battled for supremacy. Both of them so turned on that one touch of their cocks would send them into a massive orgasm. They were truly in heaven watching this battle, even though both of them knew that their wife was taking a beating for them. It was beyond anything they had ever dreamed possible.


After a few minutes of rolling back and forth Jackey finally threw out one of her legs and stopped the rolling so she was on top of Jen. This time she was able to get her legs passed Jen’s and start to creep up slowly, inch by inch on top of Jen. Both ladies kept their hands locked in each others hair and kept pulling as hard as they can while trading slaps to each others faces and sides whenever they could. They were tiring now from this brutal fight, but neither one of them wanted to give up. Jackey finally got her pussy mounted directly on top of Jen’s. Her thong still wedged in just a bit causing her naked lips to rub the soft fabric of Jen’s panties. She dropped her hands from Jen’s hair and rose up as best she could, sending a hard slap across Jen’s pretty face. “OWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Jen’s grip weakened on the blonde’s hair and another slap echoed in the room loudly as Jackey connected again. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”


Jeff’s excitement took over now as he seen his wife on top of Jen and taking control of her and the fight. “YEAH BABY YEAH! SLAP THE FUCK OUT OF HER! MAKE HER QUIT!’ Mike watched in horror as his beautiful wife was getting pummeled now by hard slaps. Jackey wasn’t firing them rapidly at this point. She was literally saving up all her energy for each one, making sure it was landing as hard as possible. The sheer agony of Jen’s moans was breaking his heart. He wanted to step in and stop it. He had wanted to see his wife fight so badly, but now seeing her losing had him rethinking his fantasy. Another hard slap across Jen’s face and she brought her hands up around her head, trying to defend herself.


“COME ON JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHT BACK!!!!!”




Jackey smirked a bit hearing her husband cheer for her and the desperate plea of Mike for his wife to fight back. She was winning this fight and was about to finish off her rival for good. She could already thinking about how sweet it would be sitting on her face, making this brunette lick her pussy. She rared back to slap Jen hard once again, really reaching back and then howled out in pain as Jen extended her feet out in front of her, then brought her knees up as hard as she could, slamming them directly into Jackey’s lower back. “UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jackey reached back holding her lower back and rolled off of Jen sobbing in pain.


Jen laid there moaning as well. Her face was starting to turn brown and black now from the bruises that had started to form already. Her lips were a bit swollen, her eyes puffy, but she was still in this fight. Somehow she had managed to take such a brutal beating and keep her composure. Mike wasn’t sure how she made this happen, all he knew was he was happy Jackey was off of his wife now.





Jen turned her head and see Jackey laying on her stomach now with both hands clutching her lower back in pain. Her knee shot had done some damage and she knew it was now or never to capitalize on it. She wearily sat up, then slowly got to her knees, starting to inch towards Jackey.






Jen moved around to the front of Jackey just as she was starting to her hands and knees. She quickly grabbed the blonde’s hair and pulled her head between her strong thighs still standing on her knees. Jackey moaned out in pain as Jen’s powerful thighs clasped around her neck and immediately grabbed Jen’s ass, clawing at it to try and get free. Jen balled up her fist and slammed a hard punch into Jackey’s side that hit with a loud THUD. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF!” Again Jen slammed another punch into Jackey’s side, hitting almost in the exact same spot as the first. “UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GAWD!” Jen could feel Jackey’s grip on her ass start to weaken and she knew she needed to keep pounding away. Shot after shot landed into Jackey’s sides and back now as Jen unleashed as much fury as she had in her sexy body.




“Ugggggggggggg, nooo………………Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh….noooooooooooo…..”




“F…………..FUCK YOU!!!!”


Jeff watched intently now, almost wanting to beg Jackey to give up. His wife was now getting tortured in this fight, but her pride wouldn’t let her give up.


“That’s enough Jen! She’s had enough! Get off her!”


Mike snapped back quickly. “If she’s had enough, she can give up! Let them go!”


Jen finally hit Jackey with another hard shot that made the blonde release her ass completely. Jen’s grip on her neck loosened a bit and the blonde fell straight down on her tits moaning in agony. Jen still hadn’t heard the words she wanted to hear though, and she was not about to stop until she did. She moved behind Jackey now, sitting her tight ass down on the blonde’s and grabbed her hair. She literally yanked her head back as hard as she could making Jackey scream in pure pain. She pulled so hard that Jackey’s tits actually came up off the carpet as she reached back trying to stop the enormous amount of pain radiating through her scalp now.





Jen snarled and held onto Jackey’s hair with one hand. The other hand started sending hard slaps to the blonde’s face from behind. Mike watched as his wife was clearly in control and winning, and he was in heaven. Jen sent slap after slap to Jackey’s face making the blonde sob in agony and tears flow down her face. She wasn’t about to give up this position as she could feel Jackey’s body slowly starting to fade. She was no longer tensing up as much and she knew she had to keep going.


Jen’s death grip on Jackey’s hair finally gave way, as she pulled a large clump of hair out and Jackey’s face slapped against the carpet hard. Jen reached forward, snatching more hair and and jerking her face up, preparing to start the assault all over again.



Jackey screamed out and slapped her hand into the carpet. “STOP!! FUCKING STOP! YOU WIN!”


Jen smirked down at her and held on to her hair. “Say I’m the better woman slut!”










Jen released the blonde’s hair and her face slapped into the carpet once again. She rolled off Jackey and onto her back, breathing hard and moaning herself as the adrenaline started to wear off slowly and she could feel the pain more now. But it didn’t matter to her. She had won. She had beaten Jackey, in her own home, in front of her husband no less. Jackey just moaned into the carpet as the men sat there looking at their warriors. Mike was beaming with pride because Jen had won. Jeff was extremely disheartened at the fact that his wife had lost.


Jen slowly sat up and then stood, walking over to Mike and kissing him softly. Her face was black and blue, but to Mike she had never looked more beautiful. She slowly removed her panties and gave them to her husband. “Hold these for me babe. I have some unfinished business to take care of.” Mike almost came in his pants right then. His wife had just won a catfight, and now was going to facesit another woman. This was truly what his dreams were made of.


Jen moved to Jackey and rolled her over onto her back. She glared down at the blonde and smirked a bit.


“Now bitch, according to your stipulation, the loser must lick the winner, and you’re going to pay up. I bet you really wished you hadn’t stated that now huh?”


Jackey just looked up at Jen in disgust. She couldn’t believe this was about to happen. But she was the one that made the rule, and she was a woman of her word.


Jen slowly eased herself down on her knees, hovering her wet pussy over Jackey’s mouth. She reached down and grabbed Jackey’s blonde hair, making sure she couldn’t move her head, and placed her pussy on her mouth. Jackey moaned as she got her first taste of Jen’s pussy. She was already soaked from the fight. Truth be told, Jackey was as well. Fighting had really turned her on, but she wasn’t about to let Jen know that. Jackey laid there as Jen wiggled a bit on top of her. She kept her mouth closed for the moment, but Jen’s juices were starting to seep inside.


Jen smirked as she looked down at Jackey. “Now bitch. Lick me to an orgasm. You’re good at running your fucking mouth. Let’s see how good you are with that tongue. LICK ME!”


Jackey moaned out as her tongue extended from her mouth and slipped inside Jen’s wet pussy. She could taste her juices and her sweat mixed together. Jen started to slowly rock her hips forward and back, just about an inch as she started to fuck Jackey’s face. Jackey looked up and seen Jen close her eyes as she rode her. Jackey’s tongue slithered inside, and back out slowly at first, not wanting to give more than she had to.


Jen had other ideas though. She tightened her grip on the blonde’s hair and moaned in a husky voice, “Come on slut. Really fucking lick me. If you’re going to make me cum, it’s going to take more than what you’re doing. Fucking lick my winning pussy.”





Jackey growled under Jen, but was in no place to argue. She started licking Jen as if her life depended on it. Lashing her pussy over and over. Licking inside and out. Tasting her juices as they flowed into her mouth. Jen moaned deeper and deeper as she rode Jackey’s face. Mike watched his wife getting her reward and loved it. Jeff was watching intently, and even though Jackey had lost, he had to admit this was really hot.


Jen looked up and seen Jeff watching so intently and used this moment to really jab at her rival. “Oh Jackey. Jeff seems to love watching you eat my pussy. He’s so hard. I guess he likes you to be submissive to a dominant female.”


Jackey glared up directly at Jen. She was pissed again and wanted to fight, but knew this wasn’t the time or place for it. How dare Jen say that about her and her husband. She knew the best thing to do was end this as quickly as possible. She brought her tongue to Jen’s hard clit and started flicking it back and forth rapidly. Swirling it around and driving Jen wild with her skills.




Jen started rocking her hips faster and faster and then she screamed out in pure pleasure. “FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIINNNNNGG!!! OH OH OH OH OH OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”


Jen unleashed a torrent of squirting cum in one of the most intense orgasms she had ever felt in her life. Jackey moaned as she was forced to take it in her mouth and swallow it to keep from drowning. Some of it overflowed from her mouth and down her cheeks as she couldn’t keep up with it all.


Jen finally slowly came down from the orgasm and looked down at Jackey. She smirked a bit then stood up and placed her foot on Jackey’s tits, striking a victory pose over her rival. Mike smiled and took out his phone, taking a couple of pictures to keep for memory. Jen walked over and slid her panties back on and kissed her husband once again before grabbing her back.


“This isn’t over bitch! I want a fucking rematch!”


Jen smirked. “Anytime you want your ass kicked again whore, you know how to get ahold of us.” She turned and looked at Mike, glancing down at his hard cock. “I’ll take care of that when we get home baby. Let’s go.”


They walked to the door and outside while Jeff comforted his wife. “I’m sorry I lost Jeff. I tried. But I want her again. This is not over yet.” Jeff just smiled knowing his wife was now a true catfighter, just as Mike knew his was as well…..



Submitted: May 07, 2022

© Copyright 2022 BW Custom Stories. All rights reserved.


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Dick Wood

As a catfight fan, this was a hot story.

Sun, May 8th, 2022 2:01pm


Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words!

Sun, May 8th, 2022 8:24am

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Short Story / Literary Erotica

Short Story / Literary Erotica

Short Story / General Erotica