NO Umbrella in my Vulva !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Victoria Thulane has a serious sexual problem with men when she gets older. As she knows that her sister Anica isn't faithful to her husband Frank either, she tells Anica about her problem. Their conversation helps Victoria to find a permanent solution, or, at least, that's what she thinks...

No Umbrella in my Vulva !


Sex was something indescribably delicious for Victoria Thulane. That moment when a man’s eyes turned away and, growling, braying, or crying, he squirted his cum into the condom that was in her cunt, was such a unique experience. It was just indescribable. And even if that man didn't manage to make her cum on her own, Victoria didn't really mind… At least, not in the beginning when she started cheating on her husband Derreck Hammersmith with several lovers, one better in bed than the other… She actively participated in the fucking with those men. If they didn't finger her clitoris, Victoria would do it herself during sex. This meant that, in most cases, she also came without any problems, yelling and screaming.


Victoria Thulane started her extramarital sexual activity when Derreck was away for a week on a training course for ministerial officials active in the cultural sector. Victoria was then thirty-seven, married for nearly fifteen years, and she felt that she had fallen short in her marriage sexually. So, in her husband's absence, she eagerly accepted Garth Gardner's invitation to restore the ties they'd had as teenagers. He and Victoria had been childhood sweethearts in high school. Their courtship had ended when they were both nineteen. Then Garth wanted to have sex with Victoria, but she refused. She was raised as a Catholic and wanted to remain a virgin until her marriage. Fucking her, that's what Gardner was after. He had no interest in marrying her. Then, Derreck Hammersmith came into Victoria's life. He was ten years older than Victoria, deadly serious, and he had an important job with the Ministry of Culture. Her mother thought he was an ideal match. She managed to convince Victoria to give her "yes" to Derreck.


In retrospect, Victoria actually didn't make a good choice by marrying Derreck Hammersmith. After all, the cultural official was not what one might call “a passionate man”. Many people who knew him considered him a dry stubble. His libido wasn’t very strong, and he also believed that frequent lovemaking was bad for health and shortened a man’s life. The clergy had instilled this idea in him during his college days, and he believed it. After all, whenever he made love to Victoria, she was very impetuous. She would go wild with lust and following her rhythm while fucking was extremely tiring for Derreck. Again and again, he lay gaping, sometimes gasping for breath, when their lovemaking was over. Those efforts, he was convinced, he had to pay for them. Every time he had to cum that way with Victoria was a shortening of his life…


Victoria, on the other hand, had a more than normal libido. She was a hot woman who was ready to get fucked even more than once a day. In order to satisfy her physical needs and lusts, she, therefore, had no choice but to look for lovers who could offer her what she wanted. Victoria was a beautiful slender brunette, with long straight legs and beautiful full breasts. She didn't have to go to great lengths to find a man who wanted to fuck her. Those candidates were, so to speak, queuing for their turn.


Garth Gardner was her first lover, and she continued to have sex with him about twice a month for about twelve years. He was her "amant attitré", but there was a problem. She couldn't always go to Garth to get banged when her cunt was on fire, because he was married too. It made Victoria look around for willing men and regularly find other lovers. They were men in the shadow of whom neither her husband Derreck nor Garth Gardner knew.


For the first few years, Victoria never wanted any man other than her husband to come unprotected inside her. For about ten years, Garth Gardner and everyone else had to let Victorine put a condom on their cocks before they were allowed to fuck her. As she got older, Victoria found it harder and harder to cum on her own. Because she knew that her sister Anica wasn’t really monogamous either and was cheating on her husband with several lovers, she spoke to her sister about her problem.


Listen, Victoria, I've had the same bad experience as you,” said Anica after Victoria had explained what her problem was. “But I also found the solution.”


"How? Would you mind explaining that to me?” Victoria asked Anica.

You remember that old fellow, Bruce, who was my lover for two years?”


"Yeah, you mean that man you banged in a motel on your thirty-ninth birthday and left on your fortieth?"


"Correct. For almost a year and a half, I allowed him to fuck me without a condom. We both had an incredibly wonderful time those eighteen months. Until…"


"Until? Did it end badly? Did he get you pregnant?”


I'd rather not go into that. No, it was something else. I was depressed by my complicated situation in that extramarital affair. In fact, I was on the brink of a serious nervous breakdown. My doctor pretended that my condition was caused by my taking the birth control pill. He made me stop taking the pill, and he prescribed me magnesium pills instead to strengthen my nerves. They really helped, but of course, I had to make sure Bruce and I had sex without the risk of me getting pregnant by him. In mid-December, after we both visited you, I told him that as we were sitting together in my car on a dark street in Curange. He accepted my point of view without arguing. I bought a box of Durex Pleasuremax condoms, 144 pieces. Whenever we would go to bed together, I would carry two condoms in my handbag. We then stayed in a rented room for three hours or more. At that time, Bruce managed to fuck me twice in the beginning. That's why I needed those two condoms.

That didn't last. In the end, he couldn't come a second time. So, I only took one condom with me at one time. That was when we had an appointment at the beginning of May at Villa Hera on Airfield Road in Bruxtham.”


And then he suddenly got a hard-on a second time?”


"Yes and no. It was more complicated than that. He fucked me with the condom on, but after a few minutes, I felt his dick go limp in my pussy. I thought he had already had his orgasm. Carefully, I took his flaccid cock out of my pussy with my hand. I always did that myself so as not to run the risk that semen from the condom would end up in my vagina by being careless. I saw that the condom was a milky white color inside. I put a knot in it and I threw it in the trash can by the bed. That white fluid in the condom… That made me think Bruce had already come. I was wrong. He got another solid erection within a minute, and he explained to me that what was in the condom was fluid that can come out of the penis prior to orgasm during sexual arousal. It's called "precum." The thing that came out of his dick was to facilitate penetration in natural sex, and it didn't contain sperm cells, so it wasn't sperm. I did not know that."


And what did you do then? That doesn't seem like an easy situation to me."


You're right, Victoria. We both were frustrated. Bruce had a great sexual appetite for me, and I for him. Since I was only four or five days away from my period, I allowed him to fuck me the natural way. That was almost six months ago, from the year before in November. I can't tell you what an incredible sensation it was to feel that delicious unprotected cock in my pussy again! I can't put into words how wonderful it was in the Villa Hera when that naked cock went back and forth inside me. Yelling, screaming, and shrieking I came. It was impossible for me to hold back, it was that good, my orgasm. There, in that bed in the Villa Hera, I made a decision: “NO umbrella in my vulva.”


What does that mean, Anica?”


That I never want to be fucked by someone with a condom over their dick again. From that experience with Bruce, I learned that I can only have a good orgasm if I have sex the natural way. So, against my doctor's advice, I started taking the pill again. Since then, I have felt anything but good about it.”


"And your depressive moods, haven't they come back?"

No, I got rid of them. Since I got those amazing orgasms again, I haven't had any more psychological problems."


Then you still had a really good time with Bruce after that, hadn't you? I don't understand why you gave him the bonk on your birthday a little over a month later?"


Ah, Victoria, the good man grew too old. He couldn't give my body what it needed anymore. Someone else can.”


May I know who that is? Not your husband Frank?”


No, I've only had sex with Frank now and then in the last three years. At work, my colleague Patrick Jacobson had shown an interest in me for some time. He's a religion teacher at our school, and nine years older than me. I already started going to bed with him in April. That made the situation grow a bit over my head. I had sex with three men at once, Bruce, Patrick, and sometimes Frank. You'll understand that I couldn't get my head around all three of those men anymore. Because Bruce was already so old and gradually got potency problems, I broke up with him on my fortieth birthday. No loss, because letting Patrick fuck me… I have a great time with him, especially since I systematically repeat to myself my slogan “NO umbrella in my vulva.”


So, Anica, would you advise me to apply your principle as well?”


I don't recommend anything. You have to make that decision for yourself, Victoria. Speaking for myself: at my age, I can only have a good orgasm with a man who fucks me naturally, without a condom over his dick. You have to decide for yourself whether that is the case for you too.”


It's worth a try anyway. Thanks for talking to me about it, Anica.”


Garth Gardner was stunned when Victoria Thulane told him he could fuck her without a condom in the future. Not "should", but "must", that's what she told him. Naturally, Garth had absolutely nothing against that. Their extramarital affair blossomed again, and indeed, Victoria had mind-boggling orgasms when Garth was allowed to squirt his cum unhindered into her cunt. It was the same with the other lovers whom, unbeknownst to Garth or her husband, she regularly allowed to fuck her. For Victoria Thulane, it seemed like new heaven on earth. She'd never enjoyed her sexual bouts that much. But, unfortunately, the beautiful story came to an end…


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Submitted: May 07, 2022

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