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Chapter 10

The man’s name was Vincent it turned out and whilst he looked young, he wasn’t really any younger than me. In fact, he was actually two months older. We clicked straight away but I could tell he didn’t want to click, make eye contact, or even talk to me that first trip out.

That said, he glanced at me continually as we drove through the Sheikh’s property, out onto the open road, and headed South. I said nothing initially, expecting to be handed over to one of the Sheikh’s friends any time soon to be fucked and abused by some Arab minor royal or another of his rich Russian friends.

Actually, that’s not true. I have never been handed around in that manner, although I know a number of the girls have. I was just a little apprehensive at this impromptu trip.

After a half hour of driving in silence I could stand it no longer.

‘Where are you taking me?’.

The driver, this new and quite handsome man, seemed to be unsure of himself, perhaps a little nervous which made me a lot nervous.

‘Please. You seem like a nice man. Where are we going sir?’. I decided that a little respect may go some way to receiving a response.

I was right.

Adjusting himself in his seat he was about to say something when his mobile phone ‘beeped’. It was attached to the dashboard and after he touched the screen, obviously an instruction, he eventually replied.

‘The coast’.

‘Excuse me’.

‘I’ve been told to take you to the coast for the day. You like to swim in the sea I’m told’.

‘The beach. I’m going to the beach’.

‘Yes ma’am’.

‘Are you American?’.

‘Yes ma’am’.

‘Please don’t call me mam, I’m not your mother. What’s your name?’.


‘Well Vincent, everyone calls me Cleo but that is not my real name’.

‘So, what is your real name?’.

‘It’s Cassie. But it’s best you call me Cleo’.

‘Sure, Cleo it is then Cassie’.

I looked at him then open mouthed and he glanced back at me winking and smiling.

He was kidding which caused me to laugh out loud. The first time I had laughed for a long time. I settled back into my seat and an hour later we pulled up at a set of gates. The security at the gates came over and spoke to Vincent who handed them his phone. After scrolling through his phone messages, the guard handed back the phone with a curt nod and proceeded to open the gate. We drove through the gates and down a long sandy road until we eventually came to the most beautiful sandy cove I had ever seen. I didn’t know anyone could own a part of the middle eastern coastline, or indeed any coastline, but apparently you can. This one was owned by a friend of the Sheikh’s and for one day only it was to be for my own private use.

I wandered down to the waters edge, a beautiful turquoise tinted colour, and after kicking off my sandals walked along the damp sand letting the cool water caress my bare feet. For a moment I was lost in the past, memories of my youth, trips to the beach with family and friends. A tear slowly crawled down my cheek as I gazed out at the horizon and the oil tanker floating in the distance. I was contemplating whether I could actually swim that far when a voice from behind brought me back to reality.

‘You should swim’.

I turned around and stood open mouthed. Vincent was stripped down to his underpants which were very brief indeed. I could hardly take my eyes off his bulge and struggled with a response.

‘What’, I eventually managed to get out.

‘Come on, I’m going in’, and with a splash this man with a god’s body entered the water. As he surfaced he beckoned me in once more.

‘I don’t have a costume’, I called back.

‘Me either’, he laughed before swimming off in a style suited to the Olympics. I looked around and there was nobody to see me so I quickly removed my wrap around silk dress and let it drop to the sand. I kicked off my sandals and with a last look behind me I ran into the inviting water and took a dive into the calm waters of the Persian Gulf. It was exhilarating, refreshing, and exciting all at once. As I resurfaced I looked around me but couldn’t see Vincent anywhere. I turned back towards the beach but nothing. Had he drowned? Left me here all alone. Maybe this was an opportunity for me. I started to panic a little not knowing how I could possibly get away from here with nothing but my silk dress and sandals. Then, a sudden eruption of water happened beside me causing me to scream and Vincent appeared from below the surface.

‘Aarghh!’, I yelled as he laughed out loud splashing me with sea water.

‘You fool’, I yelled returning the spray of water towards him.

Vincent and I swam, talked, laughed and had a great time that day at the beach. It was to be the first of many. Days that I would look forward to, days that kept me sane, and the start of a love affair with Vincent that is still strong to this day.

On the ride back in the car I was quiet and thoughtful.

‘What is it?’, asked Vincent.

‘You know I am a prisoner, Vincent. You know that, right?’.

He stared straight ahead as we drove but said nothing initially. Eventually, as we neared the Sheikh’s villa he pulled over on the side of the road.

‘I’ll help you’, he whispered before reaching over and gently kissing me on the lips. It was the briefest of kisses, but it was enough. I looked into his eyes as he pulled away and gave him a nod before whispering back, ‘Thank you’.


That night, I was alone in my room. Jasmine was not there and would not be seen or heard from again. I was alone with my thoughts and those thoughts were of Vincent. As my thoughts turned more erotic, I reached down and found my wetness. Thoughts of a near naked man running through the surf filled my head as my fingers filled my wet hole. Stroking my clit, I found I was quickly reaching a climax. Rubbing my G spot furiously I quickly came, my breathing heavy, the sheets wet with my own sweat. Oh, how I wished that sweat belonged to Vincent. Little did I know then but Vincent’s feelings were reciprocated and it would only be a matter of weeks before we became lovers.

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