Cassie's return. A cash for kisses sequel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Cassie is the concubine of a Foreign Sheikh. Abducted from the streets of the USA she now has one chance of escape. This is her story.

Table of Contents

One- Time to escape

Heathrow Airport, London   I search the sea of faces, scanning for any sign of recognition. But as yet, nothing. I have one ... Read Chapter

Two-The first time

Jordan, Eight years earlier   Like most of the girls on board the plane I cried for most of the final stretch of our journey... Read Chapter


Chapter 3   The Sheikh never visited me again during my short stay at the Villa. I was not allowed out of my room for three ... Read Chapter

Four-A cure for Ali

Chapter 4 We travelled by private jet later that afternoon. I waited, expected it to be an hour as told by Fay, but it was over five ... Read Chapter

Five-My first day

By the time we arrived at our final destination I was exhausted. The fear of the unknown, never knowing whether I would see my family eve... Read Chapter

Six-Poolside with the Sheikh

I was surprised how little was expected of me from the Sheikh. In fact, I did not see the man himself the first three weeks of my stay, o... Read Chapter

Seven-Come all over me

That was how it was with the Sheikh. He turned up every now and again, not often, but when he did, he expected to be serviced by at least... Read Chapter

Eight-Some light relief with Jasmine

That night, as I lay in my bed contemplating what I had done with Ali, I wondered what was to become of me. Was I ever to get away from h... Read Chapter

Nine-An opportunity in the shape of Richard

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and with a foreboding about my future life, the months turn into years. As time progresses ... Read Chapter


Chapter 10 The man’s name was Vincent it turned out and whilst he looked young, he wasn’t really any younger than me. In fac... Read Chapter

Chapter 11-Father and son

Chapter 11   Upon my return to the Sheikh’s Villa, which I had become to call ‘The Compound’, I found myself alone onc... Read Chapter

Twelve-A surprise is on it's way

Chapter 12   Ali was brought to me twice a week by one of the Sheikh’s men, sometimes by men I had never seen before, ofte... Read Chapter

Thirteen-A bun in the oven

Chapter 13   When I awoke there were faces all around me. Smiling faces mostly. It was surreal, but then my whole life w... Read Chapter

Fourteen Freedom!

Chapter 14   Heathrow Airport, Present Day   My heart is pounding as we pass through the arrivals hall in the a... Read Chapter

Fifteen-Back on top

Chapter 15 Two years later Skegness, England   Cassie held onto the metal bars of the ornate bed head behind her. Vi... Read Chapter

Sixteen-A call to mom

Chapter 16 We had decided to settle in England for two reasons really. Firstly, Vincent had some real good friends from his Army days... Read Chapter

Seventeen-Full circle

What goes around comes around and Cassie finds this out in the most brutal of ways. Is her nightmare about to return?
Read Chapter

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Dangerous sex, so hot.

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 1:59pm

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