Kicked Hard in the Balls by Cruel Gina

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

Featured Review on this writing by willnorman

A sickening spike of pain shoots in my groin region. I feel instantly nauseous as though the insides of my stomach are being sucked out...

"... and when I found out he had been two-timing me I went up to him and punched him so hard in the face I broke his nose. When he dropped to the floor I then kicked him hard several times in the stomach and back. When it came to the divorce I took him for every penny I could. He soon found out that I wasn’t the kind of woman who put up with any shit from a man. And what’s more I never let him see his daughter again. Not that she wants to have anything to do with him – she’s got me and I’m all she needs. It was a painful lesson for him. Very painful," she says with an accent that is more ‘London’ than Isle of Wight.

I feel my cock tingle as it becomes erect and starts to strain against the fabric of my trousers.

I’m chatting with Gina who is slim, blonde, tanned, good looking and in possession of the most beautiful blue-green eyes I’d ever seen. She is wearing a tight white T-shirt and close fitting jeans. I know that I want her. Crave her. Want to fuck her. Will do anything – anything - to make her happy. And I have given myself completely to her in this moment.

I become aware of the sun beating down on my hair and warming the top of my head. Blue sky. Cloudless. Hot. Beautiful weather. Glorious.

I’d just walked over from the bus station to get myself a cup of tea and a sandwich from the café where Gina had worked. I could have brought in my own food and made my own tea and saved myself some money. But I didn’t as going over to the café meant I could ogle her and maybe chat her up, though to be honest I did think she was probably out of my league. Anyway, as I got to the perimeter of the outside seating area of the café Gina was coming out as she had just finished work. It was good timing as I’d managed to get to chat to her. For some reason we ended up talking about relationships and that was when she had told me about her and her husband. Or rather ex-husband…

“It’s nice talking to you, Matt, but I’ve got to nip up town and get a new curtain rail for my lounge. I can’t say I’m looking forward to putting it up but needs must…”

“Well,” spotting an opportunity, “I don’t mind coming round and putting it up for you. It would be no trouble.”

“You sure?”

“Honestly, it really would be… no trouble, Gina. I get home just after six and I can be round… about half seven?”

“Okay, Matt, that’s really very good of you. Thanks. The address is Flat A, which is on the ground floor, Townview House, 31 Oak Street. I guess you know where that is, Matt?”

“I do. In fact it’s not that far from where I live - Bell Street. Have you got a mobile number, Gina? I’ll let you know then when I’m on my way.”


I get my mobile out and click onto ‘New Contact’.


“Yes, fire away.”

“It’s… Zero. Seven. Five. One. Nine. Three. Five. Zero. Seven. Seven. Zero. Got that, Matt?”

“Yep, thanks.” I finish tapping her name in before slipping my mobile into the right hand pocket of my work trousers.

“Okay, I’ve got to go now, Matt. I’ll see you later.”

“See you later.”

She turns and I watch her, perhaps longer than I should, head for the pelican crossing that will take her across the busy Esplanade dual carriageway and then up Union Street to the shops. As she reaches the edge of the pavement I turn myself and head for the café.

I walk up to the counter to place my order and I am greeted by Joan. Joan is middle-aged with short brown hair, a roundish face and is wearing black framed glasses. Joan speaks with a cockney accent and is one of them what-you-see-is-what-you-get types. I really like her. She’s a nice person.

"How can I help you today, Matt?"

"Um, mug of tea with extra milk and a cheese and tomato sandwich with white bread, please."

"That’ll be £4.30 please… sir," she says with mock deference.

I hand her a £5 note and then wait for her to ring up the sale. She opens up the till, scoops up some coins, comes over and drops them into my upturned and open palm. There’s a pause for a second and then she says, "Matt, it’s not really my business, but I just saw you exchange phone numbers with Gina...”

No, it’s not really your business.

“And you’re a really nice guy. I know you’ve been hurt in the past. That all you want… deserve is happiness, but Gina is trouble. Big trouble."

She stops talking for a second. I wonder if she feels that she’s interfering too much. Has gone too far. But then something clicks in her mind and I can see that she feels that she is doing the right thing… for me.

She continues. "Look, Gina uses men, uses them for what she can get out of them – which is mainly financial - and then she dumps them. Nobody knows where she gets her money. She only works when it suits her at low paid jobs. And we reckon she fiddles her benefits too because she’s always got money for the things she wants. She can also be quite nasty too. Violent. Apparently, she recently slept with a friend of the boss and when he snubbed her afterwards she went round to his house and told his wife what he’d done. It caused no end of trouble. When the boss mentioned it to her all Gina did was laugh. Matt, just stay away from her. You’re a really nice fella."

I feel a little taken aback by what Joan has just said. But on the other hand I do kind of admire Gina for getting her own back on guys that treated her badly. Of course if I’d been out with her I would have treated her like a lady and with total respect. It was the kind of man I was.

"Thanks for your concerns, Joan, but I’ll be fine. I’m a big boy now."

"Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you."

I walk to the glass door of the café and push it open. Once outside, I find a free table, pull out a chair, with the metal legs of it scraping noisily momentarily across the concrete causing the handful of other customers to suddenly look in my direction, and then sit down on it.

I listen to the seagulls screeching and watch the procession of cars and vans and buses, with few and intermittent gaps in the traffic, negotiate the tightly curved roundabout before speeding up along the Esplanade as the road straightens. I can also hear the waves lapping up against the sea wall and for a moment I feel quite tranquil. At one with the world…

I see myself on top of Gina. We are both naked. I am pumping her hard and she is moaning feverishly. The bronzed flesh of her chest and breasts is covered in a thin film of sweat—

Joan plonks downs the plate with my sandwich and mug of tea. It startles me. Shakes me out of my little daydream. My fantasy. My desire. My lust. My hope.

“Thanks, Joan.”

“Enjoy, Matt,” she responds.

I wonder, as Joan wanders across to a now unoccupied table and starts to gather up used and dirty crockery whether she is thinking I’m a fool to get involved with Gina. Maybe I am a fool. Maybe I will really regret it. But then perhaps nothing will happen later anyway.

I pick up the cheese and tomato sandwich and bite into it. It tastes good. I’m hungrier than I realised…


“Thanks so much Matt for putting up the curtain rail. You have really saved me a lot of hassle.”

“My pleasure Gina. It really was no trouble,” I say to Gina, who is wearing a body hugging white T-shirt that is showing off her lovely tanned arms and tight jeans that emphasise her shapely arse.

"Would you like a cup of tea now?" she asks me sweetly.

"Yes, please."

She then comes up to me, places one of her hands on my shoulder and kisses me on my cheek. "Thanks, for doing that. I really appreciate it."

Without thinking I embrace her, put my mouth to hers and begin to snog her. She feels so good – so good. In response I feel her hands on my chest as she undoes a couple of my buttons. She then commences to lightly caress my chest and nipples. I close my eyes and immediately I become erect imagining us naked and fucking on her expensive black leather settee—

A sickening spike of pain shoots in my groin region. I feel instantly nauseous as though the insides of my stomach are being sucked out. I double over and slowly sink to the carpet. I pray desperately for the pain, which is way beyond my threshold, to lessen and go away.

Fucking hell! You’ve kneed me in the balls, Gina.

My eyes now wide open and watering, and the agony beginning to subside a little, I look up to see Gina standing there with her arms folded and a curious half smile playing across her lips.

"How dare you think that you can have your evil way with me. Just because you do me a favour it doesn’t mean you can fuck me. Now get up, collect your tools and get out."

On unsteady feet and not knowing whether standing up will induce more pain I manage to straighten up. "Gina, I’m really sorry about what happened. Really, I’m very sorry."

"I don’t think you’re sorry at all, you’re just sorry cos I’ve kneed you in the nuts and injured your pride to boot. Typical man. Time for you go."

With her stood at the door, her arms on her hips, I do as she requests and then stumble out into the street. 

The air is chilly and the street lights are now illuminated with a hazy yellow-orange glow.

As I walk unsteadily along the road I put my hands to my groin which is still very tender.

I realise also, perversely, that I want her now more than ever…

Submitted: April 27, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.

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Do you think that kneeing you is her method of making you want her more and to return to her? Or are you just a guy who likes getting kneed like that? I mean, you were warned, right?

Mon, May 30th, 2022 3:32pm


Good point. She's an enigma, no doubt!

Mon, May 30th, 2022 11:00am

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