Step Mother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A boy's mother dies, his father remarries and then expires leaving him under control of his misandrist step mother.

Step- Mother

My mother died before puberty and my father remarried a woman with 2 daughters, one older and one younger.  Then my father died leaving me in the care of my stepmother.  I never really liked my stepmother.  She always favored her daughters.  She only liked to humiliate them.  She expressed this by saying that males have no reason to be modest.  One of the first things she does after my dad’s funeral is insist upon being allowed into the bathroom while I am taking a bath.  She says it is to make sure I am cleaning myself properly.

She says, “Why are you covering yourself.  You would think I had never seen a naked male before.”

I respond, “You have never seen me before.”

She says, “Stand up and we’ll rectify that.”

I say, “I don’t want to.”

She says, “Stand up or I’ll use your belt on you right here and now.”

I stand up. 

She says, “Take your hands away from your genitals.”

I take my hands away.

She says, “See that wasn’t so hard.”  She looks me over and says, “You don’t look any different than any other man.  Then she says, “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.  You men think women want to see you men naked.  I assure you that we don’t.  You don’t have any reason to bar me from the bathroom while you are taking a bath.  Don’t do it again.  And the same goes for my daughters.” 

She then leaves the bathroom. 

The very next time I am taking a bath my stepmother comes into the bathroom.  She says, “Here I’ll wash your back.  She proceeds to wash my back.  She doesn’t stop at my back.  She proceeds to wash all of me including my genitals.  As she does, she asks, “Do you masturbate?”

I say, “No.”

She says, “Don’t be silly.  All young boys masturbate.  It is sinful for you to do it yourself so I will do it for you.”  She then cups my balls with one hand and strokes me with the other.  I quickly grow an erection and shortly thereafter I spurt all over her hands.  She says, “Masturbation is a sin.  If I catch you masturbating, I will whip you good.  If you want, I or one of my daughters will masturbate you to keep you from damnation.”  She then leaves. 

I never ask her to masturbate me but every time I take a bath, she is there to wash me and then masturbates me.  The very next time she brings her older daughter to watch and learn.  She washes me herself but when it comes time for masturbation, she has her daughter do it.  A couple of years later she teaches her younger daughter to wash and masturbate me. 

One day she has female friends over during my time for a bath.  I have to remind her that it is my time for a bath.  If I don’t, I will be in trouble.  When I remind her, she says, “Go get undressed.  Come out when you are ready.”

I says, “You want me to come out here naked?”

“Yes,” she says, “owh not?”

I respond, “But these women will see me naked.”

She says, “So what!”

I say, “I don’t want them to see me naked.”

She says, “Don’t be silly.  These are all married women.  You don’t have anything they haven’t seen before.”

I say, “I still don’t want to.”

She says, “Take off your clothes or else.”

I start taking off my clothes in front of the women.  They stop playing cards to watch me undress.  When I am naked I cover myself with my hands.

When she sees me she says, “Put your hands at your sides.  Stop acting like a little boy.”

I drop my hands and put them at my sides.  I look up to see four women staring at my nakedness.  I expect my stepmother to get up and bathe me but she doesn’t.  She continues her conversation while I stand their nude.  While she talks the other women are all staring at me.  I start to react to their stares and grow an erection.  By the time she finishes talking I am completely erect and blushing pink.

She finally acknowledges me standing there nude with an erection. She sees my erection and says, “Why do you have an erection?”

I say, “I am sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

She says, “Well, I suppose you are a man and can’t control yourself.”  She thinks for a moment and says, “I don’t really have time for this now.  Do any of you ladies want to wash this boy for me.” The other four women all raise their hands.  My stepmother says, “I can’t choose, why don’t all of you help bathe him.  I have some housework to do.” 

The four women get up and escort me into the bathroom where they take turns.  All of them insist that they should be the one who washes my genitals.  They wash me two at a time.  One washes my cock while the other washes my balls and then they switch.  Then the second pair takes their turn.  Before the second pair finish, I cum all over their hands.  When I start to cum, they do not stop, at least not until I finish cumming.  Then they wash the cum away.

A week later the same ladies and my stepmother are meeting at another ladies’ house.  Before my mother leaves, she says to me, “My friends want me to bring you along.” 

I ask, “What do they want?”

She answers, “They want you to be our waiter.  They will pay you.”

I say, “I would rather not.”

My stepmother responds, “You don't have a choice.”

I say, “Very well.”

My stepmother then says, “Go to your room and take off all your clothes.”

I say, “Why?”

She says, “Because that is how they want to see you.”

I say, “Can’t I undress there?”

She says, “No, it is better of you leave your clothes here”

I go to my room undress and come out naked.  I am taken to the other ladies’ house.

When we arrive, the other ladies are already there.

My duties there are actually simple.  All I have to do is serve the ladies their food and drinks.  The only other demand is that I do so with an erection.  Any time I start to deflate one of the ladies fondles me back to erection.  When that happens, they take turns. This time I am allowed to keep the money.

From that day forward anytime my stepmother or step-sisters have a guest, I am required to be a nude waiter.  When I do I am not paid.  The only pay that I get is that I am required to remain erect the entire time.  When I  am a waiter away from home, I am paid. 

My mother and sisters have to go out for their family get together.  My mother hires a babysitter.  I protest over needing a babysitter especially one that is younger than I.

 Before she leaves my stepmother tells the babysitter, “Today is the day for his bath.  Make sure that you bathe him and make sure the dirty parts are thoroughly cleaned. He is a male and needs to be masturbated regularly.  If he refuses, I want to know about it.”

Just before bedtime the doorbell rings.  The babysitter answers the door.  It is three of her friends.  She welcomes them in.  She turns to me and says, “Time to go to take your bath.”  She then takes me to the bathroom and says, “Take off your clothes while I draw you a bath.”  I realize that I have no choice, so I undress in front of her and her friends. They watch me intently as I strip, licking their lips the whole time.  When I am naked, I get into the bath tub and the babysitter commences to suds me.  She does the upper part of my body as I am sitting in the bathtub and when she get to the lower part of my body she has me stand up.  My babysitter goes immediately for my balls.  The other girls take turns.  They wash them thoroughly.  Then they do my cock. 

She does not stop until I have an erection and when I do, she goes for my cock.  Then she has the other girls take their turns washing my genitals.  It is not long before I spurt in front of them.  Then when I do, she slaps my cock and says shame on you but then cleans me up.

For a couple of days, I do not have a bowel movement.  When I tell my stepmother she decides to give me an enema.  She has me strip from the waist down and decides to teach her daughters how to do it.  They are watching as she introduces water into my colon.  Shortly after that I eliminate.  That I am allowed to do in private. 

I have the same problem after the enema so my stepmother has my older step-sister take me to the doctor.  My younger sister asks to come along and my stepmother agrees over my protest.  At the doctor’s office the medical assistant has me strip to my shorts for the examination.  My older stepsister insists that she has to watch so that she can report to her mother.  She brings her younger sister in to watch also. As soon as the medical assistant leaves, my two step sisters remove my shorts.

When the medical assistant returns she asks, "Why are you naked?"  My older sister answers for me, she says, "We are in a hurry and wanted to speed oup the process."

The medical assistant takes me out in the hall naked to measure and weigh me.  While I am standing there in the hall a couple of women walk by.  When they see me, they chuckle to themselves enjoying the sight.  I start to grow an erection.  Then when I am weighed a mother and her young daughter walk by.  The little girl says, “Mother, why is that man naked.”

The mother says, “He is being weighed.”

The daughter says, “But why is he naked?”

The mother replies, “Being weighed naked gives a more accurate result.”

The little girl then says, “But I wasn’t naked when they weighed me.”

The mother says, “That is because you are a girl.”

The little girl says, “What is that thing standing up.”

The mother says, “That is his penis dear.”

The little girl says, “Do all men have penises, mother.”

The mother says, “Yes, they all have penises.”

The little girl asked, "What is that below his penis?"

The mother answers, "Those are his testicles."

The female doctor enters the exam room. She uses the medical assistant as a chaperone. There are 4 females watching me in the examination room.  It causes me to have an embarrassing erection.  During her examination the female doctor palpates my abdomen and then begins to examine my genitals.  My older step sister says, "Why are you doing that."

The doctor says, "I am checking him for a inguinal hernia."

My older step sister says, "No doctor has ever done that to me."

The doctor says, "Girls don't get that kind of hernia."

  Then she gives my older stepsister a prescription for a laxative.  Why was I required to be naked?

My stepsisters decide to have a sleep over.  There are a dozen girls in the house, and I stay in my room to keep out of the way.  My stepsisters come and get me.  They take me before the other girls.  My older stepsister, Judy says, “We are going to give you a bath.”

I say, “It isn't time for my bath.”

Judy says. "We are going to give you a bath anyway."

I say, "I am not going to let you.'

Judy says, "If you don't I will tell my mother and she will whip you.

I relent and say, "OK."

My stepsisters undress me and give me a bath.  When they do, they pay special attention to my genitals until I grow an erection.  They invite their friends to wash my genitals also.  Every girl takes her turn until I ejaculate in front of them.

  My high school decides to use a male model to teach sex education for girls.  My stepmother hears about it and volunteers me.  She keeps the money.  I am thus forced to undress in front of a class and girls so that they can see a naked boy.  The teacher fondles me in front of the girls until I get an erection.  She then identifies all of the boy parts for the education of her class. 

My mother gets an invitation to a barbecue with another family that has a pool. My stepsisters are friends with their daughters.  Shortly after we arrive both families decide to use the pool.  All of the girls decide to go inside and change into their suits.  After they all come outside and jump into the pool my step-host lady says to me, “Why don’t you join them?”

I says, “I don’t have a swimsuit.”

My stepmother says, “Don’t be silly.  You are a boy.  You don’t need a suit.”

I know what this means.  It is an order, not a request.  If I don’t obey her, I will be whipped.  While everyone is watching I strip naked and join my stepsisters and their friend in the pool.  While I am in the pool my stepsisters molest me.  The get close to me and fondle my testicles under the water.  I don’t say anything.  I know better.

When we are out of the pool, I try to put on my clothes but my host lady says.  “Why are you getting dressed.”

I say, “To preserve my modesty.”

The host lady says, “It is kind of late for that isn’t it.”

My stepmother intervenes, “Men have no reason to be modest.  Leave your clothes off.”

I lie naked on a towel sunning myself with the girls.  Their mother says, “I don’t want him to get a sunburn.  I am going to get him suntan lotion.  When she gets the suntan lotion she says to her daughters, “Why don’t you girls put the lotion on our guest.  Make sure to apply the lotion to his genitals.  We don’t want them to get burned.  The girls obey their mother and generously apply suntan lotion to my body including my genitals. They do not stop until I have an erection.

My stepsisters have a sleep over with their girl-friends.  One of the first things they do is decide to give me a bath.  My stepsisters watch but do not participate.  They let their friends bathe me.  After they wet me I down I am forced to stand silently while the girls suds down my entire body.  They pay special attention to my genitals. They giggle when I grow an erection.  Not long after I begin to spurt.  It is exactly what they wanted to achieve.  Afterwards I am not allowed to get dressed.  I have to stay naked for them.

Finally, I graduate from high school and join the army.  After boot camp I got a furlough.  I had no place left to go except back home.  As soon as I was home I was treated different.  My mother and my stepsisters were a lot more respectful.  One my the first things my step mother asked was if I needed a bath.  I knew I was dirty so I said yes.

My step-mother then said, "I'll draw you a bath."  When it was ready she and my eldest step-sister then bathed me.  For the first time, it was quite pleasant.  My eldest step-sister even asked me, "Do you want to be relieved?"

I said, "Thank you."  Then she started stroking my cock while my step-mother massaged by balls.  They even proceeded slowly so that I would enjoy the process.  My step-sister even asked me if she could bring me off and I let her.  Then I got out of the tub and they proceeded to dry me.

Then a few days later at my step-mothers card party, her friends asked me if they could bathe me.  Of course, I let them.  First, I made them undress me.  Then I made them take turns sudsing me.  Finally, I would only let two of them masturbate me at once and I got to chose when I came.

That was quite a few years ago now.  I visit my step-sisters often.  Both of them are married and with a family.  Yet, when I arrive the first thing they want to do is give me a bath.  I always let them and it always ends with a masturbation.  Yet, I am never allowed to reciprocate.




Submitted: April 25, 2022

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