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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Kyle, dressed in obscene female attire is taken to a sleazy sex bar by Mr. Hinkle.



(all characters in this story are eighteen years old or older. The author does not condone any of the behavior of this fantasy.

check out my four novels on sale at Amazon under the pen name D.H. Gutzman.  Thanks for the support.)



Everyone at the Toilet knew Mr. Hinkle.  It seemed he was a regular, and indeed he was. The Toilet was one of the only true “filth” bars in America. There were plenty of them in Europe, well, some had closed during the pandemic, but there were still plenty left. But none in America… not since the glory days of scum holes like ”The Mine shaft” in New York. The Toilet hopefully pointed the way for filth bars of the future, unless of course extreme conservative nut cases got their way.

There were those people around who wanted to tell us what we could read, what we could teach, who we had to worship and how, and worst of all, who we could fuck! Tnank God for places like The Toilet!


Hinkle strolled through the packed front parlor of the bar, greeting this friend and that and tugging poor eighteen-year old Kyle by a chain around his neck. Fresh, eighteen-year old teenage meat was quite a treat at the bar, so, Kyle was at once the center of attention. His fresh, athletic, high school jock beauty made him even more tasty to the perverts in the bar.


Of course, the way the boy was dressed made him even more of a delicious freak.  He had bells attached to his nipples and his dick head. He and obscenities written on his body and forehead in marker, and he wore a short girl’s cheerleading skirt, so short that his dickhead hung out beneath. The fact that he was crying pretty hard made him even more attractive. Hands reached out to grope him at once, something Hinkle encouraged. For the event, Hinkle had dressed in black leather chaps, a truly filthy stained jock strap, boots, a leather harness and a motorcycle cap, and a Nazi armband.


Kyle felt like he had descended into Hell, which was not too far from the truth.

Hands reached under the skirt to pat the boy’s full, smooth ass cheeks, and to fondle his thick teen dick and balls, making the bell on his cock jingle merrily. When he tried to burh the groping hands away Mr. Hinkle had slapped him hard across the face, causing a round of applause.


“If a man wants to grope you, Faggot, don’t you dare brush his hand away. Faggot fuckholes like you are meant to be handled and played with. It is y our only purpose on this earth.”

Kyle, who was still crying, hung his head. Mr. Hinkle had called him a faggot in front of this whole bar full of people. He wasn’t a faggot. He was a normal, straight, high school senior athlete, who had gotten himself into this horrible mess by trying to get Hinkle to give him an A in German class.


“Oh God!” Kyle moaned as a finger slid between the cheeks of his teenage ass and probed his sore asshole.  The pathetic kid had been fucked pretty much all afternoon, and his ass and bowels burned with pain. As he followed Hinkle through the bar, his bare feet stuck to God knows what coating sections of the wooden floor. There were others like him, half or fully naked men with collars around their necks or chains attached to their tits or dicks. The whole bar smelled like beer and piss and cum. As Kyle followed deeper and deeper into the inferno,

the bells attached to his nipples rang merrily, drawing attention to him.


A small bald-headed man only about five feet two inches tall, with a cigar in his mouth stepped up to Kyle and lifted one leather clad glove, and shoved his fingers into the boy’s mouth.


“Eh, these formerly straight faggots don’t suck dick worth shit. Is this face cunt any good?” the short man asked Hinkle.


“After we get settled, you can try him out for yourself, and if he doesn’t totally please you, we can punish him together!” Hinkle responded.


“Oh good,” the little man beamed, fucking his gloved fingers in and out of Kyle’s mouth. “I brought some of my daughter’s dirty tampons along, and I’d love to see this piece of shit sucking on them!”


Kyle gagged at the statement, and received another hard slap from Hinkle.  Someone shoved a popper into the boy’s nose and music blared and lights blinked and the whole room spun .


“Such a pretty teenage girl!” a tall bearded dude said and kissed Kyle on the lips, shoving his tobacco coated tongue into the kid’s mouth. Kyle knew he dare not resist. The long tongue probed his mouth, gums, teeth, tongue, and, then, the man pulled back and began to spit all over Kyle’s face. Thick saliva coated the boy’s cheeks, nose, and lips and stung in his eyes. Over and over the bearded bear hawked thick gobs of spit into Kyle’s face. Mr. Hinkle was of the personal opinion that this was how all good looking high school boys should be treated. Kyle was learning to be submissive, to serve and obey real men! Hinkle’s dick was hard and wet in his stained jock strap. Some cute young twink of about twenty, dressed in panties and a bra, threw himself down onto his knees and began to suck on Hinkle’s swollen dick through the mesh of the filth encrusted jock strap.  Hinkle allowed the dick hungry kid to slurp for a few seconds, then he raised one booted foot and sent the boy sliding back across the floor toward the bar where two muscular thugs began to kick the shit out of the twink. They kicked the boy in the face and the balls and the stomach, as the kid frantically masturbated his dick.


Kyle couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The twink shot his load in his panties while he was being ruthlessly kicked, then sexually exhausted, he rolled to the bar where he lay on the floor, almost unconscious. One of the thugs stepped right up  on top of the kid to have a drink at the bar. Every now and then, he would grind the heel of his boot into the kid’s wet crotch.


Kyle winced Someone had lifted his cheerleader skirt in the back and was now licking his ass globes. Kyle’s body was wet with fear sweat, so his ass was quite slick. The licking tongue moved closer and closer to the teen’s ass crack. Kyle knew he dare not pull away. Hinkle was chatting with friends. A tall, good looking dude of about thirty years of age, dressed in tight torn jeans and a wife-beater, strolled up to Kyle. He had dark wavy hair and a straight nose and a strong chin, and flashing eyes, that may have been on some drug.


“Is this y our first time, Pussy Boy?”


Kyle was too scared to speak, so he just nodded.


“You are supposed to answer ‘Yes, Sir.’”  The guy’s lips were full and sensual.


“Yes, Sir.” Kyle croaked, his throat and mouth terrible dry and tight. His young chest heaved, sending the tit bells tinkling.


“jeez, you sound dry. You’re scared, I can tell that. Here, have some beer.”

The handsome dude lifted a tall cool glass of foam-headed beer up to Kyle’s mouth. God, it looked refreshing. “Drink it all down. It will relax you.” 

Kyle was so parched, he had gulped down a third of the glass of beer before he realized it wasn’t beer at all, but piss. Really strong, dark yellow piss.  He tried to pull away, but the tall man held his head in place and kept pouring the piss into the kid’s mouth. “Drink it all down. Swallow it all and be a good girl.”  Kyle’s entire body shook with fear and disgust. He drained the glass of piss.  “What a good girl you are.” The handsome dude leaned in and kissed Kyle on the mouth. It was a gentle, warm, almost romantic kiss.  “If you were my girl, oh, fuck, the things I could do to you!”  Handsome dude moved on.  Hinkle gave a tug on Kyle’s leash chain, and the boy followed the German deeper into the sex pit. 


On the left side of the cavernous, dark room, next to a bar, Kyle saw a leather sling hanging from the ceiling beams. Lying in the sling was a slight, but well- muscled kid of about twenty-two.  Kyle couldn’t help but notice that the young man looked really quite normal, a good-looking boy next door type. Except he was lying in this leather sling naked with his legs raised and spread. Kyle noticed the young man’s strong legs and his well arched feet.  Kyle mentally slapped himself. What was he doing noticing how another dude looked naked? But the kid just looked so all-American, it somehow captivated him. Until he looked closer.

The kid’s eight-inch dick was hard and throbbing, but that was not what freaked Kyle out. No, it was the fact that the pot-belled, hairy, bearded man standing between the kid’s legs had half of his arm buried up in the young man’s asshole!

He was roughly fist fucking the kid. He pulled his massive forearm way back until only the hand and fist were still in the grotesquely stretched asshole, and then he would slam his arm back in to the elbow again. The kid’s howls mixed somehow with the loud music. Guys standing around watching nodded approval or grunted or applauded.


“Don’t go so fucking easy on him, Art. You ain’t even hardly trying. He ain’t passed out but twice so far.”  The young man in the sling threw his good looking all-American head from side to side and spittle foamed from his mouth. Someone held a popper to his nose.


“Don’t give the cunt too much.  I want him to totally feel this!” the fist fucker yelled.  And while his arm was embedded in the seemingly destroyed asshole, he twisted it around. Kyle saw the sling-boy’s toes curl and turn white. He saw the boy’s whole body strain and tense, and he thought he could see the fucker’s fist pushing up the kid’s stomach from the inside, but he was not sure.

Hinkle bit Kyle’s ear hard and spat. “That will be you my little high school boy, very soon… before you graduate!”


“Never! I would never submit to such a thing,” Kyle croaked, the piss having made his mouth and throat even dryer.


“Never, say, never, little cuntboy! We shall see. There was a time when you would have said you would never suck dick or take cock up your asshole! Remember?”


Kyle sniffed back the tears. The sad and pathetic part was he did remember. He remembered quite clearly. He used to be normal. Now he was some kind of freak!


“Come, let’s go into the back room. We’ll come back here alter when the fist-fucker has both of his hands up the kid!”


They had to step over two guys who were rolling around on the floor, sucking each other off. Before Kyle had reached the next room, two fingers had been thrust up his sore asshole. Somebody else had tugged hard on the kid’s ball sack.

A heavily bearded, long haired guy in leather pants, grabbed Kyle by the jaw and forced the boy’s mouth open. Then he held up his other hand from which dangled a used condom filled with cum. He roughly shoved the scum filled rubber into Kyle’s mouth.


“Don’t you dare puke or spit it out!” Hinkle warned.  The bearded guy laughed and melted into the crowd, leaving Kyle to suck on his dirty, used cock sheath!

Kyle felt the cum filling his mouth, coating his tongue and running down into his throat. It was a huge load, and the sperm was especially thick and pasty. Kyle didn’t think he could swallow it. “Clean that condom and swallow the fucksnot!” Hinkle ordered.


In spite of all that had happened to him over the past few weeks, Kyle was still an impressionable, insecure teenage boy, and all of this was overwhelming to him. As the fuck glop ran down his throat and he sucked on the rubber condom that had been on some stranger’s dick, someone from behind him reached around him, under his obscenely short cheerleader skirt, and began to pump his teenage cock. There are indeed many men and women who get delight out of masturbating a teenage pecker and hefting a young cum-filled sack of nuts.

Some adults find supreme pleasure in this act, more than sucking or fucking. They love to wank a boy right to the edge of shooting and watch his pisshole leaking long strands of pre-fuck. They get off on watching the boy squirm and hump the air as his prick strains to have release. The relish the look of a pulsing, throbbing  thick piece of young man fuckmeat


Condom sucking Kyle was dismayed that his teen dick became so hard, as soon as the hand began frigging it. Perhaps it was the three Viagra he had been fed by Hinkle just before they entered the bar. The pills were certainly affecting his vision and his body temperature.


“Make the kid lose the skirt, Hinkle, so we can all see what he’s got!” some gruff voice barked in the crowded bar.


“You heard the man, Fuckface.  Take off your skirt for them!”


With a sob, Kyle undid the short cheerleadrer skirt and let it fall to the scum slick floor.  His crotch and ass were now fully exposed. He still wore women’s fish net stockings, and a short top with holes cut in it for his titties. He felt totally raped of all of his teenage masculinity. He no longer had any idea what he was.

The hand pumping his prick picked up speed and the boy’s pecker began to drip pre-fuck. Hinkle ordered Kyle to spit the sucked clean condom out into his hand, and then had the boy peel it back over his tongue. It enclosed his tongue and the end of the rubber hung out from his lips, making him look totally slutty.


Kyle could feel his heart pounding in his chest and feared he might be having a heart attack. It was all simply too much for him. And that was before they entered the next room.


It was what might be described as a huge warehouse-like bathroom.  Along one wall there were ten urinals, most of them unflushed so they contained a lake of piss. The room reeked of urine. Between some of the urinals young, middle-aged and old men knelt naked, chained to the wall. These men were naked and held their mouths open, as if they too were additional urinals, which in fact they were. In the middle of the room there were six old fashioned claw-footed bath tubs. Two of the tubs had naked men lying in them. Kyle became even more terrified. What new hell was this place?


Hinkle pointed to one of the empty bath tubs. “Get in,” he said.


“What are you doing to me? Why are you doing this?  I can’t take any more of this! I…”  Hinkle slapped the boy’s ball sack so hard the sound filled the hollow room and heads turned. Kyle screamed and crumpled to the floor, which was sticky with piss and cum and spit and snot.


Hinkle had never sounded so like a Nazi. “When I give you an order, you will obey. You will not question! YOU WILL OBEY!”


Shaking with fear, not cold, as the room was quite warm actually, Kyle climbed into the bathtub. It was stained with dried yellow streaks and splotches. Kyle lay down in the tub, his knees bent, and his dick still hard and leaking. Why the fuck would it not go down? Was that the Viagra, or had some sick thing happened to  his mind? His teen dick was rock hard, actually slapping up against his stomach, leaving trails of pre-fuck.  Hinkle fastened the chain that was around Kyle’s neck to some fixture on the tub, and the boy found he could not lift or move his head.


“I am going to have a beer and a fuck. I’ll be back later. Have a good time. And I don’t want to hear that you disobeyed any man in the place!” The fat, ugly German moved off into the darkness, leaving the scared boy all alone.


The first to approach Kyle in the tub were two good looking muscle boys in their mid-twenties. They obviously worked out a lot, their smooth tanned bodies rippled and bulged. One had short blond hair, and the other curly dark hair. They looked down at Kyle.


“What the fuck have we here?” asked the dark haired one, running a hand over his naked pecs. Both dudes wore tight leather shorts showing huge prick bulges.


“A cute little twink! A cute little twink who loves the toilet scene! What’s your name, Twink?”


Kyle’s mouth was insanely dry. “Kyle.” He rasped, his young eyes wide.

“Cute!” the blond said. “Cute Kyle the piss lapping Cunt!” 


“I don’t want to be here!”  the teenager pleaded.


The dark-haired dude laughed. “But you are, Blanche, you are!” he brayed.


They both laughed and then pulled their leather shorts down and hooked the waistbands beneath their fat uncut dicks and huge floppy scrotums. The stalks of the dicks were thick with veins. It looked as if even their peckers had muscles. The two muscle boys fingered their fuckers for a moment, and then unleashed two torrents of piss down on Kyle’s body. Kyle screamed as loud as he could, and the sound rebounded off the walls of the dank, dark room. The boy scream attracted the attention of more men, who walked over to circle the tub. The two muscle dudes sent their fire hose strong piss spray up and down Kyle’s body, and then up onto the kid’s face. Kyle spit and gargled and choked on male piss. It filled his mouth and ran from his nose. It clogged his ears and soaked his hair. Was ever a teenage boy more miserable? Kyle shut his mouth as tightly as possible to prevent further man-piss from entering.


“Open your fucking face-cunt!” The blond snapped, and a frightened Kyle opened his mouth again, to have it filled with a lake of strong, yellow piss. This was not clear beer piss. No, this was sadistically planned, foul asparagus piss!

Kyle began to puke up piss as he swallowed. Piss shot from his mouth like a foun- tain. Another guy unzipped his jeans and hauled out a long thin cut prick. His piss spray joined that of the other two. Kyle’s body twisted in the tub. He tried to crawl free, but the chain around his neck held him immobile. A fourth and a fifth man began to piss on him. Someone made it his specific job to piss into Kyle’s eyes, until the kid sobbed with pain, the sting of the urine so terrible. Somebody else pissed on Kyle’s dick, the piss spray sending the still hard cock flopping and flapping. One guy aimed at the boy’s balls, and the power of his piss was so strong that it felt like he was being kicked again in the nuts. Those poor teenage nuts. The abuse they had had to endure in the past few weeks. It was very possible that Kyle would never be able to sire children, his boy balls were so battered and bruised.


More men came up to piss on the “new kid.”  Peckers of every size and shape.

Almost all of them aimed at Kyle’s face for at least a few seconds. They loved the fact that the teenager was crying like a baby. Nothing as hot as seeing a healthy, muscular, teenage boy cry. And then, those who had finished pissing on Kyle, began to masturbate over the kid. The blond and dark-haired muscle boys jerked and pulled their fuckers until the pink dickheads fully emerged from the receding foreskins and the fuckmeats thickened and grew to seven and eight inches respectively. There was not over three inches of piss filling the tub, and guys began to line up to add their waste to the gathering urine lake.


Kyle felt so fucking helpless. He felt so lost and lonely, as if there was no hope any more for him. And who knows, perhaps there wasn’t, as the festivities were just starting!

Submitted: April 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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