Living Room Catfight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

2 women decide to wrestle and fight for their husbands

Cathie V/S Pam

Living room catfight

By BW Custom Stories


It was Saturday night and Jim and Cathie were hanging out at John and Pam’s house for a fun evening. They had just finished a light dinner and a couple of drinks, and settled into the living room to watch a movie together they had rented at a video store earlier in the day. Cathie cuddled into her husband Jim on one couch and Pam did the same with her husband John on the opposite couch. The movie started playing and was about an hour in, the 2 lead actresses got into a catfight on screen that immediately grabbed the men’s attention.

Pam nudged John and giggled. “Oh I see why you rented this movie now. I bet you knew there was a catfight in it.”

“Pam, I had no idea!”

“Yeah yeah big boy. It’s ok though. I know how much you like them.”

Cathie giggled a bit hear that. “Oh him too huh? Jim here likes them as well.”

“Cathie! Hush!”

“What is it with you boys and women catfighting and wrestling? Is it that big of a turn on?”

The men just sat in silence, a bit uncomfortable that their secrets were being revealed. But the women were going to have a bit of fun with them for sure.

“Oh Pam, I guess it’s all that hair pulling and bodies rolling around together that gets them soooooooo turned on.”

“I bet you’re right Cath! Is that what does it for you John? The hair pulling?”

The men just shook their heads, clearly embarrassed at this point. But inside their minds they had envisioned their wives wrestling or fighting many times to themselves. It was a thought that they both loved, and they both always wondered who would win.

“Ohhhhhhhhh John. I think I feel something growing. I bet you would love to see me fight Cath right now wouldn’t you?”

“Pam he’s not the only one that’s got something growing! Jim here seems to be thinking the same thing. Are you wanting to see me and Pam catfight honey? Is that what you’re wanting?”

The ladies were teasing the men mercilessly and then Pam smirked a bit. “You know I would kick her ass if we fought John.”

Cathie looked over at Pam, glaring just a bit. “What was that?”

“Oh Cath come on. You know I’d whoop your ass if we went at it.”

“I highly doubt that. I’m still pretty athletic. I think you would be on the losing end of that fight.”

“Oh please. There’s no way you could handle me and you know it.”

Jim couldn’t believe his ears. His wife was actually talking about fighting the woman he had always dreamed about. Cathie knew this, as they had discussed it several times as they were making love. He figured she was just giving him a glimpse of his ultimate fantasy and would use it later on. Then he couldn’t hold back any longer. The words left his mouth without him either thinking about it.

“Well you know, you 2 could catfight right here, right now.”

As soon as he said it, he felt a queasy spot in his stomach. But John was also thinking the same thing and spoke up.

“Yeah that’s true. I bet it would be a great fight, but Pam would win.”

“No way John. Look at Cath. She’s in amazing shape. She would make Pam beg for mercy.”

Pam never was shy in the least, and she wasn’t going to be in this instance either. She sat up on the couch, looking directly over at Cathie. “Well it’s obvious there’s only 1 way to settle this. Cath, I’m challenging you to a catfight, right here, right now.”

Cathie had always been more modest than Pam, but also wasn’t one to back down from a challenge by any means. She had a competitive streak in her that fueled her to be the best and win at anything she tried.

“Pam, you’re on. I’ll gladly whoop your ass in front of our men.”

The men’s jaws dropped wide open. They couldn’t believe this was going to happen at all and were extremely excited, clearly showing by their hard cocks in their pants. They quickly discussed rules and came to terms for the fight. It would be a submissions only catfight, best 2 out of 3 falls. No punches to the face would be allowed. Hair pulling, slapping, and kicks below the waist was fair game. The men watched in pleasure as their wives quickly came to terms on the rules and it seemed like they really wanted to fight. They both had always dreamed of their wife being a catfighter at heart, and they were about to find out if they were right.

Pam stood up and started taking off her shirt and Cathie looked at her.

“What are you doing Pam?”

“Well, all the videos I’ve ever caught John watching showed the women fighting in bra and panties, or even less. Plus I’m not letting you rip my clothes. So I’m stripping down. Don’t tell me you’re too fucking modest to fight in bra and panties?”

Pam smirked and removed the rest of her clothes, leaving her 60 year old, 5’6, 140 pound body clad in a red thong and bra that barely contained her massive 38E tits. She fluffed her long blonde hair back, showing off her freckles on her chest that clearly went down to her breasts.

Cathie watched as she stripped, then started stripping as well. She removed her clothes, leaving her 62 year old, 5’7, 150 pound body clad in only a black thong and matching bra that was struggling to contain her 36D tits. She ran her fingers through her short black curly hair. The men grabbed the blankets from the couches and laid them out in front of the couches, making a small arena for them to fight in.

Jim and John were both extremely excited, and Jim finally spoke up with his voice trembling a bit. “Girls, you know the rules. Are y’all ready to fight?” Both girls just nodded their heads. “Then.…… CATFIGHT!!!”

The men sat back down and watched as their wives slowly started to move towards each other, then began stalking each other in a circle. Both of them fired off a couple of slaps, that hit only their shoulders or arms as they were cautious at first. Pam snarled at Cathie. “Come on bitch. You want to fight or dance?” Cathie snarled back, “Oh I’m gonna fight slut.”

Almost as if on cue, both women stepped in, grabbing each others hair, wrapping the strands around their fingers tightly and began to pull roughly. Their large breasts slapped together roughly, almost popping free of their skimpy bras. They snapped each other’s heads left and right violently, grunting and groaning with each nasty pull. The men sat on the couches, completely enamored by the sight in front of them.



Pam pulled hard to the left on Cath’s hair and twisted her strong body, dragging the dark haired Vixen down to the floor. Cathie held on to the long blonde locks of Pam, pulling her down with her in the process. Their bodies hit the blankets in a heap on their sides. Pam shoved her body into Cathie’s, pulling her hair the entire time and rolled on top of her. She began dragging Cath’s head back and forth across the blanket as Cath was yanking Pam’s hair for all it was worth.

“Get off me you big titted whore!”

“Fuck you bitch! I’ll beat your ass!”

Cathie placed her feet on the floor and bucked her hips hard, her thong grinding directly into Pam’s and rolled the blonde over to her back. Pam bucked her hips at the right moment just as Cathie was coming over on top and kept the momentum going. The 2 sexy vixens started rolling over and over in a heated hair pulling catball that drove the men crazy. Strands of blonde and black hair started to litter the air and blankets now as they ripped out small bits of each other’s hair, their hands immediately diving in for more.





Pam finally threw out her leg as she rolled on top, stopping the pair right in front of the men. Their legs slithered together like snakes fighting as Pam worked and worked and finally got her legs past Cathie’s, throwing them out to the sides of her body. Her pussy was pressed tightly against Cath’s now and their tits had busted free of their bras, grinding hard together. Pam began inching her body up Cathie’s slowly as the 2 continued to rip into each other’s hair. Cath bucked her hips hard, but Pam’s base on top of her was tight with her body right on top of hers. Cath grunted as she tried to power the the blonde vixen off her, then her eyes went wide as she seen Pam’s enormous breasts just an inch from her face.

Cath tried to pull her head back out of the way, but Pam dug her claws in tight to the black hair and flopped her tits down on Cath’s face. Cathie let out a muffled moan that barely could be heard under the massive titflesh of Pam.



Cath started slapping at Pam’s sides over and over, trying to do anything to get those massive tits off her face. Pam winced in pain, but pushed off her toes making her tits fully engulf Cath’s face completely. Cath squealed in horror and panic as she could feel her air being cut off. She reached up, placing her palm on Pam’s chin and started to push with all she had. She stretching Pam’s neck, but it was no match for how much titflesh was surrounding her face. She quickly dropped her chin and tapped her shoulder quickly, muffling out a moan, “FUCKKKKKK GET OFF! I GIVE!!”

Pam grinned then slowly sat up, her ass resting on Cath’s stomach then smirked down at Cath. “That was easier than I thought. Looks like I’m up 1-0.”

“Get off me bitch. The fight’s not over yet.”

“True, but it’s half way to being over already.”

Pam slowly stood up, getting off Cath and unhooked her bra in the back, tossing it to John. She smiled at her husband and then glanced down at his hard cock in his pants. “Looks like somebody is happy.”

Cath stood up and took her bra off as well. She wasn’t going to be outdone by Pam in anything. She was too competitive for that. She was angry at herself for losing the first fall of the fight. She tossed her bra to Jim, then turned to look at Pam.

“Come on bitch. Let’s go. I’m ready for round 2.”

“Oh yeah? Ready for more tits on your fucking face?”

“Fuck you whore.”

“Let’s go small tits.”

The women didn’t waste time circling each other this time, going directly for the other. Cath snapped out a hard slap to Pam’s face that whipped her head to the side, then received a slap across her face that made her head snap. Both ladies grabbed hair with one hand, and starting swinging slaps at the other with their free hand. Hard slaps rung out in the room as they pulled hair and landed hard shots to each other’s face and tits. It was a battle of wills and who could take the most pain at this point in the fight, and slowly Cath started to win the battle. Pam’s huge breasts were perfect targets as every time Cath would slap towards them she would connect. Pam finally moaned in pain and shoved Cath hard on the shoulders, forcing her back a few steps in the process.





Both women glared at the other, sweat starting to form on their bodies making them shine just a bit. They circled each other again and Pam struck first, rushing Cath and grabbing her hair. Their heavy tits collided in a thunderous slap as Cath snatched the blonde’s hair in her hands. They both jerked the other’s head straight back, forcing them both to look at the ceiling. Their large tits mashed together, mushrooming tightly causing generous amounts of titflesh to ooze from their sides.

Cath dropped one hand from Pam’s hair and started slapping her face hard with it, making the blonde moan in pain. Pam starting to return fire in the same manner, but Cath’s slaps were like a piston smacking her face over and over. Pam finally started to protect her face with both hands as she was getting pummeled, and Cath took advantage. She threw her free hand into Pam’s hair and drug the sexy vixen down to the floor, coming down on top of her in a straddling position in the process.



Cath started rag dolling Pam’s head back and forth across the floor by her hair, the blonde screaming in pain and trying to pry Cath’s hands free. She bucked her hips, trying to knock Cath off, but she couldn’t get enough power in her legs to do so. She finally threw her hands up in front of her, her fingers sinking into the titflesh of Cath’s beautiful breasts and started to squeeze roughly.



Cath immediately released the blonde’s hair and shot her hands straight down, smacking into Pam’s huge breasts and got 2 good handfuls and started to squeeze. Both women moaned in agony as their hands worked each others prized tits with ruthless aggression. Cath was using her weight to really grind her hands in tight on top of Pam, and Pam was squeezing and pulling Cath’s tits downwards. Tears started to well up in both ladies eyes as the pain was worse than anything they had ever felt before. The men sat with their eyes glued to the action, mouths wide open, and cocks raging hard.

Pam slowly started to win the tit squeezing battle, her hands proving to be just a bit stronger than Cath’s. Cath finally wailed in pain as Pam pulled down harder, actually getting ahold of Cath’s hard nipples and tugging violently. Cath lost her balance and slid off to the side of Pam. Pam rolled, trying to get on top of Cath, but Catch quickly closed her legs tightly around her body, locking in a nasty scissor hold and locking her legs in behind her.





Cath flexed her strong legs as hard as she could, keeping them locked firmly in place around Pam’s stomach and lower back. Pam actually threw her head back, moaning in pain as she started slapping at Cath’s legs from the pressure. She reached down, trying to pry the legs free, but Cath just kept squeezing. Pam actually let out a small whimper from the pain, but refused to give in. She reached up, grabbing Cath’s hair and started pulling violently. Cath screamed out in pain, but locked her hands on Pam’s tits again, sinking her fingers in tightly.





Cath relaxed her legs for just a brief second, and then flexed them even tighter, actually pushing more air from Pam’s lungs in the process. Tears streaked down Pam’s face as she was getting the worst of the punishment by far. She finally screamed out as she tapped Cath’s legs quickly.

“I GIVE!! FUCK I GIVE!!!!! LET GO!!!!”

Cath relaxed her legs and both ladies rested against the floor, breathing heavy, their large tits heaving up and down and covered in sweat. Cath finally smirked looking over at Pam. “Tied up now bitch.”

“Yeah, but I’ll win the last fall."

“Not a chance.”

Pam slowly rolled over, getting to her hands and knees and then finally sitting up on her knees. Her proud breasts were red and starting to bruise in some places from Cath’s fingers and she looked down at them and started to caress them just a bit. They were aching and on fire, but she wasn’t about to quit fighting. Her face as just as red from the savage slaps from her rival and was hurting in ways she had never felt before.

Cath sat up on her ass and wiped some sweat from her forehead. Jim looked at his beautiful wife. Her breasts were slapped red and turning purple as well from bruises starting to form. Her face was red and she had a small mark below her right eye turning black from a savage slap that got through. Her hair was disheveled, all over her head, but she never looked more sexy to him that she did right now. He was always turned on by her, but he felt like he was about to blow at any moment seeing all of this.

Cath slowly got up to her knees and glared at Pam who in turn stood up on her knees. “Let’s finish this bitch. I’m ready to put you in your place once and for all.”

“Come on whore. You’ll be the one losing. You just got lucky that round.”

The 2 warriors started inching forward on their knees now, staring holes into other with looks that could kill. Neither one of them were going to back down from the other and the men were on the edges of their seats wondering who would finally win this battle. As they got within a foot of each other, they both lunged, sinking their hands into each others hair with their breasts slamming together roughly and started to pull wildly. They whipped each other’s heads back and forth, then started slapping at each other’s bodies over and over with one hand while keeping the other buried in hair.

“Hell yeah Cath!!! Tear her up!”

“Get her Pam!! Beat her ass!”

The women heard their men cheering them on, and it only spurred them to slap and pull hair harder. Neither wanted to lose the fight, but especially didn’t want to lose in front of their husband. Pam finally shoved hard with her upper body, her tits almost mashing Cath’s into her chest, and took the vixen down on her back. Pam crashed down on top of her, making Cath grunt in pain. Their legs tangled wildly, but Pam was able to get passed Cath’s lethal legs, straddling her lower body and spreading her legs out wide. Cath grunted and tried to power the sexy blonde over, but the base was too much. She huffed as her move was stifled and felt Pam starting to slide up her body again.

Pam locked her hands on Cath’s wrists as they struggled on the floor. Their bodies straining with every move they made. Pam finally won the struggle, slamming Cath’s wrists down next to her face.

“You’re not going anywhere now whore!”

“Ugggggggggghhhhhhh get off me!”

Pam held Cath down tightly, lifting her upper body a bit and slammed her breasts down into Cath’s, making the black haired vixen moan in agony. Pam smirked and lifted again, slamming her breasts down once more, flattening Cath’s against her chest in the process.

“GAWD!!!!! Your fucking tits!!”

“Bigger and better than yours slut!”

Pam lifted again, but this time arched her back and slid her body up a bit more, her tits passing over Cath’s in a sweaty slide. Their hard nipples flicked each others in the process as Pam moved her tits closer to Cath’s face.

“Time to finish you off once and for all!”

Before Cath could even get out a word, Pam slapped her big tits down on her face. Cath was barely able to turn her head before her face was completely engulfed by the massive amount of titflesh, giving her just a small pocket to breath. Pam grunted, realizing that she didn’t get the smother she wanted, and lifted again to readjust. Cath took a deep breath and once again turned her head before her face was slapped with titflesh.


Cath just moaned out as her face was getting slapped and rubbed by Pam’s tits. Pam let go of Cath’s wrists, moving her arms behind Cath’s head and jerked her face into place. Cath’s nose slithered directly into the crevice and Pam started to squeeze as hard as she can. Cath moaned out in agony as the room went dark and her breath started to become labored.

Jim’s heart sank. His wife was going to lose the fight. As much fun as it was to watch, he wanted her to win and now he was being forced to watch her lose. John was screaming for Pam to keep the pressure on, making him feel even worse about the situation.

Cath slapped at Pam’s sides over and over, but it wasn’t having any effect in loosening her grip. But she felt Pam’s thong during the slaps, finally reaching back and snagging the very back of it just above the crack. She balled the fabric up and yanking it up towards Pam’s head as hard as she possibly could.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pam whimpered in pain as her thong was cutting directly into her wet pussy and ass. She immediately released Cath’s head, reaching back, desperately clawing at Cath’s hand trying to ease the awful pain shooting through her body. Cath planted her feet and bucked her hips in the direction Pam was reaching back, and rolled the blonde to her back, releasing the thong in the process so her hands were free.

Pam instinctively reached down to her crotch, trying to ease the pain and pull the thong free from her pussy and Cath pounced. She lunged forwards, her legs passing over her rival’s and her knees slammed down on both sides of her arms. Pam’s eyes went wide as Cath pinned her down expertly, and now had free reign to unleash all her fury.

Cath started slapping Pam’s enormous tits and face over and over with the blonde screaming out in agony. Pam bucked her hips, but Cath had her mounted securely to the floor and wasn’t about to let up. Each time Pam would buck, Cath would sink her knees in tight against her body, holding on like a bronco rider and stay in position.

Cath finally reached down, grabbing 2 handfuls of hair and starting pulling as hard as she could towards her. Pam’s neck was forcefully stretching towards her own breasts as she squealed in pain. Cath dropped one hand from her hair, holding on with the other, and grabbed a handful of titflesh, letting her nails bite in and made a fist with her hand. Pam screamed in pure agony as her tit was being mauled by the grab and there wasn’t nothing she could do about it. She moaned and whimpered in pain, finally moaning out.

“Ok………….. Ok…………… I……….. FUCK! I GIVE!!!”

Cath let Pam’s breast and hair go, letting the blonde’s head slap back onto the floor roughly. She smirked down at her rival, slowly raising her arms in victory. “2-1 bitch. Looks like I win.” The men were watching and in awe as their fantasy had played out right before there eyes.

Cath smiled and looked down at Pam. “In those videos you caught John watching, was there ever one that had a facesit in the end for victory?”

Pam’s eyes went wide. “Don’t you fucking dare bitch! Don’t even think…..”

And that’s all she got out. Cath grabbed her hair again and quickly slid her sexy ass over Pam’s tits, slapping her pussy down on Pam’s face. Pam groaned as she could taste Cath’s pussy through her thong she was so wet. Cath smirked, holding the blonde’s hair and started grinding her pussy down on her face in victory. She slowly looked over at Jim and winked at him. She stayed on Pam’s face for about a minute, before finally standing up, placing her foot on Pam’s battered tits and posing for the boys.

Cath walked to Jim who jumped up and hugged her tightly. “Babe that was amazing! You won!” She could feel his hard cock throbbing through his pants and knew it was going to be an amazing night at home.

John had helped Pam to her feet and she turned to look at Cath.

“Damn good fight Cath. You’re tougher than I thought!”

“You too Pam. You gave as good as you got that’s for sure!”

“Might have to have a rematch sometime. After we’ve healed up.”

“Anytime you’re ready Pam. Anytime.”


Submitted: April 23, 2022

© Copyright 2023 BW Custom Stories. All rights reserved.

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