Professional Catfighting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young woman's first catfight....

Kelsey pulled up to the luxurious house in her run down car, cutting off the engine which emitted a little smoke and finally shut down. She was in awe of the mansion and how lucky some people are. Her eye's glanced around at the high end vehicles, 1 which cost more money than she had made in the 6 months of moving here. Her head lowered and she closed her eyes, wondering how her life had come to this. Kelsey, like so many other aspiring actresses, moved to Hollywood with dreams of making it big. Dreams of being a star. Starting an amazing acting career and living the life that most people dream of. But the harsh reality of Hollywood had crushed her dreams like so many others before her. A starlet arrives with huge dreams, only to be told no after no after no on auditions. Kelsey's dream of being a movie star was dimmed with each and every turn down from agencies. She had bet on herself, and had lost. She knew she had talent, but couldn't get her break. Being behind on rent for 3 months had gotten her kicked out of her sleazy apartment that she could barely afford anyway. She was reduced to living in her car and eating anything she could to just get by. The 22 year old brunette needed money to get out of town. She wanted to put this nightmare behind her and make a new start. The only friend she had here had told her a quick way to make some money. It involved doing something she had never prepared to do. Catfight. Kelsey took a deep breath and the thoughts raced through her mind. "I can't do this. I can't go physically fight another woman. For money. That's human cockfighting." Kelsey reached for her key still in the ignition, prepared to turn it on. As her slender fingers grasped the key and prepared to start her car, she let out a huge sigh of depression. 1 lone teared welled up in her eyes and slowly crested, and trickled down her smooth cheek. She knew she had to do this, just to get out of town. She pulled her keys from the ignition and opened the door, stepping out and walking up the well manicured sidewalk to the house. 

Kelsey rang the doorbell and heard the glorious sound of the chimes. Her weight shifted back and forth from one foot to the other as she waited nervously. A cool breeze flowed through the air, blowing her long brunette hair out behind her. Her nerves were getting the better of her and she decided she couldn't do it. Just as she turned to walk away, the door opened up. Kelsey looked up, seeing a very well dressed maid standing in front of her. "Yes? May I help you?" Kelsey bit her lip and pulled her hands from the back pockets of her daisy dukes she was wearing. "'m here for the....event?" The inflection in her voice clearly showing that she wasn't sure what the hell she was doing here. The maid smiled. "Yes dear. Please come on. I will let Maria know you're here." Kelsey stepped inside the mansion and was directed into the living room by the maid. She slowly sat down on the couch, looking up at the artwork that covered the walls and expensive vases around the room. She was in awe. This is what she dreamed of. What she wanted. The finer things in life only the best money could buy. She stood up from the couch and walked to a painting, looking it over. Getting lost in the colors and images. Feeling it touch her soul in the deepest parts.

"Quite impressive isn't it?" A voice startled Kelsey back to reality. She turned to see a woman dressed in an evening gown and heels she would give her left arm for. The woman walked with a style and grace that clearly showed off her place in society. She was in her mid 40's, but looked like she was 20. "Good evening dear. I'm Maria. And you are?" Kelsey swallowed and mustered up her best confident voice. "I'm Kelsey. I'm here for the event." Maria grinned, clearly knowing this young brunette had never done anything like this before. "You're here for the event? Do you even know what the event is precious?" Kelsey looked down at her worn out sandals and nodded her head slowly. "Um...yes. A fight?" Maria grinned and ran her finger under Kelsey's chin, making the beautiful brunette look up into her eyes. "Not a fight dear. A catfight. 2 women fighting to prove their dominance over the other. The purest form of female combat in the world. 2 women enter, 1 stands victorious. Tht other shamed because she couldn't hack it." Kelsey could almost feel her legs starting to tremble. "Yes ma'am. I understand." Maria laughed. "No dear. I don't think you do. You're here because you need money. There's no doubt about that. Your clothes are dirty and wrinkled. Your hair hasn't been styled today. You need money or you wouldn't be here doing this. But you need to realize what this is. It's you v/s another woman. Pulling hair, slapping, fighting it out for the right to be the best in the pit. Are you prepared for that? It's not for the faint of heart sugar. So do you have what it takes?" Kelsey swallowed hard again. "Y....Yes. I do."

Maria stepped in close and pressed her tits right against Kelsey's. Kelsey being a 34c could immediately feel her tits being crushed by Maria's 38d breasts. "I don't think you do have what it takes honestly. You're too timid. But you had the guts to show up tonight. And I know a few of our patrons here tonight really like brunettes with a booty like yours. I'll give you a shot tonight because we have a girl waiting to fight right now. You'll get paid $1000 to fight and $2000 if you win. If you happen to win, and we like you, we may even bring you back for another fight. But I wouldn't get my hopes up on that. Judging by your look and how nervous you are, you'll get your ass kicked." Kelsey looked down and knew what Maria was saying was more than likely 99% correct. But what did she have to lose? She was at least going to make some money tonight and that's what she needed more than anything. "Kelsey, come with me. I'll show you where you can changed and we'll let you know when it's time to fight. One more thing. The fights here are either topless, or nude. No exceptions." Kesley bit her lip. She was going to have to show her tits to everyone there. The thought horrified her. She wanted to turn and run. To get out of there. BUt she knew she didn't have a choice. She was going to have to go through with this just to make enough money to get out of town.

Kelsey followed Maria down the hallway and down a set of stairs. She couldn't help but notice Maria's firm toned ass as she followed her. Maria was a goddess. What every man dreams of but can never have. As they reached the downstairs area, Kelsey could hear people milling about in a large room further down the hall, but was led into a small bedroom that was adorned with a vanity, full body mirror and an arm chair. "You can prepare for your fight here. You'll have about 20 minutes before the fight. Good luck tonight." Maria shut the door and Kelsey could feel her insides tighten up like a rubber band being stretched. She looked in the mirror and shook her head. "Fuck me. I'm about to fight. A real catfight. What the hell am I doing?" She took a deep breath and slowly started to strip down. There was no way in hell she was going to fight nude. It was bad enough everyone was going to see her tits. She was already embarrassed by that. She finally got down to her black thong and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a beauty no doubt. Standing 5'7 and weighing 125 pounds, she had always made sure she stayed in shape. Her brunette hair down to the middle of her back. She turned and checked out her ass, which was always what caught mens and womens attention. She thought she looked good enough to make it in the movies, and she was right. She just couldn't catch her break yet. 

A knock came at the door and Kelsey's heart jumped up into her throat. The door opened and Maria was standing there. "Fight time. Let's go precious." Kelsey cringed at that name. She knew in her heart that Maria was calling her that to signify her sure destruction tonight. But instead of making her feel inferior, it was fueling her to go forward. She followed Maria down the long hallway and into a large room full of people dressed in high end clothes. The crowd fell silent as Maria cleared her voice."Ladies and gentlemen. We have a new fighter making her debut tonight. I give you Kelsey." The crowd of high classed men and women politely clapped and made a path for her to walk forward. Her eyes immediately landed on the "pit" in the middle of the room. It was a 20 X 20 padded area that was sunk into the floor about a foot. The edges were clearly padded more. The owners of the club had clearly designed this for fighting and to keep the girls in the pit so there was no escaping. Kelsey walked towards the pit and could hear the whispers of some in the crowd. "She's cute." "Doesn't look like a fighter." "Lynn will eat her alive." Kelsey's nerves were a mess, but she did her best to put on a stern face as she stepped into the pit.

A few moments later Maria appeared again. "Ladies and gentlmen, making her 3rd appearance here and looking for her 3rd victory, I give you Lynn." The crowd started to applaud, much louder than what Kelsey received, and parted to let Lynn make her entrance. Kelsey got her first look at her opponent for the evening. Lynn was a 21 year old redhead. At 5'4 and 105 pounds, Kelsey clearly seen she had the size advantage in this fight. Lynn strutted towards the pit in her pink thong and grinned when she seen Kelsey. As she stepped in the pit and growled at her, "Mmmmm fresh meat. Gonna be a long night for you bitch." Kelsey just stared. She was frozed in fear. She couldn't even reply she was so nervous. Maria stepped to the side of the pit and everyone quickly became silent. "Ladies, you're here to catfight. The rules are simple. Make your opponent give up however you can. Hairpulling, slapping, scratching, squeezing, are all allowed. Punching is not frowned upon either if you have to. You want to win tonight? Prove it to us. Entertain us and life could be better for you. Disappoint us and you'll never be back here again. Understood?" Kelsey just nodded her head. Lynn grinned, "Oh I'll entertain y'all alright. Gonna have fun with this rookie!" Maria just smiled and a few in the crowd chuckled. "Ladies there is no time limit in this fight. The only way to win is to make your opponent say she gives. Are you both ready?" Both ladies answered yes. "Then the time to fight is.....NOW!"

Lynn smirked as she slowly started to move forward to the middle of the pit, ready for action and to toy with her this new girl who was obviously as lost as could be. Kelsey was terrified of what was about to take place, and wasn't sure what to do. She had never been in a catfight in her life. Sure she had wrestled around with friends before at slumber parties when she was young, but this was a fight. Kelsey slowly started to move out to the middle to mirror Lynn's movements. Lynn circled around Kelsey, stalking her prey. The crowd volume started to raise from whispers to a low cheer as they were hungry for action like they always are. Lynn fired off a hard slap that landed flush against the right side of Kelsey's face, making her head snap to the side. Her brunette hair whipped around quickly before resting back into place. "Owwwww!" Lynn just smiled and fired off another slap, this time to the left side of Kelsey's face, getting another moan from the gorgeous brunette. Lynn growled lustfully at her, "Come on sweet cheeks. Fight me." Kelsey rubbed the side of her face and her look turned from confusion, to a bit of anger now. She had taken a couple of slaps, and the shock had worn off quickly. She realized it's time to fight back.

Kelsey moved in quickly and fired off a slap of her own, but it was telegraphed and Lynn easily pulled back, making Kelsey connect with nothing but air. The brunette's body spun around a bit and Lynn quickly sunk her nails into Kelsey's long hair. Lynn pulled violently on her hair, making Kelsey's chest arch high in the air. "UGGGGHHHHHH SHIT! LET GO!!!" Lynn grinned to herself as she pulled Kelsey around the pit by her hair. Keeping the brunette off balance easily with her skill. Kelsey was moaning with each and every wicked pull of her hair and reached up several times, finally locking her hands around Lynn's wrists. This made Lynn grip her hair harder. Lynn rocked her hips back, then violently pulled Kelsey's hair and tossed her to the mat easily. "OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF!" Kelsey hit the mat hard, her perky tits bouncing before finally settling back into place on her chest. Lynn moved quickly, figuring it was time to just end this rookie and get her out of the pit. She moved forward in preparation to mount Kelsey, but Kelsey pulled her legs in close to her body and fired them straight up. Her 2 heels connected into Lynn's tight tummy and lifted her off her feet a bit before Lynn fell back on her shapely ass. Someone from the crowd cheered out, "Hell yeah! Now we've got a fight!" 

Lynn raised up to her knees and Kelsey did the same. A small sheen of sweat started to cover their bodies now, making them shine in the bright lights above the pit. "You bitch! You want to fight huh? Let's go!" Lynn was furious now. She was expecting an easy victory, but the kick made her realize she needed to really put on the pressure. Kelsey snarled at her. "You wanted a fight. You got one!" The 2 girls slid forward on their knees, meeting in the middle of the pit and both girls grabbed each other by the hair. The crowd cheered loudly as the 2 girls started ripping into each others hair, snapping each others head back and forth. Both of them emitting gutteral groans of pain and agony. Kelsey being a bit heavier and stronger finally was able to pull Lynn down onto her back and come down on top of her, neither girl letting go of each others hair. Their tits pressed together tightly along with their thongs. Kelsey began snapping Lynn's head left and right across the mat with Lynn moaning louder. Lynn snarled and jerked the back of Kelsey's hair, making the brunette's head snap back violently. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT!" Lynn dropped one hand from Kelsey's hair and started firing slap after slap to her pretty face. Hitting her so hard the echoes could be heard over the lusting crowd.

Kelsey finally released her death grip on Lynn's hair to try and protect her face. Lynn bucked her hips and pulled Kelsey's hair and rolled over on top of the brunette. Quickly using her skill to mount Kelsey and slide up. Her tight ass sliding over her tits and her thong slammed under the brunette's chin. Kelsey moaning loudly as she knew she was in trouble. Lynn reached back with one hand and sunk her nails into Kelsey's right tit, digging into it roughly. "OWWWWWWWWWWW FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!" Kelsey moaned in pain but Lynn used her other hand to lock onto her hair and pull her mouth tight against her pussy. Kelsey tasted Lynn's juices through her thong and knew she was turned on by fighting. Truth be told Kelsey was just as wet as Lynn, if not more. Lynn released Kelsey's tit and slapped it hard a few times, then dug her nails back in, making Kelsey emit a muffled moan into her pussy. "Yeah moan for me bitch. Give up! You can't beat me!" 

Kelsey's eyes went wide. All she could see was Lynn's eyes looking down at her and feel her air starting to get cut off as Lynn started to close her thighs around her head. Her tits were on fire from the vicious attack and she could feel strands of her hair being pulled free from her head by this redhead on top of her. She worked one of her hands free and started slapping at Lynn's side, legs, anything she could reach. This only made Lynn dig harder into Kelsey's pert tits and pull rougher on her hair. Kelsey finally in desperation latched onto the back of Lynn's thong. Wrapping the fabric around her fingers as best she could and pulled straight up, cutting the thin material into Lynn's pussy and ass. "UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lynn moaned in pain and reached back trying to ease this ruthless attack by Kelsey. Kelsey pulled harder, making the thong slip between Lynn's wet pussy lips, and could feel her naked lips on her own now. "LET GO OF MY THONG YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!" Lynn howled in pain and finally rolled off Kelsey, breaking her grip in the process. 

Kelsey sat up, knowing she had to keep on fighting. She was tired, sore, and hurting, but at that moment, something flipped inside her. All the anger and rage that had built up inside her from getting turned down so many times, was finally unleashed. Just as Lynn was starting to raise up, Kelsey advanced quickly and let loose a barrage of slaps against the redheads face and tits that had Lynn reeling back and trying to defend herself. Kelsey didn't hold back as the slaps were clearly hitting hard enough to echo above the cheering crowd. 

Lynn back pedaled and tried her best to mount some type of offense, but quickly found herself trying to play defense until she slipped and fell on her back. Kelsey kept advancing, seemingly a different fighter now. She was angry and pissed about her situation, and was letting it all out on Lynn. Lynn scrambled around trying to stay away but was getting pummeled in her efforts. She moaned in pain and agony as the brunette was literally all over her and she couldn't stop her. 

Lynn finally spun around to get away from Kelsey, but that move proved to be a poor choice. Lying on her back and facing away from the brunette allowed Kelsey to slide forward and pin her down in a reverse facesit. Kelsey's gorgeous ass smothered Lynn's pretty face completely. Lynn could feel her nose snug tight against Kelsey's thong directly on her asshole. She moaned a muffled cry into Kelsey's ass, but it could barely be heard. The brunette latched on to Lynn's perky tits and started torturing them. Slapping them around and tugging her erect nipples high in the air. Lynn was trapped and being abused by this rookie fighter, and as much as she hated to do so, she tapped Kelsey's thigh rapidly signaling her submission.

The crowd erupted in a loud cheer that suddenly snapped Kelsey back to reality. She looked up at the lust filled crowd confused. She wasn't sure what was going on as she sat on Lynn's face with 2 generous hands of titflesh. Maria appeared through the crowd and stepped into the pit, taking Kelsey's hand and helping her off Lynn. Lynn coughed and moaned as she rolled to her side, trying to get much needed air in her lungs. Maria raised Kelsey's hand high in the air. "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the fight....KELSEY!!!"

The crowd roared their approval as Maria walked Kelsey around the pit to show off the winning fighter. Lynn finally made it to her feet and walked to the brunette, giving her a hug and whispering in her ear, "Great fight girl. You're alot tougher than I thought." Kelsey just nodded, still in awe of everything that had taken place in about a 20 minute span. She was finally led back to her room and sat down in a chair, still breathing hard and extremely sore.

Kelsey looked down and seen strands of red hair still wrapped around her fingers. "I just fought. And won. I fought another girl. And I beat her. I beat her." A slight smile came across her face as she realized she had won and was going to get paid for it. She could feel something inside her that liked this. Truth be told, she loved it. Just then the door opened and Maria walked in. "Nice fight rookie. Pretty impressive actually." Maria tossed $2000 in cash on the table next to Kelsey. She looked at the brunette square in the eyes. "Kels, there's your winnings for the night. You can take it and go......or you could learn how to make some real money here...."

To be continued.....

Submitted: April 23, 2022

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