Billy's Big Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A prefect entertains his friend's younger brothers, and their friends, and trashes his reputation in the process.

Probably no-one except me will care but I wanted to post something today because it's the tenth anniversary of my first ever story on the old site. Happy birthday to me!

Sebastian Kemp felt the hands grabbing the sides of his shorts just in time. He in turn grabbed the front though he didn't really need to – the drawstring held as the assailant yanked down hard. “Get off!” he shouted, looking around at the two young boys, about twelve or thirteen he thought, who had crept up behind him, one of them still trying to pull his shorts down.

Yes, leave him alone Billy. That's not funny or clever” added his friend Rory Jennings. They were in Rory's living room. Sebastian and Rory were seventeen year olds in the lower sixth form and were about to cycle out to a local beauty spot, neither having passed a car test yet. The weather wasn't that warm but cycling would be, hence the shorts, unusual for teenagers back in the eighties except when playing sport

Spoilsport” said Billy cheerfully. “Well, I don't agree. Elastic waist is fair game, he's asking for it. I'll wait 'til he's off his guard then I'll have his shorts down and we'll see his dick!”

Have they got a drawstring?” asked Rory. Sebastian nodded. “Well, I'd keep it tied up tight if I were you. He can be a persistent little so and so when he gets an idea in his head.”

Outside in the hallway, unseen by anyone, Paul Cooper listened with interest and then slipped very quietly out of the front door. Billy and Rory's mother had been widowed for two years when she met and married John Cooper, a widower of three years. This doubled the size of the family and the boys got two step-siblings; Paul (now a sixteen year old fifth former) and Linda (nearly fifteen, fourth year) (their mother had been a huge Beatles and Wings fan, half in love with Paul McCartney). Luckily by pooling their resources (and life insurance payouts) Mr and Mrs Cooper could afford a big house and nice lifestyle.

Paul soon met up with Linda and a group of their friends (six girls, four boys, aged fourteen to sixteen) and invited them back to his house for some fun. Mr and Mrs Cooper were out playing golf, their usual Saturday morning activity, but didn't mind the children having friends round so long as they respected the house rules (no shoes indoors, don't break anything or upset the neighbours).

The teens congregated in the Coopers' big living room drinking cans of Coke and chatting until Rory went upstairs to get changed ready for the expedition.

Hey Sebastian,” said Paul, “I want to try an experiment, can you help me?”

What experiment?” asked Sebastian.

It'll spoil it if I tell you now. But don't worry, it won't hurt, it's just a bit of psychology. Lie down on that sofa and rest the back of your head on the arm rest.”

For the sake of a quiet life Sebastian did as he was asked. Paul got a dining room chair and placed it next to the sofa at the end where Sebastian's head was and sat down. “Now I'll sit here just behind your head, as if I was a psychiatrist and you were my patient, okay? Comfortable?”

I suppose so.”

Good, now raise your arms above your head and take my hands in yours...... That's it...... Now let go a second....”

As soon as Sebastian let go of Paul's hands he felt his wrists grabbed tightly and held. He tried to break the grip but due to their relative positions Paul had the advantage and he was unable to.

Well alright” gloated Paul. “Now I can tell you. This is an experiment to demonstrate how stupid and gullible even clever prefects can be.” (A prefect is a sixth-former (17 or 18) who helps keep order in the school. This doesn't always make them popular with younger kids.) “You can't move your hands can you? Let's give you an incentive and see if it makes any difference. Hey, Billy! I think he's off his guard now if you still want his shorts.”

Billy leapt to his feet, grinning with delight. “I told him!” he said excitedly. “I said I'll have his shorts down and we'll see his dick!”

No, you won't” said Paul.

I don't understand” said Billy, sounding very disappointed. “I thought you said...”

Well, look,” replied Paul, “you've got a lot to learn, kid. Take his shorts down and he'll just pull them back up. But take them off and hide them and then you've got something he needs. You can have fun with him for as long as you like. Take his socks off as well, if he wants to show those scrawny legs off he should show them from top to bottom.”

The grin returned to Billy's face: “Fantastic! Will do! What about his shirt? Should he show off his whole body then?”

Yes please!” said Alice, one of Linda's friends, who privately thought Sebastian was both good looking and arrogant and hoped to enjoy one attribute while helping to correct the other. Her friends laughed and clapped in agreement.

Well, what do you think?” Paul asked Billy.

I say do it all!” he replied, enthusiastically.

Paul shrugged. “Do it then” he said laconically.

Billy needed no more encouragement. He yanked at Sebastian's shirt until it came free of his waistband and pushed it up his chest over his head and up his arms. He held Sebastian's left arm with both of his while Paul pulled the shirt free, then repeated it with the right arm. Before letting go he leaned forward and murmured “soon you'll be naked, Mr prefect. Won't that be fun?” into Sebastian's ear.

Billy moved down to Sebastian's feet and pulled his socks off. Then he moved up to waist level and soon untied the drawstring. He hooked his fingers into the sides of the shorts. “Ready then?” he taunted.

Billy let the tension build for a few seconds and then abruptly yanked the shorts (and underwear) down and off, leaving Sebastian lying there naked. He turned and bowed to his friend, who was grinning with delight, then gathered up the clothing and left the room.

Returning empty handed a moment later he looked slowly up Sebastian's body from his feet to his face. “Stripped by a second year” he crowed. “Bet you don't tell teacher about that!”

Everyone laughed, then stood there staring. “Not very big, is it?” commented Paul's friend Robbie. “There's boys in our year with a lot more than that. It must be killing him to show that off.”

Made a study of it, have you?” asked Sebastian sarcastically, feeling defensive. “Well, sorry to disappoint you!”

You know, he probably is” suggested Sean, before Robbie could reply.

I probably am what, exactly?” demanded Robbie aggressively.

Sean laughed. “Not you, mate, calm down. I meant him. Big boy here probably is sorry to disappoint you, and all of us. Imagine going around knowing that's all you've got to offer a girl. You wouldn't even dare talk to them.”

Well, at least he's having fun now” said Tristan, easily the most intelligent of the group, also far and away the most jaded and cynical. Even at sixteen he could find a bad or depraved motive for any human action imaginable, and obviously enjoyed doing so.

Who is?” asked Robbie, suspicious he might be the target of the cynicism and ready to take offence if so. Let's be charitable and just say that Robbie was not the most intelligent of the group and frequently became the butt of jokes he hadn't understood.

All of us, I hope” replied Tristan. “But I meant 'Big Boy' as you call him. I bet no-one's ever wanted to see his 'little boy' before, now he's got a chance to show off to all these girls, and boys too, whatever he likes.”

What a load of crap” said Robbie. “Are you trying to make me look stupid?”

You...” Tristan stopped. He'd been about to say 'you do that well enough on your own' but thought better of it. Bait Robbie enough and you could provoke an epic rage; fun at times but not now. His priority now was the helpless naked prefect in front of him. Tristan didn't like prefects, or any kind of authority figure.

You know my Dad teaches psychology, right? Well, I was looking in one of the magazines he gets, they call them journals, when I was bored one day, and there's this article in there.

It said there's some people who think they're pathetic and inadequate” - he pointed at Sebastian's groin - “because maybe they've got a small cock or some other reason, and they turn into 'subs' which is short for submissive. They like to be dominated and bullied because they know it's all they can get. They're grateful for the attention.”

Bollocks!” said Sean forcefully. “Robbie's right. You don't half talk a right load of crap sometimes. He's not enjoying anything – look at his face!” Paul sat there holding Sebastian's wrists with a slight smile on his face. He didn't believe this rubbish either but could imagine how Sebastian must feel hearing it right now.

Yeah, he's embarrassed” conceded Tristan, “I'll give you that. But think about it. He knew Billy wanted to strip him, right? Did he struggle? Shout? Even ask him not to? Did he even cross his legs? He could have and that would have slowed Billy down a bit wouldn't it? No, he just lay there and let it happen. Why do you think that is?”

Sebastian thought that he hadn't kicked for fear of hurting the youngster, something that would likely bring trouble, hadn't shouted because there was no point, and hadn't crossed his legs because he just plain hadn't thought of it. Now he was being made to look like some kind of pervert, unfairly because he was most certainly not enjoying this and was painfully aware that he was stark naked in front of kids he'd be trying to supervise next week. He could only imagine the likely back-talk.

Dunno” said Sean dubiously, wavering but unconvinced. “Maybe he didn't think of it. I can't believe anyone would like that though.”

Well, we can find out soon enough” said Tristan. “Let's just say that if he gets 'excited' down there he has to 'take care of it' in front of everyone before he gets his clothes back, okay?

Now it's up to him. We'll give him, say, five minutes to think about it. Then if he likes showing off he can get hard and give us a show, if not we'll just let him go, no hard feelings.”

Tristan stared with relish and open interest at Sebastian's groin. “How about it, little man? Are you going to wake up and give the girls and boys a good show? That'll feel good won't it? Boys admiring you, the young 'uns seeing their future, girls getting wet from wanting you inside them, while you pleasure yourself. And you know how good that feels, even alone; it's better when you're not, you know. And you want to come don't you? Everybody wants to come, it feels so good.

Everyone concentrate on watching 'little Sebastian' and send him psychic encouragement to wake up and have a good time. He knows he wants to but 'big Sebastian' has inhibitions. He wants to overcome them but he's scared. It's time to 'choke that chicken' now, in more ways than one.”

What the hell is going on here?” demanded Rory, at that moment walking back into the room dressed in tee shirt and shorts and carrying a rucksack, and seeing his stark naked friend being held by his step-brother and stared at by everyone.

Just a little psychology experiment” said Paul cheerfully. “Nothing for you to worry about. This boy likes to show off; we're going to find out just how much of an exhibitionist he really is.”

But you've stripped him! You can't do that!”

Not me, bruv. Little Billy did that, and perv-boy here just let him; he loves it.”

Tristan looked pointedly at Rory's legs. “Looks like we've got another one that likes to show himself off. Well, don't interfere or you may end up showing off as much as he is.”

Yeah” chimed in Robbie, happy to see someone else being the butt of the joke for a change. “Let's strip 'em both!”

No, don't” said Paul, provoking a chorus of disappointed protests from the girls. “He's family, sort of. If he leaves us alone we leave him alone. But if not....”

Rory could see he was heavily out-numbered. He shrugged, mouthed “sorry” to Sebastian and stood there watching, curious to see what would happen despite himself.

Everyone, including a somewhat embarrassed Rory, returned to staring hard at Sebastian's body, willing him to become aroused.

Your friend's got nice pretty legs, hasn't he?” commented Tristan. “I bet you'd like to show off to him, and us, and these girls wouldn't you? Are we starting to wake up yet?”

To Sebastian's horror he found that having everyone staring at him and willing him to get an erection for their entertainment was having an effect. He felt a tingling sensation and desperately tried to suppress it. But the more he tried to not feel anything, the more he got the opposite result. Tristan kept up a running commentary in the sardonic tone he'd been using all along.

Ah, yes, here we go, I think we're starting to get a little chubby...... Looks like Big Boy's getting frisky now his hunky friend's back, showing off his legs. Do you want to show off to him then? Show him how much you can come? He's watching and waiting, we all are....... That's it, good boy, see those balls tightening up, they want to be emptied don't they?...... Now the little man's growing fast, look at that, the little head's starting to poke out, come out to play, don't be shy....... Oh, wow, now we have lift off, up and proud.... I think that's all we're going to get.”

Tristan finished his running commentary and looked up at Paul. “You'd better let go of his right arm so he can take care of that randy little thing. We don't want him getting blue balls now do we?”

Paul released Sebastian's right wrist. Everyone stared in anticipation. “Well go on then” said Paul, impatiently. “You knew what the deal was before you got hard so you must want it.”

And you can get stuffed!” Sebastian exploded. “I'm not doing that, and you can't make me. Do your worst and I'll still refuse so you may as well let me go now, you've seen all you're going to.”

Paul grabbed Sebastian's wrist again. “This is a big house. Good luck finding your clothes. Fancy going home without them do you?”

No, but I'll do it if I have to. It's better than doing what you want.” Sebastian had his bike outside and knew he could ride it fast, and hoped to find something he could use for a make-shift loin cloth.

Not until after you've come you won't” said Tristan. He grinned, evilly. “Either you do what you volunteered for by getting an erection when you knew the consequences or I'll have to do it for you. And you will come, I can promise you that. If you do it yourself you get your clothes back, if not, not. Right, Paul?”

Uh... what? Well, yeah, I suppose” muttered Paul, who was looking a bit shocked.

Sebastian said what everyone was thinking: “You little.... You want to toss me off? What are you, queer or something?”

No, but I'll do it if I have to. It's better than doing what you want.” Tristan parodied Sebastian's bravado. “Maybe I'm gay, or maybe I'm secure enough to know that touching you for a few minutes won't change me. I'll let you worry about that. Either way a boy's going to make you come; it's your choice if that's you or me. So the question isn't what I want, it's do you want me to toss you off? So, what's it going to be?”

Sebastian thought quickly. Tristan might well be full of shit; it was hard to imagine he'd do that, to a boy, one who hadn't consented, in front of witnesses, who were also his friends. But what if he would? And what if he succeeded? What if he made Sebastian come? And the story got around at school (as it undoubtedly would)? Life would be over. Perhaps for both of them but Tristan put much effort into creating the impression that he didn't care what anyone thought. Ironically, because if he really didn't care he wouldn't make the effort, but it made him unpredictable.

On the other hand, if he called Tristan's bluff and the boy folded the prospect of a naked ride home with its attendant dangers really didn't appeal.

On the other other hand he could give in, give Tristan and the gang what they wanted. It would be embarrassing as hell and he'd never hear the end of it at school. But embarrassment and gossip were guaranteed already. He'd got hard in front of the second year boy who'd stripped him and a mixed sex group; how much worse could it get? And now he had a really great excuse. He wasn't doing what he wanted, he was avoiding a homosexual assault, as anyone would want to.

What?!? Excuse? Want to? Why wasn't that 'reason' and 'forced to'? Did some part of him want this? Well, he was feeling pretty randy he had to admit, and his erection showed no sign of subsiding; something must be causing that. Perhaps he should just do it and think about it later. But could he really make himself do that?

Clock's ticking Big Boy.” Tristan's mocking voice interrupted his thoughts. “Time to decide who gives Little Sebastian a good time. You or me?” Tristan started reaching towards Sebastian's groin.

Sebastian panicked. “Fuck you then, I'll do it!” he blurted without further thought, just to stop that hand before it touched him.

Such language in front of these young ladies” mocked Tristan. “But we'll stick to plan A, I think. You give us a show for now and maybe I'll let you” - he coughed theatrically - “me later, if you play your cards right.” He looked at the expression on Paul's face. “Only joking mate.” He looked back at Sebastian and winked. “Probably.” Looking up again: “Let go of his hand, Paul. Let's see what he can do.”

Paul released Sebastian's hand and he brought it below his waist. He really wanted to just cover himself and refuse to do anything but that would only provoke Tristan into repeating his threats. Better to just get it over with. He wrapped his hand around himself and started stroking. He expected jeers and comments but instead everyone watched in fascinated silence.

Billy and his friend James were indeed 'seeing their future' but much better than this, they were seeing a prefect who ordered them about and treated them as little children (in their minds, but actually just enforcing the rules) being made to obey the most degrading orders in front of them. Their eyes shone with pleasure and they couldn't wait to brag to their classmates.

Linda and her friends were entranced. None of them had ever seen anything like this before. The most they'd seen of boys was the occasional baby brother being given a bath, hardly the same thing. They wouldn't have admitted to “getting wet from wanting [him] inside them” as Tristan had predicted, but perhaps the odd carnal thought crossed their minds.

The older boys had no great interest but it was kind of fun to pick on a prefect, and the girls seemed to be enjoying it, which should put them in a good mood and happy girls focused on sex was a prospect to be exploited if at all possible.

Tristan watched enviously. He would have liked an opportunity to carry out his threat but it was probably just as well he didn't get one. Instead he watched Sebastian and wondered what it would feel like to “let [Sebastian fuck] me later” as he'd jokingly promised. Sadly it would have to remain a joke; much too dangerous and there was no reason to believe Sebastian would be interested. In another two years he'd be leaving for university, away from this provincial town with its Victorian attitudes and self-satisfied “concern” about AIDS. He'd thought of complaining, as a prank, that the local library stocking James Baldwin and Jean Genet novels was a blatant breach of newly passed Clause 28 [1988,] but worried someone in this dump might be sad enough to take it seriously. Much safer to just fit in, and none of the girls here were likely to offer him sex. But the sight in front of him made him impatient; he couldn't keep his eyes off and struggled to keep his hands off.

Sebastian felt somewhat dissociated. He couldn't quite believe he was doing what he knew he was doing – a strange feeling. Perhaps the only thing worse than doing this would be having Tristan do it to him. It was embarrassing as all hell, of course, but if he tried to ignore the boys and just concentrate on the way the girls were looking at him it was also quite erotic.

After a few minutes Sebastian felt the pressure building and then heard the girls squealing with delight as he ejaculated. “I'm going to come here more often” said Anita, a fifteen year old fourth year girl, happily, sounding a bit stunned. “The best entertainment I get at home is Top of the Pops!”

I bet Big Boy wants to come here less often” said Sean, laughing. “That was epic!”

Yeah!” added Robbie, still happy to see someone else as the fall guy. “Let's get a razor and shave his pubes. He's made his own cream, look.”

Sebastian was despairingly wondering how long this would go on for and what else they'd think of when Rory forcefully said “No. You've had your fun now let him go. We're late enough already. I mean it Paul, let go.” Paul released Sebastian's arms and passed him a box of tissues. He didn't want to antagonise his older step-brother too much, and anyway he was starting to get bored. “Where are his clothes?” asked Rory, looking around.

Billy hid them somewhere” replied Paul. “Go and get them Bill.”

Make me!” said Billy defiantly, unwilling to see the entertainment come to an end. “I want to see them shave his dick!”

I think you've seen enough and done enough. What do you think Mum will say when she hears about this?” asked Rory.

And you'll keep quiet if he does what you want will you?” asked Paul, suddenly thinking of his father's likely reaction to hearing about this.

We can't undo anything that's happened” said Sebastian as Rory hesitated. “Just say yes and let's get the hell out of here. You said it yourself – we're late enough already.”

All right then, if you get them now” said Rory reluctantly. He really didn't relish describing the episode to his mother anyway. Paul gave Billy a look and he left the room, returning shortly and sulkily with Sebastian's clothes.

Sebastian dressed and he and Rory left for their expedition. As they put their shoes on in the hallway Rory was heard to say “We'll have to talk later. You didn't really enjoy that did you?” The door slammed before anyone heard Sebastian's reply.


The End



Submitted: April 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Britguy. All rights reserved.

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Robert Brooks

Happy Anniversary Britguy!
Wow, a decade since your first story, I remember it so vividly, it remains one of the best most electrifying stripping scenes I’ve read!
So glad to see you still writing, another sizzler :)

Here’s to another 10 years!
All the best,

Fri, April 22nd, 2022 10:40pm


Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed reading the stories, I certainly enjoyed writing them!

BTW, you probably already know but just in case you don't almost all my old stories can be found on this site, you don't have to remember them. Martin's story (my first) is the first chapter in my 'book' 'The Darren Baker Stories'

As you say, Here's to the next 10 years!



Sat, April 23rd, 2022 11:29am


So glad to see another story by my favorite writer. Happy 10th anniversary.

Sat, April 23rd, 2022 11:52pm


Your favorite writer? Wow, that's quite a compliment given the 'competition' here. Thank you!

Sun, April 24th, 2022 12:09pm


Quite a nice story! Thanks. And congratulations on your 10th anniversary.


Sun, April 24th, 2022 12:32pm


Thanks for the comment. They really do make a difference.

Sun, April 24th, 2022 12:13pm


Congrats on the anniversary, Britguy! You're a fantastic writer. I really hope you keep at it - especially some more SPH stuff!

Tue, April 26th, 2022 1:55am


Thanks maribor. I certainly intend to, as and when I can find the time.

Tue, April 26th, 2022 12:12pm

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