Kyle Earns an A Part Five

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Kyle not only has to service Mr. Hinkle's friends again, but is dressed up for "a night on the town."



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Poor eighteen-year old Kyle thought he would die from the pain in his ass. It was like nothing he had ever experienced in his life.  His guts burned from the length of the dicks that had fucked up into his bowels, and the ass itself ached terribly from the thickness of the four huge cocks that had each fucked him twice. His jaw ached as well, from being forced open so wide, so the fuckmeat could ram his burning throat.


Not only that, but after the four homeless thugs had had their fill and gone, Mr. Hinkle and four of his German friends who had watched the entire event, each fucked the boy’s ass as well. Kyle had begged for mercy, but received none. The more the teenage boy had sobbed, the more they seemed to enjoy it. The big smelly German uncut dicks had fucked his cute face and his ruined asshole at the same time. Kyle was reduced to a quivering mass of incoherent, mindless teen flesh. He was totally broken. Not only that, but the Germans had then forced Kyle to squat and shit out all the cum from his ass… and eat it. Lyle had to lick up the sperm, mixed with blood and ass juice. Then the five German’s stood around Kyle in a circle and pissed on him, fingering their fat pricks so the piss spray went from the boy’s feet up to his head, and soaked every part of him.


A sick and strange thing happened. Kyle began to believe that he somehow deserved this treatment. Maybe he was indeed a total loser. Maybe the years of being a star athlete and high school hero were just illusion. Perhaps if he accepted his new humble state, the abuse would lessen or stop. Hinkle and the other naked, fat, old Germans kicked the boy with their bare feet, and every once in a while, held up their piss covered toes for Kyle to suck clean.


Mr. Hinkle could sense the boy weakening, and it delighted him. Soon, Kyle would be nothing more than a tamed animal, crawling around the teacher’s house. He most certainly never fuck a girl again, his self-image was too destroyed. Watching Kyle licking the low hanging ball sacks of his friends, Mr. Hinkle reminisced about some of the other boys he had ruined. Each of them h ad been dumped back into the world, totally unable to ever live a normal life again. He remembered six, formerly studly, high school jock seniors who were unable to ever get an erection over a girl again. Hinkle even provided girls for them to fuck, and they were so destroyed, they could not get their dicks hard over cunt. So complete had been their training, however, that they did get throbbing wet boners when Hinkle beat their asses and balls!

It is not that difficult to re-orient the impressionable mind of a teenage boy, as long as you totally break him. Just look at Kyle now, almost devotionally sucking on the nuts of Hinkle’s friends, crawling from one dangling ball sack to the next, ball hair caught in his teeth. Just to avoid any more ass fucking, the kid was almost lovingly and certainly respectfully lapping at the sweaty testicles of four old men.

“ASS!”  Hinkle barked, and young Kyle scrambled on all fours around to the rear of the four Germans and shoved his cute young face between the ass cheeks of the first one. The boy would do almost anything no matter how gross to avoid another session like the one he had just had with the four homeless bums.  Their filth, that he had been required to lick off, would stay with him forever. He would never escape the memory of the smell and taste.


“You know, Hinkle, the boy could get his tongue further up my ass. I hardly feel it!” an elderly, bespeckled, flabby man with wobbling, wrinkled ass cheeks remarked.


Hinkle almost rushed over to give a hefty kick to Kyle’s teenage nuts. ‘You heard him, you fucking asscunt. Get that useless tongue up his shitter, now!”


Kyle obediently shoved more tongue up the rectum, ignoring the dark taste. His tongue hurt from pushing it so far from his mouth, but he had no choice. Now, from the kick, the poor teen’s balls throbbed, joining the ache in his asshole, making his entire lower region one burning inferno.


Hinkle shook his head. “When will you learn, you useless piece of shit? You could avoid so much pain and distress, if you could just learn the simple lesson of obedience. And it’s so simple, you just do whatever the fuck I or my friends tell you to do. That’s all! So easy.

Just don’t think for yourself. Just obey! It will go so much easier for you.”


Kyle hardly heard the words, so intent was he in shoving his tongue as deep as possible up the old man’s asshole and then wiggling it around for maximum pleasure for the pervert.


Hinkle went on rambling. “You know, Kyle, I can think of nine or ten boys in your senior class at school who could benefit from the same training I am mentoring with you. Fucking cute, arrogant teenage boys come into my counseling office, asking me, “what should I be, Mr. Hinkle? What career should I go into?”  And I think. “You should become a fucking hustler, slut

Who takes a dozen dicks up your ass every night and sucks thirty dicks a day!”  I want to tell them this, but of course I do not. I do sometimes suggest to their girlfriends, when I counsel them, that I heard a rumor that their boyfriend is a cocksucking faggot, and it might be best for their reputation to drop the boy! I always get a fucking hard on when I hear a few days later, that the girl has broken up with the heartsick boy.”


Hinkle kicked Kyle to get him to move on to the next ass. As the handsome boy crawled toward the next flabby old ass, he let out an uncontrolled fart, and more cum bubbled from his fucked asshole and ran down his legs onto the floor. Kyle felt so humiliated, so ashamed. Think of the greatest moment of shame in your life and then amplify it a thousand times. The cum dripped and puddled on the floor.


“Clean it!”  Hinkle barked, and Kyle, fresh tears running down his face, bent his head to the floor and began to lick up the cum that had leaked from his fucked asshole. Every few seconds, Hinkle took more photos of the boy’s degradation. “These photos would look so good in your school yearbook. Perhaps I should send them in!” Hinkle laughed.


Kyle moaned. Any mention of his school reminded him of how he was now treated by his fellow schoolmates. He was either shunned or bullied. Just the other day, Mr. Hinkle had ordered Kyle to use one of the stalls in the second-floor boys’ toilet to take a shit. But he had ordered the poor kid to strip totally naked and to leave the stall door wide open. Then, he had posted a sign outside the bathroom door saying, “Faggot show inside.”  About twenty boys from the school had gone in to see what was going on, only to find a naked Kyle shitting in a stall with the door wide open. All of this had affected Kyle’s mind as well as his body, and he had developed a serious stammer, which the other kids now made fun of. The guys at school now never called him Kyle. They either called him FAGGOT or CUNT.


The second German ass presented to Kyle, was a fat one, which the old man spread with his two hands, so that Kyle could better get into the crusty hole. The old pervert began to blow farts into Kyle’s face, and when the boy pulled back, Hinkle kicked him in the nuts again. “Get your fucking faggot face into that nice German manly asshole!” Gagging and choking, Kyle sucked ass.  Hinkle was not happy that the boy gagged, saying that showed lack of respect.

He warned Kyle that he would be punished later by having an electric hair curling iron shoved up his ass and plugged in. Hinkle delighted telling Kyle that he had done extensive research into Nazi World War II torture, and was now quite an expert.


By the time, Kyle had finished all four asses, he was totally exhausted and his face was coated with spit and ass juice. He was a pathetic sight.  He crawled over to Mr. Hinkle.


“Please, Sir. Please. I’ve been good. May I please go home now? I am so tired. My asshole hurts so badly, Please, just let me go home!” He looked up at the German teacher from the floor, like a pleading puppy dog. Jesus, the more pathetic the teenager became, the sexier he was for a pervert like Hinkle.


“Go home?  But it’s not even Saturday night yet, only late afternoon. We want to go out to party, and we want to take you along with us! But we will allow you to rest and eat a little something while we change into our party clothes.”


“Go out?”


“Yah, we are taking you out to some special gay bars we know. They will love you there.”


Kyle slumped, and curled his body into a fetal position. He just wanted to hide. He wanted the world to disappear. As he curled up, he farted again and more cum dripped out of his fucked boy ass. Without being told, he licked it up. Hinkle was pleased at that. One of the other German men, Helmut, brought over a bowl of dry dog food and set it down next to Kyle.


“Dinner time.”He then produced a jelly jar full of dog cum, which he poured over the dog food. Berger, another one of the Germans, set down a second bowl filled with foaming piss.

“Make sure you eat and drink all of it, so you grow up big and strong!”


Kyle looked up helplessly, but he had no one to whom to turn. Hinkle put one naked foot on Kyle’s neck and pushed his face down into the cum coated dog food. Kyle opened his mouth and began to eat. The Germans stood around watching the boy eat and played with their dicks.

Life was good. Mr. Hinkle had to chuckle. In his office at school, he kept some hard candies in a bowl, and when a student visited him, he would offer the cute boy or girl a piece of cellophane wrapped hard candy. What the innocent students didn’t know was that Hinkle had carefully un wrapped the candy and coated each piece with cum, and then rewrapped it. he loved to watch the boy or girl sucking on the candy, knowing they were tasting his sperm.


Hinkle and his friends took turns showering and dressing to go out. Hinkle always doused himself with some kind of overpowering cologne.


“Come on, Kyle, time to get you dressed to go out partying,” Hinkle said kicking Kyle who had fallen asleep on the floor.


“I ugh, I have to shower first… “ the boy said.  


“Oh no, we want to take you out just the way you are, stinking of piss and drooling cum from your pussy, so everyone knows what a fucked-up faggot cockslut you are.”


Kyle’s mouth hung open, making him look deranged. He was mentally in shock and confused. ‘I… eh… I can’t go out like this. Please.” 


“Of course not, we’re going to dress you up real pretty!” 


Kyle sobbed as they forced him to put on women’s fishnet stockings. They crammed his big teen feet into some five inch women’s heels. They gave him a very short cheerleader’s skirt to wear, so short that the head of his dick hung out beneath the hem. The waistband of the skirt rode just above the boy’s dick root, so the whole skirt was only about six inches long.  On top, they had him wear a pink tank top, cut off just below his peck. There were also two holes in the tank top so that his nipples were exposed. Hinkle produced three little bells on clips. He attached one of the bells to each of the boy’s nipples. The third bell, he clipped right onto the head of the poor kid’s dick. In that way, he jingled when he walked.  Then, with magic markers, they wrote the word COCKSUCKER across his bare tummy, and FUCK ME HERE on his lower back with an arrow pointing toward his asshole. On his forehead, they wrote SUCKHOLE with an arrow pointing down his nose toward his mouth.


“Ugh… we can’t go out like this!  I can’t be seen like this?  Where could we possibly go with me looking like this?” the teenage boy wailed as he was dragged toward the door.


“We are going to THE TOILET,” Hinkle said, laughing heartily with his friends. “THE TOILET is a very special bar for very special clientele.  It’s more of a private club than a bar… you have to have a membership to go there, but members ae encouraged to bring young friends, as long as the boys are submissive and obedient! You’re going to love it there. So many fun things to do, and you are sure to make fifty or sixty new friends! Years ago, when I was your age, there was such a club in New York City. It was called THE MINESHAFT. It was probably the most famous bar in the world. Sadly, it closed during the AIDS crisis, but I am happy we still have THE TOILET.

I am also delighted that such bars and sex clubs have reopened in Berlin in my homeland.

They are so much more broadminded in Germany than in the U.S. At the clubs in Berlin, we think nothing of making a boy eat shit or suck dog cock. Such things would not be allowed in puritanical America today. Such a shame. And it’s getting worse, with the religious right not wanting teen boys and girls to read books containing sex. How are the little ones to learn? Thank God there are some of us with liberal minds and lifestyles! 


“Tonight, Kyle, we are going to expose you to forms of filth and perversion you could never even imagine. We will have you doing things, you never would have believed a human being could be made to do. But I know, you will do them because you are a good boy, who follows orders.” Mr. Hinkle tied a leather leash around Kyle’s nutsack, and leading him by the balls, he took him out to the van where his friends were waiting to go out for a night on the town.


A night that would change Kyle forever!

Submitted: April 15, 2022

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