Dripping in the Treetops

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

At the foot of Peter’s bed was a northern-red oak chest he had handmade. It had a rich, dark Autumn Wheat stain, and an iron clasp - crafted in the shape of a towering oak with a full canopy and thick trunk. On top of the chest stood a single glass milk jar. Inside the jar was a short twig - with mini, knotted branches protruding from a central shaft. Wrapped around the small twig was a string of warm lights. The only lights in the room. Twinkling through the glass and casting slithers of light across the chest and onto the ceiling. His charcoal curtains gently swayed as a light sea breeze entered through a quarter open window. Causing shadows to flicker over the slithers of warm light cast from the jar.


Peter pulled back the curtains to check that the sky, It was clear, with stars sprinkled across the sky. He had some freshly milled southern-red oak in the tray of his truck. Ready to be crafted into a bedside table and did not want to risk any chance of it getting wet.


He climbed into bed and pulled out his phone. He had been chatting with a girl named Rachel. He met her last week when he had been given the wrong breakfast order from the cafe. It had turned out the pancakes with blueberries, maple syrup and ice-cream had belonged to Rachel. Rachel worked at the cafe whilst on holiday from uni and was sitting down for a break. 


“Oh, I think that’s mine,” she said. As a work colleague placed the pancakes in front of Peter. It was already on the table. So Peter had picked the plate up himself and taken it over to Rachel. Whilst standing there, a second serving of pancakes, this one with bacon, whipped butter and maple syrup was placed in front of Rachel. 


“What are the chances you would let me sit with you rather than heading back over there with my plate, this little corner looks very beautiful.”


“Haha, I’m sitting on a concrete step next to the bin, but sure you can stay, I’d like that.”


Over the week since. Peter and Rachel had continued to message each other after exchanging numbers. The messages had slowly started to exhibit a touch of cheekiness. The attraction was evident. Peter had immediately fallen for Rachel’s soft smile and her flowing blond hair. She had been wearing denim shorts that showed off, what Peter considered to be perfect legs. And the grey top that sowed just a bit of skin under her collar bone. Her lips were wet from her taking a sip of water and Peter could not help but think of kissing them. Rachel had been distracted by Peter’s own long hair and clean, short beard. He stood at just under 6 foot, and although not overly muscly, appeared strong and confident. Rachel let herself imagine being held in his arms before he had even sat on the concrete step next to her.


As they had parted, their eyes had locked onto each other, and although neither of them said anything, the connection and desire were betrayed in both their faces. Each new that the other knew that they were giving away their weakness. That the other wanted them just as they wanted them.


Peter had let it slip that he enjoyed writing. He had also mentioned that he liked the idea of writing something that allowed a girl to relax. That allowed them to fade away into delight. To feel sexy and wanted. To not have to write back if they didn’t want to but to just read, and enjoy. To write for her pleasure. As he opened his phone he saw a message from Rachel.


I’d love for you to write me a story.


Anything, in particular, you would like me to 

write about?


How about a sexual fantasy of yours


A fantasy of mine...


Ok, I can have a go. 

Could I be cheeky and ask 

you send me a picture - 

to get me thinking?






I hope this gives some inspiration


Holy fuck Rachel!!

This is incredible...


Have you got one with some more

clothes on? To get me into 

the starting headspace, and not

into "I want to fuck you right now?"






haha, There you go.


That's the one, got the right 

mindset now - you look gorgeous.

What a lovely dress. I love that 





For some reason, I've always liked 

the thought of fucking a gorgeous

girl in a treehouse...


But, I'm talking about one of

those seriously impressive ones.


Romantic as hell. Soft lights, high

up in the trees. Looking out over

some insane view. One that matches how 

gorgeous you look.


Something about that beauty the 

soft light - it's this exotic

feeling that makes me want to be

there with you, and to explore 

every part of your lovely body Rachel.


To feel the fresh air on

our skin, to listen to the

trees slowly sway as we melt

into each other.


That is so fucking hot


And romantic


After a few minutes of silence, Rachels’s phone buzzed again.


*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*








Peter had found three treehouse photos and sent them to set the mood. The first was from within one. A wooden floor ran between the branches of a huge tree. A ceiling was built over the top. But on the edge of the picture was an open balcony. It looked out over the canopy of a jungle, a soft mountain rising in the distance behind the trees, with a light mist. Inside there was a low-level lounge. Appearing to be made out of leather, with a plush back, and plush base. In the corner of the pitcher was a small enclosed fireplace,  wood-burning gently behind the clear glass in its door. 


The second picture was from outside. Looking up into the treetop at night. A single treehouse was perched high up above the earth, a staircase winding its way up around a tree ten meters away from the house itself. Then ate the top, a bridge linking it to the house. Soft, warm lights spiraled their way up the stairs. Lights stood like candles on small wooden poles along the bridge and the glow of light from the treehouse was magical as it drifted into the darkness. 


The final picture was of a balcony on the side of the treehouse. A metal pole rose to the left of the picture, from the top, extended a large shower head in the shape of a flat disc, water falling, light steam rising from the wooden floor. Behind the shower was a thin stainless steel railing, standing just above waist height with thin cables periodically strung between the top rail and the ground. You barely noticed the rails though. As it looked out over the trees and mountains. Closer, you could see the natural twists and falls of the strong ancient branches of the trees surrounding the treehouse. The house so beautifully designed that it blended into its surroundings. To the right of the show hung a finely crafted hammock, positioned to that at night you could look straight up at the stars above. 


This is the scene, to get into your



Gosh that is beautiful


Imagine we are there. It's so

secluded, you can enjoy any pleasure

and express it in screams of

delight. They would wash off into

the trees. As you beg me for more. 


It's the kind of place you 

would wear something sexy as hell

under a soft, silk nightgown.


Where you would sit in front of 

the fire. Probably on the ground,

in front of the chair.


Not on the chair. in front, 

so you are on the ground 

and look straight out over 

the forest.


I'd be behind you, one leg

on either side.


Arms wrapped around you. Fingers gently

sliding over your gown...


It the kind of moment where you 

know we are going to fuck.

And it's going to be wild, but

you hold off just to

build the tension.


My fingers would slide up your neck.


Fuck this is hot


Your hair is blowing in the 

light breeze, it flicks across

your face. 


The light of the fading sun

on your skin is driving me wild.


I brush the hair out of your 

eyes and tuck it behind your 



Still holding it, so it doesn't drift

back over your face, I bring my 

lips to your neck and kiss.


Your head drops back as I do.


The soft breeze lifts the edges 

of your gown. So the feeling of

it rising and falling against your

skin becomes another turn on for you.


Separate from my touch.


The warmth of the fire licks

your toes.


Sensations of delight flood over you.


The breeze lifting the silk also gives me

a glimpse of the lingerie you are

wearing underneath...


A glimpse of the rise of your 

gorgeous breasts. You feel me getting

hard against your back.


I can't resist.


My fingers rise to your shoulders, 

while still kissing your neck, I slip

the gown off the edge of your 

arms so it falls into the dip of

your elbows.


Your shoulders are bare


You are turning me on so much right now


The warmth of the fire just reaching

your shoulders. As waves of the 

cool breeze wash over your skin.

Both sensations present at once.


So you can't tell if it's my

touch, the fire's warmth, or 

the breeze. 


So many parts of your 

body are tingling..


The sun dips low as I kiss 

up to your neck and lightly

bite your ear.


You open your eyes to see the

sunset resting for a moment on

the forest canopy before sinking down

below them. 


Something about that sinking and the

touch of my lips, fingers, the breeze,

and the flickering warmth of the fire.

Something about it makes your legs 

go weak. They are almost numb on 

the floor from the overload of

delightful sensations.


Your head drops back further.


You are desperate to be touched. 

You can feel the wetness building.


You could gush on the floor 

and not even care.


You slip your arms out of

the silk gown and it falls

to the floor.


As it hits the ground you feel 

me throb against your back.


The soft fairy lights circling the 

tree's branches, and the flickering light 

of the fire against your perfect skin turns me on.


I want you more than ever.


The firelight flickers so that sometimes,

I see just your smooth legs.


Sometimes, I see the light dance

up over your breasts and shoulders. 

I feel jealous of the light. That 

it gets to caress you so..


Have you thought about what lingerie you

would be wearing?


Because it won't be on for

much longer...


My fingers slide down your side.

Teasing with each inch they travel.


leaving their sensation lingering on your

skin. Holding you close.


Pulling you back against my 

hard dick.


I whisper in your ear... "I want you"


"I've never wanted anyone more"


"your body is gorgeous"


I don’t own it yet, but probably something like this.






Rachel’s photo was of a white plunge bustier set, with stretch lace accents. Garter straps attached to sheer lace top Thigh Highs and a low rise G-string completed the look.


Fuck yesss, 


That's perfect


You would look amazing


Your gorgeous breasts and butt.


God that would turn me on.

Is turning me on.


I let my fingers slip down 

your front. Down and down. 


As they moved over the outline of 

your pussy. I bite your ear. 

And then whisper.


"I want all of you"


"I want your pussy to drip for me"


Fuck that is hot


Then my fingers slide

up to your breasts.


I clutch them and shuffle my

body slightly to the side.


So that your head dropped back

again, So as you tilt your

head to the side.


Our lips finally melt together.


Everything in both our bodies is 

intensified. My head spins, 

my heart races. My dick pulses. 

Your nipples tingle. Your neck 

muscles twinge, Your forehead feels damp,

your vision blurs.


As all at once, you feel every

touch of the night so far.


All rolled into one.


All rolled into one kiss...


My hand drops to your pussy. 

Through your panties, I'd feel how

wet you are.


I slip my fingers underneath and let 

them finally sink into you... As 

our lips continue to melt.


My free hand holds your 

breast tight.


My fingers as soaked.

As I bring them out of you.

I feel drips, drop to the floor.


My fingers sink in again.


I bite your neck lightly, as I move 

my mouth to your ear.


"I want to fuck you"


"I want your world to fade into one moment"


"fuck, I want you"


My fingers sink in and out of you.


Then run circles on your clit.


Fuck that’s so hot


Your legs squirm.


I see them move in the firelight.


you arch your back.


I hold you tight.




I speak loudly, "Cum Rachel, I 

want you to cum!"


Your eyes roll back in your 

head, your legs clench tight.


As you orgasm.


Your wet hair drops back against

my shoulder.


I hold you as we lay.


Taking in the surroundings, the breeze,

the flickering light. I kiss you

softly on the shoulder.


But I still NEED you


You will get me...


We would wait just a little while.


Till your body aches.


- God, I'm so hard - do you

have another picture you could

share? -


Can I have one of you?


Of course.






I LOVE your hair.




Did you want to see how 

hard I am or would you

prefer to keep that in your



Because, next, I'd stand up and

walk you to that shower... 

And I'd take off your lingerie, 

carefully sliding and unclipping, taking 

my time so the experience is sensual.


Fuck id love to see how hard you are


A number of minutes pass before Rachel finally hears the messages arrive


*Ding* *Ding*






Fuck I need you so badly


God your dick looks so thick,


and that head. I want you, Peter.


Then once you were naked,

I'd push you under the shower,

walking forward so you have to

step back again, and again. The

water cascading over your body.


I'd push you back up against 

the pole.


And kiss you.


My hands running through your hair.


You lift your hands over your 

head and grab the showerhead as 

I kiss your breasts.


Your nipples getting harder under 

my tongue.


You can't take it anymore...


You grip my hair.


Then pull me up.


Look deep into my eyes and say

"Fuck me, Peter, for fuck's sake, fuck me!"


Your hands drop to my dick 

and grab me.


I throb at your touch.


That is definitely something I would say.


You guide me in.


I sink deep into your pussy.


The pole rests between your butt cheeks.


Water is running down your naked body.


As my dick moves slowly.

In and out.


My hands slip behind your head 

to give it support as we fuck.


My fingers tangled in your hair.


You moan with each thrust.


Fuck I want you…


I pull you out of the shower,

Turning it off as my dick

slips out of you.


I take you to the rail. Looking 

out over the rain forest, I bend you over.


Slipping back into your pussy.


Fuccckkkk that’s such a turn on


Your hair dangles over the edge 

and sways back and forth with 

each thrust of my hips.


You see the lights spiraling up 

the trunk of the tree below you.


They almost dance inside your

head as I fuck you.


You scream with each thrust.


Scream out into nature. 


The sound of my dick slapping

in and out of you makes 

me even harder.


That sound is so hot.


You say through moans 'Fuck me Peter - Fuck me Harder"


You scream it.




I slip my dick out of you

and spin you around. I want

to look in your eyes as I cum.


I want to see the pleasure.


So, I lay you in the hammock.


But, I don't lay on top.


I pull you up to one end.

Your head supported by the hammock, 

sitting higher than your body.


I straddle over it, So my feet are 

on the floor.


I lower myself.


Slip my hands behind your head.


You guide me in once more.


My dick presses against the lips

of your pussy. Then sinks in.


Your wetness runs up my shaft

and drips down your hips.


I fuck you.


The hammock allows for an

extended thrust as I push

all the way into you and

then the hammock sways. As it

swings back you lift your hips

to slide up my dick.


In time with the rhythm of

the swing, we fuck.


My fingers in your hair.


My eyes never leave yours.


Fuck, this is so good, I can feel it.


You see mine begin to roll

and you grip my back.


Then you beg me "I want

you to cum, cum inside me,

for fucks sake cum in me."


Oh god yes, I want you to cum.


I hold off despite wanting to

explode as I see you are

close again too.


Your eyes begin to flicker.


Your nails dig deep into my

back as I thrust and cum.


In three strong waves.


Shooting warmth inside you,

you scream as you are flooded

with pleasure again.


Fuuuucck yes!


I lift my legs and lay next

to you in the hammock.


We look up at the stars.


My fingers run over your shoulders...


A number of minutes pass in silence, with no messages. Then.


Fuck, I  just came sooo hard.


Submitted: April 15, 2022

© Copyright 2023 T.Samuels. All rights reserved.

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