Kyle Earns an A Part Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Mr. Hinkle brings home four new friends for Kyle to play with. The boy's degradation is taken to new depths.

Kyle stood there totally bare assed naked. A beaten, broken,

Just turned eighteen, teenage boy. Mr. Hinkle strutted around him

like a Nazi, a huge smile on his face. Kyle’s destruction was coming

along so nicely. It was only a question now of could the boy hole out

until his graduation. The sexual humiliation and abuse had increased

considerably in the last weeks. Kyle’s strong formerly arrogant jock

body was thinner now and the boy looked weak. His shoulders stooped,

and he had a permanent look of a prisoner or victim about him. The school

and his mother were certain he was into drugs. The truth is, he had been

forced into something much, much worse, unspeakable sexual perversion.


Kyle could now barely get through the school day. The other boys had

begun to bully him, even undergraduate kids. Even some of the local

grade school boys had begun to call him dirty names when they say him.

This last week, Mr. Hinkle had forced Kyle to wear cut off jean shorts

to school… shorts cut off so high that half of his ass cheeks hung out.

In the front, Mr. Hinkle had cut off the top two buttons of the jeans,

causing them to split open, right down to the root of where his fat teenage

dick began. Since Mr. Hinkle had forced poor Kyle to first shave, and then

actually pluck out all of his pubic hair, everyone could easily see right

down to where his pecker began.


Principal Stackner had wanted to send Kyle home because of his dress, but

A wily Mr. Hinkle, who was the school counselor as well as German teacher,

Reminded the weak principal that technically, the boy was breaking no dress

Code rules, and Stackner himself could get in trouble for suspending the boy.

So Kyle had to walk the halls and sit in class in the obscene shorts. To make

Matters worse, after the shorts had been approved by the principal, Mr. Hinkle

Had taken a bottle of cum and soaked the crotch of the jeans with sperm. When

it dried, it left a huge white stain right where the boy’s pecker bulged. Poor

Kyle’s schoolmates, tried to grab at him to tear off the next buttons, but

Kyle managed to fight them off.


And that wasn’t all. For Kyle to wear on top, Mr. Hinkle had chosen a very

Tight pink tee shirt, cut off just below the boy’s nipples, leaving his torso

And tummy totally visible. All of his teachers were now also totally disgusted

With the formerly prize student.


Kyle was no longer allowed his smart phone, Mr. Hinkle now controlled it, but he

Did instruct the boy to carry it with him to class, and sometimes he would text

The pathetic kid.


“When U come out of class, make sure U have a full hard on in your shorts.

Do not cover yourself! I’ll be there watching!”


Tears ran down the boy’s face. He had to sit in class and masturbate through

his obscene shorts, so that when he walked out of class, Mr. Hinkle would be

Able to see his hard dick. But that meant all the kids would see his hard

Dick as well! As we have said numerous times, Kyle had a nice big, thick

teen dick, and when he was hard, it pushed out the short obscenely and his

cockhead showed, no matter what he did. If he wore his prick up, the dickhead

stuck out of the spread waistband. If he wore his dick down, it pushed out one

of the leg holes. He tried to shove it to one side where it lay like a thick

Polish sausage cross his hip bone. God Damn, Kyle looked cute dressed like that.

Some might think that would be a perfect school uniform for all cute high school

Boys. Seven of the male teachers in the school snapped photos of Kyle in his

school clothes to masturbate over at home. One of them was a handsome, new

English teacher who believe it or not, had just gotten married to a girl

a month previously. Boy, did he have secrets to deal with! When he fucked

his new bride that week, his mind dwelled on Kyle and his bulging teenage



Guys from Kyle’s class would come up to the teen and ask him if he wanted to taste

some of their jizz. They asked him if he wanted to suck their fuckers. They

refused to change in front of him in the locker room, and the coach not only

benched the boy, but banned him from the games. Kyle had never felt so

totally lonely and depressed. Just how Hinkle wanted him.


On this particular day, in Hinkle’s rec room, Across the room from Kyle

stood four naked men. These men were obviously drug users. Their bodies were

horribly wasted and diseased, and their eyes were rimmed with dark circles

of black and red. Kyle had no idea where Mr. Hinkle had dug them up. They

were totally unwashed and unkempt. They were as naked as Kyle, and they leered

at the naked teen with undisguised lust. Their dicks were filthy, encrusted with

dirt, bloated and ugly. They also all had abnormally large cocks. Two of

the men were black, one was Latino or something, and one was white.

None of them had erect dicks under ten inches long. The largest among them,

a muscular black, reached down and scratched his large swinging nuts.

Kyle could smell the stink from the unwashed balls across the room.

They were more like animals than men.


Kyle wondered briefly if this was his own destiny now that Hinkle had

those obscene photos of the boy and threatened to expose him if

he did not comply. Photos of him doing obscene things naked and

next to his own mother. He thought back to how all of this

had started, and how he only wanted to graduate and get into a

good college. He had never met a monster like Mr. Hinkle. The man

had the most perverted devious mind one could imagine. There

was no bottom to the cistern of his perverted lust.

It was, however, only a few weeks now until graduation. The school was

just about to enter the exam period. Mr. Hinkle assured Kyle over

and over that if he just followed orders until graduation, he would then

be free, and would have that scholarship he so badly coveted. Young

Kyle had no reason to trust or believe Mr. Hinkle, but it was the only

hope he could cling to.


Mr. Hinkle smiled. "Kyle, I want you to meet four new

friends of mine. They have been very carefully chosen. I got them from

the drug rehab center at the homeless shelter. Since you have been working

so hard to graduate, you have had no time for your friends at school,

so I thought it would be nice if you made some new friends.

The naked teen shifted his weight and curled his young toes in the carpet.

As he did this, his full, low hanging teen nuts jiggled and danced.

He didn't like the feel of this. He didn't like being stared at by

other guys, much less groped or fucked. And he had a feeling this was headed

in that direction. After all, hadn't Mr. Hinkle brought over his German friends

again and again to fuck him?


That’s right, eighteen-year old straight high school senior Kyle had been

Fucked in his tender asshole over and over by Mr. Hinkle’s sadistic friends.

The boy hole had been ruthlessly stretched and rubbed raw. Kyle would shit cum

For hours after such a fuck session. He would never again be an unfucked

Boy. No matter how macho he acted and how many girls he bedded, he would

always know in his own mind that he had been repeatedly fucked up the asshole.

Can you even begin to imagine the damage that does to a teen boy’s mind? His young

Shaved asshole felt funny all the time now. It felt different somehow. He had

Looked at it in a mirror, and the hole seemed somehow larger, stretched, almost

The size of a quarter all the time now. Any doctor who ever examined him would

Think he was a fucking faggot ass fucked whore. Would that go down on any medical

Reports? Would college admissions people or future business prospects looking at

His medical record see that his asshole had been stretched? The poor boy prayed

At night that all that ass fucking wouldn’t affect his bowel control. What if 

All that anal penetration made it harder for him to control his bowels? Oh Christ,

Would he have to wear a diaper?  No, Kyle told himself, that was silly. Lots of

Gay dudes get ass fucked all the time, and their holes worked normally. Yes,

But did they get ruthlessly raped as Kyle had been over and over by Mr. Hinkle’s

Friends? At what point was the asshole damaged permanently? All of these thoughts

Raced through the tortured boy’s mind constantly.


Mr. Hinkle also had told Kyle that after a faggot drinks a certain amount of cum,

It gets into his system and his breath begins to smell permanently of fuck. Was that true? Mr. Hinkle had forced Kyle to drink bottles filled with dog cum. At home at night, the high school senior had forced himself to vomit, and streams of cum poured

Out of his mouth. He heaved up quarts of thick paste like dog sperm. It made him

Sick just to think about it.



The men stared at Kyle's beautiful naked teen body and jerked on their

Ugly, gnarled, filthy, leaking pricks. Their red eyes watered, and their

breathing became heavy. Something was very wrong with these four vagrants.

"These poor souls are in very bad condition. They may die soon. They have faced

that reality. I thought it would be a wonderful gift for them to have

one last, lovely fuck with a beautiful teenage boy like you. Think of it

as community service. In fact, we can write "Community Service" on your

school record after this. Won't that look good? Come on over to each of these fine

gentlemen, Kyle and give each of them a nice wet tongue kiss. I am

afraid they have had no time to shower or bathe or brush their teeth or gargle

 in the last few weeks, but I told them you would not mind. In fact, I told

them you would be delighted to give each of them a tongue bath!"


Kyle approached the men with trepidation. He almost fainted from the stink of

dirt and piss and perhaps even some shit. He began to gag before he even got

top the first man, who was a ragged, wasted looking black man. The degenerate

smiled, and Kyle saw that many of his teeth were rotted away. Snot ran from

the man’s nose, some onto his lips.


“Go on, Kyle. Remember, ‘he who hesitates is lost!”

Kyle kissed each of the men on the mouth. They opened their mouths to swap

Spit with the boy.  They tasted foul. A mixture of alcohol, tobacco, old food,

and illness itself. You know how you can taste and smell when someone is sick.

Mr. Hinkle's big German dick bounced under his belly, as he watched Kyle

degrade himself. The boy was so fucking beautiful. He was a bit sad at the

thought of losing this one, but the consolation was that Kyle would be so

fucking ruined by that time, that no one would want him anyway. If all

went well, Kyle would be so mentally and physically fucked up, that any hope

of a future life would be futile. He would be like one of these four wasted

bums. And there were some very cute boys in next year’s Senior class.

Some just ripe for the pickings. Hinkle already had a young swimmer in mind, a

darling boy, who school chat claimed was quite the studly girl fucker.


Scattered around the room were eight by ten photos of Kyle lying naked on a bed,

next to his own mother, masturbating his fat teenage dick. They were totally obscene.

They would certainly ruin a young man’s life if they ever got out. You could not

tell from the photos that she was unconscious. Not that it mattered. Kyle would do anything to keep those photos secret. Anything! That was the key to a great

deal of fun. Imagine if you could make a cute teenage hunk do absolutely anything

you wanted! What sick things might you come up with?


The four filthy druggies seemed starved for affection. They grunted and

 swapped spit with Kyle. They licked his face and sucked on his full young lips.

 Kyle wanted to puke. He felt terribly sick having to kiss these stinking,

 dirty, foul, sick creatures. They were hardly human. The overwhelming smell

that worked its way from their bodies and mouths into Kyle to permeate him was

of something sour… weeks old sweat, tainted by piss.


Mr. Hinkle was in heaven. He heard Kyle gag and choke, as each of the men shoved

his sore swollen tongue into the boy’s mouth. Some kind of thick coating

transferred itself from their tongues to the inside of his mouth. Young Kyle almost

swooned from the sickness of it all.


"Now start with George there, and lick each of the gentlemen totally clean, Kyle.

A complete tongue bath. I want them sparkling, spic and spam clean when you finish.

You other gentlemen may relax and have a drink while Kylelick's George clean.

 We don't want to rush him. We have to make sure he licks all the sweat and dirt

from between the toes, in the underarms, under the balls and out of the asshole!

I have to warn you, Kyle, due to their sickness and lack of a home and

Decent diet, these men suffer from diarrhea. Being poor and helpless, they do

not have regular access to toilet paper."


Kyle started to cry. Mr. Hinkle just loved that part. It

happened at ever meeting they had now. Something was said to turn on the

waterworks! The more the boy cried, the harder Hinkle’s fucker became. He chuckled.


"Please, this is so disgusting!" the boy wailed, actually sinking naked to the floor.  He buried his face in his hands.


"Now now, Kyle, we don't want an incident this close to graduation, do we?'


George was a big dumb black dude, with glassy eyes. He seemed somewhat retarded or something. He could not keep his hands off of young Kyle. He reached down and dragged the teen off the floor. He squeezed the boy's ass globes and massaged his stomach and

balls.  He let his fingers slide into Kyle’s ass crack and rub his asshole. Kyle stepped back.


"You do not pull away from my friends, Fuckhole!” Hinkle screamed like a Nazi commandant. “If my new friends want to touch your fucking, wasted, useless, teenage whore body, you allow them to!"


Kyle stood there shivering with shock, allowing the man to maul his tight, smooth, shaved, naked body. The derelict played with the boy’s tits and dick. Kyle’s cock

Hung limp and heavy with fear. The wino licked Kyle's ear. The stench his body gave off was overpowering for the teen and made him dizzy. Mr. Hinkle told the drugged-out bum to have a seat and ordered Kyle to begin with his tongue bath, starting at the

feet. Mr. Hinkle had chosen well. These men were all encrusted with filth.

They had open sores on their bodies, and caked on dirt in layers. Their stinking

feet were beyond filthy.


"Don't forget to clean under his toe nails too! Suck all

that dirt out. Don't hurry, the rest of us are having cocktails.”


For the next two hours, Kyle had to clean the four drug addicts.

He had to lick every stinking part of their bodies. He had to swipe his tongue into

their armpits and suck on the hair there, until the stink was gone. Twice he puked, and Mr. Hinkle ordered him to lick up his own puke. Then he was allowed to rinse out his mouth of puke taste, so he could appreciate better the true flavor of the men he was licking. Kyle’s stomach ached from the wrenching gut pain he felt from the

perversion of the acts he had to perform.



He had to lick the sour, salty taste from under the dirty Scrotums of the men,

 and then suck their ball sacks clean. It was so horrible, that Kyle blanked out

twice. He trembled so badly hecould hardly even stay on his knees. His teeth

actually chattered. He was approaching a state of shock. How could a sweet young teenage boy survive such an ordeal without being destroyed?



"Make your dick hard Kyle while you lick them. Show them

some respect. They want to see that you are excited by

licking them."


Kyle helplessly reached down and pumped his teenage pecker while he licked

 and sucked the rancid assholes of the four filthy men. Not only had they not

washed, but they had not cleaned very well after they had shit. This much was

obvious from the taste and smell. Kyle pushed his face deep between the ass

globes of the men and twisted his tongue into their filthy crusty assholes. The only

way he could do this was to make his mind a blank. To follow orders mindlessly,

like some kind of slave or robot.  The four wasted bums were in seventh Heaven. To have such a beautiful young man licking them was like nothing they had ever experienced in their sick sordid lives. Kyle was instructed of course

by his vigilant teacher to get his tongue way up their stinking

assholes. To wiggle it around and fuck it in and out of the foul rectums.


"You see, gentlemen, I told you he was a total whore and a fuckslut!" Mr. Hinkle beamed, watching the poor boy suck ass.


Kyle who was now a well-trained ass sucker, thought of all his former friends at school, friends who never spoke to him anymore. They were all dating and

fucking beautiful girls. They were playing basketball and going out to movies.

Kyle was sucking ass! Sucking ass and sucking dick and getting fucked and beaten.

Huge sobs of regret clogged his chest, as he sucked ass. Would he ever be

able to face a girl again? Would he ever be able to have sex again? These doubts clouded his mind. He felt so totally damaged. And that was exactly where Mr. Hinkle wanted him. There was no lower he could be dragged... right? Right?



Mr. Hinkle was an expert in destroying boys. He currently had three former boys in

Mental institutions because of his fine work, and two others in reform schools. He had four former playthings out on the street selling drugs and their bodies because their families had thrown them out. Kyle was just another in a long line of boys Hinkle

Had ruined.


Kyle now had to suck on each of the four drug addict dicks. Mr. Hinkle had been in touch with the drug dealer for the four bums, and he fully intended to hook Kyle on heroin before the week was out. Soon, even school and graduation wouldn't matter to the teenage slut. Not even life itself would matter. He would be an eighteen-year

Old human fuck wreck. Mr. Hinkle's dick gave a lurch and squirted a bit of pre-fuck

at the thought of how low he might drag Kyle. Who knows, perhaps even a

forced sex change operation. What would that do to the hunky boy? Or perhaps

a simpler operation to remove one of the boy’s nuts, just to make him feel

like a total fucking freak. Or maybe surgery to dismantle the kid’s dick, so

he could only feel pleasure through his asshole! All of this had to be done

before the boy turned nineteen however, because it was so much more rewarding

to see a teen suffer while he was young enough to really feel the loss.

With one jock boy Hinkle had worked with, he had had the kid’s pecs enlarged

Until they became girl tits. He took the boy to the gym and to the beach where

Everyone would laugh  hilariously at the jock boy’s tits! How divine it all was.


The derelicts’ dicks were truly humongous. It had taken quite a

while to find just the right candidates... candidates with all the proper qualifications. But Mr. Hinkle had connections. He established a network

by selling videos and photos such as the ones of Kyle masturbating next to his

sleeping mom. You would be amazed what photos of a teenage boy shooting his load

while naked next to his own mother can bring.


Kyle was choking on the hunks of ten-inch fuckmeat. He had never seen dicks

this thick... this long, this dirty. The head cheese was clogged and clotted

under the foreskins, and he was forced to scoop and suck it out and eat it.

A couple of the dicks had pussy sores, which he was forced to clean with

his mouth. When he balked, Mr. Hinkle beat his smooth young ass globes with a birch rod, like teachers of old had done.  Spare the rod, spoil the child, that was Mr. Hinkle's creed. And he meant rod in every sense of the word. Kyle's

tortured ass globes were soon red and raw as he sucked dick.


"Go from dick to dick, thirty seconds on each dick! Suck them good.

Take them all the way down your faggot throat, you fucking shitfaced

teenage tramp! You motherfucking he-cunt! Lick up their dick drippings

and deep throat them. Each and every juicy dirty dick! Move boy,

on to the next fucker!" Whap, the birch left another swollen red mark on

 his ass.


And then, Mr. Hinkle ordered him to stop. The four men groaned in frustration,

now standing in a circle around the kneeling teen jock, their swollen red,

dicks were throbbing and leaking. Kyle knelt there with his mouth open and slack,

 pre-fuck and drool dripping from his teenage chin. The four dicks

dripped and leaked onto his face.


“Okay, asswipe, time to get fucked! Time to take those huge dicks

up your high school pussy, Kyle. On your back like the whore you

are, lift your legs up and spread them. Show these nice men

your boy-pussy. Isn't that a fine pink pussy, gentlemen? We

have been stretching it for weeks now. It looks just

like a cunt, doesn't it? Not round like an asshole, but all long and stretched

 with thick pink swollen cuntlips."


It was true. Kyle's asshole did look more like a cunt than a rectum now.

It had been fucked not only by Mr. Hinkle and his friends, but by bottles,

candles, wooden spoons, dildos, you name it. The inner asslips were

permanently out now and swollen, and it looked just like a whore's cunt.

Kyle would spread his cheeks and look at it in the mirror and cry and cry.

Mr, Hinkle leaned down to whispered into Kyle's ear.


"Oh, my dear little fuck slut, there is something I should tell you before

 these nice men fuck your cunt. Something special. They are all in advanced

 stages of one kind of venereal disease or another." Mr. Hinkle watched with delight as Kyle's eyes filled once again with tears, and he recoiled in horror

 Snot and pre-fuck ran from his cute young nose.


"No… no... you can't do that to me. You can't make me do that. I won't."


"Now listen Kyle. I am just trying to help educate you. Life is full of risks.

We have to take chances every single day in life. This is just one more risk.

 Perhaps you won't catch anything from them. Perhaps you will

worry and fret for the next few weeks for nothing. We'll

just have to wait and see, and get you tested. Won't that be fun?

Maybe we can even get the school doctor to test you."

Kyle's tender teen body was covered with a sheen of sweat. He was a truly gorgeous fucked out teenage boy.


"No, please, I am begging you. I have done everything you wanted. You even, you even have those photos. Don't do this to me. Please!" His lean body trembled. His toes curled, his nipples had become hard tiny pebbles. He was



"These diseased men will fuck you, and then I and my friends will take bets as to whether you have caught something horrible or not! Oh by the way,

the sores on those cocks you sucked prove several of the men are in really

advanced life threatening stages.  Personally, I think it would be

hysterical to see you piss puss! But who knows, you may have the last laugh on

all of us. Their fucking of your boycunt may not infect you at all!

Now be a good boy and spread your pussy lips for them."


Kyle felt as if his life were over. At eighteen, his

life was finished. He was nothing but a cum-dump for diseased derelicts.

He had had such dreams… such potential. Now, all wasted. He

felt the first of the ten inch dickheads prodding his swollen asshole.

The pain would be tremendous, but it no longer mattered. They fucked the boy

like he was a rag doll or a broken puppet. They fucked him in every position,

on his back, kneeling on all fours, standing with one foot on a chair,

bent over a table, sucking one while he was fucked by another. Their fat dicks

stretched his ass lips more than ever, and the length prodded his

inner guts until the boy thought they would bang his heart.


Mr. Hinkle was a little sad. He would no longer be able to fuck the boy...

at least until the test results came in. After all, he wouldn't want to endanger himself or his friends. So no more Kyle fucking

for them for a while at least. Still, there was always fist-fucking. And the


Submitted: April 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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