Bloomingdale's Shower Boy finale

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

(aka Bloomingdale's Shower Boy Part II; a Part III is in progress).

The continuation of Bloomingdale's Shower Boy, a previous story of mine here on this board. I could not get access to edit the original; hence, this follow-up. I'd suggest reading the original before you read this, although I tried to make this "sequel" stand-alone.

Cliff Marks has a big problem during his final week of showering nude in public for pay. His worst fears literally come to life. And he finds a nemesis in a fully clothed man watching him and ridiculing him openly. His humiliation is off the charts.

My name is Rick. I work at Bloomingdale's in the advertising department.

I am a straight guy, 32, dark-haired, clean-shaven, reasonably good shape, and single. I'vd been told I resemble the congressman Adam Kinzinger and I consider that a huge compliment, as he is quite the attractive gentleman and obviously intelligent.

For what seemed like weeks I kept hearing about this male model demonstrating the EZSpray shower downstairs in Bathwares. The girls in the department were besides themselves.

"He's NAKED, and he's so hot," etc etc And a lot of chatter about this model's "nipples." I'd never heard the girls go on so much about a man's nipples. They giggled and gushed non-stop about this man's nipples.

I was surprised that we (the store) were putting a naked man on display like this, nipples or not,  so I finally went down to check it out for myself. Everyone was talking about it, so what the hell.

On the way down there, a well-groomed, quite good-looking young man asked me if I was Adam Kinzinger. "No, I work upstairs in this store, but thank you for asking me that," I replied. The young man beamed and said, "You're as hot as he is." I blushed but kept walking, thanking him again for the flattery.

This guy was on his last two days of his "gig." I ran into that gay weasel, Joel Shapiro, who ran Bathwares and whose brainchild this was, no surprise there. It was known that he was a lech, but he had a family connection. Shapiro was alsmost drooling as he watched hie "employee" wash himself naked in front of customers.

At first, all I saw was  a wavty-haired, bare-chested man in the shower demo. He had not shampooed, hence the visible wavy hair, which did suit him. My first impressions: He was kind of a boy next door type in his third decade, and then, I've seen this guy somewhere before. I also observed fairly quickly he had incredibly defined pecs and really prominent nipples (as I'd repeatedely heard). In profile, as he showered around, you could see that his nipples were amazingly visible, unusual for a man. I'd never seen male nipples quite like this. They were power points! I imagined they were a source of shame for him. This I liked. There were numerous people gathered around this wet, uncomfortable-looking 30ish man and I could not see below his waist. I thought, surely, he's wearing some kind of flesh colored loin cloth or something; there's no way all these people would be so openly staring at a naked man in the middle of the afternoon.

Nope, he was buck naked. As I made my way over, I saw, clearly, his pubic hair, and then his shaft, then his cockhead, and then his balls. Nude, naked, bare. Wow! So this clean-shaven model (his name turned out to be "Cliff"), was indeed, completely naked, shockingly so, My skepticism must have registered on my face, becuase another guy said to me, "Yep. He's NAKED."  "Cliff" was showering completely naked in the middle of Bathwares. At first I couldn't believe it. Then I recognized this guy Cliff; we had shared an elevator a week or so ago, and as he seemed friendly, we had exchanged pleasantries. Now, he recognized me as well, and noticeably blanched as I approached. The look said to me, please don't make fun of me. Whoops. Dude, I thought, you're friggin' naked as a jaybird. With soap. Don't give me that little boy look. He was clearly pumped. He'd worked out in preparation for his "appearance," it was obvious to me. I examined him closely, which freaked him out to a huge degree, feigning amazement at his audacious exposure of himself. He didn't like this. So I examined him MORE closely, tilting my head and smiling and murmuring to myself words like "shameless," "naked," and "penis." Cliff closed his eyes and washed his face. He was getting more flustered with each drop of water! More people filed into the room.

His nakedness was stupendous. Soap was all over it, but you could clearly see all of his nudity. The closer I got to him, my eyes probably widened in disbelief, and I knew I was smiling. What an idiot, to be this naked in public, pumped or not. His penis looked to be getting a little tumescent, to boot. His balls were on display in glorious (for us watching) abandon. They smacked against his thighs. His buttocks were on display as well. He was lucky to have a shower door he could hold shut if need be; the women were babbling about his dumb ass (and cock). He looked moderately terrified at the size of the onlookers.

His right ball hung a bit lower than his left, but I chose not to comment on that. Others were whispering about it, however. "The right one is a tennis ball, but the left one is just a golf ball," etc ets. Rude! I don't know what causes such a disparity in testicle size. My balls are proportionate and normal. This guy's balls looked strange because of his deformity, but again, it seemed mean to point this out. The balls were otherwise OK looking, I guess. They were pinkish and seemed not to have hair. Lord knows they swayed and swayed and swayed. Very titillating for the ladies and the gay guys, to hear them comment. Cliff realized his balls were being discussed. I mean, he had to have known they would be, one lower than the other and all. People were taking close ups of the naked Cliff's balls and laughing at them.

Everyone was looking at his outrageous nudity. He looked chastened, as well he should. Ha! A nude model with weird balls in a department store. I wonder how much he was getting paid. Surely it was substantial, for him to put himself on show like this. His balls jiggled as he showered, and his dick wasn't exactly staying still either. So tacky. There were kids watching him, which put me not in his corner, although I couldn't imagine how he was dealing with THAT mentally. I adjusted my suit jacket and looked at him askance, and sternly, but I kept smiling. It was difficult not to smile as I watdhed him awkwardly shower, naked, with clear signs of sexual arousal. He had visibly hard nipples that were the reddest male nipples I recall ever seeeing, not that I see a lot of those, but these nipples reminded of women's in their coloring and visible firmness. The tips looked like pencil erasers, for God's sake! A little boy leaned against the glass. He mischieviously pointed at Cliff through the glass and chirped, "Why is his left ball smaller than the right one?" From the mouths of babes. Everyone laughed. Cliff grabbed more soap and looked ferociously upset. His balls did not change size.

The kid leaning against the glass clearly unnerved the quivering, shivering, flustered hunky naked man, and the hunky naked man wagged a finger at the child as if to say "naughty." This got a great deal of chuckling.

It was also apparent that the steady stream of new, curious onlookers was fucking with the naked man's head. Shapiro commented, "I should have charged admission. People are texting their friends to come in to see the nudity. He was nervous when he came in today. I noticed it. There's, uh, people here he doesn't want to see him NAKED."

This intrigued me. SInce there was a bunch of people already there, who was Shapiro referring to?

I looked with some envy at the model's virtually perfect body. V-shaped torso, flat stomach, ABS, then his laughably exposed gonads. He wriggled around in the shower, trying to act like it didn't matter that he was BUCK-ASS NAKED IN PUBLIC.  He had a tan line, so it made his bulbous BUTT look whiter and bigger and the asscrack dark. As he showered and shifted his feet, his butt would wobble along with his cock and balls. I crouched down to get a better look at all that, and he was not happy with my examination process. I noted that his penis had immense head, and it seemed to be changing colors. He was circumsised. I could see the veins in his penis and also in his balls, and in his neck and forehead, when I stood up to look him in the eye and smile at his nakedness.

Mr. Cliff was getting more uncomfortable by the minute. It was delicious to observe. All that time in the gym wasn't helping him emotionally. Soap and water can only conceal so much, you know. The onlookers pressed against each other, and the EZSpray to get the best possible look they could. Cliff looked trapped, and very, very naked and humiliated. I was beginning to love it. He occasionally grabbed a handrail in the shower to steady himself. When he did this, his cock and balls jiggled and people laughed aat him, and he knew it. He knew he was making a nude spectacle of himself. I enjoyed his embarrassment greatly and I was not alone.

More people came in and Cliff's eyes widened in dismay. People laughed and the laughter was becoming infectious. Lewd comments were being made, too. Men, especially, were appalled at the naked model's outrageous display of his manhood and his strange balls and his vibrating nipples and his prissy manscaping.

One man shouted, "Who does he think he is? He's stark naked in a department store and he is getting HARD!" This hit Cliff where it hurt; he gasped and grabbed more body wash.

Cliff tried to exude confidence and nonchalance at one point by utilizing a brush to scrub his back. Bad move, as it merely exposed his ridiculously manicured armpits and made his titties jut out more (along with his stiffening dick), which of course prompted several swoony comments from the ladies. He abandoned the brush fairly quickly, after turning beet red.

Marie from the lingerie department was nearby and I heard her say, "I want to bite those nipples right off him." Marie, I thought you were a nice girl!

i actially began to pontificate to myself: Is this what I have to do to get laid? Strip NAKED in the middle of Manhattan and wash my body? I am a buff guyl, handsome (too many Tom Cruise comparisons; frankly, he's short and I am better-looking) and I have a big cock, and I can control all of those facets. But enough about me, back to the STUPIDLY NAKED CLIFF M----.

That drunk lush Lara (Lisa? Lana?) was wandering around. No surprise there. She was a stalker. I took her out for drinks once and she is a mess. On the second round of drinks, she actually brought up the subject of using dildos on me. The second round! I don't even know what floor she works on. I met her in the cafeteria. What was I thinking? She dresses stylishly but she has no tits. Never again asked her out. She is an STD in heels. She'd leave dozens of sad texts, often after midnight. Apparently she had dated this naked guy and was not over him yet. Well, she was certainly getting her eyeful! I wondered if she'd used a dildo on HIM.

There was a fair amount of other people watching Clifford, and I noticed was that he did not seem very comfortable at all, and that is an understatement. You agree to shower naked in public, and then you act all upset? What an idiot. But I instantly enjoyed his discomfort. I enjoy humiliation scenes, especially if it's not me being humiliated! Who doesn't? I watdhed as Cliff's taut pecs bulged and flexed as he showered. And so did all the gay guys looking on; they were in ecstasy. "Get his number!" one of them exclaimed.

I went up to Shapiro. I commented, "Your boy looks miserable. Why is he gyrating so? Isn't he used to being looked at by now? He looks like he's dancing, not showering." The naked man was trying, apparently, to avoid scrutiny from the people hovering around the EZSpray shower demo, staring at him like he was in a zoo. In a way, he was.

Shapiro smirked. "He's having a little problem today. He's getting hard and he doesn't know what to do. hE'S A NAKED MAN WITH A WARDSROBE MALFUNCTON." Shapiro laughed, rather lustiliy, I thought.

"Oops, that's gotta be tough. Completely NUDE GUY, with a wardrobe malfunction. Has this happened before?" I asked, genuinely curious.

I glanced over and confirmed that this naked man's penis was writhing around and wiggling like a little snake, and there was nothing he could do about it. He tried to close his legs and squiggle it back in, but it was too late. The penis was out there and it wasn't going to be contained. I laughed. Wardrobe malfunction, indeed. He was getting an ERECTION.

Shapiro giggled and answered me. "No, he's never had this situation before. You picked a very good day to see him. Isn't it exquisite? Look at his face. Isn't he handsome? Look at his penis. He is getting hard. He is agonized, believe me, but he's on the clock, and he has to stay in there for another hour at least or he won't get paid. Tomarrow is his last day, unfortunately. I offered an extension, but he said no. You may not believe itt, but he is actually very bashful."

Looking at this unlucky bashful(?) fellow's penis, I thought, his extension is on display right now. I felt a little surge of wickedness and decided to have some fun with this hunkazoid nude dude at his expense. I'm good at mockery, and this naked man had clearly set himself up for just that. In the elevator, he'd worn street clothes and exuded confidence. Now, he was NAKED and resembled a jittery, wet, well-built jellyfish, glowing with bashfulness. I was not alone in this sentiment; the crowd was clearly getting off on his mortification.

I went over to the shower cubicle and adjusted my jacket once more and looked at him critically, up and down. I winked at him, and he grimaced. I stared at his exposed nude body. He applied more soap, as if to cover it. Laughable. I smiled to my fellow onllookers (all delighted), and said "Can you BELIEVE this guy?"  "His name is Cliff," someone said. "Cliff is butt-ass NAKED," I drawled, to the glass of the EZSpray, making eye contact to the butt-ass naked Cliff (he has brown eyes) and adjusting my $100 tie. Cliff flinched. He knew I was enjoying his predicament. And I was! I noted he was circumcised, as his penis wobbled and looked in search of something.

Since I had on a suit and tie, and I was grinning from ear to ear at him, he felt even more naked, I would wager, and he tried to turn away from me at first. Being in that glass-enclosed cubicle, he didn't have much space to maneuver and hide his nude body. I decided to heap unwavering scorn upon him. This man was nude in public, he'd made a decision to do so, he was SHOWERING with a semi, and I was fully clothed. Scorn would be easy to do!

"Don't do this to me, don't do this to me," the naked Cliff was mouthing semi-audibly. Do what? All I was doing was staring along with everyone else. After all, Cliff was NAKED IN A SHOWER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. 

I was amused as hell at this scenario. As the naked, increasingly agitated Cliff turned his body around and around and squirmed, I'd follow him around from outside, unsparingly allowing him not a second of modesty. He was in a glass cubicle, so his efforts at coverage were pointless. He was as  naked as you can get. As I knew he was getting paid for this, I had no sympathy for him whatsoever. I envied his physique, he had zero body fat, and perfect skin to boot. And we were seeing ALL ot it, believe me. The lights in Bathwares are very, very bright. I could even see his pores.

I stared at him with as much intensity as I could summon. I was enjoying my control over this naked guy and I was REALLY enjoying his palpable humiliation. He gave me daggers. Hey, I was not the only snickering watching the nudie boy's showering! I'm not the villain here. You wanna show off your naked charms, pay the price, dude. I made a point to adjust my tie and my suit jacket, just to piss of naked Cliff. Believe me, he envied my clothes. More jiggling, wriggling, exposure ensued. And more body wash. Body wash was Cliff's sole line of defense. Pretty sad for him, merriment for us outside the EZSpray.

A swaggering young fellow from (of all things) the men's clothing department, sauntered in. Justin is his name. He is a very handsome guy. Not even 25. He dresses conservitavely but not always in the same way. One day you'll see him in a suit and tie, the next he'l show up in jeans and a flannel shirt. He gets away with it. He's good at what he does and he has a quick wit. Smart and always well-groomed (you have to be in a department store). He's a redhead with great taste in cologne, lanky, and the girls love him to death. He has amazing green eyes. They're unsettling at first, but once you get to know him,,you get used to it. He is straight, but has more than a few gay fans. He takes this in stride, it doesn't bother him (it doesn't me either). His favorite bar drink is anything Dewr'ss. Justin approached the shower and bleated, as only he can, "OH SHIT! HE'S STILL NAKED DOING THIS?" Justin took a pic with his phone, chuckling. "THOSE NIPPLES ARE LOOKING MORE AND MORE LIKE RED PLAYDOUGH CLUMPS!" Cliff applied body wash to his bulbous mammaries as if to conceal them, as everyone jeered.

Then, Cliff's next weird reaction was to pull on his ears and flinch. Justin laughed. He got bored quickly though. On his way out, he commented to me, "he's gettin' hard, you know. Never seen him do THAT. Somone must be turning him on." Justin winked at me, and Cliff noticed this.

Justin took a few more pics, including close-ups. "Just wanna get a few more momentos of Cliff's masulinity," Justin chuckled. Cliff tried to turn away from Justin's phone, but the undeterred redhead merely danced around the cubicle to get the shots he wanted.

"Hey, Cliff, spread your ass cheeks for me!" Justin bellowed. Cliff of course refused, and looked mad at the suggestion.

People were enjoying the attractive young man's teasing of the naked chap in the shower, so they gave Justin as much room as he wanted. One other fellow asked Justin to send him all the "new pics." "You got it," Justin replied, smiling, as he took a close up of Cliff's penis and ballsl, then to top it off, a close up of Cliff's annoyed, scowling, handsome face.

Then, satisfied, Justin left, to a smattering of applause. Two hot girls followed Justin out. Cliff just remained naked, showering, humiliated, chagrined, his ass cheeks clenched but his playdough red nipples shimmering with soap and his burgeoning hard-on embarrassingly on display.. Actually to cut Cliff some slack, his big nipples were more of a dark brownish pink, but they would turn darker as he got more aroused. Perhaps Justin had caught them on other days when they started out red already. For all its flawlessness, Cliff's naked body is strange, and it seems to betray him in certain funny ways.

I wanted to yell something about his oh-so-perfect pubes, so I shouted, "LOOK AT HIS BROWN PUBES! AT LEAST THEY'RE HIS NATURAL COLOR!" I got a response, even, from some woman: "HE'S AU NATURAL ALL OVER! HE HAS AN ERECTION COMING!"

Boy, was she prescient.

The soap and the water flowed off him, making him glisten. I noticed there were a bunch of high-school age students monitoring Cliff's every movement, and giggling. I heard "Is that Mr. M---" many times. I figured they knew him from somewhere. Had he been a teacher? Yikes. How mortifying is that. I chuckled to myself and looked at his balls, jiggling, wet and hanging low with soapiness  He saw me look specifically at his testicles, so I tut-tutted and shook my head and blurted on purpose "He sure has low-hangers, don't he?" You could literally see the veins in his cock and balls, especially that bigger right one. So I announced, "You can see the veins in his COCK AND BALLS!"

Cliff was very sensitive about that particular comment so I made a note to make more of that nature since the "audience" lapped it up. He said, "Come ON, guys," and he foolishly bent over and washed his legs, trying to conceal those veins in his cock and balls. Stupid move. The people behind him gasped. I imagined the view they were getting and joined them. Cliff immediately stood back up. He wasn't going to let ME see his further intimacy. His ass was generous and full and taut. A girl next to me said she wanted to "lick it."

I crowed "Hey, guy, the ladies want to lick your ass. Better wash it!" Cliff looked furious, and all his veins throbbed with protest.

Everyone was enjoying and laughing at Cliff's nakedness, and there were a lot of comments about how he shaved his pubes. The word pussy was used, and not in a good way. I have nothing against manscaping, but perhaps you can go too far.

Cliff was aghast at the kids running around and looking at him and his nudity and giggling. The look on his face was classic what-have-I-got-myself-into, and I almost felt sympathetic. It can't be easy to shower naked in front of kids, with a burgeoning erection. His errection removed my sympathy. He should have known better than to strip off his clothes, hop into a shower, and soap himself bare-ass in a department store. I winked at him and he gave me the finger, and I laughed heartily alongside everyone else. Everyone knew he was degraded. Everyone sure knew he was naked, wet, and unable to control his own body. I gazed at his expanding erection, It was obscenely protruding. He saw me gazing and pulled it up against his waist, which did nothing but call attention to his situation. I noticed his piss slit was unusually gaping. You could almost look inside it. I pointed this out to this gay guy next to me, who responded,, "Yes. I've noticed."

Every newcomer that arrived said something along the lines of "OH MY GOD. HE'S REALLY NAKED! HE'S NAKED!!!" And I just had to respond, "YES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, COME LOOK AT  CLIFF THE NAKED MAN! COME LOOK AT HIS HARD NIPPLES AND HIS HARD COCK!!!" Everyone loved this type of exchange, except the naked Cliff, who was by now giving me looks of homicidal rage. I didn't care.

Someone slapped me on the back and laughed very loudly. Cliff continued to shower, but like a zombie. I could tell he was trying to save face. No one was looking at his face that much, though, but I did see that he was beginning to blink a lot (my first thought was that it was because of the soap in his eyes, but in retrospect I realize now it was something much different--it was abject humiliation). His big balls swayed and his penis bobbed around, the slit gaping enough to insert a Q-tip, and the guy's nipples were incredibly hard, I'll tell you that. I've rarely seen such hard nipples on a grown man. It was pretty raw and raunchy at this poiint. The soap fell off of the nipples in dribbles. It was extreme and it made me chortle, because Cliff realized I was noticing it, so I took pics of his unmanly chest nubs.

So of course I had to point that out. "Is the water cold? Look at his titties, they're hard as rocks!" Cliff rapped on the glass as if to say, STFU. He actually thought we'd tone ourselves down. No no, naked shower boy. Instead, we all just laughed harder at him and his foolish nakedness. I mouthed the word "nipples" at him and he blinked more. He tried to look sad, I didn't respond to that ploy. I smirked at him and chuckled. It was choice. He was so, so, naked. I remembered his deep voice in the elevator, friendly and intelligent. He'd been clothed then. Now he was nude, showering, with an erection, with the hardest male nipples I'd ever seen, not that I'm an expert on that.

Admittedly, Mr. Cliff M--- had a great body (as a straight fellow, I have no problem admitting that). A tan line with an obvious boxer type swimsuit that he did not have on at the moment and probably wished he did. It was a jogging or yardwork tan, not a sunbathe. It suited his features, which were all on display. V-torso, defined pecs, abs, slight "treasure trail" (I am aware of what that is, I have a gay assistant), etc., the whole package. He had impressive legs and his damn feet (and hands) seemed to be actually manicured. The kind of preener you want to make fun of if you can. And here, I could. He wasn't preening now, he wanted to cover himself. Kids were wandering around, and they were curious. Where were their parents? The nude Cliff was basically hairless, treasure trail notwithstanding, and this looked natural. I could see why he had been hired. I'd put his age at late 30s (far too old to be doing something like this, but here he was, and the observers were enthralled, and they seemed to be doubling by the minute, which made Cliff even more rattled.)

But those nipples. I'd never seen anything like them on another man. They looked like they were sore and almost painful. Maybe they were. His nakedness made them stand out, if you know what I mean. It was funny watching people go from looking (and photographing) Cliff's hard nipples then down to his hard penis, and then to his tortured wet face, all the while laughing while they were humiliating him. He struggled to apply body wash; you could tell he was simply destroyed by the embarrassment. I admired his stamina by now and must say he has flawless naked skin tone. It was unique to see a nude man in such a situation as this. I noticed that as Clifford showered, naked, his pecs did flex even though they were quite taut, which made the nipples look like big cherries.

One thing I weirdly enjoyed was the way the naked Cliff kept wiggling his GQ manicured toes. It's what I do when I'm aroused myself, so I knew that's why he was doing it. But I usually do it in a bed, not naked in a shower, so I was impressed that he was able to do it while standing up. It was a defense mechanism on his part, and it was very telling to any other man watching. He wanted his lovely-ass feet to get him a stitch of clothing. What a naked moron. I enjoyed greatly using my eyes to go from his wriggling feet, up to his odd scrotum and erect penis, then wandering around to gaze at his increasingly nervous looking buttocks. At this point, I had to say a lot of excuse mes to circle the EZSpray. Some people wanted clear views of genitals, some people were fixated on ass. Cliff in his discombobulation turning round and round like a whirling dervish basically provided full views of everything, but it clearly rattled him for an onlooker to move around the cubicle and give him the obvious ogle at what they wanted to focus on (not to mention taking pics).

Cliff, naked as ever,  was clearly cursing under his breath as he mechanically washed himself with cheap body wash, deciding to wash his armpits, which made a lot of people salivate, I must admit. He looked embarrassed doing it, but hell, he had to wash something, and he was clearly afraid to wash his tits or his genitals or his ass. "Oh God, he's touching his own  armpits," a lady nearby swooned. Whatever. i asked tthis tipsy dowager, "What would you have him wash?" She just glared at me. I don't think she'd been near a naked man in decades, so she was probably overwhelmed.

This cow then burped, "I really want to lick him all over." I rolled my eyes. She then shared this tidbit: "Even though he has a little blemish above his right buttock. He's so masculine, it must be an old sports injury." Sure honey, that must be it. I did not realize so many middle-aged women drank in the afternoon on the Upper East Side. I located Cliff's right buttock and his blemish. It wasn't a sports injury. It was an ordinary blemish. Yay. His body really wasn't perfect, now, was it.

"It's so hot, how his pubes collect the soap," yet another a girl opined. "Yeah, his carpet matches the drapes," an older man offered. ?He shouldn't shave his body so much, I'll bet he looks good with a little more hair," a young gay giggled. "Shut up," a girl said. "I like the way he looks." A gay couple tittered, "He doesn't wax. That's all natural. He is just naturally smooth except for the shaving of his PUBES AND ARMPITS."  Cliff definitely heard the word "PUBES" and he reacted by  rinsing them, which merrely attracted more attenttion to his oh-so-careful grooming methods of his manhair. Dummy.

"Please let him be single," Joyce, a fat girl from the cafeteria, burbled. She was now standing next to me. She was sweating and she had on too much perfume. Poor Joyce, she was almost fogging up the glass. "Look at that cute discoloration on his ass," she gushed.

Joyce continued: "He's so dreamy." I glimpsed at Cliff's reaction; he allowed himself a tiny smile. NO WAY, I thought. You ain't dreamy, you're EXPOSING YOURSELF WITH YOUR BLEMISH. Then I noticed he had a mole right below one of his pecs. Tiny, but it was there. Then I noticed he was looking at me with hatred. I laughed in his face and rubbed my own chest as if to say, I am looking at your body and analyzing it and you are not the Adonis you think. Cliff scrubbed himself harder. It was the only response he had in this situation. He looked at me again, smiling (?) and tried to get me to convey compassion. I laughed at his naked body and checked my coat pockets, SINCE I HAD CLOTHES ON. Then I took a pic of his nakedness with my phone.

I said, loudly, "This NAKED model, CLIFF, his dream is manscaping his pubes  Look at his pubes. They're above his hard penis! You know how VAIN a man has to be to spend time shaving his own pubes? Look at how hard he's getting! He's getting OFF showing his wares! He wants us to look at his damn pubes!"

Cliff's smile vanished, but he did mouth the word "bastard" at me directly. I can read lips. I turned my phone to him and showed him the nude photo I'd just taken. He averted his gaze and fell backwards, but was able to grab a handrail before he fell. There was a glimpse of his anus.

Shapiro ambled his way beside me. I think he was enjoying how I was taunting his "prize." "How much are you paying this freak?" I asked him. He told me. "WHAT? Then why is he acting to out of it and 'shy'? You're paying him good money to be NAKED." Shapiro laughed and said, "I don't know why today he's so out of it. Probably because of who's here watdhing him. And it's obvious to me that you intimidate him for some reason. I mean, you have a great body and you're good-looking, but you are clothed. He isn't. He feels vulnerable being so bare in front of you. He's probably seen you around and he probably realizes you think he's stupid."

"We shared an eleevtor. He had on a very nice sweater," is all I said in reply, but I did laugh and asked Shapiro if this was the first time he'd seen this naked man get hard. "Yeah," replied Shapiro. "Ain't it grand?" "Getting grander by the second," I drawled, as we watched the naked Cliff's member get longer and longer and his piss slit stretch wider and wider. Obscene! I loved it, though. Because these extensions made Cliff clench his teeth and jaws a lot and his nipples got more steely. He was so, so naked, and hated it. Everyone laughed at his embarrassment and they began to jeer at his balls again. "Juggle those beauties, Cliff," Shapiro barked through the glass. "Wash your testicles for us." Begrudgingly, Cliff did as he was told, gingerly. He seemed petrified.

I glanced at his junk again because this obviously unnerved him (that, and the obviously horny Joyce, a heavy dame who was leaning hard against the EZSpray cubicle). Yeah, Mr. Cliff was a little stiff. The head of his penis was beginning to turn a little purple.  He saw me look, and squirmed around again as the water bore down on him. I smirked at him and stared at his cock anew. It was devastating him that his dick was growing larger by the second and he could not control it. Joyce put her hands on the glass and murmured, "I want him inside me."

She then actually tugged on my jacket sleeve and asked, sincerely, "Do you think he shaves his balls? I've looked and looked and don't see ANY hair on them." "Gee, I dunno, Joyce, why don't you ask him?"

I moved away from Joyce a bit. She mustered courage and screamed through the glass "DO YOU SHAVE YOUR BALLS?" Cliff shook his head in shock as everyone guffawed. And of course, this onlly brought attention to Cliff's unusual scrotum, which he did not want. Shapiro asked me if Joyce had a drinking problem. I feigned ignorance (she does).

Back to focusing on the humiliated Cliff's nakedness! His abs made me jealous. His penis was circumcised and well-formed, as those things go. It was also continuing to move around, with abandon, and this was clearly causing him alarm and hilarious anxiety. He knew his penis was the star of the room at this point since it was of course right next to his odd balls. The more he moved around, the worse this got for him. Joyce texted someone to say she was in love. His pubes were so manscaped, it was comical for another real man to look at.. He'd soaped them up again, as if by doing so, they'd be concealed. Did I tell you he was stupid? Put your clotthes on, Cliff!

His genitals were comically active as he showered. I took out a business card and a pen, and on the back of the card, I wrote in all caps, "STOP JIGGLING, PURPLE DICK, RIGHT BALL" with an arrow pointed downwards. I pressed the card to the glass, he saw it, and he gave me a pathetic look of anger mixed with fear mixed with debasement. I laughed in his face through the glass.

He was quite handsome, I have to say. Almost regally so. He kind of resembled the Australian actor Bryan Brown. I could see why the girls upstairs, and wine-sipping Joyce from downstairs, were all agog. Eventually a few of the upstairs girls showed up to watch him, and not for the first time. I wondered why this attractive, built, naked man was putting himself through this. Was this a fantasy of his? Was he a closet exhibitionist? If that was the case, his fantasy had turned into a nightmare for him. He was an obvious bundle of naked nerves. I have a perfectly fine body, but I could never pull someething like this off sober. Joyce began to rub against me, and I had to tell her to calm down. Happily, her friend Sheila showed up and they amused themselves accordingly. Sheila took more pics than Joyce. Sheila announced, "This is my fifth time watching Cliff in the nude. But it's the first time I've seen him with an erection." Cliff recognized her and grimaced. But his erection did not subside. It moved.

Cliff did not appreciate my critical, skeptcial assessment of his nudity and his few brown body hairs, but obviously I wasn't the only one doing this; he had obvious repeat visitors. "Look, today, he is getting HARD," Sheila said. Joyce replied, "I want to eat him." And so on. I think he could hear us talking, so I chimed in, "He sure is hard, Can't control himself. Look at him, all NAKED in a shower. Look at his nipples! They're hard too! I don't want to EAT him, but he's scrubbed!" Murmurs abounded, and girls commented explosively about Cliff's nipples and Cliff crossed his arms over his chest. Hilarious. He was now beet red and he looked aghast and he clearly did not want to be eaten by Joyce. He was breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating.

A man commented, "This is rather erotic." He had shoved his way to be next to me, and next thing I knew his hand was brushing my ass. I said, "uh, I am here to make fun, not to get picked up, you know," and he bristled and said, "Well, you sure have been staring at Cliff since you got here," and I said, "Oh, you know him personally?" The man (a compact 30-something) muttered, "He won't talk to me." I said nothing. This guy eventually skulked off. Crazies, but that's what you get when you show off your naked body! Cliff had notticed our exchange and looked displeased. I think he thought I had made a disparaging remark about his body. Fine, I thought, let him think that. I winked at him again and he applied more body wash, looking completely frustrated and humiliated. Zing! His penis stuck straight out at us. Embarrassing.

Cliff shifted from foot to foot, as if that would alleviate his dilemma. All this did was make him jiggle more. I pointed at his genitalia again. He stopped shifting and turned his back, pretending to adjust the showerhead. I merely made my way to the other side so I could stare at his full frontalness. He glared at me through the glass. I could see the glans on the underside of his penis. He was so naked. I mouthed the word "glans" to him. He averted my gaze. I laughed. This is what you get for showing off.

I turned to the slimy Shapiro, who had moved and was now was standing next to me with an evil grin on his face. His beady little eyes were bulging. He was bulging elsewhere as well. Distasteful, but at least HE was clothed.

"I want to take more pictures of this idiot too, before he gets eaten," I said to Shapiro. I said it loudly, and "Cliff" blanched. I sensed he was reaching his limit of exposure, that it was becoming unbearable and his ego was taking a big hit. Shapiro said, "Go ahead. No one eats him but me" God. Cliff clearly heard that last comment, and shook his head no, vigorously, his hair dribbling water. Didn't want to be eaten by no one, no sirree. I had to guffaw. Put some clothes on, "erotic" buddy!

But I whipped out my phone again and took a series of pics. I made sure to crouch down and take a close up of "Cliff"'s private parts. I noted that Cliff's pubes were astoundingly symmetrical. He obviously used a mirror. Vain. Cliff grabbed the body wash and fruitlessly tried to hide his genitals with the bottle. Pathetic. Shapiro barked at him, "Wash your balls! Especially that right one!" Everyone laughed at poor Cliff. I had to admit it was funny. I wanted to see Cliff touch his cock and balls, as I knew it would be the beginning of the end for this doofus. It was obvious that his scrotum was tightening.

As Cliff stupidly turned round and round, we got to see all of him. His ample bubble butt (hairless, likely shaved) was pretty spectacular, I have to say. The women were swooning at his damn butt, and a few men as well. To me, it was just a damn butt. Cliff obviously jogged, or something, to get a butt like that.

His ass cheeks jiggled, whether out of embarrassment otr whether it was just a natural thing, who knows. It was enjoyable to look at because it looked so pale and vulnerable. I thnk it was embarrassment and humiliation, frankly, so I said "LOOK AT HIS ASS JIGGLE!" Peggy from upstairs nudged me and said, "Stop. The poor man is mortified." I just laughed and said, "HE"S FRIGGIN' NAKED!"

Cliff was blushing fire engine red at this point all the way up to his forehead. His bashfulness was hilarious. I mean, what did he expect? Stripped and humiliated, you're gonna be a little shy when reality sets in, killer bod or not. I don't think he counted on people mocking his nudity as much as we were. Sorry, Cliff! Cliff washed his ass cheeks as if to conceal them, and there were numerous oohs and aahs. "He separated them," one man noted. "I saw his hole." Cliff was accidentally giving the people what they wanted!

His nipples were erect as hell, and I noticed he seemed terrified of touching them in the slightest (gee, wonder why). I looked at his penis again, and it had expanded considerably, obscenely in such a public setting. It was still sticking straight out and movving upwards. He was in horror, so I pointed at it with emphasis. He tried to cover it, and swooned a little, and took his hand away. Touching it was a mistake.

I took a close up of it. It stiffened further. Many around me were clearly fascinated. A young female commented, "Oh my God. He is sexually aroused." Ya think?

"Cliff" put his hands up to me as if to say stop, and I took a picture of that as well. I'd never seen a guy so naked who didn't want to be. I noticed his armpits seemed to be trimmed. Whatever. Probably gay. I have nothing against gay guys, but this one was regretting being so naked, so I laughed at him again. It wasn't hard to do, as hie penis rose and rose and twitched. By now, the water had rinsed his pubes, and it was so painfully obvious this wuss trimmed there as well.

I don't know what was arousing him, and I didn't care. It was too priceless. I took more pics, and so did everyone else. Shapiro took a LOT of pics. "Be sure to get one of his pubes, he spends time on them," I advised. Someone slapped me on the back, not for the first time. I had my own audience!

Cliff soaped himself up robotically, a frozen blank look on his pretty, chiseled face. His embarrassment was delicious. At any minute, I expected him to scream, bolt from the shower and run away bawling from everyone's relentless gaze.

I made sure to get a close up of his movie star actorly face with its perfect cheekbones and dimples, and then followed that up with a head-to-toe pic to get all of Cliff'x xpectacular embarrasment and exposed body parts. I knew these pics would be massive conversation pieces down the road. Cliff knew exactly what I was doing, and he did not look thrilled. I did not care. You take off your clothes in public, people are gonna take pics in this day and age.

Cliff did not appreciate my documentation of his nude body, but his penis did. I'm an attractive guy, maybe he was getting turned on by me if he's gay. He achieved full erection. And I do mean FULL. Straight up hard. You could see it pulsate and his slit was wide open and gaping. I've seen less explicit straight porn. His scrotum was now completely firm. This naked man had turned himself on. In public.

At this point, some of the crowd began to inch away from him. I admit it was extreme. As for me, I moved closer, and grinned wider. I was absolutely relishing his total humiliation., and he absolutely realized it.

Cliff murmured through the glass to us, "Please stop." He targeted me specifically, I think. I just laughed again. I was really enjoying this. I watched his penis stick up in the air, and pointed at it again. Cliff mouthed, "Please, buddy."

"What is he saying?" I asked Shapiro.

"Who cares?" said Shapiro. "Look at his dick. He's embarrassed as hell. He's been doing this for a week. I don't know what set him off today. Probably it's just kicked in how many people have seen him NAKED."

"I would be HUMILIATED too," I announced loudly, staring at Cliff's throbbing cock and shaking my head to shame him further. "Buddy."

"Is this guy gay?" I asked Shapiro, who was actually licking his fucking lips.

"I wish," Shapiro replied.

Oh, I thought. This is even more funny now.

One of the stranger comments then emerged, from a young woman: "His shaft is such a different color from the rest of his genitals." Since this was utterly true (his shaft was browny flesh colored, his cockhead was purplish, and his scrotum was reddish brown) I told her to yell that loud to him, and laughingly, she did. He hated that, and shot me a look that could freeze death. I just watched his erecion twitch and his shaft expand and laughed in his flustered cutie-pie face. I felt temporarily bad because it looked like he was tearing up, but I just said to myself, it's just the soap, and frankly,  he's naked, and I'm not.

Cliff's giant nipples on his perfect pecs made me want to make more fun of him. He was avoiding touching those ginormous nips. My own nipples are sensitive, so I was kind of relating and at the same time enjoying his dilemma. When you shower, your arm is gonna brush by your nipples, whether you like it or not!. Poor Cliff had superhero nipples, and he wanted to conceal them; he put more body wash on, which only made them stick out more through the soap and water. The water seemed to make them more pronounced, as it dribbled off the tips. This seemed to turn a lot of the women on, by the way. Never heard so many oohs and aahs about a man's nipples. I was almost jealous. I mean, my nipples aren't as pronounced as the NAKED Cliff's, but I do have them, ladies!


"No," Cliff mouthed. "No, no, please no, no." His face contorted in anguish, and he began to shiver and convulse and even his nipples seemed to wobble. His piss slit was so open you could have inserteed two Q-tips! He threw back his pretty boy head, his wet hair flopping about,  and his Adam's apple throbbed and his veins pulsated. The look of sheer panic on his face had to be seen to be believed. Oh shit, I thought. He's going to lose control of himself. Yay. I got my phone ready. Wasn't going to miss THIS.

Shapiro told me there were "high school students" watching the naked Cliff. I said, "I see that." Shapiro then informed me that the students were from the high school in the neighborhood where Cliff (with clothes on) worked in the administrative office. I asked, "Did he not realize they might show up here?" Shapiro responded, "Obviously not. He's dying the slow death. They all know him and they are thrilled to see him naked." I said, "He's not thrilled for them to see him naked." Shapiro chuckled, "No indeedy. He's horrified."

To top off that last exchange, one of the female students chirped, "Look at Mr. M----'s balls. They're so funny looking." A male student guffawed, "Look at his dick. Remember when he wrote me up for walking in the hall? Fuck him. He's NAKED WITH AN ERECTION." Both students took pics with ther phones and laughed. Cliff wailed, naked, in the shower. "Poor Cliff," another student burbled, but she also took a series of pics and Cliff wailed some more. Shapiro said, "He's losing it." I chuckled, as this was hysterically funny. A wise man would have simply sat down on the floor of the shower and hugged his knees. Cliff was obviously not very wise. The poor nude dude was just very naked.

An older man approached the shower. "Mr. Wang, why is Cliff's scrotum so odd looking?" asked a female student. Mr Wang announced himself as a teacher at the high school and opined, "It's not abnormal, Grace. There's numerous reasons, nothing to worry about." Grace said, "Oh, good. I just wanted to know." Another girl screeched, "Oh Grace, you have told us a hundred times you wanted to see Mr. M--- naked. And now here he is NAKED, and you have to complain about his imperfections." Grace hissed, "I am NOT calling Cliffe imperfect. I am just worried. He looks  unhappy." A male student chortled, "Why is he putting himself through this then? He could just leave." Mr. Wong said, sadly, "I don't know. I could never withstand this situation. Guys, stop taking pics, please." Of course, this just made them take pore pics, and the girls were far more brutal than the boys, squealing and giggling.

All of this animated back and forth (there was a lot of gesturing) between the high schoolers was not going unnoticed by the wet, nude, sexually aroused Cliff. He looked absoluttely devastated by the mockery and the scrutiny by his former acquaintances. Sorry, Cliff. You're SO NAKED. Cliff began to emit those not so subtle moans. The sounds were not unlike those in cartoons. He obviously couldn't help it. The students stiffened in anticipation. Mr. Wong muttered, "Oh my God. Someone get him out of there." One of the male students yelled, "He's going to shoot a load! Just watch!" Mr. Wong shook this student and admonished, "Shut up, Tommy."

Mr. Wang was too late to stop his former colleague's wang from responding to the call of unbridled male nature. The COMPLETELY NAKED Cliff grabbed the handrails of the EZSpray suddenly (there were two of them), to avoid slipping. He looked ridiculous and naked as he tried to gain traction in the shower without falling down, and then: He began to orgasm! That's the only word for it. ORGASM. He moaned and made weird other sounds. It was unbelievable, I've had women who didn't make such a fuss. He was ejaculating in front of us, in unmistakable, forceful strands of ivory jism. Outside the shower, there were disbelieving screams and gasps and derisive laughter. Cliff looked like he wanted to die! He almost fell down! I watched as his perfect abs wiggled, doing him absolutely no favor at this point. I noticed some of his sperm had landed on the abs, as the water had not reached them yet.

I cannot adequately describe the reaction of the onlookers except to say they were besides themselves with glee. I CAN adequately describe Cliff's reaction: mortified shame and the desire to evaporate instantly. He instantly turned even more crimson, to the point of glowing. Aknist tgeentire high school contingent departed, ushered out by a now-appalled Mr. Wang, who was blushing almost as much as the naked man in the shower who'd just ejaculated in public. About five or sex determined high school girls remained. I did hear Mr. Wang say on the way out, "We will NOT discuss this, EVER." Tommy commented, "He showed his butthole. Did you see it?" Grace trilled, loudly, "I SAW IT TOO!" Mr. Wang shoved the kids toward the elevators.

I waited for Cliff to wash off his sperm from his stomach, but Cliff was in shock. He knew this could not be unseen. His navel, if anyone cares, is an outie. There was SPERM on it.

Little Tommy was quite observant. During his orgasm, indeed, Cliff's knees had buckled and he had arched backwards, and we were actually treated to a generous glimpse of his masculine asshole!


"LOOK! HE SHAVES HIS ASSHOLE TOO!" I practically screamed. It was so funny. Cliff did not agree it was funny as he struggled to stand up, naked, in the shower, after his public orgasm and asshole reveal. The asshole was unmistakable. Obviously, things had been inserted in it at one point, if you ask me. There seemed to be no hair near his asshole. I guess Cliff shaved everything before he got naked. In the pics, I am supported by my initial observation. There's no hair, just a brown-rimmed asshole with a little pinkish reddish interior, if you're into that. You'd be surprised at how many people are! My gay assistant calles the pics "Cliff's Ass Sandwiches."

In his shock and embarrassment, the clumsy Cliff was having trouble standing up straight and his rather large quite cavernous asshole was really on complete display. I made SURE to get a shot of that, as the soap trickled over his open wide asshole and joined Cliff's sperm on the floor of the EZSpray. Sperm does not go down the drain easily, by the way.

Cliff was furious that I was taking all these pics because I was laughing so hard at the same time, and I think he knew his manhole in particular was beiing seen and photographed. Not to mention hie "male sex juices" (a term I learned from an elderly lady nearby that afternoon who was beside herself with glee; she also opined that she'd never seen a man's asshole before, and that she'd like to touch it; this was one saucy old lady).

Cliff and his asshole inadvertently arched more, he couldn't help it, his muscles flexing, and VOILA, exposed more of his gaping asshole! Cliff's asshole looks deep, dark, and very round, and it kind of gyrates when he cums and arches his back in a shower. Perhaps Linda's dildo had made contact. It looked like there was room in that rounded muscle! His scrotum began to relax, since he had just ejaculated (in public).

Of courrse, I haven't seen a lot of male assholes, but I sure saw this one, as due to its size and amount of exposure it was quite hard to miss under those Bathwares florescent lights, and besudes that, an exposed male asshole us not often something you see in public, and everyone else saw this asshole's asshole and liked looking at it and taking as many pics as they could. Everyone seemed to be fascinated by Cliff's sphincter! The older gay men actually applauded! The obviously straight guys watching Cliff were commenting: "Man, he is showing off his damn hole," (in disdain) etc. etc. And they were EXCLAIMING this in disapproving disbelief, not whispering, so Cliff had to have heard it, over the predominant laughter. Actually you could tell he was hearing it; he hung his head in shame and I noticed he was swallowing hard over and over and his eyelids fluttered and blinked. He was still slipping around as well, and everytime he tried to upright himself and failed, you guessed it: MORE ASSHOLE. Classic. If this had been in a movie, the editor would have had major problems, unless the studio had said, go ahead, leave it in, it'll be a first.

Lacy and her dildo were nowhere to be seen. The bar had opened across the street, I guess. She missed the spectacle! No worries, honey. Shapiro got plenty of asshole shots for the whole store. And Laney missed the sight of Cliff's scrotum changing its shape before our very eyes. But there's shots of that out there as well, sweetie! I don't know if Linda is a fan of male nipples, but there's ample documentation of Cliff's thick nips if she is.

I joined the chorus and noted this obvious fact about the nude Cliff's ongoing exposure of his most private orifice. I happily sang it out loud through the shower door at him just to make him feel more exposed as if that were humanly possible, although I tastefully used the words "anus" and "rectum:; at this point I obviously didn't care who heard me, since I was off for the day, technically. This whole thing was so unreal, that a grown man would show himself and his flesh and his ASSHOLE in such a manner in a very public setting.

A man nearby commented in a deep voice, "Does he know we are looking at his perineum? Oh, Jesus. I think I would die. It's a man's most private area. How can a grown man pushing 40 show off his bottom like that? His NAKED rump has been photographed for the last four hours!"

"Not only his rump," someone replied. "Please call it 'tail,' or 'butt, he's still naked,'" another person requested. To each his/her own, I thought.

Someone (I think it was a guy) commisaerated: "His asshole is a big O. Did you SEE IT? It reminds me of when I went spelunking as a kid.This NAKED MAN'S ASSHOLE. It's incredibly smooth and open. There's no hair on it! He's clearly a BOTTOM. He can't possibly be a straight man. It's gorgeous, his asshole. Even if he had hair on his NAKED ASSHOLE, I'd like it! Obviously it's clean now too! Beautiful naked asshole and beautiful abs and tasty tits and novelty balls and soerning penis on a beautiful naked man. Most gorgeous wide open anus I've seen! And I need to finger it or fist it." "Shut up Harry, we saw him cum, let's go to dinner," someone (I think it was another guy) replied. More laughter ensued, natch.

Cliff clearly heard, among others,  the words "asshole," "bottom" and "perineum". He also had a negative reaction to the term "sperming." He heaved, shook his pretty head, grunted, and turned off the water, attempting to compose himself and restore his dignity (no chance there--zero). He exited the shower, frostily, and firmly said to me, "You, sir, are an asshole." I was amused to see his dick still had sperm on it and was still obviously not flaccid, despitte the obvious relief conveyed by his balls, which were now swaying all over the place again. I heard  giggling, mostly from those high-school students (particularly the girls). "A real asshole," Cliff repeated, his voice rising in indignation. Man, how dumb can you be, using that word twice in this situation.

I replied, equally firmly and quite boisterously, "And you, CLIFF, certainly have a big one." This got a lot of merry giggling and laughter. Did he not realize how much of his graphically revealed rectum we had seen? The naked Cliff grabbed a robe (mercifully for him he had one nearby), and threw it on as fast as he could; this took longer than he should have because he was so rattled and all of us were jeering at him.

The attempt at clothing himself did not stop Joyce, who was still there, from lifting up the robe from behind and trying to fondle Cliff's wet butt. Cliff yelled at her to get her hands off him. She pouted as everyone sang in a chorus of laughter. "When's tthe wedding?" a man screeched. 

Cliff then stalked down the hall towards offices and a locker room. He was scowling (and visibly trembling) on his way out. It was a hoot and a half.

Was I supposed to atone for the fact that Cliff had shown us his asshole? The looks he gave me, you'd think I'd committed a crime! I have to convey again that I enjoyed looking at his asshole, because I knew he hated me looking at it.

An attractive 20something male and female quickly followed him, as eventually later did the drooling Joel Shapiro. Cliffie hadn't toweled off before getting into his robe, so the robe clung. As he made his way out of his humiliation (at least for the time being), I saw his shoulders slump hard, and the robe suggestively hinted at how big his asscrack was. Well, we knew how big it was, we'd seen it. Everyone was unmercifully, uproariously laughing at him. I later learned the 20somethings were his friends, or maybe even relatives. They had to be in just as much shock as everyone else. You don't often see your friend ejaculate loudly in public, totally naked, "accidentally." He was still rattled, and we heard him shout furiously, "That's IT! I'm not getting naked EVER AGAIN!" "TOO LATE, CLIFF!" I shouted back. Then we heard a door slam.

A woman asked, "Did he just cum? Did he just cum in front of all of us?" Sperm remained on the glass and on the floor of the shower, so the answer to that question was, duh, yes.

Shapiro, still hanging around, replied, "That wasn't soap, honey." Understatement of all time. I can tell you that. So embarrassing. The only thing in Cliff's favor was that one of the huzz shots didn't break the glass off the EZSpray. (I say this, because to my eye, it came perilously close. It did land, and it was faintly audible; keep in mind there was laughter, exclamations of surprise, shower water, and Cliff's unmanly, stuck-pig guttural orgasm sounds in competition.)

Forgive me if I repeat myself, but I later learned that a good chunk of the people watching Cliff degrade himself were students from a school that Cliff worked for previously! That really boggles my mind. Is that what made this pervert hard and made him blow his load? Who knows.

I have Cliff's naked pics framed on the bar in my office. They sure get the drinks flowing, esp. the one with Cliff's anus basically sticking out at you and the navel sperm (the gay boys fawn over those, and the women fan themselves). Well, Cliffie's tail and butthole were clean, we know that for sure!

I know his last name but I am not posting it. But I'd put this naked man at about 6'2", 150 lbs., auburn hair (natural, trust me), and Caucasian. His penis is not small, it's average, I guess. I only saw it erect, so I can't share further details. His balls are large and they hang kinda low. And as I've noted, one is bigger than the other, which was hysterical to look at and hear comments about. Both balls seemed to be shaved, but maybe he's just bereft of a lot of body hair. I'll concede his pecs are very firm, especially his nipples, which are not that big, but pointy and red and frankly cartoonish when he is shamefully turning himself on in public. He could be a stripper, I guess. But I doubt he'll pursue that line of work now. He doesn't seem to have the stomach for it, even if he does have the abs.

His load(s), I have to say, were pretty impressive, although I think he'd beg to differ for certain reasons.

He's probably in therapy now. I know I would be. Shapiro told me later that his children were there and that they witnessed the whole thing that day. I did notice some kids. Brutal. Watching Daddy, naked,  shoot his wad(s) all over himself in a store with those unnatural jabbers of male nipples in Technicolor under the releentless Bathwares lights.

If I'd known  his kids were there watching all this, I'd have toned down my teasing. But the crowd was loving it so much, that would have been disconcerting for me, as I enjoy giving the people what they want. Clifford has an eye twitch when he panics, and I loved that. It's not the only thing on his body that twitches.

I don't kid when I say his nipples could poke your eyes out. Mercy! Must be a family trait or something. So glad I have pics, because when I relate the story of Cliff's nipples, I am greeted with "show me." And so I do, and people go, "OMG." Cliffie has limited areole, but he more than makes up for up in nipple girth. They really are basically female nipples on a man. And he's heard that before, you can tell. Pointy! Very embarrassing. I am surprised he jogs without a shirt, frankly. But the pecs are tight, so they don't jiggle (unlike the rest of him), so maybe he just doesn't think about his nipples, and hopefully they don't get hard when he exposes them in normal situations. Somehow I doubt that, though. It's odd to see a man's nipples that throb. It wasn't just me saying this stuff, either. His nipples got a lot of commentary from women and men alike. Most of them were saying, and I will give him this, that Cliff's nipples were "gorgeous." It takes all kinds!

Cliff didn't return to finish the gig, and the demonstration was discontinued. Shapiro expllained, "We'll never be able to top that. And you heard him, he doesn't want to get naked ever again."


But there's plenty of naked, naked pics. He was beyond naked. I've never seen such giant red, red nipples. Or such weird testicles (the left is a pebble, the right one is a golf ball) in a graphically displayed scrotum that changes shape so drastically as his shameless sexual arousal manifests itself in public just before he cums all over himself (thank God he was enclosed in the shower or we ALL would gotten sprayed with his jizz). Or such a big open piss slit and a bigggggg open, grinning asshole (you could almost see inside both of his sex holes). Or a male perineum so in your face as to make observers blush themselves. Or such almost feminine orgasm noise coming from a grown man clearly in his mid-thirties (at least). Or such white, white relentless naked cum, splattering everywhere as he tried to simply stand up in the nude with his precious abs and carefully manscaped pubes. And absolutely, the liquid going all over the place wasn't soap. Soap washes off easily. Cliff's copious sperm is thick and it sticks to surfaces. It probably causes him a little pain as it emerges from his nude body and erect dick. Perhaps that explains the hilarrious wails he emits as he ejaculates.naked in front of total strangers and his relatives.

If I ran into Cliff M---- on the street, I'd offer to buy him a drink. He seemed affable enough in the elevator when he had clothes on, and he did provide priceless entertainment!

I doubt he'd accept my offer, though. He knows I have evidence of his epic, legendary, naked male humiliation. And he most likely wants to kill me.

I'd bring up his nipples, since he has no problem doing that on his own, but I'd leave out the cum section, if we were in a bar. Or maybe I wouldn't. I would probably just ask if he squeals like a hog when his girlfriend touches his mammaries!





Submitted: April 09, 2022

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Short Story / Humiliation Sex

Short Story / Humiliation Sex


by davey

Short Story / Humiliation Sex