Schenectady Jon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Jon ends up on stage nude, before all the kids of Schenectady High School

Posted to the Forced Nudity Archive in 2017

Table of Contents


The guys grabbed Jon.  Four against one, they got his clothes off, whether he liked it or not.  They dragged him on stage. ... Read Chapter

First Grade

Jon got some new school clothes when he started first grade.  They were great.  The first new clothes he could remember.  ... Read Chapter

Second Grade

Jon’s family was his mom and his two sisters.  There was no father.  Jon thought nothing of that.  Until Blaze Murphy. ... Read Chapter

Third Grade

One day on a hot afternoon, Jon and his family were at at the local outdoor swimming pool. Jon was the first of the kids his age to ... Read Chapter

Fourth Grade

The Pinewood Derby was a competition for Cub Scouts.  You got a kit, consisting of a block of soft wood, two axles and four wheels.&... Read Chapter

Fifth Grade

A new girl had moved into the neighborhood during the summer.  Mary Lou.  Jon thought she was really pretty.  He was not y... Read Chapter

Sixth Grade

There was a new video game at the arcade.  Super Galactic Wizard.  Jon spent most afternoons there, trying to improve his score... Read Chapter

Seventh Grade

Jon and Blaze were the two competitors left in the last round of the middle school spelling bee.  (Books had been sent to be in the ... Read Chapter

Eighth grade

The middle school had a “Science Fair” every year.  Students or student groups would do some science experiments during the year... Read Chapter

Ninth Grade

High school.  Schenectady City Schools had only one high school.  So kids from all 16 elementary schools ended up here.  T... Read Chapter

Tenth Grade

When Jon turned sixteen, and was licensed to drive, he took the money he had saved from his summer jobs for the past two years a bought a... Read Chapter

Eleventh Grade

Jon thought of himself as a pretty good singer.  And a connoisseur of rock-n-roll.  So it was natural that he would form a rock... Read Chapter

Twelvth Grade

Schenectady High School announced a student talent contest.  Student acts would try out before a panel of students and teachers.&nbs... Read Chapter


The Finaglers Five were great at the audition.  They were sure to be chosen to be in the show.  After they played, they stayed ... Read Chapter

The Green Room

The day of the contest.  The Finaglers Five won a coin toss, and decided to appear as the last act.  Blaze and the Bruisers had... Read Chapter

The Show

The guys grabbed Jon.  Four against one, they got his clothes off, whether he liked it or not.  They dragged him on stage. ... Read Chapter


The Finaglers Five won the trophy. From that day forward Jon was never called “Little Jon” or “Cheeky Jon”  again. ... Read Chapter

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