Cash for Kisses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Cassie is at a crossroads in her life, both professionally and personally. Having been let down once again by a man she finds herself in a bar, alone, and in need. A cheeky proposition opens the door for new adventures and some sexual activity without any strings attached.
The shy, demure, Cassie embarks on a new career. Teacher by day, call girl by night.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Present day-New York   Cassie placed the last item of clothing into her suitcase, closed the lid, and locked i... Read Chapter


Chapter 2 Two years earlier Brought up by her teacher parents in the residential Park Slope area of Brooklyn, Cassie had graduate... Read Chapter


Chapter 3 Cassie walked into the bar of the Whitby Hotel, Manhattan, a little after 7.30 pm. It was a Friday night and she had spent ... Read Chapter


Chapter 4 The following week Cassie again attended to Rick’s needs at the Whitby Hotel. As the week progressed, she became more and... Read Chapter


Chapter 5 I walked into the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia at 7pm on the following Saturday. I myself had a room booked at the les... Read Chapter


Chapter 6 Hooked now, I spent the next weekend in Boston, my biggest disappointment thus far. Whether I chose the wrong hotel, wrong ... Read Chapter


Chapter 7 Over the course of the next month whilst my regular Rick was out of the Country, I took the opportunity to go in search of ... Read Chapter


Chapter 8 Over the next twelve months Rick, Victor, and Stan, became my regular client base and brought me in on average, $5,000 a mo... Read Chapter


Chapter 9 Nancy Sanchez was easy.  Senator Sanchez from Wisconsin preferred the more niche bars of Washington, especially th... Read Chapter


Chapter 10 Present day-New York   It was a short cab ride to the small airport where I was met by Rick. He kissed me gen... Read Chapter

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