Mr. King

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When Katherine Mason takes a job as a live-in housekeeper for Harrison King, a sexy billionaire businessman, she finds herself immersed in a world of wealth, luxury, and power. She tries her best to navigate her new surroundings and become successful in her new position, even when that position puts her directly underneath Mr. King.
“What were the perks of working for an eccentric billionaire, you ask? Did you want a list? Because I am sure I could enlighten you. I didn’t just clean his laundry, I helped keep it dirty. And he was damn good at keeping me dirty.”

Table of Contents


Her breathing was ragged as she stood bent over, her hands planted firmly on the plush suede of the arm chair. There was no bend in her k... Read Chapter


Six Months Earlier "Mr. King, it's so nice to meet you," Katherine Mason greeted, smiling politely at the attractive man standing in ... Read Chapter


It was an eye opening experience working for Harrison King. The sheer size of his apartment made her wonder why on earth he only hired on... Read Chapter


"Please, eat," Mr. King told Katherine as he set down the dinner plate in front of her. "I could have done that," she grumbled as he ... Read Chapter


What just happened? Katherine was a little hazy on the details, but she was pretty sure Harrison King, business tycoon billionaire, just ... Read Chapter


"Miss Mason..." Katherine heard next to her ear. Her eyes flew open. Mr. King was standing so close, so incredibly close that they were n... Read Chapter


Katherine sat on the table with her legs wrapped up against Mr. King's hips, his fingers digging into her haunches as his eyes stared dow... Read Chapter


After getting little to no sleep, due to lying awake for most of the night trying to decipher what the hell happened and what the hell it... Read Chapter


Katherine spent the morning cleaning – giving that goddamn dining room table a good scrub down. She felt sick to her stomach as her min... Read Chapter


Mr. King's fingers gripped onto the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down over her hips before dropping them down her legs, ur... Read Chapter


"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Katherine panicked as she looked at the black slacks in her hands, standing in the vast laundry room of t... Read Chapter


Katherine didn't know whether she should actually follow or just run. What was he about to do to her? When she finally emerged from the e... Read Chapter


"Are you ready, Miss Mason?" Mr. King asked, his large hand planted firmly across both of her ass cheeks. "What if I don't like it? W... Read Chapter


Mr. King leaned down, pressing his lips against Katherine's as her hands came up, sliding through his short brown hair. The kiss only las... Read Chapter


Katherine held her breath as the elevator doors opened to Mr. King's private entrance into his penthouse, and let it out once she stepped... Read Chapter


Once they were in the parking garage elevator at the hospital, Katherine couldn't help but wonder how Mr. King got the information about ... Read Chapter


"Would you like some tea, Miss Mason?" Mr. King asked once they arrived back at the penthouse. "I'd just like to go to bed," she told... Read Chapter


Mr. King didn't speak to Katherine outside of work-related conversation in over five days – five tension-filled days she had to endure ... Read Chapter


Harrison's hands came up, gripping onto Katherine's face as he kissed her hard. She quickly adapted, kissing him back as her hands fell t... Read Chapter


Mr. King disappeared in his closet for a few moments before returning to the bedroom with a white t-shirt in his hand. "Here," he tol... Read Chapter


"You're playing with fire, Miss Mason," Mr. King breathed huskily in Katherine's ear. "Then burn me," she challenged, her voice comin... Read Chapter


During the next month, Miss Mason found herself under Mr. King's sexual direction quite a few times - whether it be for a quick fuck or a... Read Chapter


Mr. King brought Katherine to a small, yet very expensive French bistro called La Belle Vie – which he told her translated to "the beau... Read Chapter


"I want to get you naked. I want your soft skin against my own. I want to fuck you in those sexy heels, Miss Mason," Mr. King breathed ag... Read Chapter


"Do you... have you..." Katherine began, stammering like an idiot. She knew what she wanted to ask him, but wasn't sure how to ask him. I... Read Chapter


Katherine woke up that night from a very erotic dream about Mr. King. One where she had him writhing in pleasure below her as she took co... Read Chapter


Katherine woke up the next morning with a terrible pain in her throat and she was instantly reminded of her error in judgment from the ni... Read Chapter


Mr. King's kisses were long and passionate, and his hands were greedy as they scoured over her body, touching every inch of exposed flesh... Read Chapter


By the time morning came, bringing the sunlight streaming through the curtains, she was alone in her bed. It took her a little while to e... Read Chapter


"Your naked body is exquisite, Miss Mason," Mr. King breathed against the bare skin of her collarbone as his body pressed against hers. ... Read Chapter


Katherine woke up to her alarm the next morning, alone in her own room, having dream-like memories of Mr. King carrying her in his arms f... Read Chapter


As Katherine was cleaning the kitchen that morning after breakfast, Ethan found her again, startling her as she was finishing up the dish... Read Chapter


It had been two long days since Ethan arrived at the apartment. Katherine wouldn't have minded so much if he didn't feel the need to comm... Read Chapter


"Miss Mason," she heard Mr. King's stern voice coming from the hallway outside of her bedroom. Shit. He sounded angry. She had just g... Read Chapter


"Katherine," she heard Mr. King say quietly. She looked up to see him standing there in her now open doorway. "Get the fuck out of he... Read Chapter


"I need to get up," Katherine whispered to Harrison as they lay in her bed in the stillness of the morning. "Your boss must be a tyra... Read Chapter


After getting showered and dressed, Katherine was actively making breakfast in the kitchen while Harrison took care of some things in his... Read Chapter


Things pretty much went back to normal in the following days of Ethan's departure. As normal as it could be anyway. There were no more su... Read Chapter


Katherine woke up to the sound of machines beeping and the feeling of being so incredibly tired that a part of her didn't even want to op... Read Chapter


When Katherine woke-up again, she was being discharged into the care of Mr. Roberts. "Harrison sent you?" She asked him as she sat up... Read Chapter


For a whole day, every time she went to the kitchen to begin making Mr. King his meals, Mr. Roberts would come out to tell her that Mr. K... Read Chapter


Katherine stood in Mr. King's empty office, staring at the opened doorway he just left through. She didn't know what she was expecting wh... Read Chapter


With one last deep breath, Katherine shut off the bedroom light and walked out, pulling the suitcases to the front door. She thought of l... Read Chapter


Harrison King grew up in Manchester, England. He was the only boy of three children – his father, Michael King's successor – the only... Read Chapter


Harrison's knuckles rapped against the screen door of a modest home in Williamsburg. He knew where to find her, because he made Bates giv... Read Chapter


Harrison was quiet for a long moment before he looked up to see Katherine looking back at him intently, waiting for him. "You were th... Read Chapter


Harrison spent the weekend at home – phone off. He'd never done that before. He was always reachable, but he just couldn't do it – no... Read Chapter


Harrison's eyes focused on Katherine's mouth. He could feel himself becoming aroused just by looking at her, but he pushed those thoughts... Read Chapter


Katherine had been back for almost a month and Harrison had yet to touch her, almost too afraid to lose himself in her again, too afraid ... Read Chapter


Katherine dragged him down the hall to his bedroom – their bedroom – and Harrison quickly kicked the door shut. "What are you goi... Read Chapter


Harrison walked away, slipping into the bathroom, leaving Katherine all alone bent over the chair, knowing he needed to take a moment to ... Read Chapter

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