Kyle Earns an A Part Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

As graduation approaches, the abuse of Kyle grows greater. He now has to perform in front of a group of old perverts.

Kyle Earns an APart Threeby dale10


This story is fantasy. all characters are over 18 years of age. The author does not condone the action in the story.





It was so close to graduation. If he could just hold out a few more

weeks, everything would be fine. But would it? Would everything

ever be fine ever again? Had he been so warped and twisted by Mr.

Hinkle’s abuse that he would never be able to live a normal life?

Even the magical lure of graduating and of a scholarship to college

no longer brought the boy out of his low-esteem funk. He couldn’t

bear to think of the sick things he had been made to do.

One perverted activity after another, each more disgusting. Kyle

never honestly imagined any human beings could indulge in such

twisted activities


He loathed going to school, but Mr. Hinkle said he dare not miss a day.

He was sickened by having to walk down the halls in the extremely tight, leotard-

like skinny jeans he was forced to wear. They were so sall the waistband in front was less than half an inch above his dick root. He was not allowed underwear, so the entire shape of his large teenage dick and hefty balls could clearly be seen. In back four inches of ass crack showed. His former friends and admirers began to call hi, names right out loud as he walked the halls. “Faggot!” “Pussy Ass,” “Pervert.”  The other kids felt as if they had been betrayed by Kyle, because they had actually idolized him, and now he turned out to be such a fucking freak!


On top, he wore a child’s tee shirt, so small that four inches of the boy’s tummy showed and the armpits were torn out. One horrible day last week at school, Mr. Hinkle had taken a scissors and cut holes in the tee shirt right where the teen jock’s nipples were. And then even worse, he had snipped the waist band button of the skinny jeans, so they stretched apart, showing about an eighth of an inch of penis root. It was also embarrassing because Mr. Hinkle had forced the teen to shave down there, so he looked about eleven years old, pubic hair-wise.


Every day, Mr. Hinkle gave Kyle a large plastic water bottle filled with dog cum for the boy to drink for lunch. Some of the other jocks began to jeer at him and ask him if he was drinking cum as a protein drink. They had no idea, how right they actually were. On the day of the button snipping, Mr. Hinkle placed the plastic water bottle full of dog cum on his desk, and then fished out his own huge, smelly, uncut German prick.


“A special treat for you today, Faggot boy! Some fresh cum added to the doggie spooge.”  He began to masturbate his big ugly dick. Kyle wanted to puke. He didn’t know how much more of this abuse he could stand. Mr. Hinkle grunted and sprayed a rope of cum into the water bottle, topping the dog sperm. Three, then four ropes of fuck slop splashed into the fuck mess already in the bottle. Then, the teacher did an unspeakable thing. He stuck his finger into the fuck lake in the bottle, and brought it out covered in cum. He then smeared the cum all over Kyle’s face, coating his lips extra carefully. “Now you leave this on all day. If you wipe it off, you will be punished!”


Imagine how the young, handsome, teenage boy felt with his face coated with fuck! Some of the girls were confused, but the boys all knew what it was. Lots of high school senior jocks loved to wipe their just spent dicks all over t heir girlfriends’ faces, and make the girls wear it as sort of a trophy or as a badge showing they belonged to their boyfriend. Just like some of the boys had their girlfriends’ clits pierced and tiny bells hung from them, so the girls, wearing very short skirts and no panties, jingled as they walked down the school halls. A kind of sign of ownership. Several of the jocks asked Kyle if he had a little bell hanging from his dickhead, and then they roared with laughter.

At lunch, poor Kyle sat alone. He felt terribly depressed and lonely, which is just how Mr. Hinkle wanted him. Hinkle loved to totally destroy boys who had been star athletes.



This afternoon, Kyle was performing not only for Mr. Hinkle, but for six of his twisted friends. Old, perverted, fat men, not a one of them under sixty. Not a one of them with a decent body. Dirty, sweaty, old lechers. Child molesters. Kyle was naked except for his white athletic socks. For some reason one of the old farts wanted him to leave his socks on, and Mr. Hinkle allowed it.


Kyle was kneeling naked on the couch. He knew how to kneel; back arched, ass up high, legs spread so his teenage fucksack was clearly visable. These men just loved the eye-candy of a totally bare assed teenage boy. They sat there rubbing their stubby thick

German pricks, trying to jerk their tools beneath their obscenely fat bellies. Their heavy, thick panting filled the room as they watched an extremely distressed Kyle perform.



SHIT!” Mr. Hinkle barked, and whacked Kyle on the ass with a wire coat hanger. The hanger went right into the ass crack and snapped against Kyle’s swollen, raw asshole. The teenage asshole itself was in miserable shape, completely stretched from repeated fuckings, not only with cocks butwith every conceivable kind of object. The perverts had made a game of seeing which obscene household object they could force up his stretched, sore asshole!  That had included, candles, wire food whisks, flashlights, including the humongous three battery kind, a loaf of French bread, and other things. You can imagine the amount of agonizing pain the boy had had to endure. Now, when he took a dump, he always checked to see if there was any blood. Mrs. Hinkle kept taunting Kyle that that was how the poor girls felt when they had to endure his big fat teen, jock dick in their little pussies and assholes!


Kyle worried about his college entrance physical. The doctor would surly notice how raw and raped the boy’s asshole was, the ass lips actually thick ridges of flesh. Mr. Hinkle told Kyle that the doctor would just think the boy was an ass fucked faggot slut, and there was no law against being a fucking faggot slut fuckhole! Kyle, who was of

course one hundred percent straight, didn’t want to be thought of as that. He also worried that when he started dating girls again, they would remark on how odd his asshole looked and felt.

The wire coat hanger snapped lower, catching Kyle on his teenage ball sack. The nuts in the bag wobbled. The boy howled, and the German men roared with laughter.

“Pay attention, Fuckface! Just because the end of the semester is approaching, don’t think that gives you reason to slack off now!”


Slack off? Kyle had been getting ass fucked at least two or three times every single day for the last month. Mr. Hinkle freely passed him around among his sadistic friends. The poor boy was fucked for hours up the ass with dildos, bottles, candles, broom handles, toilet plungers, you name it. Can you imagine a straight boy having to take this kind of abuse? Can you imagine the shame as well as the pain. Kneeling like a dog, while some old man fucked your ass with a toilet plunger handle. The kid sobbed until he couldn’t even cry any longer. He hated h ow they prodded and poked at his asshole with their stubby old fingers and took photos of his hole!


In addition, Kyle sucked at least six to eight cocks every day, not to mention the increased activity Mr. Hinkle had for him on weekends. The boy was a fucked-out mess. An eighteen-year old fucked out, fuck mess. He had started to get the shakes, and he now stuttered when he spoke. The teachers at school and other adults had feared it was drugs. They had no idea what it really was. There were dark rings around his eyes. He could not sleep at night. He could only think about the sadistic perverted things being done to him each day.


“Get that fucking Twat higher, you Cuntface!” Whack! Kyle pushed his smooth, hard, beautiful athlete’s ass up higher… as high as he possibly could.


“Good. Now reach back with two fingers and fuck yourself in the pussy with your fingers. Make sure they go nice and deep!”


Kyle groaned, and a large tear trailed from his eye down his cheek

and dripped off his chin. The men laughed more. Kyle put one hand to his sexy teenage ass and forced two fingers into the raw red boy-cuntmeat. It hurt terribly because his ass was permanently sore from getting fucked so much. It hurt just to touch his ass. Sometimes He could hardly sit down, his ass hurt so badly. When he took a shit, he sometimes screamed in pain from the burning sensation. The German men loved to watch him take a shit, because it was so much fun to see him in such agony.

Mr. Hinkle had added to the agony by making tiny paper cuts all along Kyle’s swollen ass lips. He wanted Kyle to be in unbearable pain twenty-four hours a day. They took videos and photos of Kyle shitting and put them up on the internet.


“Fuck yourself deep in your cunt, Kyle! Show us how deep you can get those fingers.” The tears on Kyle’s face mixed with the cum hanging from his

cheeks and chin. Two of the Germans had just shot loads all over his young cute face.

Kyle felt less than human. He felt like some kind of animal. Did I mention that his ass was full of cum. Mr. Hinkle and another manhad just finished fucking him in the ass. They never wore condoms. He had no idea what diseases he now had.

Was it worth it? No! Not even to Kyle. But he could no longer back out now, even if he wanted to. He had tried. He had told Mr. Hinkle that he didn’t want to play these sick games anymore, and he didn’t care if he graduated or not! But as I say, it was too late.


Mr. Hinkle smiled. “So you do not mind if we mail the photos to all your friends, and

to your mother and to your priest, and to thousands of people on

the internet?”


Kyle could hardly get the words out. “What photos?” He already

knew. They had been snapping photos on their phones since the abuse started.


“The ones of you masturbating naked in bed next to your passed-out mother.”


Kyle had really sobbed then. Mr. Hinkle had forced him to take those photos, and now he was using them against him. Mr. Hinkle just laughed. There were more disgusting photo sessions after that. While Kyle finger fucked his own asshole, Mr. Hinkle passed the glossy eight by tens around to his friends.


“Have you seen the latest homework assignment our good little boy

has completed for us? Here he is squatting like an animal and taking a shit onto a photo of his dear mother!  Here is one of him masturbating openly in church. We got that one last week. And here is one of h im sucking on a used tampon we found in the garbage.”


Kyle cried harder, as he forced the fingers up his own asshole. How could he do those things? But what choice had he?


“In the next photo he has snuck into the senior girl’s locker room at school and taken photos of their sweet cunts and tits as they shower!  That has got to be against the law, right? He could go to prison for that. Imagine what would happen to that darling boy ass in prison! . Our naughty little boy didn’t want to comply with orders and get the cunty pictures.” To emphasize his remarks, Mr. Hinkle smacked the boy on the nuts with the hanger again. The full young teenage scrotum swung, and Kyle moaned with



“Three fingers. Get three fingers up your cunt and fuck yourself

hard!” the German ordered.


“Wait! Ach... I am going to shoot. I cannot hold back...” One of the

fat Germans yelled as he waddled across the room toward Kyle. “Open your mouth, Bitch!” Mr. Hinkle yelled. Kyle dutifully opened his mouth, and the fat old man unloaded his spunk into the kid’s face. Ropes of cockslop covered his face, but most of it went

into his mouth. He was ordered to gargle with it before swallowing. The fat German who had just shot his load stood watching with glee. He fingered his dwindling,

leaking prick, staring at the boy with lust filled eyes.


“Keep your mouth open for a minute, Cuntface!” He commanded. Kyle kept his teenage boy mouth open. “Turn your spunk covered face this way.”

Kyle turned his head toward the old man. The German leaned down, and put his nose very close to the boy’s face, and then he snorted and blew his nose right into Kyle’s mouth! Mr. Hinkle almost fell down with laughter.


“Yeah, we don’t feed him nearly enough snot! We must all empty

our noses in his mouth!”


Kyle choked and gagged and almost puked. But he knew that if he dared to vomit, he would be made to lick it up. So he just swallowed the horribly thick, clotted, green, slimy nose gunk. He kept telling himself, just a few more hours and this session would be over. Over for another day. After his abuse, he could go home, crawl into bed, and cry himself to sleep.


The filthy men all laughed and sipped their beers and jerked their thick dicks

while looking at the photos, and watching the crying boy.  Kyle fucked his ass with three fingers.


“You are not fucking your ass hard enough, Kyle! I do not want to have to punish you.” Mr. Hinkle’s punishments were hideous. Much worse than the daily abuse, so Kyle really fucked his ass hard. He rammed his fingers up his developing twat. He grunted from the exertion. Cum and snot dripped from his face.


“Now in the next photo, Kyle has a nice big smile as he shoots his

load all over the bed and his sleeping mother. That is a particularly good shot, as Kyle

looks so happy. I don’t think he’d like others to see that one.”


Three fingers up his asshole, Kyle let out a sob. “Four fingers, Kyle... you can do it. Your cunt is stretched enough. Get all four fingers up your slutty pussy! “

It hurt like fuck, but what could Kyle do? He forced the last finger up his asscunt. Now only his thumb was outside. Mr. Hinkle grabbed the boy’s wrist and made sure he fucked himself really hard. Kyle screamed in pain and humiliation. His screams filled the

house and made the Germans chortle with laughter. Mr. Hinkle

snapped the wire coat hanger against the boy’s wobbling nutsack five times, quite hard. Kyle lost his balance and rolled from the couch.


“Get your fucking worthless cunt back up on the couch, Fuckhole! Or do I have to put your dick in the waffle maker again? ” the hanger snapped down on the boy’s ass globes. Kyle returned to his couch position and continued fucking his own

asshole with his hand. His eyes glazed over as he started to mentally crawl to that secret safe place he had recently discovered, where the pain and horror were not so bad. But Mr. Hinkle would have nothing to do with it. He grabbed the boy’s scrotum and yanked hard and fast. The teenager yelped.


“None of that. None of that!‘ I want you alert and paying attention! Now, scoop our cum from your ass with your fucking hand, and eat our cum!”


Kyle’s jaw hung open, his lips slack. He had no fight left. He was so fucking totally beaten. He drew his fingers out of his ass covered with ass slime and cum. He brought them to his mouth and sucked the filthy crud from them. The taste was awful, but Kyle was getting used to it. Can a boy get used to such things? You bet.


“Again!” Mr. Hinkle ordered. Kyle shoved his fingers deep into his ass to get the cum deposited there. He withdrew them and brought them to his mouth. “Wait! Hold your hand out.” Kyle extended his scum coated fingers. Mr. Hinkle leaned in and blew his nose onto the hand. Snot and buggers and all kinds of disgusting green and yellow

gunk covered the boy’s hand. “Good. Now eat up, my boy! Only a few weeks of school left. Earn that A. Get that scholarship!”


Kyle sucked the foul mixture from his fingers. He gagged but only a little. Not enough to make them angry. “Good. Now we will put you on the fucking machine for two

hours, while we rest and have some dinner. Then tonight we will feed your your dinner.

Directly from our Asses!” Kyle could not believe what he had just heard. But the men in the room nodded in agreement, and one of them cut a big fart!

Submitted: April 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Awesome story!!I Your best one yet! Thank you!

Sun, April 3rd, 2022 8:12pm

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