Amped Up!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Amped Up! is an urban fantasy/sci-fi novel about a young woman who has the ability to unconsciously amplify the talents and abilities of those she cares about--especially if those abilities happen to be supernatural! This is the story of the woman's meeting with her three lovers, and how she amplifies their psionic abilities in a fantastic way--as well as a story of what happens when word of her amplifying abilities reaches the ears of those who seek more power. Will her amped up lovers be able to keep her safe from harm?

This is a sample of a completed novel. It includes the prologue, chapters 1-3, 13, and 18. I would greatly love feedback on these chapters, especially whether or not you'd like to see this book published based on the chapters read. Thank you for reading!

TW/CW: This story features and explores some very dark themes in places. The female lead struggles with self-esteem issues that are further exacerbated when she is bullied and a slur is used against her. Her instructors are not nice people, expressing viewpoints and ideas that are not okay. One of her lovers-to-be is an assassin who goes after high profile, corrupt, and harmful individuals, but he's an assassin nonetheless. While the chapters posted don't actually cover this in any real detail (I think it's mentioned in passing in one instance in chapter 2), I want to point out that neither the female lead nor her lovers have had very pleasant pasts and are struggling to deal with these past pains and, in a few cases, past abuses. There is a happy ending for these characters, but they have to face a lot of adversity that gets pretty dark to get to that happy ending. If you are triggered by exploring these themes, even a brief mention of abuse, I would give this story a hard pass.

Table of Contents


The bedroom was cast in darkness, the silk, forest green drapes drawn shut against the moonlight. Two men lay in the bed. One of them, as... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Students packed what would otherwise have been spacious hallways, backpacks jostling bodies aside and shoes shuffling over the somehow-cl... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

At an undesignated location at an undesignated facility, Dr. Gray sat in a nondescript room, not moving a muscle. He was an imposing figu... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Olena was sitting at her desk, leaning back in her chair, when her mamma walked in, moving with the grace and elegance of a dancer, her l... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

He was a child again, riding along in the car with the Boss. At a stoplight, Alex could see children happily playing in a nearby playgrou... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Bryce actually tried to pressure James into giving Olena and Bryony special dispensation to skip the rest of their finals that week so th... Read Chapter

Thank You For Reading!

Heyla, Dear Readers!   Thank you, so very much, for taking the time to read my small offering. Amped Up! is an excerpt of a ... Read Chapter

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