Kyle Earns an A Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Kyle will go to almost any length to get an A and a college scholarship, but he has no idea just how degenerate Mr. Hinkle is. How much abuse and perversion can the poor boy take?

This story is a fantasy. The author does not condone the action in the story, and all characters are 18 or older.

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Eighteen- year old high school senior Kyle crawled totally naked across the cold basement

floor. His muscular young body was covered in sweat, even though the temperature was quite cool in the cellar.

He was covered with sweat because Mr. Hinkle was giving him one of his “workout sessions.” It was a Saturday

about ten-thirty in the morning, so poor Kyle had the whole day and evening of torture ahead of him. Kyle was

crawling on hands and knees as he had been taught to do. It was the most humiliating thing a young jock could be

made to do. Well, not really, there were far worse things, but it was still pretty degrading.  He crawled on hands and

 knees, , but he arched his young back almost painfully,  so his beautiful muscular round teenage jock ass was high

up in the air. Mr. Hinkle said that was the correct way for faggot cunts to crawl.  It made the succulent ass an easier

 target for Mr. Hinkle. Kyle also crawled with his legs far apart. That made it much more difficult to travel, but it kept

his full, young, heavy, swinging teenage balls in view, so Mr. Hinkle could also swat those if he chose to, which he

 often did with glee. Kyle had nice, full, low hanging nuts. He was genitally well equipped. There was lots of jealousy

 in the high school locker room over his fat, thick dick and heavy walnut-sized nuts. Huge junk like that looks so

 wonderful on a teenager.  Mr. Hinkle thought so too, so the fucksack and contents had been stretched

by Mr. Hinkle over the last few weeks. He liked his boys with low hanging scrotums.


Mr. Hinkle stood over the boy, naked as well, his gross, fat, Germanic body pale and hairy. He held a large

 wooden cooking spoon in one hand, and now and then he whacked the boy on the smooth, muscular ass globes or

 sometimes the dangling fucksack.

“Come on, crawl faster you piece of shit. Haven’t you learned anything in the past few weeks? Has all my patient

 training of you been for nothing? Move your worthless cunt!”


Kyle had no choice. He needed to graduate. He needed to get a sports scholarship to college. Mr. Hinkle was his

 key to success, If he lived that long. Some days, poor young Kyle ached so much from his sessions with Mr.

Hinkle, that he was sure he would never make it to graduation. The boy no longer had any friends at school. That

 started when Mr. Hinkle forced him to break up with his girlfriend and forbade him to even speak to any

girls in school. Kyle, who had been the stud girl fucker of Wilmont High, someone every dude envied and every cunt

 wanted, now hung his head and turned away from conversations with the opposite sex. You know how kids are.

 Rumors flew that Kyle might be gay, a cocksucker, a faggot!


The clothing Mr. Hinkle forced him to wear to school and elsewhere didn’t help. Kyle’s wardrobe

was now restricted to very small, tight thin tee shirts. The material so thin that the brown of his big nipples on his

muscular pecs showed through, and so short that three or more inches of naked boy belly showed at the bottom. It

 was something only a sick, perverted faggot would wear.  He was also made to wear the very new and fashionable

“skinny jeans” that were once again back in, but Mr. Hinkle made the boy wear ones that were two or three sizes too

small. The pants looked like fucking dance leotards or a second skin on poor Kyle. His ass was obscene

in them. They only rode half way up his ass, so about four inches of ass crack showed in the back. Kyle was

 forbidden underwear. These tight pants were designed to be worn with boxer briefs which were meant to show over

the low rise of the waist. In front, without the benefit of underpants, the result was tragic for the poor boy.


The top snap of the pants was barely an inch above the root of Kyle’s thick, fleshy dick, and the boy’s ample

fuckmeat pushed the front of the jeans out perversely, a perverse mound of teen-boy fucker and nuts

Both Mr. Hinkle and Kyle thought that all that prick and pubic mound hair showing was too obscene for school, so Mr.

 Hinkle made Kyle shave off all his pubic hair except for a stupid, tiny one inch square patch right at the base of the

 dick, which somehow made the whole thing look even more obscene.  Teachers who had adored Kyle and praised

 him as the star student and athlete at the school, now shook their heads in disgust and whispered things

about drugs. How else to explain such a sudden fall from grace? Mr. Hinkle thought up endless perverted games to

 play with Kyle in school.  He gave him bottles of ‘Sports Protein Shake’ to drink instead of eating lunch.  The poor kid

 had to drink the shake in the cafeteria in front of all the other kids. What all the other kids did not know, was that the

 bottle contained cum! Each day, a bottle filled with cummy fuck slime.  Now even Mr. Hinkle and his perverted circle

 of friends could not supply that much sperm, so the German teacher spared no expense ordering quarts of dog cum

 from a Kennel. When he informed Kyle what he was drinking each day, the poor kid was sick for a week. Of course,

 being sick and throwing up did not excuse him from his chores, including drinking down the whole bottle of animal

fuck slop right there in the school cafeteria each day at lunch. The kid’s tummy would ache at night, and he would

 gargle with mouthwash five or six times but still taste thick, pasty, slimy, doggie spooge. He’d never get the taste out

of his mouth.


Now, in the basement, Mr. Hinkle reached down and began to work the wooden spoon up into Kyle’s tight, teen,

 jock asshole. Kyle gasped and gritted his teeth in pain as the spoon was roughly thrust  into his teenage rectum.

His has was used to being violated by now. Mr. Hinkle fucked him almost every day and derived perverse pleasure in

 Shoving other objects up the boy’s now stretchable hole.


“Loosen up that cunt, you motherfucking freak! If you want to graduate, you need an A, and if you want that A from

 me, you got to have a loose cunt!”  Mr. Hinkle stroked his fat, uncut German prick with one hand, enjoying the sight

of the boy, curling the toes of his large athlete’s feet in agony, as the spoon was fucked in and out of his asshole.

“I heard two of the boys today in the hall talking about how you had become a fucking faggot! You are no longer the

 favorite in the school, Yeah? I heard also the coach put you on the bench for most of the game last week. Good!

They all need to know what a fucking Asswipe, shitface cunthole you are! PUSH BACK ON THE SPOON. FUCK THE


Kyle sobbed, as he pushed his asshole back onto the spoon in his guts. Not from the pain, although that was

 considerable. No, he cried from the loss of his status and position in the school. He had been the pride of the high

school. Now, no one even spoke to him. And to be benched during a big game, meant that the coach no longer

respected and trusted him. Well, truth be told, Kyle was something of a physical and mental wreck from his daily

sessions with Mr. Hinkle, not to mention the even more strenuous longer weekend sessions. And there was no

bottom to Mr. Hinkle’s perversion.


“Here, lift your face up, Cuntboy, my Schwantz is leaking!” Kyle lifted up his cute eighteen- year old face, and Mr.

 Hinkle wiped his dick leak on the boy’s nose and lips. Kyles full, sensuous lips became coated with fuck leak scum.

Mr. Hinkle loved to see the boy’s cheeks, nose and lips covered in a glaze of pre-fuck. “You Fucking Dick Hole!

Leave the spoon up your asspussy, and crawl over and bring me back the homework I assigned you!”

The “homework” was as perverted and obscene as the teacher! Kyle crawled over to his bookbag in the corner and

 came back with some eight by ten photos he had created on his computer. As he had to crawl, he

carried the photos in his mouth between his teeth.


  Hinkle chuckled. “‘I thought about having your teeth pulled so you could give a better cocksuck, but you see, your

 teeth still come in handy. Although I suppose, we could make a decent dental plate for you. Let me see how you did

 on your homework! Did you accomplish your task?”


Kyle let out a pathetic sob even thinking of the homework assignment. What a nightmare it had been. Drugging his

 own mother had been the worst part in many ways. Even though she was a drunk and almost never home to even

relate to her son, he still deep down, loved her.  “Now let me see!” Mr. Hinkle took the photos. “Your assignment was

 to get totally naked photos of your mother, showing her pussy in close up! And then using a timer, some photos

 showing you naked in bed next to her, rubbing your dick. Think of these as Art photos. Nothing really is happening,

 but the imagination can run free looking at them. My, my, she is a beautiful woman. Good enough to fuck, Yeah?”


Kyle, naked on the floor, dick and balls swinging, shook with terror as the monstrous teacher examined the

photos. He shuddered at the memory of having to strip naked and crawl into bed next to his own mother. True, she

was unconscious, but he was fully aware of what he had done. Now, he was unable to even look at her when he

 talked to her, and she couldn’t understand why.


“Look how nice and fat your teenage cock looks in the photos. Very pretty. But why are there no photos of your

 dick hard and leaking? NO, no, this will not do! You should have an erection in these photos. A nice hard teenage

 dick you are pumping, while lying next to your mom!”


“Please, Sir, I couldn’t get hard, it’s my own mother. I just couldn’t!”


Mr. Hinkle grabbed a thick belt and brought it down on the boy’s naked body. Kyle fell to the cold cement, a red

 welt across his lower back. A second slash with the belt left another red streak across his ass globes.

“Fucking loser! Do you want to graduate or not? Do you want to go to college or not?”


“Yes...yes, Sir!” the boy sobbed, tears running down his cheeks.

“Then you will complete your assignments! Now you will have to repeat this session with your drugged mother!

And this time I want to see your cock hard and leaking! And to punish you for not doing your job, this time, I

want to see a nice full photo of you shooting your load!”


“Oh God, No!” Kyle gasped. “It will get all over her bed. She’ll see the stains when she wakes!”

“Oh, don’t be such a fucking sissy! Lot’s of high school boys your age fuck their mothers. The husband is gone, or

 not interested any more, the mother is horny and lonely, she looks every day at her muscular handsome son, and

 the son at that age, needs to fuck all the time.  He has to unload his boy balls four or five times a day, so It is

only natural. You are just a fucking coward, Kyle. Don’t you think your mother craves your big teenage dick? She

 knows you fuck the girls you date. Sorry, the girls you dated, no more of that nonsense, eh? But your poor

cunt of a mother is unconscious in these photos, so she cannot even enjoy her own boy’s fuckmeat! Too bad! I want

 some nice photos of you pumping that prick and shooting a nice huge fuckload all over.  Do you understand?” He

 smacked the belt down over and over on the kid’s naked back and ass again, leaving more red welts. Kyle screamed

in pain.


“On your back, you useless piece of Shit!” Kyle rolled over on his back, the spoon still sticking from his teenage

 asshole. “Knees up to your chest, spread your legs!” Kyle obeyed, and Mr. Hinkle raised his arm and brought the

thick leather belt down right on the boy’s thick dick and fat scrotum! It’s a good thing the basement was soundproof.

“Quickly show me how much you love my dick, and I may not strike you again.”


The teenager scrambled to his knees and opened his mouth. He engulfed the bloated dripping dick of his German

 Teacher. He could taste the filth from under the German’s foreskin. He could taste the accumulated dick crud

and the fresh leaking pre-fuck. Kyle was straight. There was nothing gay about him, but recently he had sucked dick

 almost every day. Now he slurped at the fat, Prussian prick noisily. He knew Mr. Hinkle loved it when he made

a pig of himself and slobbered over the dick. He took long noisy sucks and then pulled back and let the prick slip out

of his mouth, foreskin stretching and then snapping back so the dick wetly slapped his cute face. He lunged at the

 nuts, lapping at them like an animal. He lifted each ball on his tongue, and moaned with passion and ecstasy. Then,

 he sucked on the man’s sweat-slick, gray, pubic hair. Then he plunged his face down on the rampant dick once

again, this time taking it down his throat as he had been painfully taught to do. He had no choice, his entire future

was at stake, and with no family to speak of, only a drunken mother, Mr. Hinkle was his only salvation.


“Reach back and fuck the spoon hard in and out of your ass while you suck me. Show me how much my dick

 turns you on.” Kyle complied, fucking his own ass with the large wooden spoon, until his bowels burned.


Suddenly Mr. Hinkle hopped up onto a sofa in the corner of the cellar decorated rather like a cheap rec-room. He

 stood there on the sofa, all professorial. He even had a neck tie grossly hanging around his fat neck.

Otherwise, he was totally bare assed, with his fuckmeat leaking from under his fat belly.  “Hurry, little Cuntboy., crawl

 over and gobble my dick! Hurry up, Fuckface!”


Kyle scrambled across the room, his tongue hanging out of his teenage mouth as he had been taught to do. This

was all part of the perverse game. He had been taught to crawl like a dog, tongue out, panting after Mr. Hinkle’s dick.

“That’s it, my little Fuckpuppy. You know what you want, don’t you? You want my German Prick! You want my sweaty

 cum filled nuts! You want to lick and suck my asshole, don’t you?”


There truly was nothing worse than having to lick and suck Mr. Hinkle’s asshole. The other atrocities paled in

comparison.  His ass cheeks were fat and flabby, and covered in blemishes and pimples, and the sour smell from

 between them was nauseating. Also, the perverted teacher loved to blow farts into Kyle’s face, as the boy licked

at the brown rectum! How could Kyle put up with this? Why would Kyle put up with this? He knew his entire future

was at stake. He wanted so to play sports, to go to a good school. Too make it in life. He didn’t see any option.


Mr. Hinkle lifted one foot and placed it on the back of the soft top. This opened up his ass a bit. His balls swung

 ugly and hairy. “Come on, Fuckdump get your face down under my balls and lick me good. For lunch today, I have

 prepared for you a nice cum and snot sandwich, and I will give you a nice tall glass of fresh piss! And then all

 afternoon, I am going to fuck your ass, not only with my schwantz, but with many things! I even bought a loaf of

  long, thick french bread. I will fuck your ass with that until it is soggy, and then you can eat it for dinner. In the

 evening, you will make a nice masturbation and ass fucking video for me that I will send to my friends over the

internet. You will sit and bounce on a twelve-inch dildo while you masturbate your pathetic prick! Then every few

 minutes, you will rise up off the dildo and lick your ass scum off of it! That should make a fun video, don’t you think?

You will end by jerking off over the photo of your own mother and shooting your cum onto the photo. Then you will

 lick the cum off the photo, and then piss on the photo until it is soggy, and then you will eat the piss soaked photo.

 Tomorrow, I am going to stick thumb tacks in your feet and have you dance for me. I will send you home early

tonight, so you can get those new photos of your cunt mother for me. And if the photos of you jerking off your dick

next to her, are not good enough, I swear to God, I will make you bring me some of you fucking her! I may do that

anyway, so you had better be a good little Shit!”


Kyle cried as he licked and sucked on Mr. Hinkle’s smelly ass. He thought of the beautiful girls he used to date. He

thought of the hot pussy he used to fuck. He thought of the sports teams on which he played and the praise he

got. Could he hold out just a few months? Could he put up with this unbelievable humiliation, just until he graduated?

Some day he would get revenge, but for now, he had to do what he had to do!


“Shove your tongue way up my asshole and wiggle it around!” Mr. Hinkle barked, bending over slightly so his ass

 would open up more to the boy’s ministering. “Oh fuck, I am going to shoot!” Mr. Hinkle pulled away from Kyle and

turned on the couch, so he could blast his hot fuckslop all over the boy’s face.  It was a huge, thick load. After he

finished spurting, he would scoop up the cum with his spongy dickhead and make the boy eat it! Then he would slap

 the boy’s face with his dick. He loved to do that. Mr. Hinkle could smell the stink from his sweaty

armpits and reminded himself to make Kyle lick his armpits clean. It was so much more fun than showering.

Was there no hope for poor handsome young Kyle?

Submitted: March 29, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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