CFNM Prison

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A woman becomes a guard in a male prison. She thinks the policy of punishing men because they masturbate in front of female guards is stupid. She refuses to report inmates for violating the policy. The result is a calm, relaxed, non-violent wing. Her success leads to her becoming the prison warden and a whole new, unofficial policy.

CFNM Prison

I had been fired from every job I had ever had until I became a prison guard in a men’s prison.  I mention that it was a men’s prison because I am a female.  One of the first things I learned was that I was supposed to report men who exposed themselves in front of me and especially if they masturbated.  I thought it was ridiculous.  All those men locked up, sexually frustrated and not allowed to relieve themselves.  I knew as soon as I heard it that I would not do it.

This refusal turned out to be my saving.  I never reported men who exposed themselves in front of me.  If they started masturbating, I just stopped and watched.  This fact was noticed by the inmates and soon I had nearly everyone masturbating in front of me.  I thought it was hilarious.  I am homely and overweight.  I never had such control over men in my life.  Instead of watching them individually I would order them all to masturbate at once.  I would then watch all of them quickly changing my gaze so they would see that I was watching. 

One day one of the inmates got fresh with me.  Immediately some of the other inmates attacked him and saved me.  This was an important event; I knew instantly that I had full command of my wing of the prison.  As long as I gave the inmates want they wanted, sex, they would give me what I wanted, to-wit, control.  I was safer in the prison than I was in my own home.

The very next day while the men were masturbating I went over to one of the men who had helped me and I masturbated one of them in front of everyone else.  I would later do the same to the other men who had saved me.  Thereafter every day I would select one of the men who I felt deserved it and masturbate him.  It was wonderful, I could now do whatever I wanted in my wing in perfect safety.  No one would dare harm me.  Moreover, I really like playing with male genitals.  Now I could play with them as much as I wanted, any time that I wanted. 

It was not long before the peace and tranquility of my prison wing was noticed.  I made it a point not to brag about what I had done since it was against prison rules.  When I was promoted to be in charge of the whole wing I made it a point to only allow femdoms  to work in my wing, women who enjoyed sexually dominating men.  This presented a problem since it meant that women would have to supervise men in the showers.  Obviously the warden had to know we women were doing it but since no one ever complained, he did not interfere. 

Then when the warden retired, I was appointed to be the next warden.  Whenever a male guard retired or quit I replaced him with a woman, a femdom woman.  All the female guards were was masturbatrixes.  We never changed the rules, officially it was still against the rule for any sexual conduct between inmates and guards.  Instead there was an unofficial rule, sexual domination was allowed but not any romantic involvement. 

There was almost never any submissive men in prison but it didn’t matter.  As long as we got them off they didn’t care.  They would do anything we wanted, no matter how degrading and humiliating as long as they got off and weren’t injured in the process.

The first thing we had to do with our men is to train them, i.e., since we couldn’t have written rules we had to train them in the unwritten rules.  The first rule was that no complaint could get past me.  They could complain to me but I was the final authority. If they did complain to someone higher than me they would be beaten severely by other prisoners and if that failed they would be killed. It never happened.

The second rule was that they always had to show respect to the guards.  Failure to show respect for a guard always resulted in a severe beating from other inmates.

The third rule was that modesty was not permitted.  This had to be the rule because we masturbated them before they showered.  If we told them to strip naked they had to strip naked.  If they didn't, we wouldn’t masturbate him. If that didn’t work we would also cut everyone else off on that whole wing.  If we did that the offender would be beaten up by the other inmates.  We would know we had succeeded when the next time we saw him he would be naked and have bruises all over his body.  Then we would give hand jobs to the men who beat him up.

The fourth rule was that at no time was a prisoner allowed to touch a guard while she was masturbating him.  This was enforced by a month of not getting off.  It seldom happened.

The fifth rule was no fighting amongst themselves except to enforce the unwritten rules.  If there was a fight amongst the prisoner I would find out who started it and the then I would have loyal prisoners strip the man naked in front of the whole wing and rub hot peppers over his testicles.  Then both the fighters would be denied sex for a month.

The sixth rule was that every man who demonstrated good behavior would get masturbated at least once a week.  This was always done in public in order to enforce discipline.  In rare occasions when one of my prisoners had done something useful I would allow them conjugal visits by their wives, girlfriends or prostitutes.  The conjugal visits took place in private.  If I or one of my guards got horny we would blindfold one of the men, take him to a private room, put him in the Amazon position and fuck him.  Since many women are multiorgasmic, we would often take more than one.  I held the record at 11.I had an orgasm with every one of them. I gues that means I am a nymphomaiac.

The men were allowed showers every day but only got a hand job once a week. Even though the hand jobs were once a week they didn't all take place on the same day.  We kept track of who was due his hand job.  Whenever the men had hand job day my masturbatrixes would line them up and masturbate them.  It is amazing how much sexually satisfying men makes the wing docile.


I remember well my first day as a prisoner.  It sure wasn’t what I expected it to be.  I came in a van with 5 other guys.  We were hardly in the door when the warden told us to strip.  I looked around and saw five other guards, all female, and three very large inmates standing against the wall just watching.  The warden angered at my hesitation, yelled at me, “Strip inmate or we’ll do it for you, and you’ll be sorry.”

I said, “I suppose you are going to make me.”

She nodded to the three large inmates, and they started for me.  I knew what to do.  I hurriedly started taking off my clothes. When we were all naked a gemale guard took our clothes and put them in a bag.  Then the warden serially fondled us until we were all erect.  We were then marched off to a communal shower.The warden wouldn't let us shower ourselves. She did it for us. She washed every part of our body from our heads to our toes including our genitals.  Before we rinsed off, the warden masturbated us.  She was well practiced on how to give a hand job.  She stroked our cocks with one hand and fondled our testicles with the other.  I quickly grew an erection. 

After I was erect the warden looked me in the eyes and smiled.  I took that to let me know that she was enjoying what she was doing.  She continued to masturbate me periodically looking up at me and smiling with satisfaction, apparently pleased with the progress she was making.  I had never met a woman so bold as this and it excited me.  It was not long before I was spurting in her hand.  As I did, she looked up at me again and smiled with satisfaction.  As I spurted, she slowed her stroking slightly to match her strokes with my spurts.  When I stopped spurting, she also stopped stroking me.  She turned on the shower and rinsed the cum off her hands and let me rinse the suds off my body.  When I did that to my surprise she took and towel and wiped me dry. 

Then the warden took a cock ring and placed in around my cock and balls.  I guessed this was a control measure.  This was soon proven when a dog leash was attached to the cock ring.  We were then led by our leashes to a room where we received our prison uniform.  They were different then what we saw in the movies.  The crotch had been cut out of them exposing our genitals and a codpiece added.  After we put on the prison uniform the leash was reattached to the cock ring and we were led to our cells.  The cock ring and renaissance pants with a codpiece were permanent.  Anytime we were taken anywhere by a guard the top of the codpiece was untied and a leash was attached to the cock ring.  A quick jerk on the cock ring reminded us to obey.

We were required to shower every day and the female guards gave us our showers.  We were never allowed to shower ourselves.  They never asked me if I wanted to be masturbated. If I grew an erection I got msturbated.  However, if I did something to displease her, she dug her nails into my sccrotum.  I learned to obey her.

This method of controlling the prison population was exceedingly successful.  The entire population was obedient to the prison guards.  There was no use of drugs, no prison gangs and no fights.  If you disobeyed the guards, first you would not receive a hand job and if you were really disobediant, a leash would be tied to your cock ring.  For the incorrigibles a special cock ring that gave an electric shock was used.  Once the special cock ring was placed on an inmate and he experienced it, he became obediant.

I felt used when I was masturbated by the female prison guards but since being in prison is an erotic desert, the trade off was worth it.  Often during showers there were female visitors watching.  Sometimes they participated in masturbating us.  All of us enjoyed the visitors masturbating us even though many of them were technically inexperienced.  What they had that excited us was desire.  They didn’t masturbate us because it was part of their job, they did it because they liked it.

Eventually classes of young women would come to the prison to use prisoner as part of their training.  The prisoners were paid if they were used as models.  Brazilian waxing estheticians came to learn how to wax and remove public hair from a man.  Nursing assistants came to learn how to give a bed bath from a real patient.  Sonographers came to practice giving testicle ultrasounds.  Nurses and doctors came to practice giving physicals to males especially for giving examinations for inguinal hernias.  In a few cases, classes of high school girls were allowed to come in and examine males and learn how to give hand jobs as part of their sex education classes.  This was done only after parents gave written permission for their daughters to attend.  The most common occupation of women to come in were masseuses.  They always came in to learn how and to practice giving hand jobs. 

The fact that prisoners were were wearing renaissance pants with codpieces became known to government authorities.  However, the complete lack of discipline problems at the prison persuaded government authorities not to take action.  Anytime a prisoner objected to his treatment he was immediately shipped to another prison.  This only happened a couple of times.

The best part of our prison was what the guards could and did do to the prisoners.  Any guard could have an prisoner if she wanted him.  He had nothing to say about it.  The prisoner would be summoned to the infirmary, blindfolded, stripped and a condom put on and tied to the bed.  The guard would then enter already naked and start fellating him.  When he was good and hard she would mount him and fuck him.  If he objected he would be sent to another prison.  They never objected.  This was one of my favorite things to do.  I did it at least twice a week.  I particularly liked fucking rapists.  There was a certain poetic justice about it.  The best part is that they always had the hardest cocks.

Another thing we did with prisoners is that we forced them to serve us nude.  We used trustees for this.  This was an every day occurrence because the prisoners were the waiters at every lunch period.  In return for this service, we made sure that they got laid by one of us every week.

One of my favorite things to do was to soften hardened criminals.  Having sex has that effect upon a man.  Often after I sent a man to solitary confinement, I stripped naked and entered his cell.  It always surprised the hell out of him.  I always knew they would not hurt me.  They would at least fuck me first and the fuck would be violent, just the way I liked it. I knew that when I was done with them the only thing they would feel to me was gratitude. They would often grab me by the throat, put me on the floor and then rape me but that is what I wanted.  I wanted to feel their lust.  It always excited me.  When they thrust their cocks in me I always matched their thrusts.  When they were fucking me my ass hardly ever touched the floor.  I always came first and it always surprised them.  Moreover, I knew I was more sexually voracious than they were.  Some of them came two or three times at one sitting but I could do it all night long.  We may have started out in the missionary position but before it was over I would have them in the Amazon position where I was on top and they were immobile.  When I got through with them they never had the desire to hurt me.  They may have hated me for putting them in solitary but they ultimately knew it was just and when I proved my sexual superiority over them, all they felt was gratitude.  I could have taken as many men as I wanted in one night but after a couple dozen I started to get sore.






Submitted: March 29, 2022

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