Paddle Board

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A rough day for Eric on his stand up paddle board

Paddle Board

The parents had just left for a visit of a tourist site.

I took my paddle, and I left on the sea towards the rocky coast.


Far from the crowd, the last time, I had met some nudists (only old ones), but at almost 15 years old 18 years old, my hormones are much stronger than my neurons and I hoped to be able to discover pretty naked girls.


After a while, in a very small creek I saw 1 boy with a surfer's swimsuit, 2 big black dogs, but mostly 2 girls with bikinis so small that you could see their breasts perfectly. I would say they were probably a little older than me, but not much. I passed as close to the shore as possible so I could get a good look at them. One of them notices, hides her breasts and the guy gets up furious:

- Get out of the way, you bastard.

- The sea belongs to everyone, man. I'm just looking at your bitches. I don't care about you.

- Don't fuck with me, they're dogs, and be careful if they catch you.

- I wasn't talking about the dogs either," I laughed. I love their udders.

- Fuck!!! Dude, if I catch you, your mom won't recognize you

Being just a good distance from the edge of the beach, I could taunt him safely. Except I hadn't seen a 2nd boy, who was in the water right next to my paddle and with one hand knocked me over. I was punched into the water and, half stunned, he dragged me back by the leash attached to my ankle. I was terrified, swallowing water and thought my last hour had come.

- Damn, man, you're going to have a bad time!!!

- I...I'm sorry, I apologize, I really do.

- Shut up!!!

- Marc, don't do anything stupid. I don't want any trouble," said one of the two girls, the brown one.

- He looked at you, he called you a bitch, he humiliated you. He's certainly not going to get away with it.

- Marc, I'm as mad as you are at this cockroach, but I don't want you to get into any more trouble with the police. Let me do it, please, we'll see who it is. What's your name, asshole?

- Eric, Eric Fraise. Really, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

- Shut up, asshole!!! You called me a bitch and my tits a cow udder, you deserve to have me tell the dogs to eat your balls.


I had forgotten about the dogs that while I was lying on the floor growling near my head.

- Please, I'm an asshole, I admit it, I apologize...

- Listen to me, you called me a bitch, and you're going to be my bitch. From now on, you're going to be my good puppy, and if you don't obey exactly like a good puppy, you'll never see your paddle again and I'll let you sort out your problems with my buddy and his dogs, do you understand?

- Uh, yeah, got it,

 I would have said yes to anything because I was so scared.

The boys seemed to relax a bit, starting to laugh at my cowardice.

- William, can you get me Ralf's necklace please?

- And you, we'll call you Medor! From now on, I don't want a word. One word equals a slap, okay?

- Okay, I'll do it.

Slack !!!! I received a huge slap.

- I said no more words!!! And if you don't obey immediately it's another slap.

So I don't say anything more

- Get up! No!!! Not like that: you are a dog! On all fours.

She put the collar and the leash on me.

- Sit down!

I sat like a dog.

- There, it's starting to fit. Heel.

I was doing it. It was shameful, but I didn't see how else to do it. The other 3 were laughing. One of the dogs was licking my face.

- Since when do dogs wear bathing suits?" asked the blonde girl.

And before I could react, the two boys were pulling off my bathing suit.

- No, please," I said, rolling on the floor to hide.

Slack!!! Slack!!! 2 violent blows of the leash slapped my buttocks.

- You are a dog, you don't talk and you obey !!!! Sit!!!

I had to sit like a dog and everyone looked at my sex.

They didn't seem angry at all anymore and were laughing happily.


Still on a leash, she continued to make me walk on all fours, I don't know what I found more humiliating, having my dick and balls swinging as I walked or feeling my exposed asshole. One of the dogs came and smelled my ass, which set off another wave of laughter.


Then she untied me and Marc threw a big bone dog toy and said "go get it!!!", but of course I wasn't as fast as the other dogs, the smaller one easily grabbed the toy and brought it back to his master.  "I'll give you a head start, but if you don't bring me the toy, your ass is going to feel it!!!". He holds these dogs by the neck and throws the toy back.


I had to run on all fours and grab the toy in the sand, it still had the other dog's slobber on it and of course I got a lot of sand in my mouth. On the way back the dogs tried to take the toy in my mouth putting more slime on the toy and on my face. They did this several times, I was a mess of sand, slime and sweat.


Then they said it was time for a swim. I had to spend 15 minutes swimming with them, but acting like a little dog. Regularly one of the boys would stick my head under the water and a girl would grab me by the balls.

- Too bad it doesn't have a tail

- Indeed

We finally got out. Even sporty, I was completely exhausted, they must have seen it, because they took me near them on a towel and told me to lie on my back, I did not even resist, or try to hide.

Slack!!! a new slap

- Like the dog you are!!! Legs spread wide

So I tried to do the dog pose on my back

- He's pretty white, don't you think he needs sunscreen?

Looking at me in close-up like that, involuntarily, I got an erection. Guillaume saw it first and laughed. Nobody seemed to be offended, I was left alone with my shame and my boner.

- Oh yes, it seems that he wants you to put the sun cream on him.

- We'll see if he's good, but first I have an idea.

She took scissors from her purse and removed my blonde fuzz.

- It's a pity I don't have a razor, but it's better this way. Now we'll make a deal, I'll cream you, but if you cum, I'll shove the tube up your ass OK? Do you agree with that Marc, can I touch it?

- Go ahead.  She's your bitch, do whatever you want to her, you know I'm not jealous.

She generously spread some cream on my balls and dick and slowly started to spread it, it was a real torture. I don't understand how her guy accepted this, but my problem at the time was not cumming. She was a good sport, she caressed me, but not jerked me off, I was on the edge, but I managed.

- Not bad, nice cock, nice ass, cute, and promising in bed, too bad you're a perverted pig. Get on all fours.

I comply, and she pours plenty of sunscreen on my ass and in my parting and starts spreading it sensually on me again. My cock oozes precum and a dog comes to lick it which makes me jump and just makes the others laugh. None of them make an effort to push the dog away. At that moment, his creamy finger tries to enter my anus. I rear up and clench my buttocks. I get a huge slap on the buttocks and the finger comes back, I want to flee forward, but the dog's tongue comes back. I am caught between the finger that wants to rape my virgin ass and the dog's tongue that wants to lick my juicy dick. Someone finally pushes the dog away, but the girl grabs my balls from behind and wildly amplifies the movements of her finger that slides into my bottom.

It's a huge shock, the tip of her finger is in my ass!!! I can't help but let out a sigh and look up. They all laugh. Marc is in front of me and I have a close-up of his huge erection that is distorting his swimsuit.

- Did you see the state you put my guy in? You've turned him on, it's up to you to calm him down.

- Lea? What are you saying? Do you want him to suck me off? There in front of the others?

- Marc, you're dying to, it's not like we still have things to hide from William and Miriam.

- Yes, but he's a guy...

- One: he's not a guy, she's a fag and a dirty bitch. Two: look at your dick, and dare to tell me that you don't want it.

For all answer he pulled down his shirt and presented me with a long, thin, straight cock. He didn't have a hair on his pubic bone. I kept my mouth shut, there are limits to everything. No way was I sucking his cock let alone in front of everyone. But the girl behind me still had my balls in her hand (and her fingertip in my ...), and she started squeezing.

- It's time to pay my man, remember an hour ago you called me a big-titted bitch? Suck his dick and suck it good or your balls will turn blue.

I didn't even think about it, I opened my mouth and felt his glans take possession of my mouth, it was salty, smooth, actually not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. But I was sucking on a guy, everyone was watching in silence. All of a sudden, the finger started moving again. It was trying to get in harder, deeper. Busy with my mouth, I couldn't get my ass to tighten up. The finger was now definitely all the way up my ass. No, it was still progressing and I could do nothing. Marc who felt I had lost my drive to his cock started to push his cock harder, which touched my glottis. I refocused on his cock again to prevent further gagging. And the finger was now moving back and forth. Marc was now breathing heavily. I saw Myriam sucking William next to me.

- Look, it's him moving now.

What a shame!!! Without realizing it, while sucking Marc's cock, my ass was moving back and forth by itself to impale itself on Lea's finger. I wanted to stop, but I just got a slap on the ass. And Marc took my head to hold onto the back of my throat. Lea put a second finger in, I thought she was going to tear my ass up, but to my horror, my ass quickly accepted it and she started hitting some very sensitive spots. I felt like cumming while no one was touching my cock. Then I felt Marc's cock pumping, I knew what was coming, I wanted to pull away, but he was holding my head. His flow poured into my mouth and instinctively I swallowed. Even at the end, I didn't think to spit it out. She finally removed her fingers from my ass.

- Well bastard, it looks like you suck even better than I do. But look what you did, you came on the towel. Little pig.

Shit!!! I had just cum. Just by getting fingered and sucking a cock. She seemed amused even not angry.

- You're more of a pig than a bitch after all, Come on lick the towel.

I complied while next to me, Myriam was still working Guillaume's cock. My cum seemed stronger and less pleasant than Marc's, maybe it was due to the towel. Myriam stopped for a moment to talk to Guillaume.

- Do you want to end up in the pig's mouth?

- No, I'm not like Marc," he said, laughing, "I'm not attracted to guys at all.

- You do not know what you miss, my poor one, answered Léa while kissing Marc.

- Then, cum on my breasts

And Myriam lowered her bikini top showing us all her beautiful hard nipples. And Guillaume immediately poured his cum on her breasts. When she was done, she turned to me. I knew what she wanted, but having to lick that dripping cum disgusted me even more than having to suck Marc off. A hard slap on the buttocks called me to order and I approached.

- Pull your tongue out well I want to see you enjoy it

The hardest moment was to launch myself, I needed an additional slap. Afterwards, my feeling was confused: I was aware that I was licking another person's cum, but in fact the taste and texture did not disturb me at all. What bothered me was knowing that others were watching me and what they must think of me. Finally, it was the first time that I sucked a girl's breasts and it felt great. Especially since I could see that she liked it. I even saw that her hand was sliding in her panties.

As I was still on all fours and Marc noticed that I had a hard-on again, he spread my legs and started stroking my cock:

- Do you like eating cum fat pig? You wanted to see his tits? You're served.

I concentrated on my work so I wouldn't think about it. When I finished, I pulled my head back, but she pulled it back to her breasts. And in a breathless voice, she said to me:

- Go on, there's more, I'm sure.

I was not going to be asked and I sucked her breasts until she tensed up. She had just cum in front of the four of us and she didn't seem to feel any discomfort. She stood up, pulled off her bikini bottoms in front of me, exposing a glossy red pussy with just a small triangle of hair above it and went to bathe. As she walked away, she said to me:

- Like all perverts, you're an ace with your tongue.

The two boys who already had their tails in the air quickly followed her. For her part, Emma pulled me by the head, and said:

-Go ahead, I'm staying to verify Myriam's claims.

She took off her shirt, it was soaked. For the second time in my life, I had a close-up of a pussy in front of my eyes, but this was clearly not a subject that interested Emma, she took my head and literally threw it against her pussy.

I had no accurate anatomical knowledge at this point. She pulled my hair several times, saying "keep it down" or "go around, don't go over" and clearly she was using me as a tool, directing my head as she saw fit. It was wild. Her smell and taste reminded me of the intoxicating scent of the incense in my church.

My tongue was no longer enough for her, so she tilted even further back, presenting me with her little pink circle, and she ravenously used her fingers while I discovered the taste of her asshole. Her orgasm was as explosive as it was sudden. She almost crushed my head as she closed her legs.


She pulled me to her and almost kissed me, but unfortunately, she came to her senses first and pushed me away.

- Stay there, and keep the stuff, I'm going to rinse.


I couldn't tell how long their swim lasted. Because when they came back, I was asleep. All I know is that they laughed a lot when they woke me up with a bucket of sea water.

- Look, it's still hard...

- Look dude, you've been a total jerk, but I hope what you went through today will teach you a lesson for later.

I didn't know if I was allowed to speak, so I didn't.

- You can leave, but we'll keep your swimsuit. That way you'll go from "voyeur pervert" to "exhibitionist pervert" (laughs).

- But I can't, I live in the middle of town, I'll get arrested

- Wait!!! I have an idea.

Guillaume took a roll of paper towels and a hair clip and made me a very fragile skirt.

- If you are careful and lucky you can make it home, but if you get it wet then....


I very carefully started to put my board in the water and get on it, but the leaves came off before I could even get in the water under their laughter.


- So stop fooling around, give him back his trunk

- OK, but let's do some modifications on it first.


With a pair of small scissors found in Emma's bag, they completely cut the 2 sides of my shorts below the waist and the bottom too. It was a short beach short and it became a loincloth. They even cut the back of my trunks into a triangle.

You could see the sides of my buttocks very clearly, and if I moved, you could see everything. My shorts were ruined, but I was able to dock and get home without any trouble. Everyone I passed looked at me strangely, but no one dared say anything.


Epilogue :

3 days later, I was with two friends having a drink on the beach, when I ran into this group again. I pretended not to see them, but Emma ran up to me to give me a kiss, and they all waved. They had alcohol, and they offered to share. Of course, I was scared to death that they would betray me in front of my friends, but other than a few incomprehensible hints to my friends, they didn't say anything. I even think that Emma and Marc would have liked to finish the evening with me.



Submitted: March 28, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Igor. All rights reserved.

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Please make all characters 18 years or older or remove the story. Thank you.

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