Heather's College

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A new england girl's college gives a scholarship to a male in order for their girls to gain experience with men.

Heather’s College

For years I have been the headmistress of a small New England women’s college called Heather’s College.  Over the years I have been distressed to find numerous of our students or graduates who have had trouble in their professions, been hurt in relationships, molested by men or worse by their boyfriends or husbands.  It is always been our practice to include sex education among our girls but that education has always been biologically oriented.  Most of our girls have spent their lives going to school with just girls.  They have so little experience with boys.  Last year I decided to include one male in our school so that they would have some experience with males. In order to do this I knew that I would need male subjects.  I thought about hiring male subject for the girls to practice on but I wanted our girls to experience a male in natural surroundings.  I decided that though it was a women’s college and I wanted it to remain so that I had to offer a scholarship to a male.

I was surprised at the overwhelming response.  I only needed one male and I had hundreds of applicants.  I didn’t care at all about looks or physique so I chose on grades and primarily character.  I determined that the best judge of character were men who had high grades and had participated heavily in extra-curricular activities while in high school.  I did give a preference to men who had attended only a boy’s high school.  I thought they would understand better what I was trying to do.

My name is Justin Jones.  I wanted to go to an Ivy League School.  I had the grades for it but not the money.  When I heard about the scholarship at Heather’s College I jumped at the chance.  I knew of the school.  I knew it had an excellent reputation for scholarship.  When I read that the reason for my scholarship was simply to allow the girls to experience boys I jumped at the chance. I had never been popular in high school with girls and now I had a whole school of potential dates.

When I arrived at the school I found that they had only one kind of bathroom.  I would have to use the same bathroom as the girls.  Whenever I went to the bathroom there would be girls there.  Since there were no urinals and the commodes were enclosed there was no problem but there was a problem when I wanted to shower.  I went to my advisor and asked her what to do.  She said, “You are not modest are you?”

I said, “Not really.”

She said, “Then go in and take a shower.  The girls won’t mind.”

I said, “What if there are naked girls in there?”

She said, “Don’t worry about them, they have been warned.  They will cover up and leave.

She was half right.  When I arrived the girls screamed and covered up but they didn’t leave.  They stayed to watch me take a shower.  It was too much for me.  With all those girls watching me in the nude I quickly grew and enormous hard on.  I didn’t get relief but it was still great.  It was the hardest I had ever been.  I went right back to my room and beat off.

I made a point to take a shower every day at the same time.  Every day I had a feminine audience.  Not only would the girls in my building come over but the girls from other building would come over as well.  It wasn’t long before they began washing me as well.  Shortly after that they began jacking me off as well.

I completely abandoned all attempts at modesty.  Before showering I would undress in my room and walk down the hall to the shower nude.  Then I started to get visits in my room from girls who wanted to give me hand jobs or blow jobs.  Of course I let them.  I thought about having a permanent girlfriend.  That would be crazy.

Gym class was interesting!  I thought I would get to see some pussy.  I was wrong.  The girls all brought sarapes and undressed and dressed under them.  I didn’t.  I wanted them to see me and they did.  When I went to the shower I was blindolded and bathed by my fellow students.  The one nice thing about it was that I always had girls willing to help me shower and they always washed my cock and balls thoroughly.

One day I got a note that I would have to see the headmistress.  I thought I was in trouble for my blatant exhibitionism.  I was wrong.  She said, “I understand you have become immodest.”

I said, “Is that a problem?  No one has complained.”

She said, “No it is not a problem.  In fact that is what we hoped would happen.  We want our girls to experience boys.  What we don’t want is any pregnant girls.  Have you dated anyone?”

I said, “No I haven’t.  If I were to have a girlfriend she would limit my experiences with the other girls.”

She said, “Good, make sure you don’t.  What you described is exactly the way we want it.”

“Would you like to make a little money?  Our art class needs a male model.”

I said, “Sure, I could use some extra money.”

I then began modelling in the nude.  I found it boring but it led to other opportunities.  After class some of the girls would come up to me in groups and ask sweetly, “Would you pose for us?”

Of course, I said yes and afterward I would be rewarded with a group hand job.  The group hand job was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced.  I had at least two women feeling my cock and another two feeling my balls.  It seemed like I came immediately squirting cum all over the girls’ hands.  I let them clean themselves.

The second semester I had a swimming class.  I decided that I didn’t need to wear a suit so I didn’t.  No one said a thing although I certainly got my share of stares.  I remember walking in and everyone turned to watch me.  All those girls and the female instructor watching me in the nude.

My lack of modesty became so notorious (by that time everyone in the school had seen me nude) that I was asked by a female professor to model in a sex education class in the nude.  I stood in front of the class while the professor instructed on the various parts of male genitalia, some of which I had never knew before like the frenulum, the ring around the head of the cock.  Then I was asked to go from girl to girl so that each girl got a chance to feel my cock and testicles.  When I was done I had another painfully hard erection.  After I finished with the last girl the instructor grabbed my cock and with a couple of strokes, I was erupting in front of a whole class.

I was also asked to model for the nursing class.  They wanted me to be the model so that the girls could learn on a real person how to give a bed bath, catheterize a male, check for an inguinal hernia etc.


Submitted: March 27, 2022

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