The Hired Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A young man takes a job with a farm family of women as a hired man. The mother of the girls is a fastidious housekeeper who does not allow barn smells in her house and demands that the hired man be bathed before he comes into the house.

The Hired Man

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota.  After high school I needed a job.  When I heard of a widow who needed a hired man to help her do the work on the farm. I applied for the job.  Since I had grown up on a dairy farm and was used to hard physical labor, I was immediately hired.  The one thing that the widow emphasized when I was hired was that she was a scrupulous housekeeper. 

All of the bedrooms were occupied by Mrs. Juliet Anderson’s three daughters, so they put up a bed for me in the living room.  I moved in the day before my first day of work.  I already knew how to care for and milk cows so it was a simple matter for the eldest daughter Linda to show me where everything was.  Everything went smoothly for the first day until the time came to quit after the last milking.  When I came into the house Mrs. Anderson immediately said.  “Oh no, you mustn’t come in.  I told you I am a scrupulous housekeeper.  I won’t permit any of the barn smells coming into my house.  Go outside, remove all your clothes and bring them to me.”

“If I remove all my clothes I’ll be naked,” I said.

“Well, of course, you’ll be naked.  How else do you shower?” she responded.

“What are you going to do with my clothes?  I asked.

“I am going to wash them of course,” she answered. 

“What do I wear after I take off all of my clothes?  I asked.

She said, “Your birthday suit, of course.”

“Even after I remove my clothes my body will still have barn smell,” I said.

“Not after I bathe you,” she answered.

“I can bathe myself, I said.

“I am afraid I must insist.  You can’t clean yourself as well as I can,” she answered.

I had never been very modest and the idea of her bathing me intrigued me.  I went outside, removed my clothes, re-entered totally naked and gave her my clothes.  She took the clothes and left for the laundry room while I waited.  While I was waiting the three daughters came home from school and found me naked in the kitchen.  I covered myself immediately.  I expected the girls to be surprised but the handled it like it was not unusual.  “Hello, Mr. Smith,” they all said.  “Is mother washing your clothes?”

“Yes,” I answered.

‘You don’t have to cover yourself Mr. Smith, we have all seen manly parts before,” Claire said.

“Oh, when was that,” I asked.

“Every day of the week when we would give Daddy a bath,” she said.

I dropped my hands because the girls had given me an excuse to expose myself.  As I did so, I could see all of the girls go immediately to my crotch.  “See that didn’t hurt a bit, did it,” said Claire.

“I suppose not,” I answered.

Then Claire, the oldest daughter said, “I’ll take you to the bathroom and start your bath.”

I was taken aback by the matter of fact attitude of the girls to my nudity.  I wanted to run and hide but there was nowhere to go.  I let her lead me into the bathroom where the other girls followed.  Claire started the shower running and Mrs. Anderson returned.  When the water was warm, I was directed into the shower to wet myself.  When I was wet. I stepped out of the shower whereupon Mrs. Anderson and the girls took some soap and began scrubbing me.  Mrs. Anderson scrubbed my back, Claire took my front and the two other girls started at the bottom of each leg.  As they proceeded up my legs I wondered what they would do when they reached the top.  As they did they reached and soaped by cock and balls as normally as they did my legs.  One girl soaped down my cock and the other my balls. 

I expected that they would soap my cock and balls as briefly as my legs but they did not.  Even though my cock and balls were quickly clean they continued their ministrations.  Joan, the elder of the two stroked my cock, while Amy, the younger, massaged my balls.  I looked over to Mrs. Anderson and found her calmly watching her daughters masturbate me.  Mrs. Anderson watching said, “ I can’t have any horny men around my daughters.  Besides we like to keep the hired help satisfied.”

The whole affair, having 4 women, bathe and masturbate me was intensely erotic and I quickly erupted all over Joan’s hands.  When that happened, she proved herself an experienced masturbatrix, continuing to stroke me until I was finished.  It was the most intense orgasm that I had had in my life.  Then they asked me to step back into the shower while they all helped rinse me off.  After rinsing off Mr. Anderson grabbed and towel and dried me.  After that she handed me some of my own clean clothes. 

The next day was a little different.  I took off all of my clothes and brought them in and gave them to Mrs. Anderson.  The girls were already home.  Mrs. Anderson took the clothes to the laundry and only Claire took me into the bathroom.  Again, while soaping me down Claire proceeded to masturbate me.  She stroked me with one hand and caressed my balls with the other.  I quickly grew an enormous hard on the spurted all over her hands.  As before she cleaned me up, rinsed me off, dried me and gave me some of my own clean clothes to wear.

A week later, when I came into the kitchen after work naked with clothes in hand I was met by Amy and a friend.  Amy reached out and took my clothes away leaving me naked in front of her friend who stared at my cock and giggled.  That staring and giggling quickly gave me a large hard on.  When Amy returned she and her friend led me into the bathroom.  When I was wet, Amy started at the top of my body while her friend started at the bottom.  When her friend reached my genitals, Amy directed her to stroke my cock with one hand while caressing my balls with the other.  “It’s so big,” said Amelia, her friend. 

“It is hard too, isn’t it?” said Amy.

“Oh, yea,” said Amelia.

“He has nice big balls, doesn’t he? Said Amy.

“Nice big balls,” repeated Amelia.

“This cock makes me so wet,” said Amelia. “I want to kiss it.”

“Go head,” said Amy.  “Kiss it, suck it if you want.”

Their conversation offended me and excited me at the same it.  I wasn’t a person to them, just a cock and a pair of balls.  It was as if I wasn’t even there.

Amelia then fulfilled her wish.  She took a wash cloth, cleaned off the soap, kissed my cock, licked it and then began sucking on it.  Then she stood up, pressed her pelvis against mine and dry humped me while still holding my cock in her hand.  When she felt me harden even harder before orgasming she pulled away and I erupted all over her hands while she continued to stroke me until I was finished. 

I was less than a hired man, I was just a cock to them.  Something to be jerked off every day.  Nevertheless, I loved the attention.  Being something of an exhibitionist, I always had implicit permission to be naked in front of any of them.  Not only could I be naked in front of them but I could be naked in front of their friends.  I took advantage of this and frequently walked around the house nude.  I was often nude when Mrs. Anderson friends came over to visit.  They never seemed surprised when they saw me.  Quite often they participated in my washing.

One day Mrs. Anderson had several women friends over for what reason I don’t remember.  When I came in Mrs. Anderson came in and met me at the door.  I undressed in front of her as usual and she took my clothes to the laundry room.  “Come with me, I want you to meet my friends.”

“But I am naked,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it.  These are all farm girls, they have seen male animals before,” she said.

The idea of being naked in front of a whole group of women intrigued me so I followed her into the living room where I found 3 other women sitting.  The fact that I entered naked didn’t seem to surprise them. 

One of them, Mrs. Jensen said, “Well, I see you still insist on being a scrupulous housekeeper Judy.”

“Always,” said Mrs. Andersen.  “Ladies, this is John Smith, my hired man.  John, I want you to meet Mrs. Jensen.  Go over and say hello to Mrs. Jensen.

I did as told and went over to Mrs. Jensen and extended my hand.  She extended her hand but not to my hand but to my balls which she cupped.  Then she took both hands and felt my balls.  I think she was feeling for how large they were.  Then she grasped my cock now rapidly growing.

Next Mrs. Anderson said, “I want you to meet Mrs. Loxinen.”

I went over to meet Mrs. Loxinen who immediately reached out to grasp my balls.  She did the same thing as did Mrs. Jensen and felt them for their size.  Then she grasped my cock which by this time was nearly full sized and felt it for size and hardness.

Next Mrs. Anderson said, “I want you to meet Mrs. Johnson.”  I went over to Mrs. Johnson who immediately grabbed my balls and felt them for size.  Then she grabbed my cock and felt it saying, “Average for size and superior for hardness.”

“Let’s give John his bath,:” said Mrs. Anderson.  The ladies took me into the bathroom where Mrs.  Anderson watched while the other ladies bathed me.  When they got to my cock Mrs. Johnson sudsed my cock and balls until I came in her hand. 

In a short time I was completely inured to being naked in front of Mrs. Anderson, he three daughters, their friends and Mrs. Anderson’s friends.  It became commonplace for the daughter to bring friends over to help give me a shower and masturbate me.  I never tired of it.  This experience only lasted until I had saved enough money to pay for college. 




Submitted: March 26, 2022

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