Football Physicals

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

Medical physicals are required for a college football team. The female doctor brings in a college nursing class to help her do the physicals over the protests of the boys.

Football Physicals


My name is Diane Smith.  I am the director of the nursing school at a small midwestern, formerly all-girls college.  A few years ago, we decided to admit males.  This change has been very successful as we have many males now attending our school and we are back in the black.  In response to numerous requests this year the administration has decided to field a football team.  As a nurse practitioner with numerous years’ experience giving such physicals the administration asked me to administer the physicals.  At first I was reluctant but when I realized that this would be a wonderful pedagogical experience for my student nurses, I eagerly accepted.

When the time came, I took my student nurses, all girls, over to the boys' locker room.  The football players were alarmed to see such a large number of girls come in when they were scheduled for physicals and some of them objected.

“Wait a minute,” one of them said, “you are not going to allow those girls to watch our physicals are you?”

“No, I am not,” I said, “these girls are going to administer your physicals.”

“They are going to administer our physicals,” he repeated.  That is even worse.”

“Don't worry these girls are all nursing students and this is part of their training,” I responded.

“Well, I do not want to be part of their training,” the same boy said.  “I know some of those girls.  This will be humiliating.”

“There is no reason to be modest,” I said, “you have nothing to be ashamed of andI will ensure that your physical is done professionally.”

“I don't care,” he responded, “I am not going to do it!”

Then the coach said, “if you don't take the physical Leonard you cannot participate." 

Then I said, “Consider whether you might actually enjoy the experience.” 

The coach said, “If it would help, I will participate.”

I waited a few seconds to see if Leonard would leave. He didn't.Then I said, “Boys please strip to your shorts.”

I sensed a wave of relief pass through the boys and disappointment through the girls but I knew that would be short lived.  When the boys were all in their shorts, I had the boys line up in alphabetical order.  I then assigned one girl to each of the boys.  There were more girls than boys so some girls had to share a patient.  I assigned myself to the coach.  The first thing we did was note the overall physical well-being of our patients.  When that was done, I had the girls pull and tug on the boys' joints to ensure that they were all fit to play football. 

The next thing I had the girls do was take the boys' blood pressure.  As part of that exercise, they also used their stethoscopes to listen to their hearts.  Then we used the same stethoscope to listen to their lungs.  Then we had the boys lie down so that we would palpate their abdomen.  We also checked their ears, nose and mouths for any abnormalities. 

Then we got to the part that I knew my student nurses were waiting for and the boys were dreading.  I said, “Take off your shorts.”

One of the boys asked, “You want us naked.”

“You have to be naked for us to complete your physicals,” I said.

Slowly the boys removed their shorts until they were all completely naked including the coach.  Out of the side of my eye I saw a few girls licking their lips.  Most of the boys covered their genitals with their hands.“Are you afraid the mean girls are going to see your little pee pees?”

“The first thing I want you boys to do is turn around bend over and spread your cheeks apart so that we can inspect your anuses.”  Reluctantly the boys complied.  “Girls take the wet wash cloths given to you and make sure the boys are good and clean.”  When the girls are done you boys can stand up and turn around.  The girls obliged and shortly the boys were facing their student nurses again. 

“Now girls take the wash basins and soap you have and thoroughly wash the boys’ testicles and penis until they are thoroughly clean.  It is best if you use your bare hands.  You should expect by the time you are done most of the boys will have erections. This is perfectly normal.  Do not be alarmed by this and pay it no attention.  If anything, you should be complimented.  The girls complied with my instructions with thoroughness and great relish.  I have never had such eager students.  Each boy was washed until thoroughly sudsed and then rinsed.  Then the girls toweled them dry.  Indeed, when the girls were done all of the boys had hard ons. 

“Now that the boys are clean, I want you girls to carefully inspect the boys' penises and testicles.  Look for any blemishes of any kind.  Report it to me if you do.  Do not be afraid to touch them.  Remember you cannot give a good inspection unless you manipulate their genitalia,”

The girls bent down in front of the boys so that their eyes were level with the boys’ penises.  They then obliged with eagerness and used their hands as instructed to carefully manipulate and inspect all sides of the penises and testicles.  By the time they were finished all the boys had roaring hard ons.  When I finished with the coach he too was sporting a hard on. 

“Now I want you to roll the testicles between your fingers feeling for anything that you find to be abnormal.”  This I demonstrated with the coach’s penis and testicles.  The girls quickly obliged.  By this time the boys had lost their modesty and freely gave the girls access to their private parts.  Several of them assumed poses showing pride in their erections.  Clearly the boys had begun to enjoy their physicals.  Several of the girls stared at the cocks in front of them as if they were mesmerized. 

“Next we are going to check the boys for inguinal hernias.  Insert your longest finger into the outside of the scrotum until you find their inguinal ring.  We you have found the ring ask the boy to turn his head and cough.  Check and see if there is anything protruding from the ring.  Do this on both the right and left side.”  I then demonstrated this with the coach.

“Now I want you boys to turn around and bend over.  We are going to check your prostates.  Girls put on your latex gloves and lubricate your longest finger thoroughly with Vaseline. Then insert that finger into the boy’s anus palm up.  With the end of your finger feel if there is anything but smooth flesh.”  When you are finished take the bathroom tissue and clean the Vaseline off their anuses.

When the girls were all finished, I then turned to the boy who was initially modest.  He was sporting a raging hard on.  I said, “I see that you have gotten over your modesty.” 

“You said I might enjoy it,” he replied.

“Are you enjoying it,” I asked.

“Does it look like I am?” he replied.

“I walked over to him, bent down so that my eye level as even with his penis.  Then I grasped it moving it back and forward checking it.  After that I cupped his balls in my hand and said “Yes it does.”

I got up turned to the entire team and said, “In the future we will have need of other volunteers to act as patients.  Who is interested?”  All the boys raised their hands.Then the previously modest boy said, “Are you going to leave us like this?”

I thought a minute and looked at the coach.  He looked back at me with his hard on and with a pleading look on his face.  I then said, “You still have some Vaseline residue on your anus.  Why don't you ask the student nurse to take you into the shower and wash it off?  Almost immediately the boys asked the girls something and the girls took the boys by their hands and went into the shower.  Some of the bolder girls grabbed their patients by his standing appendage and guided him into the shower. 

I then said to the coach, “shall we adjourn to your office.  When we arrived, I reached through the coach’s legs, grabbed him by his balls, reached around grabbed his cock hard and stroked it like a piston.  By this time my panties were dripping wet.  He came almost immediately all over my hand.  When the boys came back from the showers their hard ons were gone.

When I got home that night I fucked my husband like I was an oil pump and he was a well.  I told him about the boys but not the coach.



Submitted: March 25, 2022

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Dick Wood

If I was on the football team, after practice, I would want to be given an exam by two or three of these students to make sure everything was good and hard.

Fri, March 25th, 2022 11:02pm

Dick Wood

If I was on the football team, after practice, I would want to be given an exam by two or three of these students to make sure everything was good and hard.

Fri, March 25th, 2022 11:02pm

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