Pre-nursing Class Visits Disneyland

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

As a reward for good performance a high school class in pre-nursing visits Disneyland. The only male sits on a sharp object which penetrates his groin. His teacher takes him to first aid where the nurse there suggests they use the incident as a teaching opportunity for the class.

Pre-ursing Class Visits Disneyland

My name is Steve Evans and I attended a medical arts high school.  I took a course in nursing because I wanted to meet girls.  The teacher said that if everyone did well in the course she would take the class as a reward to Disneyland amusement park at the end of the school year.  Well, everyone did well so we got our trip to Disneyland. 

While I was there,I sat on a park bench and suddenly felt a sharp pain as if I had been stabbed in the groin.  I took myself to the men’s room to investigate what had happened where I discovered that I had been indeed been stabbed with something and a piece of it was still in my groin.  I told my teacher what had happened and she insisted that she take me to the first aid station.  My teacher is Miss. Adams, a female in her early 20’s and quite attractive.

We were me at the first aid station by an attractive blonde nurse.  She said, “What happened?”

I said, “I sat on something, it stabbed me in the groin and a piece of it still remains.”

She then turned to my teacher and said, “Are you his sister?”

“No, I’m his teacher,” Mrs. Adams said.  “I am also a nurse and I teach a class at nursing at the medical arts high school.  I promised them I would take them to Disneyland, if they all did well.”

The first aid nurse said, "So you are here with your nursing class for that reason now?"

"Yes," said Miss Adams.

“How wonderful,” said the nurse.  Why don’t you bring the rest of the class in and they can all learn something."

“Good idea,” said Miss Adams who immediately took her cell phone to call in the girls.

The nurse then turned to me and said, “You will need to disrobe but we don’t have any private examining facilities here.” 

“Just a minute, ” I said, “I would like some privacy.  I don’t want all those girls to see me naked.”

The nurse then said, "You are going to deny your fellow students are chance to learn?"

Nonsense,” said Mrs. Adams, “if you are going to be a nurse you can't be a hypocrit.  You can't expect your patient to alllow you to see them naked if you are unwilling to do so yoursefl.  Now take off your pants so we can see the wound."

I took off my pants and was in my underwear when the bulk of the class arrived.  Mrs. Adams explained, “Steve has sat on something and still has a piece of it in his groin so we have to opportunity to witness the proper treatment of a wound. 

With me in my underwear and all those girls who I all knew, I hesitated.

“Come on Steven,” said Mrs. Adams, “lets not be a child, be professional.” 

When I still hesitated she reached down and pulled my underpants off.  When she did I heard the girls gasp and a few giggled. I instantly covered myself with my hands.  Mrs. Adams then spanked my hands and said, “Silly boy, we can hardly see the wound if you cover yourself up, now can we.”

“Do you mind if I do this so I can teach the girls? Miss Adams asked the nurse.

“No, I think you should.  I will assist you.” said the nurse.

I removed my hands exposing myself to all of my classmates.  When I did there was a sudden rustling movement as they jockeyed to get a better look. 

The assisting nurse then directed me to lay on a gynecological table and put my legs in the stirrups.  I did.  I was now naked from the waist down and spread eagled in front of my class.

“On which side is the wound?” asked Miss Adams. 

I pointed to the right side.  She then took her hand and moved my testicles aside so that she and the girls could get a better look. 

Then something embarrassing happened.  With me naked and all those girls watching I began to respond to the attention. 

“Look,” I heard one of the girls say, “his penis is growing.”

Miss Adams also heard the remark and said, “Yet it is, don’t worry about it girls, Steve isn’t used to this much attention, it is perfectly normal.  When you become a nurse this will happen to you a lot.  You need to get used to it.”

“Are all boys as large as he is?  Asked one of the girls. 

“It is hard to tell,” answered Miss Adams, “penises vary in size when they are flaccid.  In a few moments he will be erect and we can tell then.”

“Here it the wound,” said Miss Adams, “as you can see there is something stuck in the wound.  We will have to take it out.”

The nurse left to get some tools.  Mrs. Adams continued her teaching, “girls if you look you can clearly see there is a wound and something is stuck in it.  What will happen if this is not removed?

“The wound will fester,” said one of the girls.

“Yes it will,” said Mrs. Adams, “which is why it needs to be removed.

Mrs. Adams continued. “Now if you notice his penis is now completely erect.  We must remember that this is perfectly normal for a male.  Does anyone remember from class why a penis get hard?”

“It fills with blood when the male get sexually excited,” said one of the girls.

“That’s correct,” said Mrs. Adams. 

“Are all boys that big,” asked one of the girls. 

“Yes, pretty much,” said Mrs. Adams, “the average penis size erect is about 5 1/4 inches.  He appears to be about that size.”

“Can we measure him,” asked the girl.

“I suppose we could,” answered Miss Adams.  Does anyone have a ruler?  A ruler was quickly produced and placed on my cock. 

“Seven inches,” responded Miss Adams, “larger than average.”

“Do all boys get that hard?” asked another girl.

“Not really,” said Miss Adams, “as you can see his cell the penis is actually sticking up on its own.

What is the name for this phenomenon?  

“Cell turger?” came the answer.

The nurse returned with a pin and Miss Adams used it to remove the object from the wound.  Without a few seconds she held up what appeared to be the tip of a toothpick.

“What should we do next?” asked Miss Adams.

“Inspect the wound to see if there are other foreign objects,” answered a girl.

“Very well,” said Mrs. Adams, would you check Sharon?”

Sharon came over to look in the wound, put her face close to it and said, “No, I don’t see anything.”

Now you mustn’t be shy with a patient, their health matters more than their modesty.  Let me show you how to do it so that you are sure.  With that Miss Adams positioned herself where Sharon was, put one hand on my testicles and the other on my thigh and pulled the skin apart so that she could see down into the wound.  When her hand touched my scrotum my cock twitched and some of the girls giggled.  When she satisfied herself that there was nothing more in the wound she looked up and announced that there was nothing more in the wound.  She did not remove her hand from my testicles while she talked to the girls. 

Then she said, “I want everyone to come over here and inspect the wound to insure that there is no more foreign objects in the wound.”  With that the girls all took turns looking inside the wound.  As they did so they all replicated the actions of their teacher putting one hand on my thigh and then other on my testicles.  Each time it happened I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. 

Miss Adams then asked, “What should we do now? 

“Clean the wound,” came the answer.

“This wound is in a part of the body that is sweaty and hairy,” stated Miss Adams, I am going to take precautions to make sure that after we sterilize the wound that it does not get reinfected.”  With that she produced a razor and some shaving cream.  She put shaving cream on the area of the wound, placed one hand on my testicles and with the other proceeded to shave the immediate area of the wound.

Now we really should cleanse the whole field  to insure as much sterility as possible.  Miss Adams then wet the whole genital area and placing phisohex on her hands proceeded to carefully wash my cock and balls and the surrounding area sudsing the area thoroughly.  First, she carefully washed my balls caressing them gently between her fingers and as she did so the girls eyes were glued on my balls as she washed them.  As she did so I could hear the girls oh and ah as me dick and harder and harder and my balls got tighter. 

As the washing proceeded Miss Adams said, “You should notice girls that his testicles have grown quite tight to his body and his penis is, if anything harder, this may be a sign that he is ready to orgasm.  If this happens while you are a nurse you should pretend not to notice and continue what you were doing and remember to clean up the sperm after.”

While the Miss Adams was washing my balls she began also washing my cock, slowly and deliberately stroking it up and down as she did so.  I could not contain myself any longer and my cock let go shooting ropes of sperm into the air and onto Miss Adams wrist.  Miss Adams did not stop her stroking as I came and indeed she timed her strokes to the spasming of my cock.  As I orgasmed she explained.  “As you can see the patient is orgasming.  The attention we game him is just too much for him to control.  This is perfectly normal for a male and you shouldn’t let it upset you.  After he finishes just calmly clean up the mess.  Remember, it is our job to insure the patient’s welfare by using proper sanitary practices.  If the patient finds this stimulating then so be it, we still have to do our jobs.

Miss Adams took some Kleenex and cleaned up the sperm that had fallen back on me.  She then wiped her hands clean, put on some Neosporin and a band aid. 

On Monday, back in school Miss Adams asked, “How are you healing?

I said, “Fine.”

She said, “Let me inspect the wound.”

By this time I knew I would enjoy the attention, I said, “sure.”  I then walked to the head of the class and lowered my pants and underpants exposing myself in front of the entire class of girls.  Miss Adams knelt in front of me and took her hand to move my testicles aside to inspect the wound. 

When she finished she said, “Who else would like to inspect the wound?  The entire class of girls got in a line to inspect the wound.  As each one did so they all found a reason to manipulate my testicles in order to get a better look.  By the time the last one was finished I had a roaring hard on and was ready to cum again.  When the last girl was finished Miss Adams took off the old band aid, put on some more Neosporin and a new band aid.  She did this every day until the wound was completely healed.

One of the girls I liked in the class saw me a few days later and asked, "How is your wound?"

I said, "It is getting better."

She said, "Can I see it?"

I thought he question unreasonable and I normally would have denied her request.  However, I liked her so I found a fairly private place, pulled down my pants and showed her.  Sh sguatted down in front of me to get a good close looked.  As she looked she manipulated my cock and my testicle to get a good look.  When she did I responded with an erection.

She noticed the erection, looked up at me and said, "You flatter me."

That was enough for me so I asked her out.  She said, "Yes."

We went out to a movie the next Saturday night.  At the end of the night she asked me again, "How is my wound."  I found a place to park and showed her.  This time she was unabashed.  After she inspected the wound she looked up at me and started to fongle my testicles.  Then we started necking while she stroked my cock.  It didn't take long before I spurted all over her hands.  Then she said to me, "It isn't fair for me to see yours without showing you mine.  Would you like to see mine?"

I said, "Absolutely."  She lifted her dress and I discovered she wasn't wearing panties.  I began to explore her vulva, her clitoris and her vagina.  Before I was done I went down on her, licked her clitoris until she came.  I love it when I feel their pussies pulsate in ecstacy.








Submitted: March 24, 2022

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