My Bestfriend part two: Dirty Shower.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

Scarlett's hops in the shower in the hopes of getting clean before her husband gets home. When she hears the door open, she thinks he's home already... surprise.

Marcus is going to be late tonight. I’m gonna take a shower before he gets home; get all clean, shave from pits to ankle, and be ready for him to make me all dirty when he gets home. 

As I'm on the final soaping and rinsing, I hear the bedroom door open. 

Hubby, got home just in time to wash my back. 

"Babe, come wash my back", I call out. 

I hear steps into the bathroom. 


Moments later, the curtain creeps back... It's Kati. 


There she stands, completely naked. Beautiful, perfect, and naked. 


"Still want your back washed?", she asks, while stepping into the shower with me. 

“Oh, absolutely”, I reply with a smirk, handing her my loofah. 


She stands behind me, while I face the shower... drops of water hitting hard against my nipples. 


Kati begins using the loofah to rub soap up and down my back. Pressing her body against my back, she reaches around me to place the loofah under the water. She begins rinsing the soap out and drops it. 


“Oops”, she says, slightly giggling, “guess, I have to use my hands now.” 


She grazes my waist with her hands as she begins running them up and down my back. Running a hand along my ribs, she grazes my breast. She scratches my back with her nails, just hard enough to send a tingle through my crotch. 


While caught off guard by the gorgeous woman rubbing all over me, I hadn't noticed my husband appeared in the bathroom. 

He pulled back the curtain and stood with shock and pleasure. 


We both look at him, Kati pressed against me while her hands roam around my breasts. She kisses my neck and looks directly at Marcus. 


"Get naked, get in, and have a seat", Kati ordered, as she pointed to the corner seat of our shower. 

Marcus follows orders, as Kati continues rubbing me. 

She leans closer. I can feel her nipples pressed against my back. I feel her breath against my neck. 

She whispers, "are you dirty?" 

As if in a trance, I nod. 


Her hands slip lower. She digs her nails into my thigh. Kissing my neck, she places her hand on my pussy, spreading me open with one hand. She places her other hand on my moist opening while applying a little pressure to my clit. 

She moves me towards Marcus. She spreads me open right in his face. 


"Taste her", Kati demands. 


Marcus shoves his face into my slit. Slurping, licking, sucking. Kati moaned in my ear as she watches him eat me. She spreads me more for him, lifting my leg so he can devour me. Kati turns me around and kisses me. Hot water flowing over us. Marcus begins rubbing my thighs, then grazing past my slit. 

Without warning and to my pleasant surprise, Marcus spreads me open and goes tongue deep in my ass. I moan loudly as I cum hard. He begins eating my ass and I cum again; moaning into Kati’s mouth. 


She pushes me onto Marcus's lap, and his erect cock goes hard into me. She straddles me and continues kissing me while Marcus begins to thrust into me. My hands around Kati’s ass, shoving fingers deep into her while she cums on my hands. Marcus’ hands cup mine tight as he begins pounding into me, holding on to Kati as he fills me deep with his load. 

Kati drops to her knees, pulls his still erect cock from my drenched and dripping pussy. She sucks all my juice off his dick, then, dives her face into my pussy; sucking all of his cum out of me: cleaning me. 


Dirtiest shower ever. 

Submitted: March 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Tuesday Daily. All rights reserved.

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Love it! Very sexy - hot and wet. What a combination. Good luck in the contest!

Thu, March 24th, 2022 9:03pm


Thank you so very much!

Sat, March 26th, 2022 6:21am


Sensational writing...

Sat, March 26th, 2022 11:14am


Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Sat, March 26th, 2022 6:22am


i am entertained, enthralled and aroused. Just what you wanted, right?

Thu, May 26th, 2022 6:32pm



Thu, May 26th, 2022 12:01pm


This is just hot as fuck, Tuesday...and every other damn day of the week! Wow. The real question is how many husbands out there would willingly join in on a lesbian shower surprise after work? I'm thinking 99 out of 100 - your thoughts? The 100th, of course, falls dead of a heart attack but dies with a hard-on.

Great story!

Sun, June 5th, 2022 11:41pm

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