Stopping to do Laundry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A truck driver stops to do laundry and finds the laundry has a shower. When he takes the shower a couple of women assist him.

Stopping to do Laundry


Some years ago, I was an over the road truck driver.  While driving along Interstate 35, I spotted a laundromat in Minnesota and since I needed to wash clothes, I stopped.  After I put the clothes in the washer, I noticed that the laundromat also had a shower.  Since I needed a shower and had some time to kill, I paid for the shower and went in the shower room. When I was in the shower room, I realized that I had forgotten to get a towel. I left the room to ask the lady in charge for my towel.


When I asked her for the towel the lady that was with her said, “We were going to bring you the towel but thought you might object.”


I responded by saying, “Do I have anything you haven’t seen before?”


She answered, “He wants us in there.”


The manageress said, “That would certainly get me in trouble.”


I responded, “Who is going to tell?  Then I\she said, “Go back in the shower room and I will bring you the towel.” 


I proceeded to do just that.  Inside I hurriedly took off all of my clothes.  Within a few minutes a heard a knock at the door.  I opened the door wide so that she could see my nudity.  I was the friend of the manageress. “Oh,” she said looking a little shocked as she fixed her eyes on my cock. 


“Thank you, that was most kind of you,” I said taking the towel from her hand.


She said, “Don’t mention it.  My pleasure.”


Reacting quickly I asked,” As long as you are here you could do me a favor.?


“What is that,” she said.


“Would you please wash my back?” I asked.


She immediately said.  “OK,” 


I went into the shower itself, turned on the water, adjusted it until it was warm and wet my whole body.  I then stepped out of the shower handed her the soap and said, “It is most kind of you to help me like this.”


“Don’t mention it,” she said.  I like helping people.  She then proceeded to thoroughly suds my back. 


When she was finished I asked.  “Would you mind doing my legs?”


Without responding she began sudsing my legs. She started with my right ankle and moved up.  When she got to the junction of my thighs she wasn’t modest and let her hands got fully up my thighs brushing against my testicles as she did so.  Then she did the left leg with the same effect.  When she finished with my legs she automatically began washing my posterior including my anus brushing against my testicles for the third time.


“Thank you for your thoroughness,” I said.


“A job worth doing is worth doing well,” she answered.


When she was finished I immediately turned around facing her.  That put my genitals right in front of her face.  She did not hesitate.  Once again she started with my ankles and moved upwards.  When she got to my genitals she asked, “Do you want me to wash all of you?”


“Of course,” I answered.  “It is most important to wash the dirty parts thoroughly.


With that she cupped her hands around my balls and began to wash them taking her time doing so.  By this time I had a roaring hard on.  My cock stood up saluting her right in front of her face.  Then she began washing my cock.  First she carefully washing around the crease at the base of my tip.  When she was finished doing that she carefully washed the entire cock with just the tips of her fingers.


Then she began sudsing the other leg.  When she got to the top of that leg she repeated the entire washing cycle of my genitalia.  She cupped my balls and thoroughly washed them.  Then she did the tip of my cock proceeding to a light touch washing of the entire erect cock.  Her touch was wonderful.  At no time was she the least bit rough.  She always treated all of my genitals with the greatest gentleness. 


When she was finished she said, “Time to rinse off.


I stepped into the shower and rinsed off.  When I stepped out she was ready with the towel.  She showed the same respect and gentleness to my body drying me as she did when she washed me.  When she was done she stood up and said, “This has been a great joy for me, I am a widow and it has been a long time since I have had a chance to take care of a man.”


“I am sorry you husband has departed,” I said.  I am glad that I could bring some joy into your life. 


She turned to leave but hesitated and turned back.  “I can’t really leave you like this,” she said.  “I can’t be that cruel.”  She then reached down and grasped my penis in one hand and my balls in the other and began to massage them both.  After a few minutes she bent down and kissed the head of my dick followed by sucking my entire cock in her mouth.  After a few sucks I began to come.  She removed her mouth and continued to stroke me until I had finished. 


When it was over she cleaned me up she said, “Thank you for letting me do that.  I used to do that for my husband.”


I responded, “It was my honor to have substituted for your departed husband.” 


With that she left the room.


The next time I passed that way again, I made a point of stopping there.  The women who had washed me was not there.  The lady who ran the laundromat recognized me.  She was there along with a dozen other women doing their laundry.  She said, “Hello, how are you.  I remember you from the last time you were here.  Do you want a shower again?”


I said, “Yes,” and paid her the money for the shower. 


She said, “Why don’t you get started and I’ll bring you a towel.”


I said, “OK.”


I went in to the shower room, removed all of my clothes and waited for the boss lady.  Then there was a knock on the door.  I stood up and said, “Come in.”  The door opened and the manageress handed me a towel.  She looked at me and said, “Would you like some help washing?”


I said, “ Do you mind washing my back?:


She looked at me and said, “OK.  Then she proceeded to wash my back and  asked.  “Shall I do your front too.”


I answered, “Please” and she proceeded to wash my front.  When she got to my genitals she didn’t ask.  She proceeded to wash my cock and balls.  She did it slowly and carefully.  When she was done I had an erection.  She looked at my erection and said, “Nice erection.”


I responded, “I am glad you like it”


She answered, “He flatters me.”


I said, “I am glad you are flattered.  “My friend here,” I said pointing my cock, “really likes attention.”


She said, “In that case I think I should give him more attention?”


She then wrapped her fingers around my cock and said, “Oh, he is so hard.”


I said, “I am glad you like him because he really likes you.”


She said, “I can tell he likes me.  I really like that. His friends need attention too”


She reached down and cupped my testicles. 


I said, “How do you like them?”


She said, “I like them very much.”  Then she said, “I am being selfish.  I am having all the fun.  “Would you like to touch me in return?”


I said, “Yes I would!”


She answered, “Let me take off my blouse and bra first.”  She then took the two articles of clothing off exposing a nice sized pair of breasts with pink nipples.” 


I then began to feel her breasts and as I did I could feel her nipples stiffen.  She then said, “Do you like my breasts?”


I said, “I like them very much.  Thank you for letting me feel them.”


She said, “Would you like to feel my pussy?”


I said, “I love pussy.”


She said, “Let me take off the rest of my clothes.”  She then removed her skirt and her panties.  I looked at her pubic area.  She was moderately hairy but I could still see her cleft through the hair. 


I reached down and with my social finger ran that finger through her vulva.  She was already wet.  I then inserted my finger deeply in her vagina.  I could feel her move her pelvis forward helping me make the insertion.  As I did I heard her sigh deeply.  When my finger was fully inside her she grabbed me and hugged me and then kissed me deeply.  I returned both the hug and the kiss massaging the inside of her vagina as I did. 


She said, “Lay on the floor please.”  I obeyed.  She then said, “Lift up your legs into the amazon position.  I did.  She positioned her pussy above my cock and when it was properly positioned, sat down on it.  My cock slid into her vagina as easily as a knife through soft butter.  As she said down I could feel her pelvic bone hit mine.  My cock was fully inserted into her vagina.  I could feel the liquid warmth of her cunt grasp my cock as she did.  She then started pumping me.  I tried to respond but couldn’t, the amazon position and her weight had pinned me. I guess that is the way she wanted it. 


She continued to pump me until suddenly I felt her pussy palpitate against my cock.  She was having an orgasm.  It excited me and suddenly I began to cum spurting my semen deep into her cunt.  She continued to slide her bottom up and down my cock until she was satisfied and I was drained. 


She got off of me and asked me, “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” 


I answered, “Yes, it was.”


She said, ‘The next time you come this way, come in again.”


I said, “I will.”


We both dressed.  I picked up my clothes, folded them and left.







Submitted: March 23, 2022

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